Michael Conger

Michael Conger

I first got into motorcycling in my early twenties and have owned a handful of motorcycles thus far. I presently ride a 2017 Kawasaki Z900 which has treated me well. Having recently moved from Illinois to Boise, ID I have enjoyed going from exploring country roads to riding through beautiful mountain vistas. 

I reside in Boise with my wonderful wife and our two rambunctious cats. We like to play board games and have quasi-regular Dungeons and Dragons sessions. 

My favorite thing to do on my motorcycle is to strap my camping gear to the back of it and go out on motocamping adventures. My second favorite thing to do is to go get ice cream with my wife on the pillion seat instead. 

In addition to motorcycling, I am an avid cyclist. I have been cycling longer than I have been motorcycling. I’ve recently started to branch out from road bikes to mountain bikes with the change in scenery as well. I advocate for all manner of two-wheeled adventures on and off the road. 

I am new to the world of writing but I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in History so I am no stranger to research and writing.

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