Best Motorcycles For Short Riders

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Being short can prove to be a hindrance when looking for a motorcycle that you can ride comfortably. So what are the best motorcycles for short riders?

Among the wide variety of models, a few bikes are exceptionally well-suited for short riders. These variants include the Ducati Scrambler, Honda Fury, Kawasaki Vulcan, Triumph Street Twin, BMW G650 GS, Honda Fury, SINNIS T125, Yamaha MT-07, and the Moto Guzzi V7.

Bikes with low-slung seats, a small rider's triangle, and a low center of gravity help short riders get the most out of their purchase. This is the group of motorbikes we'll be focusing on in our list of the best motorcycles for short riders. Those people who are shorter than 5'7", this list is for you.

We know all about how tough it is to find a motorbike that we can ride on those long day trips. Therefore, as experienced motorcycle enthusiasts, we've compiled this list to ensure that you buy a motorcycle that you can ride to your heart's content without ever needing to take a break because you're feeling uncomfortable.

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Ducati Scrambler

Ducati's Scramblers were introduced in 2014 and have since helped revitalize the motorbike industry by attracting a new generation of riders. The Ducati Scrambler is possibly the most lifestyle-oriented motorcycle ever created, to the point where Ducati decided to make the scrambler its own company.

The scrambler is one of the most approachable motorcycles in the company's inventory. It attracts a wide range of riders not just because of its low price but also because of its amazing features. Moreover, it's a great choice for short riders because of its broad handlebars, low seat, and simple riding posture.

While the seat height on the basic construction is 31.1 inches, a reduced adapter lowers it to 30.3 inches. Individuals of all heights will like its narrow and soft seat, slim tanks, and plush damping. It is also compact and has a lower center of gravity, in addition to all the above characteristics.

The scrambler comes in a wide range of models. Any rider looking for the best scrambler will choose the most recent Scrambler 1100 from the lineup. It may be used as a commute, leisure, or an urgent off-road bike, thanks to three separate riding settings that optimize power and traction. It is suitable for all torque addicts, whether tall or short.


With the latest version of the Kawasaki Vulcan S, the company is adhering to a tried-and-true formula. The bike retains the same features for the 2021 year, except for some striking new colors. There are three variations offered, all fueled by the Ninja 650's 649cc twin engine.

Kawasaki produces the Vulcan S ABS in Metallic Flat Graystone, accented with a gray paint option with red accent banding on the tank, rear springs, and wheels. The changeable ergonomics of the friendly cruiser allow riders to customize their ride to their form and size without ever having to open a parts catalog.

The seating and pegs can be changed in three different positions, while the bars can be put in one of two different positions. There are a total of 18 various configurations for those keeping track. Because the seat height is set at 27.8 inches, no one should have any problems flat-footing the Vulcan. Based on the rider's size, the handlebars, seat, and pegs all adjust to extend or reduce reach and leg posture.

It's worth mentioning that adjusting the foot pegs necessitates changing the shift linkage rods, which are offered separately. This slim sub-500lb cruiser was also designed and calibrated with a low to mid-performance concentration, sacrificing top-end punch but allowing for far more amenable power and torque in most mainstream riding circumstances.

Triumph Street Twin

The Triumph Street Twin is another fantastic full-sized bike that is suitable for shorter users. The Street Twin misses some of the power and performance-oriented technology seen on versions such as the Thruxton, but it does have the iconic look of a traditional Triumph.

The 900cc Street twin has a compact parallel-twin engine, a small tank, and a saddle that is only 29.5 inches above the ground. The Street Twin is also a great alternative for passengers looking for a passenger motorbike, as the bench-style saddle on this English parallel-twin delivers one of the nicest pillions on a normal motorcycle.

Furthermore, because the Street Twin — and the remainder of the extensive Bonneville series — has a tremendous quantity of bolt-on replacement parts, it's an immensely common pick for riders interested in customizing their motorbikes.

Overall, the aesthetics of this bike are astounding, with a proper sitting position, handlebar location, and stability. It's a bike that you can learn on and progress over time. It's not only an excellent motorbike for short drivers, but also a great motorbike for beginners.


BMW's G650 GS is one of the smallest motorcycles made by BMW Motorrad. But don't be fooled by its size; the BMW G650's amazing engineering ensures a smooth ride whether you're riding on the highway or tearing up the mud off-road. BMW has considered people of shorter stature with a height adjustment of 30.3 inches and low damper choices.

The G650GS is a competent exploration bike that rides well in traffic and appears well placed on the route. On longer excursions involving highway driving, the single-cylinder engine does not deliver a lot of power, but the counter-balanced Chinese powertrain is quieter compared to other rides and produces better gas mileage, with some customers reporting 90mpg.

With four valves, two overhead camshafts, and simple liquid conditioning and fuel infusion, the G650GS' single-cylinder four-stroke engine provides a smooth riding experience. It also has a balancing shaft, which significantly reduces noise, making it a basic single-cylinder engine without the motor resonance.

