Best Tires For Honda Shadow Aero

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If you've had a bike for any fair amount of time, you'll know just how much good tires can do. That's why I gathered the best tires for your Honda Shadow Aero.

Trying to scour the corners of bike shops and the great internet ether to find quality tires to elevate your riding experience without breaking the bank is a pain. After conversations with some Shadow Aero owners, the resounding cry was a lack of noteworthy tire options.

These tires are some of the cheaper and more reliable Shadow Aero shoes running steadily on the market.

  1. Shinko SR777
  2. Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra
  3. Metzeler ME880 Marathons
  4. Bridgestone Exedra Max
  5. Bridgestone Exedra G701/ G702
  6. Dunlop D404
  7. Avon Roadrider Mk II

From my research and life experience, having a long list of suggestions does little to narrow down the search. That's why I've spent a fair share of my life-force gathering and going over as much information on these products as possible. Where is this informational feast? It's below.

Although I'm no expert on the 1100 or 750 Shadow Aero, I enjoy spending my time knee-deep in bike forums and reviewing suggestions from friends and people who are better qualified in the industry. So, that's how I ended up with my final bastions.

In this article...


7 Best Tires For Honda Shadow Aero

I did my due diligence to stick to facts and not recommend tires with burly thread that's more superfluous than anything. I've had clearance issues trying to fit bigger tires on other bikes before, so I did my best to collect only the same size as the OE (Original Equipment) stock tires recommended for the Shadow Aero.

However, despite the work I've put in on my side, you should still check your bike's manufacturer's guide because different models of the Shadow Aero might have variances that change the fit. I'm also vanilla, so you won't usually find me mixing and matching sets, so I tried my best only to include tires that you can get as pairs.

I had favorites that I wanted to include, like the Dunlop American Elites, which are superb performance shoes that hold up on wets and look fantastic. The affordable Pirelli MT66 also has exceptional handling and is stable at speeds, but I couldn't find the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sizes that I set out to stick to.

I also tried my best to gather tires with the highest possible load rating but always check the required load rating for your specific year Shadow Aero. I also tried my best only to regurgitate product information that's been digested by the collective and judged to not only be good marketing.

1. Shinko SR777

Picture of the Shinko SR777 Tire

Shinko is a Gen Y-shy on hitting that coveted centennial mile on the market. Their long, arduous history bears fruit with the Shinko SR777 tires. These delectable buns may not be particularly concerned with performance, but they bring fantastic value-for-change.

These tubeless tires come burning Shinko's rubber compound that's concocted with a heavy hand to last over long cruising sprawls. The SR777 tires clearly show that burly thread is a scam as they provide amazingly smooth rides that'll give you confidence on dry and wet roads.

As they are cruisers, Shinko did build them with the knowledge that its patrons would put them through the asphalt wringer. The thread design is minimal and includes utilitarian grooves and siping that guarantees traction in whatever condition and are effective channels for water from the tire.

For being considerably more affordable than our beloved Michelin or Dunlop tires, they seem to trade performance and longevity for this more reachable sticker price. Despite a wide range of V2s and riding styles that the SR777 has been supporting, the collective verdict continues to come back that at 5,000 miles, you begin seeing some roughage.

This less-resiliency will sneak up and surprise you with an enormous bill over time if you don't do the labor yourself to change the tires. If you do venture towards fitting and balancing them yourself, there is a red dot that makes the latter process a breeze. The issues appear to be a mixed bag, but these radial beauties suffer more when fitted to the bike's rear.

The 4 or 6-ply H rating configuration does allow for a generous load index for cruising on your Shadow Aero 750. I assume you'll mostly be doing this since the Shadow 750 is a worthy consideration for cruising legends. Although the aramid belting does give sufficient support and stability for carrying the dailies, it does lack the required tenacity for touring.

Shinko's offering to the alter does hold on dicy cornering and feels superb when cold but starts to soften as your enthusiasm heats things. The rounder profile also steals away from Shinko's potential to show off with steering response, but you'll quickly grow accustomed to them as they wear in.

