Best Tires For Ducati XDiavel

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Key Takeaways

  • The three best tires for the Ducati XDiavel are the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, Michelin Road 6, and Bridgestone Battlax BT-023.
  • The most common tire sizes on stock Ducati XDiavel bikes are 120/70R17 (Front), 120/80R17 (Front), and 240/45R17 (Rear).
  • Other tire options worth considering include the Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra, Dunlop F24 / K555, Avon Roadrider MK II, IRC Road Winner RX-02, and Pirelli Angel GT.

Enjoying a day riding a cruiser motorcycle like the Ducati XDiavel is not complete without the best tires to ensure solid performance, comfort, and durability.

The best tires for the Ducati XDiavel motorcycle are

  1. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tire
  2. Michelin Road 6 Tire
  3. Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Sport Touring Tire
  4. Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Tire
  5. Dunlop F24 / K555 Tire
  6. Avon Roadrider MK II Tire
  7. IRC Road Winner RX-02 Tire
  8. Pirelli Angel GT Tire

We have tested dozens of motorcycle tires in the past to see which performs the best. The same is true for the tires listed in this guide. They all have excellent features, solid durability, and the fit on the Ducati XDiavel.

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8 Best Tires For Ducati XDiavel

The Ducati XDiavel is a high-performance machine that demands premium tires. They are responsible for the stability and handling of the bike, which is most important when handling a motorcycle of this level.

Most riders understand an experience on the Ducati XDiavel is unmatched, but it’s a challenging experience. The typical cruiser or sportbike rider wouldn't appreciate the bike’s capabilities, especially with high-performance tires.

Below we have listed the top eight options worth considering for this Ducati Diavel bike.

1. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tire

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso II is a perfect match for the Ducati XDiavel motorcycle. It provides a good compromise between sport riding and touring, with a nice balance of grip, handling, and stability.

It is often compared to the Pirelli Rosso Corsa. Both are similar, but as Ducati owners, we prefer this tire. It controls the speed and improves the handling capabilities for an all-around excellent riding experience.

Tire Performance

The race-winning technology creates a top-notch tread compound, delivering an improved grip and much longer tread life than any predecessor tire.

The Tri-zone dual compound also improves the quality of the tire tread. This helps with road traction, longevity, and tire durability. It’s a challenge to find a tire with incredibly sticky handling like this one.

What Sets This Tire Apart

The Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT) is a stand-out feature. It optimizes the contact patch, so the handling feels more precise. This feature makes it hard for this tire to lose traction.

The tire also has integrated contour shaping on the contact patch. This is most evident when taking sharp turns or while cornering. There is also a slick shoulder area to add extra support.

Benefits of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II

  • Excellent road gripping and handling
  • Long-lasting tread life
  • Stable driving with solid bike balance
  • Not too expensive for what you get

Drawbacks of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II

  • Reduced performance and grip in colder temperatures

How Long Do The Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tires Last?

On average, this tire lasts between 5,000-8,000 miles. When used correctly, it’s possible to get up to 15,000-17,000 miles from the tires before they finally wear out.

We have heard fantastic stories from other Ducati owners about this tire reaching 17,000 miles. But allowing the tire to run for this long can be risky, and we prefer to replace it sooner rather than later.

Where To Buy The Pirelli Diablo Rosso II

  • RevZilla is the most reliable retailer for this tire, with prices between $111.36-$185.71.
  • We can also go directly to Pirelli to find the most comprehensive range of tire sizes.
  • Cycle Gear is another tire retailer with solid pricing and quick delivery times for this tire.

2. Michelin Road 6 Tire

The Michelin Road 6 Tire is one of the most advanced tires today. This tire is designed for cruiser bikes like the Ducati XDiavel and boasts superior performance and safety features, making it an ideal choice for riders who prioritize performance and reliability.

At its core, the Michelin Road 6 Tire was designed to provide a maximum level of grip and remarkable handling capabilities. At high speeds, this tire offers excellent cornering stability and precise tracking.

Tire Performance

This tire's dry grip performance is especially impressive thanks to its innovative tread pattern, which helps disperse water quickly in wet conditions.

The wear-resistance technology incorporated into the tire's tread also ensures better mileage over time while enhancing durability during aggressive riding scenarios.

