Best Motorcycle Tires For Hot Weather

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Although exciting, riding a motorcycle in hot weather can be dangerous if you don't have the right tires. Which is the best motorcycle tires for hot weather?

Tires that are designed for hot weather will have a higher heat tolerance and will be less likely to suffer from blistering or chunking. They also last longer than regular tires. Brands such as Michelin, Metzeler, and continental offer tires that will keep you safe in the summer months.

If you ride your motorcycle all year long, then I'm sure you've noticed that it's a bit more difficult to control when the roads are slick in hot weather. This is because water seeps into the tire and creates a thin layer of slush on top. Now, if you're just going around town or doing short commutes, this isn't really an issue - but if you do any sort of highway riding in hot weather, then it may be time to switch over to some rain tires.

For the sake of your convenience, our motorcycle experts have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the best motorcycle tires for hot weather. These tires are currently available for purchase online.

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1. Michelin Road 5

The Michelin Road 5 Tire is a new option for those looking for a high-performance summer tire. It has been designed to provide excellent grip in wet and dry conditions and superior comfort and handling.

The Road 5 features the latest technologies from Michelin, including the patented XST+ sipe design. This technology provides more biting edges than traditional siping, resulting in better traction and stability on wet surfaces. The XST+ sipe is also designed to flex and adapt to the shape of the road, providing optimal grip at all times.

In addition, the Michelin Air cushion system is used in the construction of this tire. This feature consists of a layer of air between the tread and casing that helps to absorb shocks and vibrations. This results in a more comfortable ride, even on long journeys.

The Road 5 has a more aggressive tread pattern than the Pilot Road 4. It also has an increased width and a larger contact patch, which helps to provide better stability at all speeds. According to Michelin, a new Road 5 tire will act just like a brand new PR4 even after 3000 miles.

Drivers who want to maximize their tire mileage will appreciate the durability of this model. It is made from a strong nylon carcass that can withstand high speeds and heavyweights without showing any damage or wear over time. As a result, customers enjoy the peace of mind knowing they aren't going to have to replace their tires soon after purchasing them.

The tread pattern on the Road 5 is designed with safety in mind as well. In addition to providing excellent grip when making turns in wet conditions, it also helps to evacuate water quickly from the contact patch. This prevents the build-up of hydroplaning and ensures a safe, stable ride.

Furthermore, the Uni-T technology found in this tire reduces the vibrations that are commonly experienced on rough roads, providing a more comfortable ride for riders and passengers. The Road 5 is also designed to be highly resistant against aquaplaning and hydroplaning, keeping your bike stable even when braking on wet surfaces at high speeds.

This tire comes with a treadwear rating of 550, meaning it has been engineered to provide optimal traction at high speeds while lasting longer than most tires within its class.

The Road 5 is also available in various sizes, including 130/70-18, 150/70-18, 160/60-18, and 180/55-17. The Michelin Road 5 Touring Tire is available as an Original Equipment (O.E.M.) option for some motorcycle models from Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, and Suzuki. It can be purchased as a replacement for those motorcycles as well as.

Overall, The Michelin Road 5 Tire is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable tire for all seasons. It provides superior grip in wet and dry conditions and comfort and handling. It is also backed by the Michelin reputation for quality and durability.


  • Provides superior grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Features the latest technologies from Michelin
  • Offers a more comfortable ride
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • None that we could find

2. Avon 3D Ultra Sport Front and Rear Tires

The Avon 3D Ultra Sport was specifically engineered for sportbikes. This tire features a new tread design that contributes to its impressive capabilities in various conditions.

Technology-wise, the 3D Ultra Sport features an asymmetric tread design that contributes to better grip and handling in wet conditions. This feature also helps to provide optimal traction, which gives riders more confidence in their machine. The tire's V-shaped grooves allow for even wear and contribute to a smooth ride. Silica compounds with higher viscosity are also used to improve grip in the wet and cold conditions and minimize excessive heat build-up, preventing the tire from excessive wear.

The Avon 3D Ultra Sport has been designed with Comfort Plus Technology. This technology was developed by Avon engineers and ensures a comfortable ride year-round. It also allows the tire's tread pattern to adapt according to speed without compromising performance, which makes it an excellent choice for all seasons, especially summers.

A technology called Inverted Front Grooves (I.F.G.) that was originally created by Avon in the 1980s and is still in use resists stepped wear and cupping while also improving wet braking performance and reducing brake distances on the front tire. This ensures that the front tire performance remains consistent throughout its lifespan.

The rear tires are enhanced by the Hybrid Belt system, which employs an ultra-durable low extension steel wire that is wrapped around the tire at 0 degrees. This allows for increased speed stability and flexibility as well as excellent mechanical grip. Triple Tread Extrusion technology is also featured in the rear tires and improves mileage.

This tire is available in multiple sizes and widths that include 120/70 ZR17 (front), 18055 ZR17 (rear), 190/50 ZR17 (front), 180/55 ZR17 (rear).

