Best Tires For Honda Grom

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Key Takeaways

  • For typical use with Honda Grom, riders might want to consider opting for Michelin Pilot Street Radial or Bridgestone Battlax S22 tires.
  • If you frequently ride in wet conditions, consider Pirelli Angel GT or Continental Road Attack 3 tires, which offer excellent grip and handling in wet weather.
  • For sportier riding, consider Dunlop Sportmax-GPR-300, Shinko 705, or Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ tires, which offer improved handling and grip for more aggressive riding.

The OEM tires on your Honda Grom have finally worn out, and now you're in the market for a new set. Here's our top pick.

The best tires for Honda Grom are as follows:

  • Michelin Pilot Street Radial
  • Pirelli Sport Demon
  • Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41
  • Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300
  • Metzeler Feelfree
  • Shinko E705
  • Continental Road Attack 3
  • Pirelli Angel GT
  • Bridgestone Battlax S22
  • Dunlop Sportmax Q3+

This guide will present you with the best tires for Honda Grom. We discussed these tires we're about to mention with tire specialists as well as Honda Grom owners. Furthermore, we combined our newfound knowledge with previous experiences to present you with the best possible tires for your Honda Grom.

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Best Tires for Honda Grom

Honda Grom, also known as Honda MSX125 in Europe and East Asia, is a 130cc air-cooled standard motorcycle made by Honda as part of its miniMOTO series. The wheels used on this bike are measured as 120/70-12 front and 130/70-12 rear wheels.

Michelin Pilot Street Radial

There's a good reason why Yamaha chose this tire as a default tire for its YZF-R125: Michelin Pilot Street's substantial grip that's well suited for smaller displacement bikes. This means that the same tire fits perfectly on Honda Grom, as it offers high levels of grip and handling, making it a popular choice among riders who don't compromise when it comes to tires.

The Michelin Pilot Street is constructed using Michelin's high-performance rubber compounds, which make the rubber softer and tackier, contributing to an exceptional overall grip in fry-road riding conditions, even during turning and cornering.

Additionally, their construction contributes to the overall responsiveness and handling, especially when compared to the competition. Michelin markets Pilot Street as rubber hoops with unparalleled performance in wet conditions, and this is only partially true.

Sure, the enhanced 100% silica compound and the patented XST X-Sipe technology do a good job of sticking the rubber to the road. This combination, paired with the design, aids in quicker water evacuation, reduces the risk of hydroplaning, improves the overall grip in wet conditions, and improves handling in corners.

However, they're fat from the ultimate wet-performance tire; Michelin's marketing statement holds true as long as you're riding appropriately. Riding over 80mph with these tires during downpours isn't something we'd recommend.

Still, the grip is one of Michelin Pilot Street's main selling points, as it increases the set's versatility. They're apt for city riding, highway, or through the twisty roads of the countryside, as their grip allows you to navigate through even the toughest of conditions. It's designed to deliver a sporty yet stale and confident ride, providing ample feedback to the rider, thus ensuring complete control.

Next to good performance and wicked aesthetics, Pilot Street is designed to last. The advanced construction and a rather thick premium rubber contribute to the set's overall life span, helping it resist typical wear and tear.

Most users reported getting approx. 7,000 miles before the front Pilot Street tire began to cup. This is a pretty good mileage, making this set a worthy investment for riders who desire consistent performance for a number of miles.

As always, the longevity basically comes down to your riding habits and the road condition, especially since more timid riders reported getting more than 11,000 out of these before the wear indicators appear.

However, it's worth mentioning that Yamaha YZF-R125 riders noticed a significant difference between the stock Michelin Pilot Street tires that came with the bike and the aftermarket bought—the latter apparently offers more in terms of longevity.


  • Durable
  • Great grip on dry surfaces
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Wet performance not as advertised

Pirelli Sport Demon

Pirelli markets the Sport Demon as an X-Ply tire set whose multi-radius profile provides excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions, as well as improved handling, stability, and durability. And what Pirelli promised, the Sport Demon delivers.

The first thing that stands out on the Pirelli Sport Demon is its thread design, which is optimized for quick water evacuation. The uniquely styled rain groove channels the water away from the tire's center strip while simultaneously increasing the tire's contact patch, resulting in an excellent grip in wet conditions.