Regarding safety features, riders can be confident that they will remain safe even when subjected to extreme stress due to a special compound that absorbs shock at higher speeds while providing superior rigidity when needed.

What Sets This Tire Apart

Improved side stability keeps you firmly planted on your bike during hard acceleration or sharp turns, helping prevent catastrophic accidents caused by excessive lean angle or sliding out mid-corner.

Users have also praised this tire’s ability to reduce vibration at lower speeds and its softer ride feels compared to other performance tires available today.

Benefits of the Michelin Road 6

  • Patented technologies like the Water Evergrip & Silica tread
  • 10% longer sporting tread life and 15% more wet grip
  • Michelin's 2CT+ dual tread compound
  • Excellent rigidity for cornering and riding stability

Drawbacks of the Michelin Road 6

  • Premium pricing & expensive to replace

How Long Do The Michelin Road 6 Tires Last?

9,000 miles is a good benchmark for this tire. After running various tests at the 2,500 and 5,000-mile mark, we saw no apparent signs of wear, tear, or extended use.

We also spoke with other customers and analyzed reviews. There are no instances we can find of this tire failing below 5,000 miles, and most users get at least 9,000-10,000 miles of use before they need to be replaced.

Where To Buy The Michelin Road 6

  • RevZilla is the most reliable retailer to use when looking for Michelin Road 6 tires.
  • Cycle Gear is another solid alternative to find this tire available in various sizes for this Ducati.

3. Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Sport Touring Tire

Finding a reliable tire option can be tricky. But Ducati Diavel drivers have nothing to worry about because the Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Sport Touring tire is affordable and high-performance.

The tire's advanced design offers superior traction in wet and dry conditions and excellent handling characteristics. It’s also the preferred stock OEM tire choice on a few popular Honda and Yamaha motorcycles.

Since we want to enjoy a smooth ride with exceptional performance and durability, this tire should be considered when shopping for new tires.

Tire Performance

No matter what type of riding we are doing – touring, commuting, or off-road – this tire will provide consistent performance that lasts mile after mile.

Whether it’s rainy or dry conditions, we can trust that our bike will remain stable and under control while also helping maintain optimal fuel efficiency over extended distances.

Because of the tubeless design and mixture of silica and RC polymers, it’s impossible to lose grip while turning, braking, and cornering. No Ducati XDiavel owner will be disappointed after test-driving their bike with this tire equipped.

What Sets This Tire Apart

The tread pattern features increased sipes, providing outstanding grip on hard surfaces and excellent water evacuation to help ensure maximum safety in the rain or snow.

The compound is also made for superior wear resistance, so you can enjoy your ride longer without replacing your tires as often. It’s also affordable so the budget-minded rider can do well with this tire choice.

Benefits of the Bridgestone Battlax BT-023

  • High-silica tread compound for maximum durability
  • Exceptional dry road handling and precision
  • Sipes for hydroplaning resistance
  • Impressive cornering with improved stopping distances

Drawbacks of the Bridgestone Battlax BT-023

  • Not the best tire to handle rainy, icy, and snowy conditions

How Long Do The Bridgestone Battlax BT-023 Tires Last?

Based on many reports and the manufacturer’s recommendation, these tires will last about 9,000 miles. This is above average for a motorcycle tire and ranks as one of the most reliable touring options.

Where To Buy The Bridgestone Battlax BT-023

  • We recommend RevZilla as the first place to look to find the best pricing options.
  • Cycle Gear is another option because of its excellent availability and sizing variations.

4. Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Tire

Designed specifically for the Ducati XDiavel, the Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Tire is a versatile tire that blends superior handling and improved traction with long-lasting durability.

This unique combination ensures riders enjoy a smooth ride regardless of their riding style or terrain. The ME888 features an innovative tread pattern that optimizes grip at all lean angles to deliver excellent braking performance and stability in curves.

Its high-grip rubber compound further enhances its performance in wet conditions while providing superior mileage. Additionally, this tire has an advanced carcass construction that maximizes shock absorption, ensuring comfort even over rough surfaces like cobbles or potholes.

Tire Performance

The specially designed tread pattern helps to reduce noise at higher speeds and gives better handling even on wet roads. Its high-performance compound also provides longer mileage and greater durability for long-distance riding.

