Best Tires For Yamaha MT-07

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Finding the best tires for Yamaha MT-07 can be a lot easier when you only look at the tires that have been tested to perform well with this motorcycle.

Reliable tires will make your excursions more fun. They will make your ride comfortable and instill more confidence in you. All this will ensure that you have the best possible experience when you're out on your Yamaha, tearing up those roads.

Some of the most popular tires for Yamaha MT-07 include the Avon Spirit ST, Metzeler Roadtec 01 SE, Bridgestone BT-023, Michelin Pilot Road 5, Metzeler Z8, Dunlop Roadsmart 3, Continental Road Attack 2 Evo, Avon Storm 3D X-M, Dunlop Sportmax Q4, and the Metzeler M9RR.

The wide variety of tires available on the market makes it quite difficult to choose the right tire. However, there are a number of factors that you should look at. These include traction, control, and durability. Still unsure? That's where we step in.

After careful testing, we found that certain tires perform better with MT-07 than other options in the market. Thus, we have created this list for your convenience. Now, you can easily pick one of the options listed below to enhance your riding experience.  

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Avon Spirit ST

The innovative Avon top-of-the-line sports touring tire has enhanced all-weather achievement, longevity, and a new title. The Spirit ST is a development of the existing Storm 3D X-M that will remain in the British company's lineup as a low-cost option.

The revolutionary rubber is available in various sizes to fit a wide range of motorcycles, including middleweight naked, retros, sporting tourers, racing bikes, and expedition bikes. Unlike most of Avon's competitors, who offer a two-ply rear variant for larger touring cycles, the Spirit ST is available in a single version that fits a wide range of motorcycles.

The Spirit ST features a revised carcass, front and back profiles, and a silica-rich tread with a dual composition rear – soft on the corners for traction and hard in the middle for mileage. A new tire design is now available, which includes '3D Sipes.' These are tiny slotting tread cuts that help with the warm-up.

The Avon Spirit ST heats up quickly on the roadway and is ready to go right away. It needs minimal steering and little effort to transition from standing to full recline and back. You can sense the tires biting into the pavement the entire time you're leaning over.

The Spirit ST performs admirably on smaller, less powerful motorcycles on the racetrack. It warms up quickly, has light handling, and the front tire has especially outstanding traction. However, when you press the throttle at full tilt, it's easy to unhook the rear.

When you pull the vehicle up and drive on the fatter area of the tire, the grip reappears. Like all current sports touring tires, the Avon's are a one-size-fits-all option that can be used all year on almost any mid- to larger-capacity motorbike.

Zero-degree metal wires are securely clustered together in the tire top for stability and improved wear. They're positioned widely apart over the tire shoulder for better feel and traction. Tire manufacturers use silica in their compound mixtures to improve wet and cold climate traction, and the new Spirit ST has enough of it.

Overall, the Avon Spirit ST is a viable option to Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, and Michelin's major weapons. When strived on the road and track, it's capable on all kinds of motorcycles and racing on the highway as well.

If you want to get your hands on the Avon Spirit ST tires, you can check out Cycle Gear. The model can be bought at a price ranging from $119.97-$218.79.

Metzeler Roadtec 01 SE

With the contemporary motorcycle market failing to distinguish among sports and touring, even more tire producers must constantly adjust their products to satisfy the expectations of customers and the motorcycles they pick.

The Roadtec 01 SE is a development of the standard Roadtec 01, with a smoother shoulder as one of the alterations.

Metzeler claims that the tread pattern for the Roadtec 01 SE improves on the standard version, with the development towards a tire with a slicker shoulder, maximizing drive with a bigger surface region, to suit sporting criteria that imply good performance at extreme leaning inclinations.

The front versions of the Roadtec 01 SE retain the most recent edition of the full-silica composition used with the Roadtec 01, as well as the same groove design in the center area, which Metzeler claims is a major part of the tire's remarkable hold on low-friction terrain.

It's also brilliant news for lovers of the Roadtec 01, as the redesigned Roadtec SE for 2020 has all the features that any rider could want.

 It now drives like sporting rubber, bites faster in the dry, and offers great wet traction when stopping and accelerating hard. The new tires have a single composition at the front but a third-generation double compound at the back.

Metzeler has modified the composition and tread design for increased dry turning comfort and crisper steering and has added more 'slick' rubber to the rims.

On the roadway, it's difficult to provide enough warmth into a tire for it to perform effectively, especially if it's chilly or after flowing through villages. However, the newer SE heats up rapidly, much like the classic Roadtec 01, so you can start riding with confidence without any kind of delay.

In wet conditions, the tire provides incredible traction, whether you're in the middle of a corner, ramping up the power, or stopping from speeds of over 100 mph.

The soft ride leads you to believe that the tire will lack some of the athletic support you'll need on the circuit. You can indeed feel the tire burrowing in and gripping deeply into the Tarmac thanks to the larger slick surface on the shoulder and enhanced dual compound back.