The new dual compound and an improved radial construction help provide a perfect balance between grip, handling, and stability, which makes Sport Demon a perfect set of hoops for sports riders. Additionally, the aforementioned thread design arranged in an alternating pattern further reduces noise, making the tire extremely comfortable.

In terms of performance, as stated above, the Sport Demon delivers exactly what it says on the label. The tires have a pretty short break-in mileage of approx.- 200 miles, after which they become pretty predictable for all sorts of maneuvering. The grip is exceptional and pretty consistent in nearly all conditions, but there are some exceptions.

The first includes cornering on cold roads, but you're likely to experience these issues if you're more on the throttle-happy side. Otherwise, the performance is really well, and you shouldn't experience any issues as long as you're riding appropriately.

The second issue is tied to riding and cornering on loose gravel on poorly maintained roads. However, this is entirely reasonable and entirely within the margins for a sports tire. When broken in, the tire provides ample feedback to the rider, ensuring complete control even in the most demanding riding and road conditions.

When it comes to longevity, the Sport Demon is built to last. Unfortunately, practice and theory differ at times, and the actual longevity mostly depends on your riding style. Some users reported getting anywhere between 5,000 and 12,000 miles on the rear tire and even more on the front. While these numbers seem pretty impressive, experience shows that finding the middle ground is usually the best practice.

Overall, Pirelli Sport Demon is among the most highly recommended tires on the market, so if you're interested, you can order a pair at Revzilla

or Cycle Gear.


  • Grippy
  • Good wet/dry performance
  • Good longevity


  • Take caution during frosty weather

Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41

Honda Grom is a pocket bike primarily designed for urban commuting and maneuvering through tight city streets, so it's highly unlikely you'll take it out on a gravel-packed trail. Still, that doesn't mean that your bike can't benefit from dual-sports tires, such as Battlax Adventure A41.

The Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 is a dual sports 90/10 tire, mainly aimed at riders who spend 90% of their time riding on pavement. As such, it offers exceptional grip, handling, and stability, thus making it popular among riders who want more versatility from their tires.

One of its standout features is an optimized construction that enhances handling and stability during off-road riding. While this isn't a viable metric for city riding, it can come in handy if you're commuting through an area with poorly maintained roads.

Its center thread is designed in a way that improves highway and street performance, while the tire's shoulder provides extra grip and stability during cornering. The overall thread design, paired with the robust design, reduced vibration and noise, while the advanced silica compound reduced rolling resistance and extended tread life.

The off-road performance isn't something Honda Grom riders are particularly interested in, so we won't discuss it. However, we'll mention that the reinforced construction and robust design ensure great handling and a smooth ride over rough and uneven surfaces. This also factors in when it comes to durability.

In simple terms, the Battlax Adventure A41 features a high-quality construction that can withstand the rigors of both on- and off-road riding. It offers a relatively long tread life, so you won't have to replace the set as often as you would with other tires from the same class. Of course, as with other models on our list, the longevity mostly comes down to your commuting habits and road conditions.

Overall, the Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 is a top-of-the-line tire that offers a superior level of versatility and performance for city commuters. Its fantastic combination of grip, handling, stability, and versatility make it an excellent tire for your Honda Grom, despite its dual sports classification.

Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 provides the confidence and control you need to tackle any riding condition, especially in the city setting. So, if you're looking for a tire that offers great performance, you can find Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 at Revzilla and CycleGear.


  • Excellent grip in all conditions
  • Great stability and control at higher speeds
  • Great longevity


  • It may generate more noise

Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300

Unlike the previous model on our list, Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 is specifically designed for sports riding and more aggressive street use. This tire provides great grip and handling across a variety of different conditions, making it a popular choice among sports riders and urban commuters.

The biggest selling point of Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 is its price-performance ratio; Dunlop combined the DNA of its hyper sport and sports tires to create an entry-level ports tire with a cheaper price tag.

Performance-wise, the Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 is a great set for riders who want a tire that can handle both street and sports riding. The single-compound construction has exceptional thermal management, which allows the tire to heat up adequately, even in colder conditions.

