Best Tires For Yamaha YBR125

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The Yamaha YBR125 has no shortage of tire options, but if you want a great ride, you need only the best tires for the Yamaha YBR125.

To get the most out of this motorcycle, you'll need reliable tires that offer decent traction. Choosing tires, whether online or in-store, can be a bit difficult. Your bike's performance can be seriously degraded if you make a poor decision.

Some of the best tires for Yamaha YBR125 include the Continental TKC 80, Continental Conti Road, Mitas Terra Force R, Michelin Road 6, Bridgestone Battlax A41, Metzeler Karoo 3, Dunlop Mutant, Pirelli Scorpion Rally Str, Bridgestone Battlax Adventure Cross AX41and the Bridgestone T30 EVO.

You should be careful when choosing tires for your Yamaha YBR125 and consider various factors such as durability, traction, handling, and warranty provided by the manufacturer.

To help you find the right product, we've developed a comprehensive list of the greatest tires for the Yamaha YBR125. We have created this portfolio after testing several different tires, so you can go ahead and buy any of the models listed below.

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Continental TKC 80

The Continental TKC 80 is one of the best tires for Yamaha YBR125. The TKC-80 "Twinduro" by Continental was created and built for heavyweight off-road and endurance bikes as a competitive off-road tire. So if you're the kind of rider that wishes to attract a huge amount of attention to themselves, forget about the flashy paint job and masses of carbon fiber; all you need is a pair of TKC-80.

After extensive testing, Richard Schalber, a double title holder in Enduro and Motocross, helped build the TKC 80. The tire was made to provide good self-cleaning, elevated traction, and good directional stability on soft ground.

The TKC 80 is a 50/50 tire. When used as a dual-sport tire, it performs admirably in all conditions. It provides great on and off-road driving qualities owing to important characteristics such as differentially spread knobs for a smoother and silent ride, a robust carcass for adventurous durability, a 4 Ply tire area for puncture protection, and an open tire pattern for softer surface performance.

There are 25 front and back tire size options on the TKC 80. The front ranges from 17' to 21', while the back ranges from 17' to 18'. This wide range of sizes allows for various installation options, ranging from tiny capacity enduro motorcycles to full-on sport thriller motorcycles.

This wide variety of sizes also allows the TKC 80 to be fitted to naked motorcycles and cruisers for that menacing scrambler appearance. It provides outstanding traction in the dirt. The space between the blocks is wide enough to hold objects beneath the tire.

The center band of the tread pattern wears out a little bit near the end of the tire's lifetime, but the lateral knobs do an excellent job of keeping the bike from slipping into ruts. The TKC 80 grips the tarmac like a road tire because of its soft rubber.

This tire will operate similarly to a street tire for all sorts of reasons. This tire's groove design alone indicates that it will perform well off-road and deserves your consideration!

If you want to purchase the Continental Twinduro TKC80 tire for your bike, have a look at Cycle Gear. The model is available at a price ranging from $100.04-$239.01.

Continental ContiRoad

The Continental ContiRoad is another excellent option for your Yamaha YBR125. This tire was envisioned with the genetics of Conti's renowned Conti Road Attack 3 and is an entirely new tire designed and created to be a high price star performer in the classification of the wet condition. It surpasses Continental's quality requirements for comfy cruising and agile maneuvering on country lanes.

The ContiRoad has cutting-edge tire technology, such as the compounds used in its production, as well as an advanced heavy-duty chassis shape and tread layout. The tire has all these attributes and more, making it ideal for outstanding handling, a pleasant ride, and excellent mileage.

The ContiRoad is a multipurpose on-road bike tire that addresses the requirements of motorcycle enthusiasts. It is part of a large sports-tourer class. It may be used on a variety of bikes, including bare, sport, and athletic types. The tread is one of several elements of the Conti Road that distinguishes it from other quality tires on the market.

The ContiRoad has a tread design with exceptionally profound tread channels and a center "slick" design or "backbone." This results in excellent water evacuation and boosts the tire's ultimate endurance.

Continental's revolutionary Rain Grip composition technology is also included in the ContiRoad, which guarantees excellent grip and extends tread life resulting in higher silica content. Continental's Zero Degree steel belting technological projects excellent stability at high rates, minimizes kickback, and delivers a steady ride.

