Best Tires For Honda CBR500R

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Driving around with your bike is one of the most freeing sensations; getting your tires fixed on your bike is also one of the most frustrating feelings.

All superbikes have special tires for higher speeds and tougher conditions, making choosing them a constant hassle.

Your Honda CBR500R will work with Continental Contimotions, Metzeler Sportex, or Bridgestone Battlax Hyper sports. Bridgestone Battlax RS10s, Pirelli Angels, or even Shinko 87-4041s work quite well with your bike no matter where you are driving.

You will have to learn several things about bike tires before getting on the road. With many different types of tires that you can use throughout the year, we recommend that you know what each is and how to use them properly.

Further, just having a set of tires that you can use on normal roads and another set that you can use on track will save your pocket quite a lot. We recommend knowing what all of your options are and how you can choose these tires without struggling.

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Continental Contimotion Sport/Touring Motorcycle Tire Front 120/70-17

A simple set of tires will get your bike going around a track at full speed or keep you on the highway at the maximum allowed speeds. These are the top recommended tires for your Honda CBR500R when you use it as a weekend bike.

Many people mistakenly choose a tire like the Continental ContiMotion as their daily driver, only to regret it when the tires start failing. With a tread that does not run too deep, the tire is quick to heat up to above-track temperatures and offers a solid grip that can make inexperienced drivers lose control.

With a max speed rating of 186mph, the tire can easily handle the top speed of a stock Honda CBR500R while also carrying up to 236kg. We always recommend that you consider how you will use your bike before buying a set of tires meant for the track.

Basic Facts About The Continental Contimotion Sport

With a width of 17-inches, the Continental ContiMotion Sports are softer tires specifically meant to be driven on the track or speedway. The tires will heat up quickly and offer significantly more grip around corners than normal street tires; the price of these tires will differ wildly depending on location and time of year.

Further, the tires will be easily damaged when driven daily, becoming either flat or too curved depending on how you are driving. We recommend having a set of these on hand, but not having them on your bike at all times will ensure you aren't buying new tires every month.

  • Section Width: 120
  • Speed Ratings: 186 mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17-inches

Metzeler Roadtec Z6 120/70ZR17 (58W) TL Front Tire - 120/70ZR-17

A much more rugged tire than the previous tire, you can be assured that Metzeler Roadtec Z6s will be safe to drive on the road. With a slightly wider tread, the tire can allow you to easily and comfortably drive it every day through the rain or sunshine.

Further, the tire compound is slightly harder than other tires, which is why it allows you to drive on warmer surfaces that can have some bad things. We recommend using these tires when you know that you'll be driving on surfaces that are not constantly cleaned.

With a price tag of only $125 for the set, you also won't have to stress about your bank sweating or getting empty each time you buy a new set, allowing you to drive your Honda CBR500R without having to stress about how the tires are constantly doing.

Basic Facts About The Metzeler Roadtec Z6

The Metzeler Roadtec Z6s are capable of harder tires that grip the road and resist deforming even when driving on the highway for longer stretches. At only $125 for a set, the speed rating of 168mph with a max weight of 236kg allows you to do everything you want.

Further, the tires come in several sizes and will allow you to shift between two tires without getting all new rims each time. The tires are not the lightest available either but will work well on the Honda CBR500R bike without causing too many issues.

  • Section Width: 120
  • Speed Ratings: 168mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17-inches

Shinko 87-4041 009 Raven Front Tire - 120/70ZR17

Another set of tires meant mostly for the track, the Shinko 87s, are almost universally meant for straight-line speed as the tread is quite shallow. We recommend having a set of these on hand when the weather also starts getting extremely hot.

You won't be able to use these tires as your daily driver when living in the city or farm, but they can be good to use for a short trip. Many owners prefer to use the Shinko 87s on their Honda CBR500Rs when making sprints up a mountain or having fun.

Further, at only around $120 for a full set, you can have some fun and even damage the tires without stressing about the bank. We recommend considering these when you know you won't be driving your bike to and from work every day.

Basic Facts About The Shinko 87-4041

At $112 for the front tire alone, the Shinko 87s are available in several different styles and can be bought from most tire dealers. A maximum speed rating above 150mph means you can go full throttle when taking the Honda CBR500R to the track.