It's probably the most advanced tire in its price range, as it features Dunlop's patented Jointless Band design, modern compounds, innovative belt design, and a radial structure—all of which are integrated into the model. The advanced thread system does a fantastic job of siping the water away, providing more confident handling and better stability even in wet conditions.

The structure is of particular interest, as it features a robust, reinforced shoulder design that minimizes the chances of punctures and other forms of damage. Simultaneously, the profile shape and great single-compound content endure a constant contact patch, which means that the set doesn't lose grip, even in aggressive cornering.

Resulting as a mixture of both hyper sport and sports tires, Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 actually provides the best of both worlds. The compounds, despite being on the softer side, are still very durable and provide exceptional feedback during riding.

This makes Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 into a quick, precise, and predictable set that doesn't wiggle or twist at high speed and maintains an outstanding line hold. They're very well made, with deep threads that won't wear out as easily.

Put simply; it's probably among the best sets ever made for a sports bike— Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 has it all, and it punches well above its weight/price class. You'll be hard-pressed to find another tire that offers the same amount of performance at the same price. Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 is currently available at Revzilla.


  • Affordable
  • Good compound mix
  • Expect more than 4,000


  • Not for heavier motorcycles

Metzeler Feelfree

Don't be confused by the fact that these are mostly marketed as scooter tires. Metzeler actually makes Metzeler Feelfree in 31 different sizes, so they'll suit your Honda Grom just fine. We're actually discussing sport-touring tires whose performance, comfort, and versatility warranted fitting on a wide variety of two-wheelers.

This tubeless tire, whose broad product range includes both radial and bias-ply applications, is actually designed with commuting in mind, and one of its standout features is its advanced tread pattern that provides excellent wet grip performance.

Since stickier rubber usually means a lower lifespan, Metzeler introduced a Dual Tread Compound technology in FeelFree's build, which increases durability without sacrificing grip. The center compound is designed to provide fantastic mileage for city riding, while the shoulder portion provides excellent grip during cornering.

These silica-based compounds are arranged in multi-radius thread blocks, which ensure a good contact patch at all times, even in adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, the compounds are proportioned in a way that maintains the tire's flexibility and responsiveness in cold weather, making Metzeler Feelfree an ideal choice for riding in colder climates.

Please note that we're referring to generally cold weather and not snowy or icy conditions. In terms of handling, the Metzeler Feelfree provides a balanced and stable ride thanks to its well-designed thread patterns and precisely engineered progressive profile, which allows quick maneuvering in tight turns and curves.

The overall construction provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even over long distances, as it minimizes road vibrations caused by road surface imperfections. This makes the Metzeler Feelfree ideal for riders looking for a comfortable tire and a stress-free riding experience.

Lastly, let's discuss durability. Tire mileage is a tricky thing to discuss, as it varies on several factors, such as your riding style, the bike, and the riding condition, so giving a precise number isn't always possible. Still, Metzeler Feelfree is a robust tire made from good quality compounds, so you can expect anywhere between 5,000 and 8,000 miles from it.

Overall, the Metzeler Feelfree is a well-rounded performer that doesn't sacrifice comfort, safety, and durability. It'll serve you well, regardless of whether you're someone who enjoys long-distance touring or a city commuter looking for a tire that can handle a variety of weather conditions and road surfaces. In either case, you can find this fantastic product at RevZilla.


  • Good grip and handling
  • Durable
  • Comfortable performer


  • Not really off road tires
  • Not for extreme conditions
  • Relatively pricey

Shinko E705

Yet another dual-sports model on our list, Shinko 705, is a bit more off-road oriented than Battlax Adventure A41, being an 80/20 tire. However, this doesn't mean it's less suited for Honda Grom and city riding. In fact, it's perfect if you're putting miles on your bike.

Just like Metzeler Feelfree, the Shinko 705 comes in a wide variety of sizes, making it suitable for anyone looking for a tire that excels in performance and reliability departments. The tire features a specially designed tread pattern that's great for gripping wet and dry road surfaces, making Shinko 705 ideal for long-distance riders who regularly combat all weather conditions on their travels.

With that said, while most people use their Honda Grom for traversing the city streets, this tire can offer more in terms of durability and performance in all weather. You're more likely to drive within the speed limit while in the city, and Shinko 705's fantastic grip performance won't disappoint in such conditions.

