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Russ Crowley

Russ Crowley

Riding Enthusiast

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Russ Crowley currently owns a Yamaha FZ6N and KTM RC 390. When it comes to vintage bikes, his favorite motorcycle is the feisty BMW R32 with its menacing flat twin boxers and signature aircraft engine that became the blueprint for two-wheel models. He likes pulling different bikes apart and examining their crankshaft, pistons, heads, and valves. 

In his free time, he tries to test as many bikes as he can to honor the designers, riders, and engineers who bring us better machines each year. Russ also holds a particular interest in the LAMS segment and triple cylinders. Himself a riding enthusiast, Russ has had experience with racetracks from around the world including Willow Springs Raceway in California and the Imola Circuit in Italy. 

Benjamin Rathbun

Benjamin Rathbun

Hooked On Motorcycles

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Benjamin Rathbun, 53, has been around the block on his Harley-Davison…a few times. Starting out as a Youth Pastor in the early 90s with an antique but cool ride (a 1973 Honda CBR450), he moved on to a Yamaha XJR1200 when he moved to Michigan to be a lead pastor for 15 years.

Life took a turn in 2015, when after a divorce, he bought a blacked-out Honda X4, became a fitness model, and later the director of a lupus charity. A few years later, he met the love of his life…online. Because she was from Peru, didn’t speak much English, and wouldn’t video-chat with him, Benjamin wasn’t sure if she was legit. So he did what anyone would do: he joined season 5 of "Before the 90 Days: 90 Day Fiance" to find out in front of millions of viewers.

His Harley-Davison was featured in episode 7 as he tightened the passenger seat and with brake grease on his face, spoke of his love for Mahogany, his 24-year-old love interest.

Since then, life has taken more twists and turns than a hairpin mountain loop. He moved on from his directorship in Michigan and settled in North Carolina taking the love of his high-speed hobby with him. Now you can see him roaring up the Outer-Banks Coastline on his Harley with one of his four kids on the back. And as for Mahogany? You’ll have to wait for the next TLC show to air to find out. But for now, he’s diving head first into all things motorcycles and contributing his experience and knowledge of bikes he’s gained over the years for your benefit.