The SR777 also enjoys the coveted status of being the top pick for the staff at RevZilla. The 153 customer ratings also look at the tire's real-life performance. Out of a rating of 5, customers rated the bike for having a bang for the buck that's 4.7, included tire features are as advertised with a rating of 4.4, grip performance is 4.7, tread life is 4.1, and the aesthetics of the tire bring it home with a 4.6 rating.

Cyclegear also had 95 customers report back on the SR777 with metric ratings out of 5. The tires have a 4.2 rating for tread life, 4.6 wet traction performance, and a 4.7 rating for value return, grip, and satisfaction to the point of being willing to repurchase.

Shinko SR777 Specifications

Shinko SR777 comes in a wide range of sizes and is also offered in a Heavy Duty (H.D.) version that has reinforced carcass plies for a more grounded experience.

You should probably already know that Revzillais one of your best online options to get a lick of these tires. They usually retail for $142.95 front and $178.95 rear, but Revzilla has them at a roaring 12% and 17% respective discount, so you get them for $125.85 front and $148.83 rear.

The SR777 are popular tires, so you can exercise your virtual cart at Cyclegear and also get them similarly discounted for $125.85 front and $148.83 rear. Like with the discount, the standard retail price is the same on both sites, and both retailers include free shipping.

2. Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra

Picture of Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Tires

Metzeler ME888 brings that German engineering that we've come to expect from the company. These tires are meticulously engineered to improve on their ME880 predecessors. Metzeler reports that the Triple 8s were designed and engineered for the long haul.

You won't worry much about the Triple 8's compound because they have a more holistic outlook. The construction not only focuses on what you see but proudly stands on a solid foundation.

An aggressive chicken strip shouldn't stump you because the flatter and broader geometry do a commendable job of spreading the stress from the ground away and toward the sidewall to reduce the ME888's wear and fatigue over long tours.

The tire grooves don't just continue and stop by themselves; their pattern is cut off by what Metzeler calls "compound bridges," reducing the stress that would typically travel down to the carcass plies of the tire's construction.

This system allows the tire to wear more evenly and creates a tread design that's stiffer and more solid. Although the tire doesn't come tubeless, the polymers that make up the tire's compound are made to be resistant to wearing and tearing, which results in longer use.

The load index of the tires is quite tight on the front tire before you even consider adding any extra luggage, so this is when you'd probably want to start thinking about mixing socks.

Metzeler ME888 Specifications

Revzilla is currently running a sale on the Triple 8s for $168.19 front and $326.01 rear is also on sale, and you can snatch it for $249.49 when it is restocked by wish listing it and asking the site to notify you by email when it becomes available again. Fortunately, you can still enjoy free shipping for the stocked front.

I know that the Triple 8s aren’t the cheapest kids on the block, but they have excellent cumulative scores with dozens and dozens of glowing reviews. Customers reviewed and determined that the tires have a 4.5/5.0 value, 4.6/5.0 features, 4.6/5.0 traction, and a whopping 4.7/5.0 for style. They perform and look great enough to compensate for their shortcomings, and I couldn’t dispute that.

3. Metzeler ME880 Marathons

Picture of Metzeler ME880 Marathons Tires

Although the ME888 has now taken the spotlight, the Metzeler ME880 Marathons were the original formidable cruising tourers. The tires can stomach a commendable load that touring tires should be able to digest without compromising handling and steering performance.

The front and rear tears bring different features and slight technological variations. The fronts have a rounded tread profile that helps with neutral steering control and smoothening your cruising. On the other side, the rears have a flatter profile and are larger to allow maximum contact with the road.

The tires perform pretty well in the rain and give a sense of security when braking. Many riders have been able to get an average of 7,000 miles, with some cranking out around 15,000 miles. The grip does live up to the hype, and these affordable tires continue to liven many riders' lives.

Metzeler ME880 Specifications

As you might now be aware, Revzilla and Cyclegear are my go-to online retails not only because of their free shipping but also because they have reliable products and customer service. Unfortunately, you might have missed them as they are sold out on both sites.

If you ask to be notified for restocking, Revzilla has the fronts on sale for $121.34, and the Shadow Aero-specific rear is on a price drop for $173.02.