The tire is constructed using high-quality rubber, which provides the aforementioned durability and longevity. The internal layering helps absorb shocks and vibrations, which in turn, provides a much smoother and more comfortable ride. The tread pattern features very deep grooves to help channel the water away from the tire, thus reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

In terms of performance, the Shinko 705 doesn't disappoint; it provides excellent handling and stability, and the advanced construction ensures that the tire maintains its shape and performance for miles to come. And you can count those in thousands; some users have reported getting more than 10,000 miles from their sets, but we believe those numbers are greatly exaggerated.

If you happen to stumble upon this guide, regardless of whether you actually own a Honda Grom or not, you should know that versatility is one of Shinko 705's main benefits. It ships out in a variety of different sizes, making it suitable for both touring and sport-touring bikes and highway and backway riding.

Last but not least is the price. Shinko 705 offers great bang for your buck; it's priced competitively compared to other models on the market. However, its long lifespan and overall great performance make Shinko 705 a cost-effective choice for bike enthusiasts looking for a good-quality tire. Its durability, versatility, and value for money make it a top choice for riders of all levels.

If you're interested in purchasing Shinko 705, you can find it on RevZilla and CycleGear.


  • Excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions
  • Durable and versatile
  • Available in a range of different sizes
  • Competitively priced


  • Not ideal for aggressive riding styles

Continental Road Attack 3

If you're riding your Honda Grom in frequently wet conditions, you'll need a tire that offers excellent grip and handling in wet weather. The Continental Road Attack 3 sport a solid reputation, especially among high-performance tires, as they're specifically designed for riders that commute in the aforementioned conditions and on twisty asphalt.

Continental implemented several different key technologies into Road Attack 3 to achieve a good grip across all riding conditions, thus separating this set from the rest of its class. However, one particular technology used in the manufacturing process actually omits the mold release agent.

Release agents are used to easily remove the tire from the mold during manufacturing, but they also make the tires smoother and more slippery. Well, Continental decided to omit the release agent from the manufacturing process, resulting in a rougher surface finish on Continental Road Attack 3.

The company named this approach TractionSkin, and it provides exceptional grip even on freshly installed sets. It significantly shortens the breaking-in period for the tires, which, with just a small amount of heat, grip even better than its competitors in the same price range.

Of course, the exceptional grip and handling can't be credited to TractionSkin alone. The tread pattern is designed to optimize water evacuation and further improve grip in wet conditions. Additionally, the entire compound underwent a specific curing process that hardened the centerline rubber and softened the shoulders, providing better traction during cornering.

When it comes to handling, the Continental Road Attack 3 provides precise and responsive steering, increasing maneuverability in tight turns. The stability this tire offers is also quite impressive, especially at higher speeds, as well as the comfort provided by the carefully engineered construction.

Durability-wise, the Continental Road Attack 3 is designed as a sport-touring tire, with material and constructions capable of withstanding the rigors of high-speed riding over long distances. The robust construction reduces the chances of punctures, making it a safe option for roads less maintained.

So, if you're in the market for a versatile and reliable tire capable of handling a variety of riding conditions, the Continental Road Attack 3 is definitely worth your consideration. For anyone interested, you can find Continental Road Attack 3 tires over at RevZilla

and CycleGear,

at a discounted price.


  • Expect at least 10,000 miles
  • Great stability and feedback
  • Fantastic grip


  • Rather pricey

Pirelli Angel GT

As a significant improvement of the original Angel/Demon ST tire—which was a pretty solid performer—Pirelli Angel GT has no marketing gimmick, just pure performance that comes at a price. Also, it's very important to note that the GT, in this case, doesn't denote tires meant for heavier bikes; it's just a base model for the tire.

The real importance hides behind the fact that there are several sub-categories of Angel GT, catering to different displacement ranges. We won't go into detail regarding each sub-category, as it would be too time-consuming, and we'll let Pirelli's promotional material speak for itself.

In the meantime, we'll discuss tire construction. The body uses a 0° steel belt technology that enhances the tire's strength and provides a consistent profile shape. This has a direct impact on the size of Pirelli Angel GT's contact patch, which doesn't actually fluctuate with the change in lean angle.