ContiRoad also has Conti's Performance over Time technology, which ensures that this tire performs consistently even after hundreds of hours on the road. The carcass structure and pattern design allow for this crucial feature and innovation.

ContiRoad's effectiveness ensures that this tire will function extremely well from the first mile to the very last mile due to a combination of Continental's key technologies and the finest in rubber compounds.

The ContiRoad comes with 3-years of complementary flat tire hauling up to 150 miles, just like every other Continental motorcycle tire. The ContiRoad was created for the tough rider who values economy and traction and needs sports riding tires founded on Continental's renowned range of premium tires.

The ContiRoad tire can be purchased from Revzilla at a price ranging from $113.35-$185.37.  

Mitas Terra Force-R

The Mitas Terra Force-R isn't as popular as other models on our list, but it's still a great tire that you can install on your Yamaha YBR125 to increase traction and ride comfort.

The Terra Force-R was created for enduro and mountain bikes and is intended to be utilized 90% on the highway and 10% off-road. It's great for both commuters and explorers who enjoy longer trips with a companion and baggage.

The Mitas Terra Force-R provides outstanding grip on wet or dry terrain, effortless steering and agility, and exceptional straight and curve balance. Stable performance over the tire's life and under severe loads is another crucial feature. The Terra Force-R's have been tested by skilled riders, and they were impressed by its capabilities.

Tires were tested on a variety of motorcycles, in a variety of weather conditions, and on a variety of surfaces. Most current elastomers and higher charge fillers were exclusively created for Mitas Terra Force-R tread compositions.

Superb grip in all circumstances, a controlled wear rate, and optimum comfort while riding both on and off the road are some excellent qualities of the tire. Mitas' dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable ride is based on these technologies and compositions.

The tread pattern's high functioning design provides dynamic performance, reactivity, mobility, and stability. The improved tread compound composition ensures outstanding grip on slick pavement and cold weather. The Multi-Compound Tread Technology is available on select rear widths, and the center tread delivers increased economy while the outer tread guarantees better grip at all lean degrees.

At city speeds, tire feel is a significant factor in rider comfort, and the Terra Force-R performs admirably. This tire can be a great option for your Yamaha YBR125 because of its amazing features and outstanding performance.

The Mitas Terra Force-R tires are available at Revzilla at a reasonable price, starting from $114.30.

Michelin Road 6

This list would be incomplete without the Michelin Road 6 tires because it is one of the best options for the Yamaha YBR125. This tire offers several unique characteristics intended to improve wet traction, durability, and look.

It is meant to increase efficiency for convertible, trail, sport, and GT bikes and can be purchased in both the normal Michelin Road 6 tire line and the Michelin Road 6 GT tire line for bigger, bulkier touring bikes.

Michelin's global research labs, together with the class-leading engineering of the previous Michelin Road 5 tire, utilize two decades of development to provide riders with many advantages. Michelin asserts that Road 6 has better wet traction and tire wear than the Michelin Road 5. This translates to a 15% higher wet grip and a 10% extended tread lifetime in terms of numbers. Michelin has achieved this without sacrificing dry grip or road handling.

Stability is said to have increased as well. The tread design on the Road 6 has been updated to assist in deflecting moisture away from the tire. Michelin's X-Sipe tread combines forces with Michelin's Water Ever grip Innovation, which helps the tire function correctly in the wet even after extended use.

New chemicals also help in increasing wet efficiency. The Silica Rain Technology used in the tire improves the ride quality. Michelin's 2CT+ innovation, which was previously only available on rear tires, is now featured in the Road 6. This, as per Michelin, increases cornering rigidity, especially during heavy braking or strong accelerating.

An additional ply in the tire distinguishes the Road 6 GT. The GT is a beefed-up variant of the Road 6 which can handle bigger motorcycles, thanks to Michelin's Extended Radial-X Evo Technology.

The new Road 6 has a more modern appearance. Yes, we all want our bikes to look attractive, so we can't object when Michelin incorporates R&D into both the form and function of its tires. Michelin is known for naming its technology, and this one has a name as well.

The sidewalls are designed with Michelin Premium Touch Technology, which originated in ultra-high-performance tires for performance cars.

