Best Motorcycle Tires For All Weather

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Tire traction is the sole attribute that affects your comfort and safety when driving your motorcycle. So what are the best motorcycle tires for all weather?

Motorcycle tires meet the road and are responsible for maintaining your balance, handling, speed, and stability. But when the weather changes and everything connected to it, i.e., temperature, humidity, dew, air pressure, rain, snow, and mass of the substance, a condition-specific tire does not give you the optimum performance.

The tires mentioned below are the best in all sorts of weather conditions. These include the Continental Road Attack 3 Tire, Pirelli Angel GT Tire, Michelin Road 5 Tire, Metzeler Roadtec 1 Tire, and Dunlop American Elite Tire. 

The tire you choose should be based on how you ride your motorcycle. A race track rider doesn't need all-weather tires because a better-lean angle is important for racing, including the best speed rating. However, if you prefer more general riding and enjoy making cross-country trips on your two-wheeler, then the all-weather tires are necessary to tackle the varying conditions you will face.

We are motorcycle enthusiasts and have been riding two-wheelers across the country for years now, facing rainy conditions one day and arid conditions the next. Therefore, we're in the best position to tell you all about the best tires you can get for all weather conditions.

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Pirelli Angel GT

Pirelli is known for manufacturing top-class sports and touring tires. Nevertheless, their Angel GT tires prove that they do not shy away from topping the all-weather tire charts. The Angel GT tires have become a customer favorite for tour enthusiasts who lean more towards sporting tires. The versatile construction of this tire allows heavy load capacity, better traction, and a high fuel economy — perfect for all-weather conditions.

The Angel GT has a directional tread pattern with tread angles that provide an aggressive bite so the tire can keep substantial traction on dry and wet surfaces alike. The tread grooves start at the center of the tire and extend to the farthest edge of the sidewalls, which helps maintain stability when leaning and turning at high speeds. The immense support from your tires at extreme angles makes them a considerate choice for sports touring.

The dual-compound formula this tire is made of is worth appreciating. It has a two-ply construction made from high-grade rubber that results in longevity and silica that allows maintaining grip in wet conditions. The two-ply rating helps the tire easily expand in winters, allowing you to ride with confidence even on icy roads.

With a W-speed rating that allows riding over 168 mph, you can cover long distances in a significantly lesser time while maintaining your mileage. Another unique feature this tire has is the tread wear indicator on the tire's side, which tells you when it's time to change the tires. This way, you won't risk being doubtful about your tire's condition.

If you want a tire that supports your sports riding style, stays in the best shape for extended periods, and keeps your grip firm on wet and dry roads, the Pirelli Angel GT tires are the best option for you. On the other hand, you will have to shell out top dollars to get this tire. It is also available in only four sizes, so make sure your motorcycle is compatible with the tire sizes available.


  • Durable
  • High-performing all-year-round
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Supports high speed with a W-speed rating
  • Integrated with tread wear indicators
  • Aggressive tread pattern
  • Maintains traction on lean-angles


  • Expensive
  • Limited sizes

You can get the Pirelli Angel GT tires for $126.99-$192.99 from Revzilla.

Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT

With a total of six installments of the Michelin Pilot Road tire family, they have dominated the all-weather motorcycle tires for the past decade. Although the Pilot Road 4 tires were replaced by Pilot Road 5, which were subsequently replaced by the Pilot Road 6, the Road 4 tires have the best fan following because of their long-lasting mileage and better overall performance.

The Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires are champions on wet surfaces. These tires have excellent braking capabilities even in the rain. This is mainly because of these tires' unique and aggressive tread patterns. They have a directional tread pattern at the base, which diverts water effectively from the path, creating sufficient contact between the tire and the road. Mixed with the XST+ technology, it has multiple complex large and small treads that act as water diverting channels. This helps you keep control of your ride with a 17% reduced braking distance.

The Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires is a branch that has three tires – the Michelin Pilot Road 4, Pilot Road 4 Scooter, and Pilot Road 4 GT. Thanks to the Michelin 2AT technology, the GT tires can carry heavy loads while maintaining stability throughout the long routes. This makes this tire perfect for traveling across the country either alone or with a companion. You'll also be able to mount side bags for the essentials you need for your trip. Even better, these tires can hold the weather switch as they adapt well from 23-degrees Fahrenheit to 113-degrees Fahrenheit.

And that's not all. The Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT tires have a W speed index, which means they can bear the heat produced when you're riding over 168+ mph, staying with you for longer periods. Overall, the Pilot Road 4 GT tires do not have any weakness, except they are a bit noisier than their close competitors. Moreover, these tires do not come cheap. But if you want a tire set as good as these, you should definitely shell out the cash.


  • Shorter braking distance
  • W speed index rating
  • High load capacity
  • Immense traction on wet surfaces
  • Adaptable to 23-degree Fahrenheit to 113-degree Fahrenheit
  • Highly stable


  • Expensive
  • A bit noisy

You can get the Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT tires for $162.87-$235.39 from Revzilla.