This tire offers outstanding stability when turning corners, allowing riders to negotiate tight bends easily. It works well on touring and performance bikes like the XDiavel.

This tire also boasts excellent wear resistance due to its unique rubber compound, which reduces rolling resistance and increases traction control - ideal for cornering or straight-line speedsters.

What Sets This Tire Apart

Metzeler uses various compounds and tire technologies to develop an insanely efficient and long-lasting tire. It provides some of the most impressive mileage, performance, and handling.

One reason is that there are parabolic grooves to help with water drainage in rainy conditions. The deeper tread depth allows for better road grip and improves the tread life.

Lastly, it has some great highway speed stability. But as we increase our speed, we don’t notice much difference in how the tire rides. Comfort and motorcycle balance all remain consistent.

Benefits of the Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra

  • Excellent water evacuation capabilities
  • Solid tread life with an even tread wear design
  • High water resistance
  • Durable with a reliable tire sidewall

Drawbacks of the Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra

  • Various complaints about wobbling after a few thousand miles

How Long Do The Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Tires Last?

This is a harder tire to analyze, but we expect around 6,000 to 7,000 miles for most users. Some reports indicate people get over 10,000 miles, but this is rare and depends on maintenance and riding conditions.

Where To Buy The Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra

  • First, we recommend RevZilla as the primary retailer that carries this tire.
  • Next, it’s also available for similar pricing with many sizes at Cycle Gear.

5. Dunlop F24 / K555 Tire

One of the best budget tire choices for the Ducati XDiavel is the Dunlop F24 / K555 tire. It’s affordable, durable, and consistent, with an amazing grip and excellent all-weather traction.

This tire will perform exceptionally on wet and dry surfaces, with long-lasting tread life that won't wear down quickly as some other tires may.

In addition to providing superior grip and feel in all weather conditions, this tire offers riders excellent durability even after extended use – something that most budget-friendly tires can't claim.

Tire Performance

The F24/K555 tire has an advanced compound that helps it stick to any surface, whether wet or dry, improving handling and traction. This is because of the heavy-duty tread design.

The unique tread pattern is designed to reduce squirming under heavy loads and braking. This makes it great for sport bikes as well as touring bikes needing more stability when cornering at high speeds.

The tire is safe and easy to drive with while maintaining its high level of performance regardless of the conditions.

What Sets This Tire Apart

Dunlop's D2 Tread Technology greatly reduces annoying stone ejection from the center of the tire as well as leading-edge chipping experienced by some other brands due to their less hard rubber compounds employed with their construction processes.

Overall, the Dunlop F24/K555 Tire provides riders with an incredibly reliable solution for tackling any terrain they come across while enjoying improved safety features without compromising on speed or style.

Benefits of the Dunlop F24 / K555

  • Excellent support for high-horsepower bikes and motorcycles
  • Solid road comfort with minimal noise at high speeds
  • Decent durability
  • Tubeless, bias ply design

Drawbacks of the Dunlop F24 / K555

  • Not the longest-lasting tire
  • It could be more reliable when cornering and braking

How Long Do The Dunlop F24 / K555 Tires Last?

The manufacturer recommends changing this tire after five years or about 5,000 miles, whatever comes first. We would not buy it if we needed the most durable option.

However, it can still provide solid longevity with proper care. This tire is unlikely to reach 7,000 or 8,000 miles, though.

Where To Buy The Dunlop F24 / K555

  • RevZilla is the best place to buy the Dunlop F24 / K555 tire, with prices starting at $132.21 per tire.

6. Avon Roadrider MK II Tire

The Ducati XDiavel is a powerful and stylish motorcycle. And its performance is enhanced by the Avon Roadrider MK II Tire, designed with this bike in mind.

The tire's award-winning design has been developed to provide improved grip, confidence, and control in all riding conditions. The unique tread pattern and reinforced sidewalls are designed to improve cornering stability without compromising stability on straight roads or at high speeds.

Tire Performance

When it comes to performance, this is a standout tire for a few reasons. First, the rubber compound used in the construction of this tire provides excellent resistance from wear and tear, ensuring longevity even after intense use.

It also features an increased contact patch area, allowing for better traction when navigating through wet or dry surfaces.