The Avon 3D Ultra Sport Tire is a reliable choice for those who are looking for an all-around sport tire. It features the latest in tread technology as well as Comfort Plus Technology, which ensures a comfortable ride. It also has a hybrid belt system in the rear that improves stability and grip.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Features the latest tread technology
  • Offers a comfortable ride
  • Has an inverted front groove design that resists stepped wear and cupping


  • Not ideal for track days or racing

3. Michelin Pilot Power 2CT

The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT was designed to provide riders with an exceptional tire that is long-lasting and also responsive. It features two separate compounds around the tire's circumference, ensuring optimal grip under different riding conditions.

It features a front P2C compound at the outer edge of the tire. This compound is tailored for speed endurance and gives riders greater stability when cornering at high speeds. The P4 rear compound has been developed for agility performance. This compound provides flexible handling in dry conditions, allowing riders to take control during sudden maneuvers. The inner ribs help eliminate deformation of the tires' shoulders, which improves flexibility, especially in hot weather or while braking or accelerating hard, giving riders more confidence.

The carcass of this tire was developed with dynamic stability in mind. It has a divided twin belt that increases lateral rigidity, making it more responsive and improving the steering feel. The carcass also features two different profiles at the front and rear of the tire to improve grip and handling.

An innovative technology called Tread Absorber is found on the tread pattern of this tire. This feature prevents bumps from being transmitted to riders to ride comfortably for longer periods. A new tread pattern design with shoulder sipes ensures even wear and improved traction in both wet and dry conditions, giving riders an advantage no matter what road or weather conditions they face.

The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT is available in various sizes, including 120/60 ZR17 (front), 180/55 ZR17 (rear), 190/50 ZR17 (front), 190/55 ZR17 (rear).

It is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a responsive tire that provides stability and grip under different conditions. The two separate compounds around the tire's circumference ensure that it provides optimal grip while cornering and while accelerating or braking hard.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Provides stability and grip under different conditions
  • Excellent lean angles
  • Budget-friendly


  • Takes time to heat in damp conditions

4. Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact

The Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact is an advanced sport tire engineered with the most advanced technology in motorcycle racing. One of its unique features is the patented Adaptive Edge grooves, which allows it to maintain consistent contact pressure on asphalt surfaces regardless of lean angle, giving riders more control over their bike when cornering.

The M5 Interact's rubber compound incorporates both a soft and hard compound. The tread pattern is designed for sports motorcycles, but the tire must also handle straight-line acceleration and high-speed cornering. For this reason, the M5 Interact uses a harder compound for the middle part of the tire to improve straight-line acceleration and mileage.

The shoulder of the tire, on the other hand, is made of a softer compound to provide maximum grip when turning. The tire compound is designed to run cooler, reducing heat build-up and maximizing traction. It also contains a balanced silica and carbon black combination to aid in fast warming up and better wet-road handling.

The M5 Interact is a radial tire with a tread pattern developed to improve road traction and high-speed stability. The tire makes use of a "Greek π" tread design that helps to promote effective water release, even at high lean angles. The numerous deep grooves on the tread improve traction in wet conditions. Metzeler's "Interact" technology is also utilized; this includes a variable steel string winding tension with 5-zones that provide varied grip levels for various road conditions and riding styles.

The asymmetric tread pattern also ensures excellent cornering performance by preventing deformation of the tires' shoulders, which provides more flexibility, especially in hot weather or while braking or accelerating hard, giving riders more confidence on their bike.

Compared to the Sportec M3, the Sportec M5 offers improved dry and wet performance while sustaining identical durability. According to Metzeler's chart, the M5's greatest improvement over the M3 is in the "riding easiness" category.

This tire is available in various sizes including 120/70 ZR17 58W (front), 180/55 ZR17 73W (rear), 190/50 ZR17 73W (front), 190/55 ZR17 78W (rear).

It is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a sport tire that provides enhanced cornering performance in both wet and dry road conditions.


  • Excellent cornering performance
  • Ideal for driving in hot and humid conditions
  • Extremely durable


  • Can be slightly noisy at high speeds

5. Metzeler Tourance EXP

The Metzeler Tourance EXP is specially designed for active riders who consider safety a priority but demand sport performance. It features an asymmetric tread pattern with low angles on the shoulders. The tire has excellent stability when leaned over at its maximum angle, enhancing road grip, especially during cornering or braking. This also gives riders greater freedom to execute extreme lean angles without skidding their tires.

A comfortable and safe motorcycle tire needs not only optimum handling and traction but should also be able to handle wet and dry conditions (especially braking). For this reason, Metzeler engineers developed a unique rubber compound that prevents overheating even under tremendous stress; it ensures optimum resistance against abrasion and tearing.

Traction is enhanced significantly when used together with the M-Tec computer-calculated tread pattern. The Tourance EXP also features Metzeler's unique "Interact" technology, consisting of five variable tension steel cables. This technology aims to provide high levels of stability throughout different temperature ranges and riding conditions.

The Tourance series EXP tire structure includes special features and advanced tire technology. The front tire now features Metzeler's innovative 0° (zero degrees) steel construction, which was previously only available at the rear tire in the Tourance model. The Metzeler Advance Winding (M.A.W.) system ensures effective spacing among the zero-degree steel belt cords, resulting in more efficient braking and better strength and traction on wet, dry, and rough surfaces.