Metzeler Roadtec 1

The Metzeler Roadtec 1 tires revolutionized the sport-touring tires segment with their specified design to improve handling in different weather conditions. The enhanced grip on wet conditions and increased mileage for longevity are only the basic pros of this tire. The thing that makes this tire so popular is its many sizes that allow compatibility with a wide range of two-wheelers.

The traction in wet conditions, of course, comes from the specialized tread pattern. Like any other top tire for all weather conditions, the Metzeler Roadtec 1 has a directional tread pattern that starts from the center of the tire and extends to the sidewalls. To make it even more efficient, treads get broader at the end so more water channels out, keeping the contact area clear. Moreover, engineers have equipped this tire with small crosshatch treads. This allows the tires to maintain performance in low-temperature areas, where the friction is less, and the tire suffers the most.

The Roadtec 1 tire has a specialized carbon-based compound that the Metzeler calls ROADTEC 01 X-Ply. This formula combines 30% silica in the compound, allowing efficient heat distribution through channels extending underneath the shoulder compound. The heat dispersal lets you ride for a longer duration and at higher speeds without causing the tire to wear out. Speaking of high speed, this tire also has a W speed index rating that allows you to ride over 168 mph.

Safety is also an important aspect that this tire takes care of. Metzeler developed a new concept of tread design capable of enhancing mechanical traction, with a perceivable benefit when accelerating and braking. The front tires have a transversal tread that aids in steering, and the micro treads on the rear keep your bike stable during urgent braking.

The Metzeler Roadtec 1 tire also comes in a "Supersport" or SE version that provides even better traction in dry conditions and is highly capable of distributing extreme heat. In addition, the Roadtec 1 tire lies on a balanced proportion between tread life and performance. Some users have found the front tire to be slightly skittish and noisy. However, we find these tires to be the best bang for your buck as they are moderately priced, despite their superb qualities.


  • High-performance in year-round weather conditions
  • Stable braking
  • Effective heat distribution system
  • W speed index rating
  • It comes in a wide range of sizes
  • Available in Supersport version
  • Best value


  • The front tire is slightly skittish and noisy

You can get the Metzeler Roadtec 1 tire for $93.52-$225.53 from Revzilla.

Continental Road Attack 3 (V)

If touring across the country is an adventure you prefer on a routine basis, the Continental Road Attack 3 tires are the best tires you can get for your motorcycle. Judging by its name, you can tell that these tires have earned a reputation as the king of touring tires. The Road Attack 3 tires are the latest addition to Continental's touring tires family, with loads of improvements and enhancements than previous editions.

These tires have a V speed index rating, allowing you to drive just above 149 mph. While the speed index rating is lower than the rest of the tires on this list, it depends on how much the difference matters to you. Besides, you might even neglect the V speed rating for its durability and performance across all weather conditions. Nevertheless, you can get their W speed rating tires, but they are pricier and offer slightly less traction.

Whether it's hot, cold, dry, or wet, the Road Attack 3 tire is equipped with all the necessary equipment to maintain outstanding performance. A unique tread pattern that consists of zigzag-shaped treads in the center combined with symmetrical directional treads on the sides work well together and provide immense traction on all surfaces. Moreover, the treads are deeper than most of its competitors, giving it an edge in the handling department.

Made with a comfortable rubber compound, the tires adapt extremely well to the colder temperatures when the rubber is subject to shrink. That's why this tire is one of the most durable tires on the market. Users have reaped the maximum benefits of this tire for at least 10,000 miles. Moreover, its ability to distribute heat effectively adds to the tire's longevity.

The Continental Road Attack 3 tires have a tough construction with hardened rubber at the center and a radial design. These qualities combine to make a smooth ride filled with extreme traction and handling. The radial design with softer sides also helps in better control when leaning at high speed.

A unique quality about this tire is how quickly it passes the "Brake-in" time. New tires are lubricated with release agents that help them release their mold. The lubrication takes time to wear off. Until then, it limits the braking, making the tire slightly skittish. To beat this, Continental tires have integrated skins instead of lubricants which effectively reduces the brake-in time. We can’t really find anything negative to say about these tires other than they are a bit noisy and have a lower speed rating.


  • Extreme traction
  • Highly durable
  • It cuts the brake-in time
  • Effective heat distribution system
  • Good load capacity
  • High-performance in all-weather conditions


  • Slightly noisy

You can get the Continental Road Attack 3 tires for $140.94-$245.83 from Revzilla. 

The all-weather tire is the most common tire category, and you can find hundreds of tires of top brands. The tires mentioned in this article are the best tires we have experienced and are the most popular among motorcyclists. We find the Pirelli Angel GT to have the edge overall. But if you want a tire set that is more versatile and better able to handle changes in weather, we recommend getting the Continental Road Attack 3 Tires.