Best Motorcycles For Big Guys

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Most motorcycles are designed for average-sized riders, but certain models make a good fit for big guys. Here are the best motorcycles for big guys.

Some of the best motorcycles for big guys include the Yamaha FJ-09, the Ducati Multistrada 1200, the Suzuki V-Strom 650, the Honda Rebel 500, the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic, and the Honda CB500X. These rides are quite big and have ample room to accommodate bigger riders.

Motorcycles with upright sitting positions, wide ergonomics, and greater seat heights are generally a good option for big guys. If you are searching for a ride that can accommodate your huge body, you might face some problems finding the right model. The reason is that simply looking at the bike's design and specs is not enough to tell if the motorcycle will be able to handle your weight and height.

We've done the hard work of finding the best motorcycles for big guys to help you out. Our years of experience riding different models of motorbikes allows us to determine the rides that will be a good option for you. So you can pick any of the motorcycles listed below, and they won't disappoint you.

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Yamaha FJ-09

When the bare streetfighter Yamaha FZ-09 debuted in 2014, it garnered a lot of traction. The FZ-09 was the ideal hooligan motorcycle, thanks to its quick responsiveness and agile frame. A true superstar was created when Yamaha introduced a touring variant with sturdy saddlebags, stiffer suspension, and a neat windscreen.

The FJ-09, as it was known, gave all the furious excitement of the FZ-09 in a configuration that had enhanced fueling, improved suspension, fantastic practicality, and plenty of legroom. Because the seat adjusts from 33.3 to 33.9 inches, most motorcyclists taller than 5' 7" will find a comfortable position. The 850cc three-cylinder engine has plenty of power even at low speeds, with a maximum of 64.3 lb.-ft. at 8,500 rpm.

Yamaha does not provide horsepower estimates; however, the three-cylinder engine is known to produce over 100 hp. A six-speed transmission with a slipper clutch transmits the power. The FJ-09 boasts a D-Mode variable throttle control system, which means that you can choose from three different throttle valve control maps. There is a Standard Mode, an A Mode, and a B Mode for various performance characteristics. The contrast in riding styles is truly remarkable, as it allows you to choose between a track-ready sportster and a relaxed commuter bike.

Suzuki V-Strom 650

Suzuki's V-Strom 650 motorcycle is known for its adaptability, dependability, and pricing. The model is preferred by riders who use their motorbikes for traveling, or just a fun ride when the mood strikes them. These are classic motorcycles with a comfortable seating position and a versatile engine profile that ensures stress-free driving, whether it's for a short commute or a long journey.

This V-Strom is a perfect starter motorbike for huge guys who need unrestricted seating space. It boasts a lot of speed and torque and is built for regular street racing. Anti-lock braking is also included in the future update of this bike. This motorcycle's controls are just incredible. It rapidly and effectively brings the bike to a halt.

The V-Strom 650 excels in terms of comfort as well. Traveling on this bike is a pleasure owing to the broad bars, upright riding position, and supportive saddle.

It comes with hard baggage so you can carry all your belongings with you if you want to go camping in the woods. Day-to-day chores are also made considerably easier with the luggage-carrying capabilities of the V-Strom 650. You can use this to keep your motorbike gear or to get milk and eggs for your home without needing to wear a rucksack.

Another benefit of the V-Strom 650 is that it is extremely durable. If you change the oil on time, the bike won't run into issues and handle it with care. They're just as dependable as any of the major player bikes, which is reassuring when you're driving down the motorway and see another motorcycle stopped over to the roadside with an unhappy rider whacking it with their foot.

Ducati Multistrada 1200

The Multistrada 1200 debuted in 2012, and it quickly became one of Ducati's most prominent designs. The bike was significantly improved over its initial release in 2003, and it elevated the double sports market to new heights by giving new significance to the notion of a flexible bike.

The Multistrada 1200 was packed with all the scientific and performance elements established in competitions. Since it could provide 150 horsepower, it was regarded as the most potent motorcycle in the dual-sport classification.

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 earns our nod of approval because it's incredibly roomy and is propelled by a rumbly Testastretta L-twin featuring DVT variable valve speed, which optimizes valve gap to make power arrive sooner and then last longer.

Everything from the ABS and traction management to wheelie prevention and the four riding modes of Sport, Touring, Urban, and Enduro, is managed by Bosch's multifaceted technology. But it's not the electronic magic that has our hearts racing. That 150-hp desmodromic engine, to be precise; one journey up through the ratios on this Ducati will convince you that this is the optimal choice indeed.

The Multistrada 1200 might be considered four motorcycles in one owing to the innovative riding mode innovation, as it is designed to adapt to multiple usage. With its powerful electronics, the user may select several precise parameters, adapting the motorbike to four various situations: touring, off-road, aggressive riding, and city commuting.

The Multistrada 1200 provides an optimal driving experience regardless of the traffic conditions by adapting the suspension, control systems, and engine power to meet the rider's requirements.

Honda CB500X

The Honda CB500X is always up for a new challenge. It's also prepared to take you to the office and provide a soothing commute home after a long day. It produces decent speed and torque, making it ideal for a fast trip to the store or guiding you to the trail's finish.

The Honda CB500x boasts a 471cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine that produces more than enough torque and features two overhead cams, providing plenty of speed and efficiency. It finds the right combination of what a mid-sized motorbike engine should be: Lightweight, narrow, and robust.