The Roadtec 01 SE tires have incredible mechanical and chemical traction. The stopping capacity and leaning angle feel fantastic in the rain, and they've helped many riders gain confidence.

If you want to purchase the Metzeler Roadtec 01 SE tire, you can check out Cycle Gear. The model is available starting at $147.00.

Bridgestone BT-023

The Bridgestone BT023 is a sports racing tire that was produced in 2010. The rear wheel features a three-layer composition that is firm in the center for riding and slippery on the outside for cornering. In addition, when riding in the rain, the inclined groove design of the front tire helps dissipate water.

The 023, which replaces the BT-021, has a similar skeleton structure but two distinct rubber compositions to change its effectiveness.

The Battlax BT-023 should be thought of like a sporty, high-grip tire. This tire may be used for longer distances and in various weather conditions. When glancing at the groove design, you'll see that it provides excellent wet grip and liquid dispersal. The Battlax BT-023 and BT-021 are well-known for their superior wet grip performance.

Another appealing aspect of this tire is the silica-charged substance, which improves front and rear traction. The front tires are mono composite, meaning they are made of only one type of rubber. However, one of the fascinating features of this tire is the two distinct types of grooves.

The grooves go the entire length of the sidewall. The V-shaped channels improve control during hard braking, while the T-shaped grooves improve linear high thermal stability at speeds.

The Battlax BT-023 provides excellent wet and dry traction. The tread pattern incorporates several diverse technologies. Moving back to the rear, we have comparable innovations with both V's and T's, and you'll notice there's no seam beside the center channel for greater contact patches, but it's now a multi-compound tire as well.

As a result, you'll have a softer composite and shoulders that are more out toward the edges. Because the center has a wider bandwidth, half of it is a tougher compound to provide better gas mileage even with the heavy bike.

 This tire is available in 17 and 18-inch rim sizes, with OEM fittings. The Battlax BT-023 succeeded the BT-021 and came with a tire upgrade that provided roughly 30% more economy attributed to the reason that it is a blend of sport and speed as well as long-range, allowing you to get more miles out of the tire.

If you want to purchase the Battlax BT-023 tire for your bike, you can check it out at Revzilla. It is available at $123.31-$180.67.

Michelin Pilot Road 5

Michelin launched their fifth generation of road series tires in 2019. Michelin introduced the Power RS, a new high-speed road/track tire, in 2018. It featured a fresh new tread pattern, primarily in the middle of the tire, and was developed utilizing Michelin's Moto GP expertise.

The development team wanted to provide the rider with the best grip possible. Therefore they came up with this unusual tread pattern. The team clearly accomplished that goal since these tires provide a lot of grip. The tire shell was also enhanced for durability.

Looking at the latest Road 5, it appears that Michelin did nothing more than add extra tread to the already excellent Power RS, alter the label on the sidewall, and launch the tire under a different name.

The Michelin Road 5 has the same characteristic tread design as the Power RS with spines but with additional channels and distinctive perforations. The improved tread pattern is designed to disperse standing water. As a result, you will feel more secure when you are riding in the rain.

The majority of the tread on Road 5 is on the middle face. Michelin asserts that Road 5 makes no compromises regarding materials and aims for the greatest wet and dry traction.

Rather than creating a compound that accomplishes both to some extent, Michelin has placed its best wet gripping combination in the center and its greatest dry grip composition on the perimeter of the tire.

The downside is that the wet area only permits for a 35° lean position before you hit the rubber's slick edge.

The Michelin Road 5 tires are available at Cycle Gear at a price ranging from $164.99-$244.99.

Metzeler Z8

This tire's strong traction and long-lasting wearing properties are aided by varying tension. The Roadtec Z8 Interact, the current edition of Metzeler's Roadtec sport-touring tires, is among the most innovative and best-performing tires in its category.

The Roadtec Z8 Interact is a flexible radial that can maintain dynamic lean attitudes while providing great wet-surface handling and an above-average economy.

Metzeler is considered a part of the Pirelli Group, which means it has access to the complete compositions, treads, and carcass components, especially grip and endurance.

It also has a 2-ply carcass, which means it's built to withstand a lot of abuse. It aids in handling heavier motorcycles, and its use will endure considerably longer than most of the other tires provided for this purpose.

The O standard tire is recommended for motorcycles like the Concours. Those who require the M spec will ride 1000cc or 600cc motorcycles and get increased grip and performance.

The O spec is for riders who aren't as concerned with high mileage. There's a lot that goes into this aspect. It's a leisure touring tire that's ideal for pleasure economy or as a full-fledged activity tire. This tire has a unique design, as evidenced by the numerous grooves on the surface.

