Best Tires For Adventure Motorcycles

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If you're looking to make the most of your motorcycle when out cruising, you need to buy the right tires. So, what are the best tires for adventure motorcycles?

For convenient and trouble-free adventure riding, you need tires that are specifically made for adventure motorcycles – that perform well off-road as well as on the streets. If you choose the wrong pair of tires, your adventure could be ruined as the tire could burst or lose traction while you ride through difficult terrains.

Some of the best tires for adventure motorcycles include the Continental Twinduro TKC80, Dunlop Trailmax Mission, Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, Michelin Anakee Wild Tires, Mitas E-07+, Heidenau K60 Scout, Kenda K784 Big Block, and the Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2.

When choosing a tire for your adventure bike, you might face some problems – mainly because tires don't come with labels that could tell you if they are made for adventure motorcycles. However, don't worry, as we'll help you make an informed decision and get your hands on the right set of tires.

We have tested several tires on different adventure motorcycles. This has allowed us to determine their traction, comfort, and durability. Out of all the products tested, the ones that stood out are listed below. Choosing one of these tires will be a good decision as they won't disappoint you in terms of quality.

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Continental Twinduro TKC80

The Continental Twinduro TKC80 was designed as a competition off-road tire for adventure motorcycles. It offers higher levels of grip, good direction control, and excellent self-cleaning. This tire has proven itself worthy in several world events, such as the Paris-Dakar rally.

The Twinduro TKC80 looks amazing, and it can transform any adventure motorcycle into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. When we talk about on-road performance, the tire is rock stable. You can go on ramps and through freeway interchanges at high speeds without worrying about losing traction. The tire will stay stable and planted as you ride through the streets.

The profile of the TCK80 might feel identical to street tires even though it is designed for off-roading. When it comes to off-roading, these Continental tires are exceptional. They have a reputation for their dirt capabilities. With the TKC80 tire, you can go over 60 mph on dirt roads with confidence.

The only downside of the Twinduro TKC80 is its durability. The tire will be good for around 3,000 to 3,500 miles. This isn't a surprise because the TCK80 is designed to be a performance tire. If you are interested in buying this product, check it out here.

Dunlop Trailmax Mission

The Dunlop Trailmax Mission is one of the best tires for adventure motorcycles. It's a new addition to the company's lineup and delivers excellent performance off-road. It also offers good traction and comfort on the street, and the tire is quite durable.

According to Dunlop, the Trailmax Mission will last 8,000 miles, which is twice as much as that offered by the Twinduro TKC80. Dunlop used deep, widely spaced lugs that cut into the profile to deliver excellent road carving for the tread design. In addition, the tread blocks wrap around the sidewall, reducing the chance of puncture and increasing traction on off-road trails.

One thing to note about the Trailmax Mission is that different patterns are used on the rear and front tires, so you might think that these are two different tires. For the front tire, Dunlop used a symmetrical tread to ensure even wear, and the 17-inch and 19-inch diameter front tires include a coffered out area on the knobs, which increases traction.

Staggered step technology is used on certain knobs, increasing toughness while creating more edge grip surface area. As one edge wears out, another one takes its place. Deep tread grooves combined with connector blocks assist the Trailmax Mission grip in loose terrains and stabilize the lugs.  

If you are interested in buying the Dunlop Trailmax Mission, it's currently available at Revzilla.

Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR

Pirelli is a popular manufacturer known for producing excellent tires. The Scorpion Rally STR is among the best tires offered by the company. It's a 50/50 tire that appeals to adventure riders and touring enthusiasts.

The block design works well in dirt, gravel, and sand. The compound used in the tire is tailored for longevity, and the Rally STR will hold at least 6000 miles, which is exceptional given the performance it delivers. The big blocks help evacuate water quickly when riding on wet roads. The rounded profile of the tire shows that the Pirelli has kept the focus on off-road and on-road adventures.

The Rally STR offers excellent grip in corners, even at higher speeds. It also delivers good traction during wet conditions, so you won't have to worry about slipping.

The structure used for the Rally STR takes its inspiration from the one designed for the Trail II. However, it has some modifications. For instance, the steel belt at 0° of the radial sizes now has a differentiated density throughout the tire's profile. It increases the structured stiffness in the grooves between the lateral and central knobs, which increases the resistance of the tread contact surface to deformation and improves stability, even on heavy bikes. If you are interested in buying the Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, check it out here.

Michelin Anakee Wild Tires

Adventures riders will love the Anakee Wild Tires. Michelin developed this model over several years to give a tough competition to some of the best tires in the 50/50 arena. The company borrowed the knowledge it acquired from winning Dakar rallies for developing the Anakee Wild, which helped create a remarkable tire.

The tread on the Anakee Wild is staggered and curved to help grip in the soft conditions and release stones or mud that might get stuck while you are off-roading. Moreover, the tread is kept wider from the bottom side, and there are brides between the outer blocks, which help reduce wear and improve cornering ability.

