Best Motorcycle Tires For Mileage & Longevity

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If you love to ride your bike long and hard, it is important that you invest in some of the best motorcycle tires for mileage and longevity.

With so many different tire brands in the market, it can be a bit difficult to decide which tire would be the best suited for your motorcycle.

Through experience, we have determined that Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Metzeler, and Shinko are some of the best tire brands in the industry and offer tire models that are very durable, have a long tread life, and an exceptional fuel economy.

In this guide, we will discuss the key features of the best motorcycle tires for mileage and longevity as well as their pros and cons. We will also discuss what factors you need to consider when selecting a motorcycle tire that offers you longevity and mileage.

Our team consists of avid bikers who have tried numerous tires on their bikes over the years. We have asked their expert opinions on which tires offer the best performance in the aforementioned areas so that we can bring the most accurate information to you.

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Pirelli Angel GT

Pirelli Angel GT was chosen by many bikers in our team as one of the very best tires for long tours with passenger and side bags. The tires are specifically designed to offer stability, more mileage, and improved safety on both wet and dry roads.

The manufacturers have designed this tire for sports bikes that can withstand miles of extended travel. So if you are a hardcore biker and need a tire that offers you a great lifespan, the Angel GT is an excellent choice.

The tires are shaped with an aggressive tread pattern that features long grooves originating from the center of the tires to its sidewalls. These grooves are what provide the tire with superior traction on wet surfaces and a water-repelling ability that prevents hydroplaning. These sports tires can even get you through snowy roads if you have cold winters where you live.

The tires are made with a special Bi-compound formula that consists of extra silica for a better dry and wet grip. Another advantage of the Angel GT is that it has a low rolling resistance, which reduces loss of energy. Hence, it is a very fuel economical tire.

One of the things that I and my team members particularly like are the tread wear indicators on the tires that tell you how much your tires have worn down and whether you need to get them replaced.

With so many advantages, it is understandable that the Angel GT is quite expensive.

Key Highlights

  • Extended mileage sport is guaranteed
  • The high-grate Bi-compound ensures a longer lifespan
  • Speed rating of W which is up to 168 mph
  • Reinforced 2-ply construction
  • Improved traction on wet surfaces
  • Improved water evacuation
  • Tread wear indicators
  • Available in four sizes
  • Tubeless tires


  • Tires are expensive so it may not be possible for everyone to buy them

Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra

Metzeler ME888 is a specially-designed tire model that has been engineered with heavy touring motorcycles in mind. The tire is known for delivering an excellent tread life and superior handling.

The tire has been specially engineered to have a 15% larger contact patch that improves dampening. This means that the ME888 delivers exceptional handling and can accommodate a higher amount of load as it is being driven.

The rubber compound of the tire is integrated with high-grade silica which offers it better wet traction and grip as well as reduces the rolling resistance. The tread grooves repel water away from the center of the tire and prevent the motorcycle from skidding. The tire tread pattern also comprises bridged gaps which stop the tires from flexing too much.

The tire is a wonderful option for heavier bikes and offers the best high and low-speed stability and handling.

Key Highlights

  • The new rubber compound offers longevity
  • Tread pattern is pretty deep and ideal for water evacuation
  • Offers stability at both high and low speeds
  • Grooves are bridged which prevent flex
  • Comprise of heavy-duty sidewalls
  • Is very resistant to punctures and tears
  • Speed rating of H which is good for up to 130 mph


  • Is wrapped in a protective blue film which may be difficult to remove
  • Some users have complained that you may get a product with poorly designed grooves. In this case, you can exchange them or get a refund

Bridgestone Exedra Max

If you love long and comfy touring on the highways, then Bridgestone Exedra Max is made exactly for that purpose.

The Exedra Max is equipped with a belt package which is very useful for enhancing the rigidity of the tread area. The special design offers more mileage and fuel economy as well as better resistance to puncture and minimal distortion. The tires also offer better linear handling, even for motorcycles that are heavy, facilitating long-distance touring.