The profile design has been maximized for safety under all road conditions, making this tire an excellent choice for touring motorcycles used by active riders who want to maximize their safety while maintaining sporty performance at the same time. It is available in five sizes: 110/80 R 19 59v (front), 130/80 R 17 65S (rear) and 150/70 R 17 69V (rear).

Overall, the Metzeler Tourance EXP is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a safe and durable motorcycle tire that also offers great sport performance.


  • Increased comfort and safety for riders, especially in wet conditions
  • Exceptional traction on dry surfaces
  • Prevent overheating


  • May not be the best choice for aggressive riders
  • Limited sizes available

6. Continental Road Attack 3

The Continental Road Attack 3 is an excellent sport touring tire for hot climates. It offers enhanced stability and cornering performance, as well as reduced braking distances. It is designed for urban riders who are looking for improved comfort on long trips. The Road Attack 3 features a three-dimensional lateral stabilizer (T.D.S.) technology which provides safety while cornering, especially when taking sharp turns at high speeds.

The unique Vectran breaker belt ensures higher stability by preventing deformation of the tire's shoulders under heavy loads or high speeds; this also significantly increases puncture resistance and reduces wear because there is no excessive movement of the shoulder material.

The wide tread grooves enhance wet performance by increasing water dispersal from beneath the tires, significantly reducing hydroplaning potential. This makes it a safer choice for wet weather conditions and allows for better traction and handling.

Finally, the Road Attack 3 is designed with a special compound that offers resistance to high temperatures, as well as excellent grip on both wet and dry roads. It is available in 18 sizes, covering almost all sports touring bikes.

The Continental Road Attack 3 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a safe and performance-driven sport touring tire. It offers great stability and cornering ability while reducing braking distances, making it perfect for urban riders who want to make the most of their trips.


  • Offers enhanced stability and cornering performance
  • Reduced braking distances
  • Extremely durable
  • Many sizes available


  • May be too aggressive for some riders
  • Not budget-friendly

7. Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier D209

The Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier D209 is a street tire designed for high-performance sportbikes. It incorporates the latest technology and features a unique asymmetric tread pattern.

Thanks to its silica-rich compound and tread pattern, the Qualifier D209 offers superior grip in wet and dry conditions. The tire's variable pitch tread ensures that the contact pressure is maintained for better stability when cornering. The asymmetric pattern also helps to provide increased grip when accelerating out of corners and when transferring weight from side to side while braking or accelerating hard.

There are also integrated metal studs in the shoulder area, which helps to provide excellent straight-line acceleration and braking performance. The tire's design enables it to maintain constant contact pressure on asphalt surfaces even at lean angles up to 30 degrees, giving riders more control over their bike and thus increasing confidence levels while cornering.

The tire is available in various sizes including, 120/60 ZR17 M/C (55W), 120/80 ZR17 M/C (59W) for the front tire, and 160/60 ZR17 M/C (69W), 180/55 ZR17 M/C (73W) for the rear tires.

It is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a street tire that provides enhanced grip and stability when cornering in both wet and dry conditions.


  • Superior grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Excellent straight-line acceleration and braking performance


  • Lacks durability in the center of the tread area when cornering hard

8. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tire

The Diablo Rosso III is the latest addition to the Diablo Rosso family of tires from Pirelli. It has been designed for sport-touring motorcycles and features an aggressive tread pattern that provides excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

This tire was created with the latest technologies from Pirelli, including the Silica Rain compound. This compound is made from a mixture of silica and carbon black, which improves grip on wet roads by as much as 50%. In addition, it also helps to extend the life of the tire by up to 20%.

New taller profiles for both front and rear tires are the most significant modifications to the Rosso III. This feature provides a larger contact patch and contributes to the tire's impressive handling capabilities. They feature W-rated performance for speeds over 168 mph, and their large contact area ensures good adherence to the surface.

The Diablo Rosso III also features a new tread design that increases the contact patch compared to its predecessor. This helps to provide more stability at high speeds and better grip when making turns. The tire is also equipped with the latest version of Pirelli's DIABLO™ Smart Technology, which ensures even wear and longer life for the tire.

The Diablo Rosso III has a treadwear rating of 200, meaning it can handle high speeds and provide excellent grip for up to 4000 miles. This tire is available in various sizes, including 120/70-17, 160/60-17, 180/55-17, and 190/50-17.

In terms of performance, this tire meets or exceeds the standards set by D.O.T.-approved tires in all areas. It is available for various sport touring motorcycles from Ducati, Kawasaki, K.T.M., and Triumph. The Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tire has been engineered to provide optimal traction while lasting longer than other sport-touring tires on the market today. This makes it an excellent choice for weekend warriors and avid riders alike.

The Diablo Rosso III is an excellent choice for those who want a sporty tire that will provide excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. It features the latest technologies from Pirelli, giving riders more confidence on their bike.


  • Ideal for hot weather
  • Features the latest technologies from Pirelli
  • Provides better stability at high speeds
  • Can handle up to 4000 miles before wearing out


  • Not budget Friendly
  • Bit Slippery until warmed up