This unique technology has created roughness on the sidewalls by using micro-geometry, enabling it to modify contrast and generate shades of gray to emphasize tire markings and provide a pleasing finish. The latest Michelin Road 6 comes in various sizes, featuring two 19-inch front tires for ADV-style athletic bikes. There are six front tire widths and eight rear tire sizes to choose from. All the rear tires are 17-inches with thicknesses ranging from 140 to 190 millimeters.

If you want to purchase the Michelin Road 6 tires, have a look at Cycle Gear. The model is available at a price ranging from $170.99-$361.95.

Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41

One of the nation's biggest tire producers, Bridgestone, debuted with the Battlax A40 when they decided to make high-quality tires for the ADV motorbike market. Bridgestone introduced the A41, the sequel to the phenomenally successful A40, with additional quality advancements and tire characteristics that enhance the ride experience.

Bridgestone is continuing its legacy of inventing and producing high-quality motorcycle tires. The Battlax range's versatility caters to several aspects of the biking industry. The Bridgestone Battlax A line is primarily devoted to Adventure bikes and their specific requirements.

As global industry giants like Honda and Yamaha concentrate on inventing and functionalizing these bikes, adventurous motorbikes are seeing a spectacular surge in popularity. In contrast to sport or off-road motorcycles, adventure motorcycles are also known as dual-sport motorbikes since they can be used on surfaced and unpaved roads.

These bikes include stronger chassis, larger gasoline tanks, and even baggage storage for riders who prefer to ride their bike over long miles.

Bridgestone tires include an Ultimate Eye, which is fantastic for bikers. It generates changing loads and surface layers, monitors stress and contact qualities in real-time, and records and analyzes the resultant terabytes of data to evolve designs quickly in the search for grip.

It's crucial to know how the new Battlax tires are made to comprehend how they function. The mono-spiral belt design is used on the A41, which eliminates seams and crossing belts by wrapping a strand of steel cord longitudinally around the tire's perimeter.

The mono-spiral structure produces a lighter tire with better shock absorbers and less internal heat generation than the traditional cross-belt design. For all versions of the Battlax A41, the dual-compound composition is used for the front and back.

The Bridgestone Battlax A40 was a popular model praised for its economy and longevity. However, it hardly provided enough traction on wet or damp terrain, where riding motorcycles can be quite dangerous. Bikes, particularly heavier types such as adventure motorcycles, pose a threat to the rider when they are taken over wet terrains due to the mechanics of their frames.

With the assistance of a considerably enhanced compound utilized in tire production, the Battlax A41 overcomes the shortcomings of its forerunner. On the front and back tires of the Battlax A41, a triple-layered compound technology known as 3LC is used.

The upgraded compound structure is further reinforced by a cap and base combination that gives adventure motorcycle riders more stability and balance when taking their motorcycles around turns. ADV bikes require more cornering stability due to their beefier chassis and heavier constructions, as the danger of falling over is greater than on other kinds of motorcycles.

If you want to get your hands on the Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 tires, you can check it out at Revzilla. The price ranges from $131.77-$231.17.

Metzeler Karoo 3

The Karoo 3 is the next iteration of the Metzeler product group built for on/off usage, a tire designed for adventurous and maxi enduro bikes that allow riders to push the frontiers of adventure.

The Metzeler Karoo 3 ADV tire has a huge block tread design with room between the blocks for off-road grip. The redesigned Karoo 3 replaces the Karoo 2 and falls somewhere between the street-oriented Karoo Street and the severely off-road Karoo Extreme.

Researchers at Metzeler concentrated on many improvements for the Karoo 3 over its predecessors. On slick pavement, Metzeler claims better traction, especially while cornering. The Karoo 3's off-road stones are specifically developed to run on soft ground like sand, mud, and gravel.

The Karoo 2's blocks had a chevron design, but the Karoo 3's blocks face the road directly. In addition, the new version includes a unique new design of sidewall bricks with varying sizes and types.

Even better, the sliding tread pattern of the tire has been tuned for a continuous contact area in both the center and edge stones, ensuring that turning is easier. Furthermore, the improved tread design significantly lowers pressure spots on the studs, resulting in increased mileage for the Karoo 3.