Cyclegear has a similar bonanza; the fronts are on rack for $121.34 and rears generously running for $173.02.

4. Bridgestone Exedra Max

Picture of Bridgestone Exedra Max Tires

Although many people have used and continue to use Bridgestone Exedra Max for touring, these tires seem to prosper more during Summer cruising. The rubber compound that Bridgestone has used seems to deal with heat dissipation quite well.

The Exedra Max has proven itself to be stiff competition when it comes to both wet and dry traction. Few people were foolhardy to tear away during rain, but the few didn't report the tires not holding a straight line. In one or two instances where the tires were pushed on wet roads, they did deviate a bit from their path.

Cornering seems to be a bit more challenging for these, but for the average joe enjoying a coffee run on their Shadow Aero, it is decent. To circle back to the construction of the Exedra Max, the wider profile you can get on the tire provides smooth rides, and the tires don't bat an eye over pebbles and rocks.

You'll only feel something when you try to get these tubeless to swallow some potholes. Exedra Max has a wide profile that helps reduce rider fatigue and supports the transition from cruising to decent stretches of touring on your Shadow Aero.

However, buying the tires at full price is a bit of a tall ask when there are other similarly performing tires at an equal or lower price point on this list. The tires struggling to escape the 6,000-mile range further exaggerate this hefty asking price.

The tread and pattern are also on the shallow side for tires you'll most likely ride for cruising and touring year-round, but the final word is always that they remain good value for the traction, braking, handling, and overall performance that you get from a set of these.

Revzilla's online store always has performance ratings for their products, and 25 customers rated the Exedra Max out of 5 points to a rating of 4.5 for being a value purchase, 4.3 for the included features, 4.6 for style, 4.7 for grip, and 4.3 for tread life.

Cyclegear also runs similar performance feedback with ratings out of 5. On this site, six customers reviewed their Exedra Max purchase and gave a rating of 4.2 bang for buck, 4.3 for being satisfied to the point of repurchasing, 4.3 for grip, 4.3 for wet traction, and 3.6 for tread life.

Bridgestone Exedra Max Specifications

Revzilla has these Bridgestone beauties on sale for $135.20 for the front and $176.87 for the rear with free shipping. Similarly, Cyclegear gear has the fronts for $135.20 and rears for $176.87 with free shipping.

5. Bridgestone Exedra G701/ G702

Picture of the Bridgestone Exedra G701/ G702 Tire

Bridgestone Exedra G701 and G702 are made for modern cruisers with features to match while providing a nostalgic feel. The engineering is exceptional work from Bridgestone, and the comfort you get is their met objective.

These tires also perform valiantly and bring improved handling on both wet and dry roads. The decision to double down on cruiser touring allows the tires to also perform well as daily commuters. The uni-directional tread design provides handling predictability that helps cultivate a sense of security during your rides.

The pattern and rubber compound work in tandem to aid in water evacuation. They also have a wider-than-usual profile that supports the rider feeling fresher over longer miles. The tires also have impressive cornering, although the tread depth appears shallower than competing tires.

These tires perform exceptionally on the 2005 VT750C Shadow Aero in most street terrains without detracting from their comfort demeanor. The traction also doesn’t wane when ridden wet, and the tires can also hold their sneaky gravel stretch thrown under them.

On top of the fantastic value, many riders have been able to get around 10,000 miles regularly. I did find riders that only got around 6K miles, but that was on the lower side of the mileage spectrum.

Bridgestone Exedra G701                                

Bridgestone Exedra G702 Specifcations

Disregarding outliers that happen because of poor quality checks, customers of both Exedra G701 and G702 agree that the tire has a 4.5/5.0 value and a welcomed 5.0/5.0 for grip and thread longevity.

With the company's standard free shipping, you can get the tires on Revzilla at a discounted $186.83 for the G701 and $243.85 for the G702. If Revzilla runs out of stock, you can get the G701 and G702 for the same discounted price and free shipping.

6. Dunlop D404

Picture of Dunlop D404 Tires

Dunlop's D404 has an extensive size range that fits many models of the VT750C. The tire compound has been cooked up to offer the best possible mileage and traction performance while giving your bike an almost custom ambiance.

