Best Tires For Kawasaki Z125 Pro

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Choosing the best possible tire for your Kawasaki Z125 Pro can be challenging as there are many options, and getting it right the first time can be hard.

Your choices can vary, and you should consider that you have to get tires for all seasons in your area, even if it only snows once a year.

The best tires for a Kawasaki z125 pro are the Mitas MC35s for track racing, the Pirelli Angel Scooter Tires for street driving, and the Michelin City grip 2 for normal day-to-day driving. When driving at the speed, we recommend the Shinko SR003 Stealth Scooter tires to let you drive safely.

There are several things that you need to know and learn about getting the best possible tires for your Kawasaki Z125 Pro. Many people make the mistake of trying to get the bob standard tires, causing them to lose control of their bike at the worst possible time while driving.

We have several more tires for your Kawasaki Z125 Pro that we recommend you get your bike safely onto the road. Getting the right tire for the right roads will mean that you can safely drive and navigate the world around you without slipping and sliding onto problems.

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1. Mitas MC35 S-Racer 2.0 Super Soft Tires

This is our top recommended tire when driving on track or driving at speed without using the bike as a daily driver. Because of the lightweight of the bike and the lower overall power, you can be assured that the tire will last much longer than it would on larger bikes.

Further, the tires are soft, which means that they easily heat up and allow you to have all the grip that you could ever wish for. We recommend keeping this in mind, as you won’t have to spin or heat the tires before driving or doing other things while riding.

The Mitas MC35 S-Racer is also affordable, allowing you to get a new set when these eventually start getting worn down. Softer tires are more prone to wear down when driving on warmer or rougher roads but will also provide grip even when the temperatures are nearly freezing.

Basic Facts About The Mitas MC35 S-Racer 2.0 Super Soft Tires

A 100/90-12 49P TL set will usually be around $112, the average price of tires of this size and type. The tire is entirely street legal and can be used on small 125CC bikes or scooters that have had trouble in the past keeping grip on the road or around corners.

The tire is not meant to be driven on wet surfaces for too long or through snowy conditions as there is no tread to redirect everything. The tire has a load index of P51 and a weight of 430-pounds, much more than should ever be loaded on a small bike such as the Kawasaki Z125 Pro.

  • Section Width: 100
  • Speed Ratings: TL Max Speed of 118 MPH
  • Tire Sizes: 12-inches

2. Shinko SR003 Stealth Scooter Tires

The Shinko Stealth tire is what we recommend getting when you have to get a more everyday road tire that can handle some speed. With a lower price than most other tires, it comes in several different hardness levels, allowing you to get what you need for the surfaces in your area.

Further, the tire has more tread to allow for good grip on varied surfaces instead of just the perfect track conditions. However, it should be noted that the Shinko SR003s do not work well on wet or snowy surfaces, which can make them unattractive for some.

However, they will handle high-speed situations more easily in warmer countries and areas as they can be bought in medium or hard. Getting you the best possible use out of these tires is about getting them warmed up and driving around the city instead of sitting through traffic daily.

Basic Facts About The Shinko SR003 Stealth Scooter Tires

With a max load rating of only 408-pounds, the Shinko SR003s are not meant to be driven by larger bikes that can carry trailers or even larger weights. You can ride the bike at 62mph, which is not the top speed of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro but will allow you to enjoy the top end.

Many people prefer to have these tires on their bikes simply because they can be driven through most conditions, with the tires not too heavy. The medium hardness of the tire can handle slightly tougher conditions than most other tires would be damaged.

  • Section Width: 100
  • Speed Ratings: 62mph
  • Tire Sizes: 80 to 90

3. Michelin City Grip 2 Scooter Tires

The chances of a Kawasaki Z125 Pro being driven on track by the first-time bike owner are just as high as a veteran bike owner looking for something small for the city. Anyone who has driven through a city daily knows that a nippy small bike can achieve much more than a 1000cc monster.

The Michelin City Grip 2 tires are meant for the Kawasaki Z125 Pro owner, who will drive around cities and suburbs. With a lot more grip than most other tires for rainy, wet, oily, and otherwise slippery conditions, the tires will safely get you through most street environments.

Further, the tire is extremely affordable when getting the size for the Kawasaki Z125 Pro, coming in at close to $72. This is because the tire is more likely to be driven in conditions that would eat up normal soft racing tires, which has meant that they need to be affordable enough to replace every other month.