Metzeler employs a high-silica composition rubber that clings well to damp or wet to enhance the grip further. The manufacturers have focused on wet ground grip using different compounds and the tread pattern, which does a fantastic job of diverting the water from the contact areas, whether on-road or dirt.

The Karoo 3's front tire is only offered in 19- and 21-inch widths, owing to its role as an off-road compatible tire for adventure bikes. For 19-inch hoops, there are three spacing options. 90/90 would be the only option for a 21-inch tire.

To get your hands on the Metzeler Karoo 3 tires, you can have a look at Revzilla. The tires are available at a price ranging from $104.10-$248.15.

Dunlop Mutant

Dunlop has embraced a conquer-all-conditions proposed design with its new Crossover tire classification. This implies it has worked hard to develop tires that can handle various situations. It doesn't matter what kind of ground you're biking on, what style of racing you're doing, or even what kind of climate you're dealing with.

This required combining innovation from their renowned Hyper Sport and Touring tires with their understanding of wet-weather races to achieve this.

The Dunlop Mutant is the first tire in the Crossover lineup, and it's appropriately titled. The Mutant, according to Dunlop, is by far the most adaptable street tire the company has developed yet, suitable for everyone from sport riders to supermoto motorcyclists.

This is thanks to a cutting-edge rubber composition and a Rayon Ply Cylinder that offers high mileage and quick warm-up times. The Mutant includes Dunlop's Dynamic Front Formula for Hyper sport motorcyclists, which promises to bring outstanding balance and stability. This has been paired with a multi-tread design to provide improved corner gripping.

The Dunlop Mutant has a large surface silica region and Dunlop's 4 season innovation, making it capable of handling any weather. Dunlop claims that this enables the tires to provide excellent grip. Lastly, the tread design rating of 90/10 qualifies them for modest dual-sport use.

The redesigned Mutant is clearly geared toward road riders, and it comes in a wide variety of structures. With a silica-enriched tread composition, multi-tread design, and a Rayon ply casing for a quick warm-up, Dunlop has put everything at it to provide all-year-round endurance.

According to the company, the front tire is also said to be specially designed for greater handling and good stability, even on supersport motorcycles. They come in 17- 19-inch fronts and 17-inch rear ends in 150-190mm widths, so they'll fit many road motorcycles.

The Dunlop Mutant is available on Cycle Gear at a price ranging from $156.01-$235.14.

Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR

The revolutionary on and off enduro tire, Scorpion Rally STR from Pirelli, is created exclusively for the new iteration of adventurous, dual function, and enduro street motorcycles. Since it manages to blend the greatest result of a rally contest tire to an enduro street tire, the Scorpion Rally STR represents an innovation in the tire category.

These tires are the fresh enduro on/off segment, created to suit the most challenging market demands with an assertive tread pattern and significant technological developments. They would provide momentum on dirt tracks, consistency even at incredible velocities, and excellent grip throughout all riding conditions.

The off-road capability is paired with excellent acceleration, grip, and safety on the highway. The revolutionary Scorpion Rally STR is designed for drivers who want versatility, appropriate on and off-road capability, and a pointy tire with a sporty look without sacrificing grip, wet-road protection, mileage, steadiness, or comfort.

The tread pattern comes with an enhanced rubber surface in contact with the floor, making it ideal for use on the road. The model's treads include an entirely new design and knobs height-width ratio, both of which are completely new. Pirelli achieved enhanced road steadiness without sacrificing off-road grip thanks to this innovation.

The huge central knobs provide a larger tread area of contact, boosting highway usage stability. The knobs' large core dimples help them pierce the terrain and provide superior off-road traction.

The tire has a single sheet with a high silica content on the front and back to provide great tear protection, stability, exceptional abrasion resistance, and excellent traction in both dry and wet situations. With a reasonable amount of carbon black and resins, the silica content is higher than 55 percent.

The monomers and fillers were chosen with care to ensure that their mixture was as harmonious as feasible. The silica and carbon black were blended with new types of varnishes, oils, and plastics, enhancing cohesion, and achieving an elevated level of homogeneity, partly thanks to Pirelli's distinctive and patented mixing technique.

