Best Tires For Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

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You're looking for the best tires for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, but you don't know where to start. With so many options, how do you know which one to pick?

It's tough to know which tires are the best for your bike. Do you go with a sporty set that will make it handle well on the track? Or do you choose something more durable that can handle gravel and dirt roads?

For Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, the best sport-touring tires are the Avon Spirit ST. If you're looking for something in between sport and street, the Michelin Road, 5 is a great choice. And for racing or track days, you can't go wrong with the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3.

If you are the proud owner of a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, then you know that this is one powerful motorcycle. With so much power at your fingertips, it is important to make sure that you have the right tires to match. In this blog post, we will discuss the best tires for the Ninja ZX-10R and help you make an informed decision about which set of tires is right for you.

Our experts spent countless hours researching tire reviews, talking to experienced riders and mechanics, and even took to the track themselves. You can rest easy knowing that each choice on our list is one of the best tires for your Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R available today.

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Best Touring Tire – Avon Spirit ST

The Avon Spirit ST is a high-performance sport touring tire that performs well in most conditions, especially wet conditions where it offers great grip. The Avon combines the latest technology with an elegant design to produce a very good-looking tread pattern. These tires offer increased mileage and stability, which helps to increase rider confidence.

Design and Features

The Avon Spirit ST is a sport touring tire, which means that it has been designed to work well on motorcycles with higher power and torque. The tire's construction consists of two steel belts, with the strip count increasing as size increases. This improves stability, reduces heat buildup by improving heat dissipation, and gives better handling at lean angles.

Avon motorcycles are known for their great quality bodywork, stylish designs, and excellent performance. The Avon Spirit ST tires look classy with elegant designs that offer a very sleek shape that helps improve the appearance of most motorcycles without sacrificing performance or stability.

The tread pattern design has been inspired by nature and improves stability under braking as well as during acceleration. It offers neutral steering characteristics and ensures stability at all speeds, helping riders trust their bikes more when returning from long trips or after a few drinks down at the local bar. The tread blocks have been designed for an excellent water drainage capability and provide stable cornering even in wet conditions due to their center groove.

Another great feature of the Avon Spirit ST is that it comes with an asymmetric tread pattern. The left and right-side tires are designed differently to ensure greater road grip even during turns. The tire offers excellent wet grip performance stability at all speeds and has low rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

It also features the "Impact Band System" (IBS), which helps protect against stone retention in case of contact with stones or other objects on the highway while maintaining stability when braking abruptly after high-speed riding.

The multi-compound rear tire also features an anti-wear additive in the rubber mixture to increase tire life. It also has a rounded profile to help reduce road noise when riding at high speeds on long highway journeys.

Furthermore, 3D Sipes improve grip during wet conditions and offer stability while riding at high speeds or in corners. These sipes increase surface area to help provide better traction under tough conditions.

Performance Analysis

The Avon Spirit ST is a touring tire that offers excellent wet and dry grip performance. It also offers impressive stability at high speeds and in wet conditions due to its wide contact patch and center groove, which provides consistent road contact under most driving conditions.

These tires offer adequate mileage; however, this may vary depending on motorcycle usage and driving/riding style. They can handle speeds of up to 168 mph without any problems and corner aggressively on the track during racing events. This combination makes them an excellent choice for those who want tires that provide great handling and stable riding capabilities.

These tires offer impressive wet grip performance due to the combination of the tread pattern design, 3D Sipes, asymmetric tread pattern, and center groove. They can reduce hydroplaning due to wide contact patches even at extremely high speeds. The tire also offers reduced road noise when riding on highways which is important for those who regularly travel long distances or spend hours riding their motorcycles.

The Avon Spirit ST offers excellent stability under braking and during acceleration, meaning that riders can maintain control of their motorcycle even if they are traveling at high rates of speed after a few drinks down at the local bar.

Due to their asymmetrical tread pattern, these tires are not ideal for off-road use and should only be used on paved roads. It is also not ideal for riding in muddy conditions due to its open tread pattern, which does not provide sufficient grip in slippery conditions.

The Avon Spirit ST offers adequate mileage compared with other sport-touring tires in this category. They are an excellent choice for those looking for high-performance street tires that offer stability and traction under all driving conditions while providing wet and dry grip capabilities at impressive speeds.

These tires are especially great for those who travel long distances on their motorcycles or spend hours riding during the weekends. During our testing of these tires, they performed extremely well both on straight roads and on twisty mountain passes with amazing cornering capabilities. Even though they may only last around 15,000 miles (depending on motorcycle usage), their performance is simply unbeatable for the price.