Because they're closer around, there are a lot more treads than typical. This also means that water will be evacuated much more efficiently. As a result, this tire is built to perform in a wide range of extreme circumstances.

To get your hands on the Metzeler Z8 Interact tire, all you have to do is check it out on Cycle gear. You can buy this tire in the price range of $49.31-$177.57.

Dunlop Roadsmart 3

A motorcyclist is aware of how tires usually work. They are crisp and smooth initially, but they become dull after a thousand miles or so and start losing traction. The grip that you get in the beginning won't be seen after the tire has been used for a while.

Dunlop conducted a survey through which they found that people wanted longer mileage and better performance in a tire as their topmost priority. Dunlop and its research and development department tried to design a tire that provided performance and mileage throughout its life span.

Dunlop Roadsmart III tires have wire windings in their belts with HES-JLB, which gives the tire greater stability because it is denser and tighter. Along with stability, compliance is also achieved by Dunlop Roadsmart III.

The sidewalls of this tire are small as well as thin, due to which more damping characteristics are achieved when the bike must go over bumps and uneven roads. In addition, the front and rear tires have now been designed so that the footprint is bigger, thus further improving the tire's mileage.

The multi-tread design of the tire has compounds that provide higher mileage to the tire in the center and on the corners. It also boasts materials that provide greater grip. The front and rear of the tire have compounds that prevent the tiring from wear and tear.

With Dunlop Roadsmart III, you will not feel a harsh jerk while braking due to the high stability it provides. You will barely feel a twitch while riding over bumps or any uneven roads. Dunlop Roadsmart II has an amazing grip on wet roads under rainy or wet conditions, and it also performs well on dry roads.

The edge grip is also excellent, and you do not feel like you will lose your balance or fall off while riding the bike at lean angles.

The Dunlop Roadsmart 3 tires can be purchased through Cycle Gear at a price ranging from $104.84-$191.70, so make sure to check it out.

Avon Storm 3D X-M

The dual-compound Storm 3D X-M from Avon is described as a high-mileage athlete tire that combines freeway driving with back road enjoyment.

According to Avon, the Storm 3D X-M can provide 15-20% more endurance than the existing Storm line.

To increase reliability and traction, minimize tread flex, and rapidly warm up the tire, The Storm 3D X-M contains interconnecting three-dimensional studs buried in the tread sipes. In the wet, a silica-rich tread provides excellent traction.

There's also a 15,000-mile road-hazard guarantee and a return policy against the tread breaking out.

The short warm-up period, according to Avon, is due to perforations in the X-M that enable the tire to bend and suck out the water. Tire-flex equals heat, which would be beneficial, but too much of it can cause the tire to wear quickly.

To tackle this, Avon has installed '3D sipes,' which are microscopic interlocking teeth that minimize flex and keep the tire from overheating, according to the company.

The X-M is a dual-compound tire that borrows innovation from Avon's 'Ultra' sport tire line. It has a moderate composition in the center and softer material on the tire's borders for added traction.

Adhesion in the 3D sipes helps the tire warm up faster and stay heated as the forces put on it squeeze and extend it. The tire can also bend slightly but not quite enough to cause the wiggle that a highly soft tire can cause.

So you can use a tougher compound and yet get the same traction and feeling; it's a step closer to the pinnacle of bike wheels: good traction and long endurance. The 'X-M' designation indicates that Avon has additional mileage.

The Storm 3D X-M is intended to provide the traction you need while speeding around on your two-wheel MT-07 bike. It also offers excellent durability, so you won't have to worry about replacing the tires anytime soon.

Advanced Variable Belt Density employs belt layers with tighter coils in the center for good stability and better fuel efficiency. Looser windings in the shoulders for a larger footprint offer enhanced grip.

Moreover, super-rich silica substances enhance wet-weather hold to ensure that you can easily ride your motorcycle in rainy conditions.

To get your hands on the Avon 3D X-M tire, all you have to do is check out Cycle Gear. The model is currently available at $137.88-$210.09.

Dunlop Sportmax Q4

Dunlop's Sportmax street tire concept has resulted in a series of models with incredible grip and touch, as well as long service life.

Dunlop tires have a well-deserved stellar reputation as a result of this. The new Dunlop Sportmax Q4 is geared at the racing or regular track day enthusiast who demands peak efficiency but doesn't worry about tire life.

The rugged tread pattern of the Q4 is the first thing you notice when you look at the tire. Because there are few grooves down the center of the tire and none along the outside, the edge tire acts like a surface when leaning. Dunlop's engineering goal was to achieve this exact result.

The land/sea proportion refers to the quantity of rubber on the floor compared to the number of treads that allow moisture to escape. For Sportmax Q4, Dunlop desired as much land as possible while keeping the sea at a reduced ratio.

Surprisingly, the Q3+ has more tires on the road while fully standing, but the Q4 has a 34mm contact area when bent over.