The curved treat grooves and offset blocks dig into challenging terrain to offer grip and drive you out. Additionally, the rear and front casing design and optimized tread depth ensure good durability and stability on the street. Michelin offers the Anakee Wild in different sizes to suit dual-sport bikes and big adventure motorcycles. To get your hands on the Michelin Anakee Wild Tires, visit Revzilla.

Mitas E-07+

The Mitas E-07+ is an upgraded version of the E-07 and rides on the success of its predecessor. It offers a high mileage of over 7,000 miles and can traverse challenging terrains. In addition, the tire has a more rounded profile which allows it to deliver good performance on the road.

With the aggressive chevron tread pattern, the Mitas E-07+ can dig into snow or mud to offer grip. The E-07+ tires are reasonably quiet and smooth when cruising on the highway. Additionally, if you try cornering on the pavement at a moderate speed, they will provide excellent grip.

When it comes to off-roading, the Mitas E-07+ offers good traction, even on loose sand and rocks that you will normally find on farm roads. During quick acceleration and hard braking, these tires exhibit no unexpected behavior.

On adventure motorcycles that weigh over 500 pounds, a good set of Mitas E-07+ can offer good stability. These tires are available in different sizes so they should fit a variety of adventure motorcycles. To buy this product, visit Revzilla.

Heidenau K60 Scout

The K60 Scout has a high rubber content, and it's made with robust compounds to offer excellent durability. The tire can last for about 10,000 to 12,000, which is impressive. Depending on the size of the tire you choose, the tread design will look different. It is due to the use of a new compound.

While tread designs will differ slightly on different sizes, they all offer excellent grip and stability on all types of on-road and off-road terrains. The chunky blocks on the tire help improve grip on different terrains.

The K60 Scout tires are noisy on the freeway, which can make you feel uncomfortable at higher speeds. They are, however, good enough for riding on wet roads, and you won't have to worry about losing traction. The front can become a bit unstable on hard-braking, so you'll have to get used to this. The cornering is alright, but the K60 Scout isn't a top-performer.

The K60 Scout tires offer decent performance on off-road use. They are not the finest, but you won't have to worry about getting stuck in the mud. These tires also offer good traction on forest and farm roads.

Overall, this tire from Heidenau offers a good balance between off-road performance, lifetime, and street use. If you wish to get a tire for your adventure motorcycle that will last longer and will be able to handle on-road and off-road rides, then the K60 Scout is worth considering. To get your hands on the Heidenau K60 Scout, check it out here.

Kenda K784 Big Block

The Kenda K784 Big Block is designed to meet the needs of advanced Adventure motorcycles. The tire's tread pattern offers a high amount of traction on different terrains, making it an excellent option for dual-sport riders.

It's a 60/40 tire with strong puncture resistance and a versatile tubeless design. Though the K784 rear tire isn't known for longevity, it performs on par with its more expensive counterparts. Unfortunately, this means that you'll have to get two rears for every front tire you replace. The K784 tires are designed for improved handling, even at higher speeds on heavy adventure bikes. They deliver excellent traction on the street and won't lose grip on rugged terrains.

K784 tires are made for high-powered motorcycles and boast a rubber compound that offers good performance in dry and wet conditions. When it comes to performance on the road, the tire will cause a rumbling vibration at the front end of the motorcycle at a higher pressure of 30 psi. However, dropping the pressure to 22 might fix the issue. The tough sidewalls and stiff side knobs don't flex during cornering.

Rain performance of the Kenda K784 is average and on par with the TKC80. You should be careful with this tire on slick roads during rain because although traction is there, it's limited and might go away quickly. The K784 are Q-rated, which means they are good for speeds up to 99 mph.

The Kenda tires come into their own when you take your motorcycle on an off-roading adventure. They can handle high speeds and won't lose traction on the most challenging terrains. The tires also work well in mud as the alternating center-block pattern clears quickly. If you are interested in buying the Kenda K784 Big Block, check them out here.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 is one of the best tires for adventure motorcycles. It boasts an aggressive tread combined with innovative technological upgrades, providing excellent stability at higher speeds, great grip on different terrains, and superior handling and grip in all conditions.

The Scorpion Trail 2 features versatile tread patterns that give an aggressive look like a typical off-road tire. Pirelli has combined the best features of an enduro tire with a sport touring tire's capabilities. The side grooves have a unique design that ensures quick water drainage, ensuring that you don't lose traction on wet surfaces. The shape and layout of the central grooves ensure normal wear, greater stability, and increased grip.

The construction of the Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 involves a dual compound. This tire boasts a wider central selection with a compound specifically made to increase mileage without compromising the tire cornering abilities. In addition, the side compound optimizes the balance between wet and dry roads. This product is currently available here, so check it out if you are interested in buying the Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2.