Price and Size

The price range starts from $119 to $218 depending on size, making these tires quite affordable. I personally think they are worth every penny considering what you get in return - increased stability, better handling, and reduced braking distance compared to stock tires. These tires can make your bike look great and provide you with that extra edge on the track or during long-distance riding.

When it comes to sizing, you will need to know the width and diameter of your bike's rims before deciding on tire size. The Avon Spirit ST is available in stock Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R sizes, including 120/70ZR17 front and 190/55ZR17 rear.

Customer Opinions and Reviews

Customers who purchased these tires were most impressed with their performance, which is to be expected considering they are known for providing some of the best sport-touring tires on the market.

According to customer reviews, Avon Spirit ST tires provide excellent handling on all types of road conditions, including dry, wet, or snowy roads, without affecting braking distance under any circumstances.

Most customers also praise these tires for their low noise levels during highway travel which is an important feature for those who prefer to ride over longer distances without any stops since loud tire noise can be quite unpleasant.

All in all, most reviewers agree that Avon Spirit ST tires are some of the best sport-touring tires on the market due to their increased stability and superior wet/dry grip capabilities.

Our Two Cents

If you are looking for some of the best sport-touring tires on the market but don't want to break the bank, we suggest giving these tires a try.

They offer great performance in both wet and dry conditions while providing superb stability at high speeds and reduced road noise when traveling long distances.

They are not recommended for off-road use or riding in muddy environments. Still, if you want to get the most out of your sport touring motorcycle, these tires are definitely worth the investment.

Order your set of Avon Spirit ST tires today on Revzilla.


  • Great value for money
  • Better stability and handling compared to stock tires
  • Reduced stopping distance in all road conditions
  • Offer superior grip in wet, dry, or snowy road conditions
  • Maintains good contact pressure with the ground even at high speeds
  • Low tire noise levels during highway travel


  • Handling capabilities are only suitable for straight roads, not twisty mountain passes.

Best Street Tire – Michelin Road 5

The Michelin Road 5 tires are a great choice for those of you looking for some high-performance street tires that offer superior levels of stability and comfort without compromising on the winding roads.

These tires provide excellent grip in both wet, dry, or snowy road conditions while also reducing stopping distances during heavy braking maneuvers due to their good contact pressure with the ground.

When paired with a sports bike like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, they really come into their own thanks to improved cornering capabilities and reduced tire flex during extreme lean angles.

Design and Features

The Road 5 tires are designed and developed specifically for high-performance sports use. With heavy usage in mind, the engineers at Michelin have used advanced technologies to ensure that these tires offer a smooth riding experience with plenty of grips and feel.

These tires improve ground contact with an asymmetric design by concentrating more rubber on the road surface than on the sidewall. This increased grip range allows you to corner with greater confidence and speed.

The tire uses a micro-tread design which incorporates small grooves for added grip off the line and high speeds while also providing highly responsive handling in wet conditions and allowing for excellent water dispersion.

These tires use Dual Compound technology that combines different materials and shapes to optimize the balance between mileage, grip, and performance during various riding conditions. The center part of the tread is made from soft compounds that offer good traction. At the same time, the edges are hard compounds to add durability over long distances.

Michelin has used its innovative XST EVO Siping design to improve wet traction to a whole new level while also providing excellent grip even on dry surfaces during track day sessions. The double V-style tread pattern at the center ensures that there's sufficient contact pressure through turns, while the stiff shoulders prevent tire flexing under heavy loads.

The Michelin Road 5 features ACT+ Casing Technology which improves the grip and feel of the tire while reducing its rolling resistance. This results in increased fuel economy, which is a major consideration for street riders.

With no compromise on performance or stability, the Michelin Road 5 tires offer you an excellent balance between riding comfort and handling when paired with sports motorcycles like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. The asymmetric tread pattern provides high levels of traction during cornering while also ensuring good wet weather performance and excellent stability in dry conditions.

With a sturdy sidewall construction that reduces flex under heavy loads, the Road 5 tires provide a stable ride and excellent handling characteristics in all conditions. Another advantage with Michelin Road 5 is that it is DOT approved.

Performance Analysis

The Michelin Road 5 tires are compatible with sports bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, which are aimed at riders who love to ride hard and enjoy long-distance touring. The asymmetrical tread design offers optimum cornering capabilities while the stiff shoulders enhance stability, allowing you to go faster through turns without losing grip or control of your bike.

During cornering, the excellent contact pressure was achieved by designing these motorcycle tires to be smaller in height while increasing the edge downforce by using offsets along each side of the central groove area. These cutting-edge tire designs ensure that there's sufficient ground contact even while riding at high speeds and during hard braking.

The V-shaped grooves used in the tire's center further improve the contact pressure, while the tightly packed sipes on each side ensure that there's sufficient water dispersion.