The Q4 is built in the same way that Dunlop's racing slick tires are. Dunlop's Jointless Tread Technology (JLT) is used at the back. It basically permits the tread to be ejected in one uninterrupted strip straight onto the tire's core.

In the case of the Q4, the JLT design helps generate a broader and more constant footprint throughout braking, cornering, and accelerating by increasing tire rigidity and reducing flex. The rear Q4 is also up to one pound lighter than its similar Q3+ predecessor, which is a definite advantage when every ounce of performance matters.

Carbon Fiber Technology, which was established with the Q3, is again included in the sidewalls of the Q4, with the lightweight, robust, and sustainable material truly taking hold to give stability at high lean degrees.

One of the biggest advantages of the Q4 is its lack of reliance on tire heaters, which is a target Dunlop established for these tires with the track day enthusiast in mind.

Quick warm-up times have historically been achieved while using silica in the substance. Still, the Q4's backside is a single compound that does not use any silica – it's just all carbon black, just like Dunlop's racing tires.

However, the patented technology polymers and resins blended with the carbon black are a reactivity Dunlop staff keep near their hearts.

You can get the Dunlop Sportmax Q4 tires at Cycle Gear at a price range of $183.58-$326.43.

Metzeler M9RR  

Metzeler has been manufacturing motorcycle tires for 128 years, but it wasn't until 2013 that the German company engaged with modern-day British motorcycling and introduced the M7RR.

Since its introduction in 2013, the M7RR has been a massive success narrative. So, the Metzeler Sportec M9RR, the successor to that special throne and the current supersport tire, does have some boots to fill, and the boasts of its improvement are bold: greater fuel, dry traction, lap speed, consistency, control, and wet weather performances all-around the year.

A multi-prong strategy was necessary to achieve a complex combination of performance needs, starting with the core framework of the tire, which is the strands of cables that constitute the framework to which the rubber is connected.

The cord substance has been reinforced by 25%, resulting in a 20% reduction in the overall cords necessary to keep everything together.

As a result, the carcass has a higher proportion of genuine rubber, which gives the tire's intrinsic grip-feel transmission to the rider's sensations. This is a critical component in the tire's ability to provide relevant feedback, comfort, encouragement, and rider trust.

Redesigned compounds and layouts in this tire, as well as a completely new carcass structure, have resulted in a 5% improvement in contact patch efficacy at tilt and a 3.4-second boost in lap time over the M7 RR.

It's tough to reach the limits of rear traction on the road unless you're doing anything insane, but the M9 RRs are light and warm up rapidly.

The M9 RR has impressive performance in rainy conditions like its sporting touring Roadtec 01 companion. Only if you're dealing out the type of violence you'd never conceive of on the road can you bother the ABS and traction systems, so there's a wide safety buffer.

While you won't have the same level of traction pouring through bends as sports touring rubber, you won't have any heart-in-mouth situations owing to the full silica front and rear composition.

Metzeler's latest Sportec M9 RR, which sits among sporting tourers and fast road/track days rubber, is a one-stop-shop tire for the athletic riders around us and a ramp up from the fantastic M7 RR that's about the finest tribute you can pay them.

If you wish to acquire the Metzeler Sportec M9 RR tire, you can check out Revzilla. The tire start at a price of $143.01.  

Continental Road Attack 2

If you're a rider who values mileage above the grip, the Continental Road Attack 2 can be a good option for you. This tire is mostly available in sports sizes.

So, whether you're riding a sports bike or a common naked bike with a classic 17-inch diameter, this is most likely a good tire for you. We're very thrilled about three aspects of the Continental Road Attack 2.

It's about three innovations that have helped make this tire a progression and a legitimate contender. First, the black cold compound in this tire is the first thing to notice.

This is mostly a silica combination. The key ingredient of the chilly black chemical is silica. This provides an excellent wet-weather grip. It is now well accepted that tires with a high silica content perform best in wet conditions.

If you're searching for a high-mileage tire, you probably know you'll be touring or commuting frequently and will encounter rainy weather. It's only a question of how much and when. The amazing thing about the black cold compound is that it makes this tire a terrific all-around tire for all sorts of weather.

The traction skin layers are another important feature in this tire. If you look closely at the exterior of this tire, you'll see that it lacks a lot of sheens. Friction skin is a micro unnecessary roughness method that is highly useful and cuts cleaning time in half.

Continentals' CCT, or continuous compound technology, is the company's third outstanding feature. If you know anything about tires, you're probably aware that dual and even tripled compositions are rather common.

Manufacturers can separate the tire into distinct portions with varying grips by utilizing more than 1 compound tire. As a result, the harder compounds are frequently found in the middle, while the softer compounds are located on the side.

If you want to get your hands on the Continental Road Attack 2, you can check out Cycle Gear. The price of the tire currently ranges from $133.46 to $226.45.