The bike's overall weight is low, and it has a 19-inch main wheel and a long-travel suspension with a slipper clutch. The windscreen on the bike is quite high as well. Owing to its valve timing, this motorcycle has a great roll-on reaction and is ruggedly designed. The CB500x clutch structure enables light lever pull, which is critical in stop-and-go traffic.

The muffler has a big volume both before and after the catalytic converter. Furthermore, the fuel injection parameters are model unique, and they aid in linear power delivery with accurate throttle response in the middle and lower power ranges.

The injector bodies assist the CB500X in producing even more horsepower. The PGM-FI on the motorcycle constantly monitors many factors to ensure that the appropriate fuel combination is given for the current riding and environmental circumstances, resulting in a sharp throttle response in a variety of riding situations.

Off-roading on adventurous bikes necessitates not only practical but also excellent suspension. In this instance, the suspension must be significantly more efficient and heavier than normal, given the rider's size. The CB500X is the ideal motorcycle for this situation. It has enough power for freeway speeds as well as off-road adventures.

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic

The Vulcan 900 Classic is a great cruiser with plenty of power early in the rpm range to get you moving and plenty of power to maintain you riding for miles. It's a middleweight bike, so it's not difficult to have some maneuvering fun with it.

The Vulcan 900 Classic is also ideal for bigger users because it offers plenty of riding space and has comfortable seating. The front tire of the Vulcan 900 is a 16-inch Dunlop D404s, while the rear tire is a 15-inch Dunlop D404s. The 5-speed gearbox and wide powerband, as well as the affirmative neutral finder, are excellent features. This cruiser is powered by a V-twin SOHC 903cc engine with 4-cylinder heads and produces 58 ft/lbs. of output.

The 900 has broad fat tires for performance and stability. When it comes to safety, the 900 classic has a rider backrest, an LT windscreen, and perfect-sized bags. It has a trail length of 5.9 inches and a slope of 32 degrees. The standard 900 classic comes with whitewall tires.

The weight of the bike is approximately 657 lbs. which is stunning! The mass and chassis of the bikes make turning difficult for the riders. The cruiser variant is not recommended for novice or intermediate riders because the bike's weight may exceed their capabilities.

It's a great ride for people who are heavier since the ride is designed to handle a heavy load. With much less torque, the risks of being involved in fatal high-speed collisions are quite low.

Honda Rebel 500

The Honda Rebel 500 is a motorbike that deviates from conventional motorcycle styling and the mundane boulevard drone. It features a compact 471cc twin-cylinder engine that packs plenty of punch. The blacked-out appearance, low weight, and modest seat height are all ideal for big guys, and innovations such as Honda's slide assist clutch make riding more fun. While some cruiser-class motorcycles are only enjoyable when ridden slowly, the Rebel 500 is eager to speed up.

We all want to be relaxed, and the aesthetics of the Rebel are fantastic. The riding position is comfortable and natural. The foot pegs are far enough forwards to let you know you're pedaling a cruiser, but not so far ahead that you must work hard to find them. The handlebars are comfortable to hold and are easily adjustable. When you turn the bike on and press the electronic start button on the right handlebar, the 471cc liquid-cooled engine chirps to life.

The Rebel 500 uses the same engine as the CB500 speed family, but it's modified for extra low-rpm torque. Drifting away from stops is smooth and controlled, with no unexpected jumps or snatchy reflexes. The cruiser-style power is adequate when needed, but it has a smooth delivery that won't frighten beginner riders.

The Honda Rebel 500 gearbox and transmission provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Because the gearbox is easy to use, changing gears is instinctual. It's easy to shift into neutral, allowing you plenty of time to prepare for the stop.

The six-speed transmission provides a wide variety of options, so it can be used on both city streets and sidewalks. Finally, for a naked motorcycle, the wind blow is remarkably low. The additional black cowling, which directs the oncoming air around the passenger, was added by Honda all around the headlamp.


The Husqvarna 701 Supermoto is, without question, one of the most capable and high-end factory-built Supermoto motorcycles now on dealership floors. It is a good motorcycle for individuals looking for a ride that can be used in a variety of situations. The updated Supermoto is one of the centerpieces of Husqvarna's 2021 portfolio, having recently been overhauled.

The 701 Supermoto is an exciting ride that can handle downtown streets with such speed that a standard street bike can't. It's founded on years of Husqvarna Motorcycles' supermoto knowledge. Updated digital equipment complements the redesigned bodywork and adds utility, while new brake parts improve performance and safety. Luckily, the electronics and efficiency that made the previous version a smash carry over to this new generation, demonstrating good design consistency.

It's fast, quick, thin, and powerful, just as a high-end motorbike should be. The KTM-designed 692.7 cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine is the key to the 701 Supermoto's performance. This is the same 75-horsepower, 52.4-lb-ft torque engine that drives the KTM SMC R.

The engine is mated to a featherweight frame with WP Apex chassis, Giant tubeless spoked tires, and innovative electronics and rider aid. Switchable ride modes, lean-angle responsive traction control, and an APTC slipper clutch are some of the impressive features of this bike. Husqvarna 701 Supermoto comes in a typical white, gray, and yellow color combination for 2021.