For those looking to increase their level of confidence while out on their bike, this tire should be top of mind. It will help us ride with more assurance in any road condition we come across.

What Sets This Tire Apart

Whenever we test this tire, it’s clear how impressive the high silica compound used in the tread design is. It brings out the best in any motorcycle on both wet and dry roads.

The center grooves also have a unique design with enhanced sidewall protection. This minimizes the risk of tire or rim damage and potential tire punctures.

Benefits of the Avon Roadrider MK II

  • Amazing grip on both wet and dry roads
  • Excellent braking and reduced stopping distances
  • Above average tread life
  • Industry-leading warranty coverage
  • Durable contact patch with a high silica design

Drawbacks of the Avon Roadrider MK II

  • Tire wears much faster if we only use it for straightway driving

How Long Do The Avon Roadrider MK II Tires Last?

The Avon warranty states these tires will last for 5-7 years or 10,000 miles. This is also one of the longest-lasting Avon tire designs, with excellent durability and a solid warranty policy to protect riders.

Where To Buy The Avon Roadrider MK II

  • Pricing for this tire starts at $155.98 each on RevZilla.
  • Getting this tire directly from Avon is also possible, but shipping times are much slower.

7. IRC Road Winner RX-02 Tire

We recommend the IRC Road Winner RX-02 tire for comfort and long-distance driving. This versatile tire is designed to offer maximum grip and performance in both wet and dry conditions, making it an ideal choice for riders of all levels.

The ultra-high silica tread compound provides exceptional traction in all types of weather conditions, from rain to snow. It also provides excellent cornering stability and handling characteristics, ensuring that we can stay in control no matter what the environment throws at us.

It’s also one of the most affordable options and ranks as a solid budget tire pick. It won’t carry the same performance as some premium tires, but it’s reliable enough at this price point.

Tire Performance

Anybody using this tire can expect consistency. It’s high-density steel belt construction ensures that your ride stays strong even under hard braking and accelerating forces.

In addition to all these benefits, this particular tire also offers an impressive degree of durability thanks to its superior rubber composition that helps resist punctures and abrasions while providing outstanding performance even after extended use over time.

What Sets This Tire Apart

The lightweight tread pattern also gives this tire great acceleration capabilities and improved fuel efficiency compared to other tires with similar features.

Plus, with its increased cornering abilities due to its center rib design and optimized pressure distribution along the contact patch area, you will have better traction during heavy braking or aggressive cornering maneuvers as well as improved steering responsiveness.

Benefits of the IRC Road Winner RX-02

  • Wet road performance upgrades
  • Reduced tire wear
  • Easy to maintain tire choice
  • Excellent handling and precise cornering

Drawbacks of the IRC Road Winner RX-02

  • Budget tire with limited performance features

How Long Do The IRC Road Winner RX-02 Tires Last?

On average, these tires last about 5,000 miles. This is classified as an all-around sport bias-ply tire, so it does offer some versatility.

However, it tends to wear much faster when exposed to snow and freezing temperatures. In the summer months, it provides excellent durability, so the expected lifespan can vary based on its use.

Where To Buy The IRC Road Winner RX-02

  • Check out RevZilla to purchase this tire for as low as $121.21 each.
  • Another option is to head directly to the IRC website for the best variety in available sizes.

8. Pirelli Angel GT Tire

The Pirelli Angel GT Tire is one of the most reliable and durable motorcycle tires on the market. It provides riders with excellent traction, stability, and safety in wet or dry conditions.

The tire is designed to provide exceptional grip while also ensuring maximum durability during long rides. The innovative tread pattern ensures superior performance under a variety of conditions, such as rain and snow.

The tire also features an advanced compound construction that makes it resistant to abrasion and puncture damage. Additionally, its unique grooves help dissipate water for improved road handling in wet weather.

Tire Performance

Pirelli does an amazing job developing some of the most impressive sport motorcycle tires on the market. This is another example because of the premium dual-compound design for increased handling and traction.

This compound formula targets longevity too. The key is creating better tire balance at the center, so it can corner more precisely and provide reduced rolling resistance for fuel efficiency and riding comfort.

What Sets This Tire Apart

One of the best attributes of this tire is its extended life span – up to twice that of standard motorcycle tires. This means riders can get more out of their bike without replacing tires every few months or even years.