The G650GS also tends to handle its weight better than most motorcycles. The ride also feels lighter and more agile than conventional models.  The reason for this is that the gas tank is hidden behind the seat while the airbox is generally situated where the gas tank is generally found on a motorbike. Therefore, the motorcycle feels lightweight and performs admirably better.

Honda Fury

The Honda Fury is ideal for short riders who appreciate elegance, style, and attractiveness. It looks fantastic, and you'll be the center of attention wherever you go on this ride. Also, don't let the design make you doubt the comfort level of this bike. It is smooth and does not disappoint in this regard.

The Honda Fury first debuted in 2009 and is still in production today. It's different from the other models because it was Honda's inaugural production chopper. Honda Fury's architects got their inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s outlaw chopper lifestyle, accurately replicating the wide saddle and cut rear fender with arching fuel tank for a stretched-out, nearly custom aesthetic.

This bike is easy to maneuver, even for new riders. It will become incredibly comfortable as you become accustomed to it, and with enough practice, you will notice the flawless cruising sensation. The seat is slightly below the 27-inch line, making it a good option for short riders.

While pedaling, the V2 engines may generate some vibration, but it is not excessive, and the architecture dampens it sufficiently to offer a comfortable ride. It also includes a computer-controlled fuel jet injector for improved performance.

Finally, the Fury has 57.3 horsepower and 79 ft-lb torque, which is respectable for a chopper. Moreover, the fuel efficiency of 45 mpg makes it an economical bike. Since choppers aren't designed for extended rides, they may not give you the exhilaration of a long trip. However, they will provide you with a great experience on shorter rides.

Sinnis T125

The Sinnis T125 is a small adventure bike that can do a wide range of tasks. It has nearly all the capabilities found on a full-size ADV bike but in a more economical package. There aren't many 125cc adventure bikes on the market. In fact, new adventure versions are so scarce that the Sinnis T125 from 2021 is nearly in a class by itself.

The 2021 Sinnis T125 is modified from the Terrain 125 with some style adjustments to the last prototype with a 6-speed gearbox and fresh liquid-cooled motor. Moreover, it comes bundled with panniers and a top box, motor protector bars, and a USB connection to charge your devices while you ride.

Power has increased slightly to 12.7 HP thanks to a new liquid-cooled single-cylinder 124cc engine. On the street, it feels competent up to around 45 mph.

The T125 is also freeway-capable, making it suitable for almost any riding situation imagined, apart from track use. The quarter-liter Sinnis is a terrific bike for any novice biker enthusiastic interested in adventure racing. The modest 30.7" seat position makes the motorcycle ideal for short riders.

Yamaha MT-07

Since its introduction as an FZ in 2014, the MT has been one of Yamaha's best-selling bikes in the United States, with 25,000 units sold. Yamaha concentrated on keeping the MT-07's design simple from the start, mostly doing what offered value and little else.

The engine delivers 689cc with a twin-cylinder, and it comes from the same line as the three-cylinder MT-09, with a four-valve combustion process, valvetrain layout, and basic structure being common. The MT-07 has a correspondingly longer stroke and valve timing that favors midrange performance over high-rpm power even more. It's a mild-tune engine that allows Yamaha to employ regular rider-controlled throttle chambers instead of more costly throttle-by-wire, even in 2021. The MT-07 can be used for commuting and is also an excellent race bike. You can also consider going on long journeys on this ride as it is extremely comfortable.

Without a doubt, it performs admirably, whether you are a novice or a seasoned rider, and its 31.7-inch seat height makes it ideal for anyone looking for bikes for short riders. This bike is not just agile but also accurate and solid in its handling. While it does not compare to some of its bigger and more powerful rivals, it provides far better value for money.

Moto Guzzi V7

The Moto Guzzi V7 boasts a new engine that produces greater power, as well as enhanced electronics and chassis. The V7 is a bike that retains its style while adhering to a more traditional design. Without question, this is a motorcycle that attracts attention wherever it goes.

The V7 motorcycle is easy to handle and accommodating to short riders because the seat is at a moderate height of 30.3 inches. In addition, the handlebar, saddle, and foot peg positions have all been fine-tuned to offer a comfortable, straight riding posture.

The latest model's massive, single-plate dry grip is much more pleasant to use. The lever pull is lighter, and the contact seems smoother than on the older version. This, along with the V7's comparatively moderate engine, makes it quite friendly for a beginner rider.

The shaft drive on the V7 also wins additional points because it takes very little upkeep, which is another plus for beginner riders because chain preservation is a pain. The transverse V-twin engine, distinctive tank form, and large headlamp all look amazing.  Because of its outstanding reliability and a general sense of quality, the bike seems like it was manufactured with extreme care to offer the best value to riders.

It's worth noting that the vehicle may become unsteady if you press the throttle pedal too hard. While it's fun to flaunt your need for speed, it may be more enjoyable to keep it in check. All in all, this is a powerful, stylish vehicle built for short-distance commuting in elegance.


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