Basic Facts About The Michelin City Grip 2 Scooter Tires

Coming in almost every size required for a bike or scooter, the Michelin City Grip 2s are the best tires for harder-driven bikes. With a maximum weight rating of 494-pounds, you can hook a trailer or give lifts with your bike without having to stress about the tire blowing out from underneath you.

Further, the tire has several different section widths and aspect ratios, allowing you to fit new rims to your Kawasaki Z125 Pro. Simply because you may want to have larger or smaller tires, depending on the road types you are driving on, instead of trying to get your tires to do everything.

  • Section Width: 90 to 150
  • Speed Ratings: 118mph
  • Tire Sizes: 70 to 90

4. Mitas MC20 Monsum Scooter Tires

As much as we would like to think no one ever drives on mud or through water situations that are so deep that you can swim through, it isn’t always true. When you get Mitas MC20 Monsum tires for your Kawasaki Z125 Pro, you can safely drive through most water conditions.

The treads on these tires are specifically made to route water away from the bike and the engine as fast as possible. With the wider overall width, you can go for a drive with your city bike even when it feels like the ocean is storming through the local town you live in.

We always caution people with these tires not to drive them when it isn’t the rainy season; at $145 for a set, it can be costly to drive these on hot surfaces. They offer almost too much grip on dry conditions, so they start cracking and tearing when not driving through water or snow.

Basic Facts About The Mitas MC20 Monsum Scooter Tires

At only two sizes, the price of the Mitas MC20s is the deciding factor for many people that are looking for tires for their Kawasaki Z125 Pros. Many opt to use the tire only for a short period throughout the year when the rain and weather worsen.

Further, the tire does not offer any grip on mud or off-road conditions, as it has a lot of treads but still has a rather flat surface above that. The tires have a max load of 408-pounds and a top speed of 118mph, allowing you to carry more than normal or even go at a faster speed.

  • Section Width: 100 to 120
  • Speed Ratings: 118mph
  • Tire Sizes: 80 to 90

5. Shinko SR 723 White Wall Scooter Tires

The best tires on earth are those that look fantastic but can also do almost everything that you could need from them. The Shinko SR 7223 White Walls are the tires we cannot stop recommending, as they are almost unanimously overlooked because of their white walls.

However, at only around $70 for a set of tires, they can do much more than other tires at the same price. We recommend these because they have a tread that is made to handle the street, the track, the water, and even some off-roading without having to get a new set each time.

We always recommend that you have these on hand, as even the most off-road-ready wheels won’t be able to match. Not to mention that white wall tires can always look classy, despite the hatred that some people have for them, which means they are more affordable and easier to buy.

Basic Facts About The Shinko SR 723 White Wall Scooter Tires

With a top speed rating of 94mph and a max weight rating of 521-pounds, you can use the Shinko SR 723s in almost any situation you are riding in. The tire comes in limited sizes but will ensure that you can safely drive your Kawasaki Z15 Pro in the city, the suburb, or even the farm.

Many prefer to use the tires when living in areas where the tires can be damaged or used regularly. We recommend using these tires as your daily tire simply because of their low cost and ability to be driven through almost any weather condition.

  • Section Width: 110 to 140
  • Speed Ratings: 94mph
  • Tire Sizes: 70

6. Pirelli 871-5081 Tire Sl26 Scooter F/R 110/100-12 67J Bias

You will likely get a set of these tires on your Kawasaki Z125 Pro when you pick it up brand new from a dealership. The Pirelli 871-5081s are good tires for any street driving situation and have become favored for their availability, price, and ability to handle light rains.

We recommend getting these if you know you’ll drive daily from home to school or work. Allowing you to drive safely without having to stress about the dangers of losing grip or the tire failing out from under you, which can happen with tires that are too soft.

Further, you will find that the tires are not usually losing grip as you are driving because they are not so grippy that it turns to damage them. The tire also not being so soft that when driving on hot days or days with unusually warm roads will cause them to start melting.

Basic Facts About The Pirelli 871-5081 Tires

At a usual price of around $100, the tires are not unaffordable when you need to start replacing them or just fixing them. The top speed is only 62mph, which does mean you won’t be speeding down the highway with your modified Kawasaki Z125 Pro; instead, you can take corners at a leisurely pace.

Further, the lower speed they can handle the tire also allows you to load up to 677 pounds, making them perfect for larger workloads. You can buy the tires from most tire dealers or order them online from Amazon, making them one of the easiest to get tires.