This was the key to understanding the components' full potential and increasing their qualities, allowing the tires to take full advantage of their chemical and physical features to ensure stable and long-term performance.

Revzilla is an ideal place to shop the Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires from. The model is available at a price ranging from $123.89-$264.69.

Bridgestone Battlax Adventure Cross AX41

The Battlax Adventure cross AX41 tires are exceptionally quiet for such an abrasive tread. These tires run politely at highway speed restrictions. The tread blocks' outer layer has been raised by 30% over Bridgestone's prior Adventure A41 block radius, allowing for a more adaptable highway-to-trail conversion.

The extra touch lowers traction losses when turning on pavement, particularly in wet conditions. In addition, the Adventure cross tires vary the knobs, ensuring surface contact during wheel rotation, unlike many extreme knobby tire treads that match up the knobs with similarly spaced circular voids. The side knobs also stretch to the edges of the tread characteristics, providing additional traction on twisty roads.

The Adventure cross pitching length looks low off-road, providing good mud grip. These knobs latch up easily over a range of environments thanks to their 10mm tread depth. The Battlax's front tire knob contour differs from the traditional design to counteract the propensity of front-wheel tips to cup.

The sharp end of a front knob forms a 90-degree, or perpendicular, angle with the tire carcass. This shape lowers the shear distortion of the knob trailing edges during braking, resulting in less uneven wear and curvature.

The rear tire has a tough composition that is 30% more rigid and stronger than Bridgestone's prior model. As a result, it reduces tread degradation and improves off-road capability. For larger adventure motorcycle fits, adventure cross tire sizes are easily available.

Bridgestone spent a lot of time designing and updating the AX41 to guarantee that it could grip paved areas and hook up with or bite looser terrain to drive bigger ADV motorcycles to greater levels or prevent them from rolling down white knuckle low points.

The Battleax AX41 is a 60 percent off-road and 40 percent on-road tire with improved characteristics in critical places like composition, tread/block layout, and endurance.

Even though the tire comprises only one compound, it is stronger and stiffer than the A41. This sturdy design is ideal for sustaining and catering to bigger bikes frequently loaded with an extra boost. They're also durable, so they can withstand hammering and hold up.

The Bridgestone Battlax Adventure cross AX41 tires can easily be bought from Revzilla. They are priced reasonably, ranging from $96.15-$221.30.

Bridgestone T30 EVO

If you are looking for high-quality tires for your Yamaha YBR125, then consider going with the Bridgestone T30 EVO. Bridgestone's first tire to have the "T" classification for "Touring" is the Battlax T30.

Compared to its forerunner, the Battlax BT-023, the T30 has an upgraded tread design that improves steering and dry grip. A redesigned front tire rubber compound improves grip and rigidity over the T30. It includes a cross-belt architecture for further stability and a tread design that has been adjusted to fit the new belt design.

The legendary T30 replaced Bridgestone's dependable BT-023 in 2014. It's a modernized version of its predecessor. The EVO's design required preserving the T30's excellent dry-tarmac performances over a wider range of temperatures while improving wet-weather grip using new chemicals and a back tread design. The T30 EVO's adaptive modifications were enough to give it a new title.

The T30 EVO front tire evolved through a novel chemical formula for its single-compound structure on its approach to enhanced wet-pavement grip. The current version of Bridgestone's Silica Rich EX substance is used in the dual-compound rear's center part.

Both were created using the company's proprietary Nano Pro-Tech technique, which uses a top-secret amount of water-gripping silicon to miraculously link polymers that enhance prolonged tire life.

Around both ends of the tire's perimeter are three groups of three laterally aligned, curved channels. The trio's center grooves were substantially longer than the initial T30s to help conduct away from the water from the contact area. They were also closer to the middle and stretched further outside.

The back EVO's channels were pushed outwards to put more material on the road while simultaneously having a firmer center tread for increased stability when delivering horsepower to asphalt, resulting in more sure-footed propulsion in all situations.

According to Bridgestone, as a motorcycle leaned into curves, this expanded the contact patch. Bridgestone testing riders were 9 percent quicker on a wet handling track with the EVOs than the conventional T30s outside the lab.

The Bridgestone T30 Evo tires are exclusively available at Cycle Gear at a price ranging from $69.99-$201.73.