Further, the weight limits of the Shinko 87s are around the same as other tires, around 240kgs, which means you cannot overload them easily. This is important as the tire will change and deform as you continue to speed around the track or up a mountain sprint.

  • Section Width: 120 to 200
  • Speed Ratings: 150mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17-inches

Continental Conti Sport Attack 2 Hypersport Radial Tire 120/70ZR-17

Another set of tires meant almost entirely for the track and not the daily driven road, the Continental Conti Sport Attacks are the softest tires we recommend. Allowing these tires to be driven in the conditions they are meant for will ensure you have a lot of fun.

With a higher price tag of $160 and more, the tires will set you back financially each time you need to buy a new set. However, they will also ensure that you have a grip on the road even when the tires are cold to the touch, which is important when driving a Honda CBR500R.

We recommend that you have the tires ready whenever you are driving on long stretches, whether on track or on the highway. The tread does not stick to the side like most other bike tires but is not nearly as deep as most other tires.

Basic Facts About The Continental Conti Sport Attack

At around $160, these tires are meant for racing enthusiasts more than those driving their Honda CBR500Rs on the road. The tire can handle a maximum speed of 150mph and a maximum load rating of 236kgs, so it is hard to overload them.

Further, the tire will ensure that you can easily heat it and grab onto the tarmac more than most other tires. We do not recommend these tires for someone doing a daily commute; instead, they will be best for those driving on the track or doing sprint races every weekend.

  • Section Width: 120
  • Speed Ratings: 150mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17-inches

Metzeler Sportec M9 RR Tires

Moving away from the tires meant purely for the track, the Metzeler Sportecs are meant to be driven daily. Many Honda CBR500R owners enjoy the tires because they can use them in almost every condition they will be driving in.

Priced at the average cost of $150 for a tire, you can be assured that they will not entirely break your bank. But as you move up in size, the prices will increase, as these tires are meant to be driven on the track and the road.

Further, you may find that the tires can easily allow you to drive in most weather conditions short of a full downpour. While you should be careful when driving in wet conditions, the Metzeler Sportecs allow you to at least drive home after a rain shower.

Basic Facts About The Metzeler Sportec

With several section widths available, the Metzeler Sportecs has a maximum speed of 168mph, which means you won't be able to reach their max speed in your Honda CBR500R. The lower price for the smaller tire size of 17-inches on the Honda means you only have to pay around $150 per tire.

The load rating on the tires is 236kg which allows you to easily either provide a lift in safe conditions or not care about how heavy you are. The bike itself also adds to this weight, but with such a higher weight rating, the Honda CBR500R is unlikely ever to cause a weight issue.

  • Section Width: 140 to 200
  • Speed Ratings: 168mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17 to 19-inches

Pirelli Angel GT Tires

These are the base standard tires we recommend when driving daily, as the tread size and shape funnels water away from the middle. This means the tire will allow you to drive through water and keep going without falling over or slipping and sliding.

Further, the Honda CBR500R allows you to take these tires on the road without having to stress about whether you are going to lose grip or the tires are going to blow. We recommend these tires to anyone driving on the highway instead of the track.

With a bit of a higher price, starting with a single tire at $140, you will need to ensure that you are using these tires in the locations they are meant to. Many people mistakenly save up for months to buy these tires and then shred them on a too hot and rough track.

Basic Facts About The Pirelli Angel

With a top speed rating of 168mph and a load rating of around 236kgs, the Pirelli Angel GT Tires will keep you safely on the road. These tires are slightly higher priced, starting with the front tire at $140, making them more accustomed to those that can regularly afford them.

We recommend you get these tires as your daily driver and keep them out of situations where you will be racing. This will help them last much longer and allow you to get to know how your Honda CBR500R behaves when driving.

  • Section Width: 120 to 190
  • Speed Ratings: 168mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17 to 19-inches

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Tires

These are the basic track day tires you will usually see being used on Honda CBR500Rs worldwide. The tire has a deep but simple tread that makes it versatile enough to be used for whatever the owner wants or needs it to be used for.

Many people prefer to have these tires on their bikes specifically because the tire will allow you to reach the bike's top speed without too much stress. At $140 for the front tire and the price increasing, we recommend them for the average driver as you move to the rear.