  • Section Width: 110
  • Speed Ratings: 62mph
  • Tire Sizes: 100

7. Dunlop Tires Scootsmart Rear Scooter Tire

Another set of tires that you will get on your Kawasaki Z125 Pro when you drive it brand new from the dealership is the Dunlop Scootsmart Set of Tires. These tires are sold as a separate pair on Amazon but will usually allow you to easily and comfortably drive for a year or more.

The tread on the wheel is meant to get you over most obstacles or challenges in the world around you without too many issues. Further, we have seen many people stick to these tires as their constant as it is the simplest way to ensure you stay safe on the road.

However, as weather or road conditions change, you may find that they do not work well on wet or icy roads as their tread is too small to cope. Many people have these tires on during summer and spring after wet tires have done the heavy lifting of the wet season driving.

Basic Facts About The Dunlop Tires Scootsmart Rear Scooter Tire

With a top speed of only 94mph, the tires are meant to hold a maximum weight of around 567-pounds because of this lower speed. Generally, you can use these for a longer time on your Kawasaki Z125 Pro because it is an extremely lightweight bike.

We recommend getting a set of these if you are never planning on doing anything special with your bike and want only to drive shorter distances. It is important to remember that these bigger brand tires are not only easier to get but are only around $60 a tire because of mass production.

  • Section Width: 130
  • Speed Ratings: 94mph
  • Tire Sizes: 70

8. Shinko 428 Front/Rear Scooter Tire (120/70-12)

One of the few tires we recommend for off-roading with the Kawasaki Z125 Pro is the Shinko 428s. With a tread much wider than almost every other tire, they will not do well on streets or circuits, easily cracking and being damaged as you continue to use the tires.

The tire allows you to easily and comfortably drive over softer sands or mud without stressing about losing grip. Many assume that any tire can drive on these surfaces when you need something that won’t be clogged up at the first sign of muddy conditions.

Further, the tire does not cost as much as many alternatives, giving you the option to have a set in your garage or storage ready to use when needed. However, as they are meant for off-roading or water, using these on only dry streets will quickly damage and wear them away into nothing.

Basic Facts About The Shinko 428 Front/Rear Scooter Tire

With a max load capacity of only 430 pounds, the tire can handle the average amount of weight being loaded onto the bike. You might be able to give someone a quick lift, but taking the bike and carrying it around shopping or on small trailers will strain the tire.

As with all tires of this type, you will need to consider the total width of the tire before you fit them to your rims. Many people find that having such a wider tire on their bike affects the mileage and the total amount of available power that can be delivered from the car.

  • Section Width: 120
  • Speed Ratings: 62mph
  • Tire Sizes: 70

9. Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter Tires

When you think of the tires that a speed bike has, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires are probably the ones you are thinking of. These are made to give you maximum grip when driving in a straight line or taking corners at the top speed you are comfortable with.

As they are softer than most other tires, they also quickly get the word out, requiring that you take a few corners to get the tires back to being rounded after the highway. Many people prefer to use the tire when going to the track or when they know they’ll be driving on the highway.

As the tire starts affordable at only $69 but quickly goes up to the hefty $140 price point that many people dread, we recommend using the tire only when necessary. This will save on the tread and mean that you won’t be getting only a few weeks of fun out of them before they become unusable.

Basic Facts About The Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter Tires

With an impressive load weight of 521-pounds, the tires can do a top speed of 130mph, which is the most out of any tire we recommend. If you can get the Kawasaki Z125 Pro to reach such a speed, these are certainly the tires you should be using when going that fast.

Further, the tires are usually only used on tracks or speed bikes because they have much less use when driving on normal streets. We always recommend you consider this when choosing your bike tire, as you may replace tires yearly if you have the wrong set.

  • Section Width: 110 to 150
  • Speed Ratings: 130mph
  • Tire Sizes: 70 to 80

10. Pirelli Angel Scooter Tires

When you need something that can handle a wet, dry, snowy, or just a little dusty track, you must consider getting the Pirelli Angel Tires. With a lot more tread and several flat areas, they will allow you to drive safely on most road surfaces that you will have to consider.

We always recommend getting these when you are new to choosing tires, as you will learn everything you need to know by driving with them. The biggest benefit of using these tires is that the price allows you to make a mistake; at only $33 to $114, they are some of the most affordable tires on the market.

This means they are also extremely easy to find, with shops around the country that will probably have at least a small set of these. They can be used with a top speed of 118mph and easily handle the top speeds coming from the Kawasaki Z125 Pro.