The advanced rubber dual-compound is rich in silica which aids thermals and longevity while also providing great grip and handling performance. The compound is formulated specifically to provide great traction in both dry and wet riding conditions, allowing your greater confidence and control while riding your motorcycle.

The thread pattern adheres to the commonalities associated with modern rubber, in which the front tire pushes the water away from the rear. The front features a V-shaped pattern with very deep sipes that are wider towards the tire's shoulder, which helps clear water and improves stability. The W-shaped pattern on the rear tire helps with the grip and stability as well.

These unique patterns make Angel GT an excellent choice for riders who encounter a variety of riding conditions, including roads wet due to rain and even some light snow. However, the difference between the two patterns isn't just cosmetic—the centerline on the rear is wider, which contributes to increased longevity.

The results are an exceptional grip paired with the smooth and comfortable operation. The tire is designed to absorb vibrations, keep you on the road, provide a smooth ride, and excellent durability. You can expect upwards of 5,000 miles, but considering that Honda Grom has a smaller displacement, that number might actually double.

You can find Pirelli Angel GT at both Revzilla

and Cycle Gear.


  • Good dry/wet performance
  • Long-lasting
  • Great value


  • The wear indicator is practically useless

Bridgestone Battlax S22

Bridgestone's primary focus with Battlax S22 was to produce a faster, lighter, and overall better tire that offers enhanced dry and wet grip performance. This is partly because modern bikes have a tone more power across the spectrum, which strains the tires more than ever before.

The Battlax S22 is primarily designed for bikes heavier than Honda Grom, but their performance on both dry and wet pavement makes them a good fit, mostly thanks to the innovative threat pattern and multi-compound construction.

The thread blocks are designed to provide excellent grip in wet conditions, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride. Performance-wise, we're actually discussing a very versatile street-legal tire that offers exceptional performance metrics and a smooth and consistent ride.

Its centerline on both the front and rear tire uses a tougher, more resilient compound to ensure durability. The softer compound is used on the tire's sides to provide greater grip while the bike is leaning during cornering and turning. Though this is very typical for sports tires, the Battlax S22 punches well above its price range.

The rear tire received special attention regarding its construction, as it features three different compounds split over five bands, while the front features two compounds spread over three. The rear tire's central band also has more than 25% higher silica content to increase the content with the riding surface and aid water evacuation.

This means that Bridgestone Battlax S22 is designed to withstand high-speed riding conditions, offering a good thread life. Users with heavier displacements reported getting anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 miles, but you're likely to get more with Honda Grom. You can find Battlax S22 at RevZilla.


  • Exceptional grip
  • 5-band triple compound rear
  • Great for track and street


  • Not as durable as advertised

Dunlop Sportmax Q3+

The Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ tire set is not only budget-friendly, but it also offers numerous upgrades and advancements over the previously acclaimed Q3 model. This makes the Q3+ model a standout in terms of cost-effectiveness, delivering exceptional performance without breaking the bank. Why buy high-quality tires if you can't afford to fill up your tank afterward?

The "Plus" version of the tire set, which is the only hyper sport tire manufactured in the US, maintains the confidence-inspiring features of the Q3 while incorporating new technologies and acronyms to enhance performance. Advancements in technology and the use of a new centerline compound have significantly improved the MT Multithread rear tire, enhancing both mileage and cornering performance.

The Q3+ still boasts Dunlop's exclusive Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) sidewall reinforcement, which was introduced in the previous Q3 tire. The tire's tread pattern remains similar to the Q3, with a steep and aggressive design.

However, the center of the rear tire now utilizes a special resin with added silica instead of carbon black, improving the tire's wear resistance. Although the shoulder compounds based on carbon black remain unchanged, Dunlop has modified the tread tension, resulting in a wider footprint at lean angles for improved cornering.

The new Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) technology featured in the Q3+ rear tire provides drivers with greater flexibility to alter their course mid-corner while still offering linear and predictable steering. This allows for more room for error and eliminates the need to precisely calculate turn angles during rides.

It's worth mentioning that compared to the Q3, the front tire has remained unchanged, as Dunlop deemed it was already at its desired level of performance. The Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ can be purchased at RevZilla.


  • Great performance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Exceptional stability


  • Avoid dirt and gravel