People often forget that the tires they use will need to handle nails, glass, and other problems that build up on the roads. The Michelin Pilot Power 2CTs can handle the worst situations as they are thick enough not to be easily punctured.

Basic Facts About The Michelin Pilot Power

With a thick initial thread that starts in the middle of the tire, the Michelin Pilot Powers are good for daily driving as they will easily handle most situations. While they may be too smooth for wet weather, they can be a good set of tires for drier areas or seasons.

They can easily handle the Honda CBR500R's power and weight. They have a max speed rating of 168mph and a max weight rating of around 236kgs. You will need to consider this when choosing your tire, as you need to get something that does not break the bank.

  • Section Width: 110 to 190
  • Speed Ratings: 168mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17-inches

Bridgestone T30 EVO Tires

An even thread on the front and rear tires mean that the Bridgestone T30 EVOs are meant to be driven on the road or track without worry. The lower starting price of only $88 also means you can easily buy a pair of these sets every other month without breaking the bank.

We recommend getting these tires if you are unsure about what you will do with your Honda CBR500R. Many people prefer to get something affordable right now that can be damaged without a headache or constant worry about damage.

Many first-time bike owners forget that the $200 or more tires they think they need will easily be damaged on the road. No one learns to buy cheaper tires faster than the bike owner that accidentally hits a curb for the first time.

Basic Facts About The Bridgestone T30

With a maximum speed of 168mph and the average max weight rating of 236kgs, you can easily take these tires on or off the track. We always recommend people remember that these tires are meant to be fitted to a speed bike, which means all tires are aimed at track racing.

Further, the tires have a lower starting point of only $88 that easily reaches the high of $235, depending on the size of the tires you are buying. We recommend not adding larger tires to your Honda CBR500R; you will only lose performance as you keep going.

  • Section Width: 110 to 190
  • Speed Ratings: 168mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17 to 19-inches

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S21 Tires

When choosing your tires for the Honda CBR500R, we recommend looking at everything, including the Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport. This is only because these are considered the most normal tires you can get for your bike.

Many people immediately overlook these, but with their average price of $140, you can be assured that they provide everything you need. Many people may find these too soft to be driven daily, while others prefer to have something softer as the roads they are driving may not be as hot.

Further, the tires will ensure you control the bike as much as possible without sticking to the road. We included these as the tires you should get when you want to move up a level in handling without going overboard towards full track day tires.

Basic Facts About The Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S21

There are several different speed ratings for these tires, with the fastest available being above 140mph. This means that a Honda CBR5500R that has been given more power may go faster than the tires handle.

However, we recommend using these when you are still learning, as they will give you a track-like grip even on public roads. It allows you to experience everything tires to offer, even with an average load rating of 236kgs.

  • Section Width: 120 to 200
  • Speed Ratings: 140mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17-inches

Bridgestone Battlax RS10 Tires

When you are driving on the track, making a sprint up a mountain, or even doing a drag race on the quarter-mile track, we recommend the Bridgestone Battlax RS10s. These tires have an almost completely smooth surface, and the tread is quite shallow.

This means that the tires will quickly heat up and almost stick to the tarmac like glue will stick to it. We recommend having a set of these on hand when you know your Honda CBR500R will regularly go to the track with or without you.

Further, at a starting price of $122, the tires are affordable if you buy only one at a time, as the max price quickly goes up to $250. You should also be careful when and how you use these tires, as they are very clearly meant to be driven in controlled environments only.

Basic Facts About The Bridgestone Battlax

With a surface meant for the track, the max speed of these tires is above 150mph, with varying degrees of softness changing this. Many Honda CBR500Rs that own a set of these have learned exactly how soft the tires must be for their needs and speeds.

Further, they have an average weight rating of 236kgs, making them perfect for those looking to use the tires with larger bikes. As these tires are meant for the track and can be quite soft and easy to heat up, we do not recommend using them when not driving on the track.

  • Section Width: 110 to 200
  • Speed Ratings: 150mph
  • Tire Sizes: 17-inches

How Fast Should You Be Going With The Honda CBR500R?

The Honda CBR500R at stock only has a maximum speed rating of 116mph, but this can change as the bike is tuned. Many people that use the bike for the track have increased speed and limiters removed to get the maximum from the bike engine.