Basic Facts About The Pirelli Angel Scooter Tires

These are the tires we have chosen with the most availability, not just in of location in price; they come in almost every section size you need. With a max load weight rating of 364-pounds, they can also easily handle the weight of yourself and a friend.

With a tread that has been cut to allow easy riding through most puddles of water, you can use the tire all year long, assuming you have moderate weather. We won’t recommend using these in snowy conditions as they may not provide enough grip, and you will most likely fall or slip.

  • Section Width: 80 to 150
  • Speed Ratings: 118mph
  • Tire Sizes: 50 to 80

Why Aren’t High-Speed Tires Needed For The Kawasaki Z125 Pro?

Because the Kawasaki Z125 Pro only has 125cc of power, the bike cannot reach as high speed as many other bikes. Instead, it usually requires tires that can handle a lot of weight as they are used as everyday riding bikes.

In many countries where the bike is sold, it can be fitted with the required cages and carrying systems to help transport goods. This means that the bike can be loaded with several things that can weigh a few hundred pounds and cause damage to most other bikes.

Further, when used in the US, it is either used by younger riders or as a bike that needs to perform a useful function. This means that it may be used around a farm or ranch but can even be used as the bike that someone uses around the city.

How Do You Choose Tires For The Kawasaki Z125 Pro?

The most important thing to remember when choosing tires for your Kawasaki Z125 Pro is what you will do with the bike. If you are returning it to become a racing bike, racing tires will be needed, allowing for grip and control.

However, if you are going to be driving through city centers and through traffic each day, you will need more robust tires. Many mistakenly believe that track tires are the toughest when the opposite is true, and street tires are significantly harder.

Further, if you are going to be riding your bike on tarred roads, sand roads, and onto the pavement of your house, you need off-roading tires. These tires have the right grip to allow multiple surfaces to be driven on safely and will ensure you are always safe while driving.

How Much Does The Kawasaki Z125 Pro Weigh Without A Rider?

The curb weight of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro is 225 pounds, which is already half the weight that most tires can handle. If you are lifting people or transporting heavier goods, you need to ensure that the tires can at least handle up to 500-pounds or more.

We have seen several people assume their bike tires can always handle the weight they are putting on them. Instead, they find the tires blowing out while driving and getting into unfortunate and quite dangerous accidents when traveling at speed.

Further, larger tires can handle much more weight than smaller tires, so you may have to buy new rims for your bike. We recommend that you consider every option, including going on a diet, to increase the total weight you can load onto your bike.

What Are The Best Conditions For The Kawasaki Z125 Pro To Ride In?

The Kawasaki Z125 Pro is a smaller bike built to have the same feeling as most other touring bikes. This means that it is at home on the streets, tracks, or dirt roads that you can find in the city around you or on the ranch you are living on.

Many prefer to buy this as their first bike because it does not have too much power but can still get you around almost any city on earth. Many are getting it for their children as a training bike, allowing them to fall relatively safer than they would with a much stronger bike.

We recommend considering what and where you will be using the bike and adjusting it to fit these conditions. Many people add off-road tires to use the bike on backroads or even get racing tires on the bike to get it going around a track with some adjustments and modifications.

Why Should You Consider Using Specific Tires?

As fun as it may seem, getting one set of tires you can use for every situation is not going to work out well. Many bikers forget that driving through country lanes and driving through the city requires very different sets of tires to do properly.

When driving on country lanes and highways, your tires will start becoming flattered much faster. Requires that you buy harder tires that can take the wear and tear of driving on these roads, with many roads also having sand and other problems.

While city and track driving require tires that heat up slightly faster but can handle debris from accidents and other cars much better. However, the benefit of driving in the city is that you will be turning regularly, so keeping your bike tires rounded will be much easier and natural.

Can You Get Tires For Snow?

While all-terrain tires for your Kawasaki Z125 Pro will help you drive through almost every snowy condition you can find, they will not help. The bike is not made to handle these weather conditions and can quickly become stuck or seize under tough conditions.

Further, the bike will be usable on tarred roads that have been cleared, but we recommend that you drive safely and not rush. The tires will eventually find grip and allow you to easily and comfortably reach your destination without losing control.

Always remember that going slow when you are driving through the snow or over ice will ensure that you arrive alive. If the conditions get too bad, call in and refuse to go to work, nothing is more important than your life, and a bike in snow is a quick way to lose it.