With all these fantastic features combined, it's no wonder this is one of the most popular choices among bikers looking for a reliable and durable tire.

Benefits of the Pirelli Angel GT

  • 10,000 miles of riding durability
  • Impressive cornering, stopping, and handling capabilities.
  • Above-average wet road traction
  • Affordable

Drawbacks of the Pirelli Angel GT

  • Construction could be a little stiffer to help with road noise

How Long Do The Pirelli Angel GT Tires Last?

One thing for sure with most Pirelli tires is they last longer than their competitors. This tire provides at least 10,000 miles of riding support before any severe wear and tear become noticeable.

It’s possible to get even more use with proper maintenance and speed control too. It’s one of the most impressive and long-lasting sport-touring tires available today.

Where To Buy The Pirelli Angel GT

  • RevZilla has this tire with prices starting at $164.44 each.

How To Find The Best Tire For The Ducati XDiavel

Finding the right tire for the Ducati XDiavel is an important decision that can make a huge difference in performance and safety. The right tire will ensure we get the most out of our ride, giving us more power, better traction, and improved handling.

So how do we choose the best tire for our Ducati XDiavel? The best way is to consider these factors when considering the available tire options.

Tire Carcass

The tire carcass is the body beneath the actual treads. Typically, a tire carcass is classified as a radial or bias-ply model. Both are perfectly suitable for the Ducati XDiavel, but each has its own advantages.

First, the radial tire is more fuel efficient with better road traction. It has less rolling resistance and runs at a cooler temperature. Because of this, they also tend to last much longer, and the ride quality is smoother.

The key advantage of a bias-ply tire is its flexibility. They can go off-road because the sidewall is flexible and durable. This tire tends to have more traction at slower speeds or for straightaway driving situations.

Terrain Type

Consider what terrain we plan to travel on with our motorcycle. If we plan to take it off-road often, look for tires designed specifically for those types of environments, such as knobby tires with increased tread patterns that offer extra grip in mud or sand.

However, if most of our riding will be done on paved roads, opt for touring or sport tires depending on whether speed or cornering capability is more important.

Secondly, evaluate what season of the year it will be during use. Some tires are only rated to perform well in certain conditions like sport tires. They could wear faster and lose traction when exposed to cold temperatures or snow.

Road Noise

Another key feature to keep in mind when choosing a new tire is the comfort level and road noise. Driving at highway speeds on a cruiser bike like the XDiavel with a noisy tire can ruin the experience.

We prefer tires with advanced technologies to help reduce rolling resistance and tire noise. This leads to a more comfortable ride as well.

Tread Life

Tread life is an obvious tire feature to consider as well. Choosing longer-lasting options ensures we spend less on tire repairs or replacements, but they also have a higher price tag.

Ideally, a tire should provide at least 5,000 miles of durability before there are any severe signs of wear and tear. The premium tires can double this number and reach 9,000-10,000 miles.

What Is The Tire Size For The Ducati XDiavel?

There are dozens of variations of the Ducati XDiavel, meaning multiple compatible tire sizes exist. In general, the bike uses the following sizes:

  • 120/70R17 (Front)
  • 120/80R17 (Front)
  • 240/45R17 (Rear)

Some of the older years used a few other less popular tire sizes. But generally, these are the most recommended size options for all newer XDiavel models.

What Type of Tire Should You Choose For A Cruiser Bike?

Cruiser bikes like the Ducati XDiavel are used for specific riding situations. Because of this, there are a few tire types that are best suited for this style of bike. That includes the sport tire, touring tire, and sport touring tire.

Sport Tire

Sport tires are meant to provide the best possible traction with sticky treads, but they lack the durability of a touring tire. This is probably not the best tire type for a cruiser bike and works better on performance and speed-based motorcycles instead.

Touring Tire

Touring tires are better suited for cruiser motorcycles because they focus on long-distance riding and road comfort. Many of these tires last for 10,000 to 20,000 miles with solid dry and wet road traction and performance.

Sport Touring Tire

Lastly, we recommend considering the sport touring tire because it’s the best of both worlds. It combines traction and performance riding with longevity and comfort.

This is our preferred tire choice with the Ducati XDiavel. One of the key differences is the precise cornering, handling, and high mileage support.