The grip you get from the unique tread pattern sustains its formidable performance in wet and dry testing grounds. The grooves on the spine have also been offset so that you can hold straights without any stability issues.

This pattern design doesn't compromise on giving you a comfortable ride by smoothing out any kinks underneath them. The engineering of the siping and grooves also does well to get rid of water that might want to rain on your gnarly parade.

For the lot that's more on the heavy cruising to touring side, you won't be disappointed by the bias-ply construction because it is made to take your baggage without complaint. The mixture of synthetic and natural rubber does seem to hold up well, and the fabric ply holds the carcass together nicely.

Yes, yes, the D404 doesn't have the latest technology, especially with the tubed type tire and simpler tire composition situation going on. But, you get a tire that performs relatively well for pennies compared to comparative tires.

This slight outdatedness is probably why the tires aren't the highest performing regarding slip resistance and the softness you need at speeds. These tires aren't for the heaviest of bikes, so they make the recommendation for the Shadow Aero, and that's because, for cruisers, they should be more than enough.

This is not to say that they won't be great daily drivers or great partners for reasonable tours. These are Dunlop tires, after all, which means that despite their apparent shortcomings, they are created to uphold the reliability and versatility of the Dunlop name.

Revzilla performance ratings of 115 customers came back with 4.4/ 5.0 value, 4.2/ 5.0 features, 4.3/ 5.0 style, 4.4/ 5.0 grip, and 4.0/ 5.0 tread life. Seventy-two percent of the overall ratings are five stars.

Cyclegear performance ratings of 115 customers came back with 4.4/ 5.0 value, 4.2/ 5.0 features, 4.3/ 5.0 style, 4.4/ 5.0 grip, and 4.0/ 5.0 tread life.

Dunlop D404 Specifications

Revzilla currently has a discount running for the D404 and has the fronts going for $96.74, and Seventy-two percent of the overall ratings are five stars.

7. Avon Roadrider Mk II

Picture of Avon Roadrider Mk II Tires

Avon Roadrider MK II doesn't simply ride the coattails of the Roadrider Mk I but picks them up and improves on the meticulous stitching on the Mk I's fabric. The general presentation remains the same because you don't knock what's working.

Riders that aren't sticklers for OE looks will probably enjoy the sportier look more and appreciate the cruising and sport touring capabilities of these slick shoes.

Don't get me wrong; the tires don't have the most modern look; their vintage draw is even emphasized by their sidewalls having better resistance to ozone degeneration. That's saying that the tire is made with collectors in mind that might fit the tires and not use them as often, but I'll chalk that up to them being able to weather life more than their predecessors.

The construction compound is also extremely high in Silica and has aggressive contouring on the shoulders for superb traction on dry and wet roads.

The symmetrical tread design on the front and rear tires help with smooth handling and stability at higher speeds without compromising the speeds you can milk. The grooves on the spine have an interrupted design that reduces the chances of your tires succumbing to the broad contours, also known as tramlining.

The beautiful sidewall is also enhanced to resist elemental wear with a bias ply construction that endures some soft rigor. Roadrider MK II thrives on the streets and can stomach riding that its peers would falter under.

It's not only the performance that's been improved but also the tire's longevity. Avon won regarding balancing traction, stability and handling, and general performance with the tire's lifespan.

Unfortunately, it's still not the longest-lasting tire. When Avon was jotting down objectives like making the Mk, I performed better in taking off, braking on straights, and making tighter cornering; they didn't pay much attention to making the tire also last long under more consistency usage.

These are probably more for people that enjoy ogling their older Shadow Aero than occasionally testing its limits.

Another unfortunate thing befalling the Roadrider Mk II is the feedback from customers. Revzilla and Cyclegear have a total of 4 reviews which skews any of the metrics you get, regardless of them being as good as they are.

Avon Roadrider Mk II Specifications

Surprisingly, Revzilla doesn’t currently have a sale on the fronts and rears, which are retailing for the full price, but free shipping is still included. Cyclegear also has both fronts and rears for full price and still includes free shipping.