The tires are made of a unique rubber compound that was immaculately engineered for cruiser applications that would facilitate longer mileage. The tire’s tread pattern consists of an innovative center groove that improves water-repelling ability and its angled sipes push water away from the center of the tire to prevent hydroplaning.

The combination of innovative compound and package construction is what makes the Exedra Max one of the best choices for long-distance cruises on dry and wet surfaces.

One drawback, however, of the tire is that it does not have wear indicators so it can be tricky to determine when the tires are past their prime.

Key Highlights

  • Equipped with a street tread pattern
  • The belt construction is quite rigid
  • The tires offer excellent linear handling, even on heavy bikes
  • Center grooves and sipes push away water
  • Tires have a wide profile which ensures a steady footprint and result in minimum rider fatigue
  • Tubeless
  • A speed rating of W which is up to 168 mph


  • Does not have tread wear indicators
  • Some models may have quality control issues

Dunlop D404

Dunlop D404 is a high-grade motorcycle tire that has the looks and feel of customized tires, as expected from the Dunlop brand.

One of the things that attract many bikers towards the D404 is that it is a budget tire that offers a lot of value to the riders. Most of the members of my team have used these tires since they come in a wide range of sizes that can be accommodated on classic bikes as well as cruisers. They are also designed with standard sidewalls and white sidewalls.

The D404 is also equipped with a creative siping tread pattern that offers optimal water evacuation capabilities. The special tread compound offers superior traction and grip as well as mileage. The pattern consists of an offset center groove which ensures excellent stability when going in a straight line. It has a bias-ply carcass which is excellent if you want a smooth and comfortable ride and one which can carry heavier loads.

Key Highlights

  • A bias-ply construction with an exceptionally-designed tread pattern
  • Has an off-center groove that ensures straight-line stability
  • Tubeless
  • Comes in several sizes so is also suitable for classic bikes
  • Has excellent load-bearing capabilities
  • Is rated H which means it can travel up to 130 mph


  • May not be the best tire for Harley-Davidson bikes

Michelin Pilot Activ

Michelin Pilot Activ is a class apart when it comes to bias-ply motorcycle tires. The tires are very durable and strong and deliver as much as 20% greater tread life than other traditional tires.

The tires have a bias-ply construction that offers optimal flex and enables the tires to absorb shocks so that you can get a more comfortable riding experience. The tires are heavy-duty and consist of robust black sidewalls which enhance the safety and security of your ride.

Because of this heavy-duty construction, the tires also have a higher load-bearing capacity, meaning they can run well with a passenger and side bags. They also offer excellent traction at slow speeds or when you are cruising in a straight line. The unique design and superior compound are what makes these tires adjust to various terrains.

The special tread pattern also has self-cleaning abilities, thanks to its large grooves that are designed to get rid of dirt, mud, and road debris, facilitating good traction and grip and excellent performance throughout the life of the tire.

Key Highlights

  • Bias-ply construction with a street tread pattern
  • Powerful black sidewalls for enhanced security
  • Has good flex which facilitates smooth rides on various types of terrain
  • A self-cleaning groove pattern
  • Excellent traction in a straight line and at slow speeds
  • Speed rating of H means tires can travel well up to 130 mph
  • Offers a wide range of sizes for popular cruisers
  • Robust sidewalls that are puncture-resistant


  • The bias-ply tread sometimes deliver more flex than necessary and may squirm excessively
  • The tires do not shed heat very quickly

Michelin Commander II

If you own a cruiser, the Michelin Commander II tire is a perfect choice for it as it delivers exceptional handling, maneuverability, stability, mileage, and longevity.

The Commander II tires have been engineered particularly for the Cruiser market and have been seen to last twice as long as some of its traditional competitors. The tires are equipped with the amplified density technology that makes the structure of the tire very rigid and its casing highly dense. This means the tires deliver excellent maneuverability, improved handling, and increased feedback.

Commander II features square wire beads that enhance the rigidity of the structure of the tires. The tires are also constructed with Aramid fibers that make them more lightweight while enhancing their stability and strength.