The Michelin Road 5 tires provide great levels of wet weather performance due to their rugged tread pattern, which disperses water over a wide surface area while also ensuring that there's sufficient contact pressure during cornering.

Tread pattern design is an important aspect of motorcycle tire design. It has a major effect on traction capabilities during cornering, acceleration, and braking. The Michelin Road 5 uses one of their most advanced XST EVO Siping technologies for added stability and durability even with increased speed and lean angles.

The XST EVO sipes are staggered in nature to ensure that there's uniform contact pressure across the entire footprint of the tire. The small grooves also offer excellent traction during accelerating, braking, and cornering by keeping water away from the surface.

With a height of only 2.3 inches, the Michelin Road 5 tires are one of the lowest profile designs available today. This reduces weight while also increasing acceleration, making these motorcycle tires appropriate for track day riders who love to ride hard between corners and long-distance commuters who prefer spending more time on highways rather than twisties.

Michelin has always been known for its lightweight construction, which is evident with these Road 5 Tires as well. Even though they provide excellent levels of grip, stability, and control when paired with sports motorcycles like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, they are lightweight enough to offer excellent performance in terms of acceleration.

The sipes on these tires have excellent traction characteristics in both wet and dry conditions, so you'll never have to worry about your safety, even if the road is covered with ice or packed with slush.

The sidewall of Michelin Road 5 tires features sturdy construction, which greatly enhances handling at high speeds as well as during quick changes in direction. There are no signs of overheating or flexing even when riding at top speed for extended periods.

Price and Size Availability

The Michelin Road 5 tires are available in various sizes, so they will fit most sports motorcycles on the market today. These front motorcycle tires have an MSRP of $190, while the rear versions retail for about $263 each.

It's also available in 120/70ZR17 front and 190/55ZR17 rear, which are ideal 1000cc sports bikes such as the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R.

Customer Opinions and Reviews

The Michelin Road 5 has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on, which is a testament to its excellent performance capabilities. Most customers who purchased these motorcycle tires were extremely satisfied by their level of grip, comfort, and durability, even on the track.

Customers who own these motorcycle tires praise them for their excellent cornering abilities as well as the extremely comfortable ride quality. All of those who left positive reviews on this website say that they're a major improvement over their previous fronts and rears, which had worn out after a few thousand miles of use on the street.

Some bikers have also used Michelin Road 5 Tires on racing tracks without experiencing any problems whatsoever. One customer who owns a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R says that he's been using his current set for more than 20,000 miles on both street and racetrack with no signs of tread wear or degradation in traction capabilities, even while riding at high speeds.

Many customers also praised these tires for their ability to have a very low profile while still offering excellent grip and traction. Since these motorcycle tires have a low profile, their weight is significantly reduced, making them easier to handle at high speeds without fear of losing control.

Our Two Cents

It is pretty clear that Michelin sets the bar for quality motorcycle tires and the Road 5 is no exception. They use some of the most advanced technologies available to deliver high levels of safety and comfort while also offering excellent performance characteristics.

If you love to ride on the edge, then these tires are probably some of the best road-legal sportbike tires you can get. However, they offer excellent safety and control under all conditions, so you can also use them on your daily commute without having to worry about safety or comfort issues.

Order your set of Michelin Road 5 tires today on Revzilla.


  • Excellent grip and stability even at high speeds
  • Superior comfort and durability
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes for most sport motorcycles.
  • Excellent mileage
  • Excellent traction on most surfaces


  • A tad expensive

Best Racing Tire – Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3

Pirelli has been known for many years as one of the leading manufacturers of tires for motorcycles. Their Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 is perfect for riders who are looking to upgrade their stock tires on sports bikes such as the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R.

The Diablo Supercorsa SPV3 is a race-derived tire that does extremely well on the track or street. Its aggressive tread pattern provides excellent traction in all conditions while also offering extra stability during quick maneuvers.

Design and Features

The Supercorsa SP V3 tires are made of a special compound that Pirelli developed in order to increase grip during acceleration. The tire's profile was designed with top performance in mind while also improving feedback on the bike and offering unparalleled grip when cornering.

The Supercorsa SP V3 is constructed with a few different layers of rubber mixed together in order to provide optimal performance. The tire's carcass is made out of 3 separate layers surrounding the spoke holes. Once these layers have been woven together, they are treated with two coats of polymers and special oils, which give the tire its unique properties.

The patented "Flash" Race Tread Pattern ensures maximum stability at high speeds while also providing excellent traction during braking or acceleration. This tread pattern uses an innovative block structure that can provide incredible control over the bike, especially under hard braking.

The Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 tire offers a higher level of grip over its predecessors due to a new compound that Pirelli engineers developed specifically for this model. The new compound has a much softer feel compared to previous versions. Still, it provides excellent resistance from wear and tear.

The profile of this tire is much more aggressive than what most sportbike manufacturers are offering, which results in improved turn-in response. The tire's profile is also designed with "flash grooves," which help dissipate heat when the tire becomes hotter during extended use.

The Supercorsa SP V3 features only 4% tread void when compared to its predecessor, which means that more of the tire's surface is in contact with the ground. This results in improved grip and feel for the rider throughout each turn.

The SP V3 is also W-rated for speeds up to 168 mph, which is approved for street use. Although this tire comes with a speed rating, don't forget that it was designed for particularly sport-oriented bikes!

The internal construction features high-strength steel belts, making the tire resistant to wear while also reinforcing the carcass. Using steel belts instead of traditional Kevlar or nylon cords allows for a higher air pressure without compromising traction.

Pirelli's patented "Flash" Race Tread Pattern makes this tire very stable at high speeds while also providing excellent traction during hard braking or acceleration. This tread pattern uses an innovative block structure that provides incredible control over the bike, especially during hard braking.

The profile of this tire is much more aggressive than what most sportbikes manufacturers are offering, which results in improved turn-in response. The tire's profile also features "flash grooves," which help dissipate heat when the tire becomes hotter under extended use.

Performance Analysis

The Supercorsa SP V3 performs very well in all conditions, whether wet or dry. The tire offers an extremely sporty and responsive feel due to its shorter profile and stiff construction.

I was able to get a set of these for my Ninja ZX-10R, and I can honestly say that I do not know how I ever rode the bike without them. The initial break-in period wasn't too bad considering that this is such a sticky tire (it took around 5 or 6 full throttle accelerations before they were fully broken in). This tire will definitely get your heart pumping since it allows you to be more aggressive with your acceleration compared to most street tires.

Pirelli's patented "flash" pattern was designed to achieve a higher grip level than its predecessor while also improving the tire's heat dissipation. This tread pattern uses an innovative block structure that provides incredible control over the bike, especially under hard braking.

The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 has a very soft feel when you first ride on them, which results in excellent traction during acceleration and braking. However, this does not mean that they will wear out quickly from frequent use. In fact, I put close to 1000 miles on my ZX-10R with these tires, and they still have plenty of life left!

Compared to the previous model of this tire, the SP V3 offers a higher level of grip. I commute around Chicago every day and have to deal with heavy rain from time to time. These tires gripped very well, considering that they are not designed for wet conditions.

I can say without a doubt that these will deliver incredible performance during the dry months and wet seasons! The tread life is also impressive; I've never had an issue with them wearing out too quickly, considering how much riding I do during the week (I typically get between 2500-3000 miles per set).

In terms of wet performance, these tires are decent. Although they aren't on par with sport-touring tires, they definitely outperform a majority of racing slicks. I would recommend running them with higher than factory PSI since they do wear out more quickly on the edge if you ride more aggressively.

On the track, the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 performs very well. Since it has a very aggressive tread pattern, grip levels are high even under heavy braking. Once you get used to this tire, they allow for extremely late-braking, which increases your cornering speed without compromising stability.

Price and Size

The retail price of the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 is priced around $200 to $326, depending on the tire size. The tire's availability makes it a popular choice among sportbike riders due to its racing performance.

Price-wise, the Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 is an expensive purchase, but after putting these on my daily commuter, I am very satisfied with their performance. The tread life is impressive, and the grip levels offered by this tire are higher than most sport-touring tires.

The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 is available in popular Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R sizes, including 120/70ZR17 front and 190/55ZR17 rear.

Customer Opinions and Reviews

The Supercorsa SP V3 has a 5 out of 5-star rating on Revzilla. Many owners indicate that this is a great upgrade from the previous model and that it offers better traction during wet seasons.

Numerous buyers on indicated to purchase these tires again due to their superior performance on the track. Most owners also claim increased safety and confidence while riding with these tires fitted on their bikes.

Our Two Cents

For the ZX-10R owner who wants to completely transform their bike's personality, we would recommend changing your tires! After riding on these for several months, we've noticed a significant difference in how our Ninja ZX-10R performs compared to when it was running with stock tires.

These racing slicks offer excellent traction while maintaining utmost stability during cornering. Although they are expensive, if you have the budget and want an extremely high-performance tire, purchase them today on Revzilla.


  • Excellent performance on the track
  • Extremely high grip levels during braking and accelerating
  • Aggressive yet stylish design
  • W-rated for up to 168 mph


  • The retail price is expensive
  • Wears quicker than sport touring tires