The bike is loved for its speed and lightweight chassis, making it one of the more common bikes you will see first-time drivers use. Further, because the Honda CBR500R has a few more horses, many engineers like to drive it because they can always get more power from the machine.

We recommend being careful when making changes to the engine if you are an inexperienced driver. While it may seem fun to drive so much faster, at 116mph, any motorbike becomes much scarier than people always realize.

How Long Will Tires Last On The Honda CBR500R?

Depending on how hard the tires are and where you drive, the tires for Honda CBR500Rs usually last around one to two years. Bikes that are only driven on weekends have tires that last up to four to six years before they need to be replaced.

However, there are also situations and tracks where the driver will go through a set of tires each weekend. This is because the faster and harder you drive the bike, the more chances you will be wearing them down into nothing.

Often, people who complain their tires are not lasting as long as they should, are driving bikes with softer tires. If you are driving on the road, you need harder tires to handle the heat, debris, and abuse in these situations.

What Are The Methods Of Choosing Tires For The Honda CBR500R?

Now that you know what tires are on the market, you need to learn how to choose tires for your Honda CBR500R. Many people make the mistake of assuming that choosing a set of tires for your bike is similar to choosing a set of tires for your car.

However, this is not true and often causes conflict as the tires are used up long before the website or salesman said they would be used. You must know what you will be doing with your motorbike before choosing the tires you are getting.

Weather Conditions

The most important part of choosing any set of tires to drive in with your Honda CBR500R is knowing what the weather will be like. Rainy and snowy weather require drastically different tires than you will need when driving in the sun the whole day.

If going to a track, you need to take at least three different types of tires to handle rain, heat, or foggy weather. Further, for everyday driving, you need a set of versatile tires to handle the heat and drive safely through puddles of water.

Track Conditions

Many people that go to a local track or mountain climbing event every weekend or whenever possible forget that track conditions will constantly change. When choosing your tires, you need to consider how hot the track is and how dirty it is.

If you are the first person on the track, there will be dust, while being the last person on the track will mean there is a lot of rubber on the roads already. These conditions must be considered as a completely flat tire will lose all grip when even a thin layer of sand is on track.

Road Conditions

When driving your Honda CBR500R as the daily way of getting to meetings, to work, or just for fun, you need to consider the local road conditions. Many bikers forget that the road affects what you drive, causing them to lose control at the first sign of sand or accidents.

We recommend getting a set of harder tires that can handle driving around a corner just as well as driving near top speed on the open highway. Because no matter how much discipline you have, your throttle control becomes looser when driving a superbike on an open highway.

Distances Driven

A bike driven daily to an office only a few miles away does not need a set of tires that can handle long highways. Similarly, a bike being driven on the highway daily cannot have tires that are as soft as slime as the highway will eat them up within weeks.

The further you drive, the more you will need a set of tires that can handle being hot and the pressure of city driving. A soft set of tires actually stops too fast when hot while a hard set of tires does not stop when not hot enough, causing unfortunate accidents in the front or rear.

Why Should You Have Different Tires For Your Honda CBR500R?

When you get your Honda CBR500R, the stock set of tires is considered some of the most versatile tires on a bike. However, these tires are getting much rarer to find as the bike ages, and people are enjoying the tires throughout the years.

This means that you need to know why having two or three tires on hand is important and why knowing how to fit them will help. We don't recommend changing tires each morning, but just changing them as seasons change will ensure you are always safe.

Flattening Of Tires

Bike tires should never be flat like a car tire because you lean with the entire bike when taking even a slight turn. A flat tire will slip out from underneath you when you take these turns, causing many pains and tragedies.

You will need to change tires whenever you see your latest set has started to become flat, ensuring you can drive on or off the track in safety. Many bike owners specifically drive through suburbs when the tires are hot to ensure that they are rounded and ready for turns no matter what.

Weather Conditions

As seasons change, so will your tire needs change, with many people trying to ignore that winter tires work fine in summer. However, on a bike, your winter tires will be much less likely even to exist as it can become too cold to drive comfortably.

However, the rainy and summer seasons often overlap, so you need a set of tires that can handle rain. As well as a set of tires that can actually and comfortably drive through summer heat without being damaged or cracked by the hot asphalt around you.