The tires also feature longitudinal tread patterns which are uniquely designed to offer amazing water evacuation capabilities allowing for good traction on wet and slippery roads. The Commander II also has a premium sidewall finish which can help your bike sport a clean and polished look.

Key Highlights

  • Has a radial construction and a radically-shaped street tread pattern
  • Designed for long-distance riding and for all seasons
  • Longitudinal treads for evacuating water
  • Features amplified density technology that makes very rigid tires
  • Delivers exceptional handling and maneuverability
  • Square bead wires enhance casing rigidity and make the tires easy to install
  • Aramid fibers decrease weight and enhance stability
  • A V rating which means the peak speed limit for the tires is 149 mph


  • Only specifically designed for cruisers
  • Some of my friends have complained they got an older dot number

Shinko 009 Raven

If you want an excellent tire that can offer your good value, longevity, and mileage, the Shinko 009 Raven is one of our picks. Previously, Shinko used to be the bike tire division for the world-famous Yokohama bikes, which means they offer exceptionally well-made tires.

If you are a rider who likes to go on long cruises and you want a tire that would last you for years, then Shinko 009 Raven is an excellent option for you. The tires are equipped with an Aramid belt and offer superior reinforcement to the tire carcass. Aside from strengthening the tires, the weight is also significantly reduced, facilitating stability.

The tires are equipped with an excellent tread compound that offers a decent grip on wet ground and an excellent grip on dry surfaces. The 009 Raven also has the distinction of being a Shinko sport-performance radial with the highest tread life, which means they are designed for long-distance touring.

The best part is that these tires are also very budget-friendly.

Key Highlights

  • Tread compound features a good grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • The highest tread life in the sport-performance radial series
  • Reinforced with an Aramid belt
  • W speed rating means tires can reach a maximum speed of 168 mph
  • Affordable


  • The technology is not very up to date
  • May not be the best tires for wet weather

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Tire for Mileage and Longevity

Keep in mind that a tire will only perform well if it is the right tire for your motorcycle. Therefore, it is important that you consult your owner’s manual to find out what kind of construction, load capacity, speed rating, and size your tires need to have. Then you can follow these recommendations to get the appropriate tire for your bike.

Size of the Tires

Some of you might look at your bike and consider that a wider tire may look really cool on the bike. However, just because a tire can fit onto your motorbike does not mean it will offer you the best performance on the road. Make sure your tire has the recommended speed rating and load-bearing capability and is the right size for your rim before you install it on your bike.

Tire Construction

Motorcycle tires come in three types of construction: radial-ply, bias-ply, and belted bias ply.

Radial ply tires are designed in a way that offers more strength to the tread and more flex to the sidewalls. This improves tire traction and longevity and inspires more confidence when braking. It also reduces the risk of skidding and delivers good fuel economy.

Bias-ply tires, on the other hand, have a more rugged appearance and have reinforced puncture-resistant sidewalls. This design is made for high-speed stability and control and can tolerate riding on rough terrains. However, they may not offer as smooth a ride or as long a tread life as radial-ply tires.

Bias-belted tires are made similar to bias-ply and have one or more belts running under the tread. These belts offer enhanced strength to the sidewall as well as better stability to the treads, improving tread life.

The type of tire you choose depends on the type of bike you have the surface you ride on. Make sure you have the right construction of tires before you install them.

Tire Compound

A tire that is made from a soft rubber compound and has a higher amount of silica is super grippy and offers you excellent traction and greater cornering performance. However, they can also wear down more quickly than harder tires.

The tire compound is also affected by temperature. If you live in a place where you have cold winters and are using a tire with the wrong compounds, you will be risking your safety after just a few hundred miles. Make sure the compound you choose is perfect for the temperature. Keep in mind that different manufacturers may offer tires with soft or hard compounds that perform differently in both cold and hot temperatures. So you should research the tire brand, engineering, and compound information to choose the right tire for your motorcycle.