Best Tires For Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

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Key Takeaways

  • The three best tires for the Bonneville Speedmaster include the Michelin Commander II, Pirelli Night Dragon, and Dunlop American Elite.
  • The stock tire on this motorcycle is the Avon Cobra Chrome Tire. It’s an advanced option with a high price tag, but riders can expect solid performance.
  • The tire size on the Bonneville Speedmaster is Front Tire: MT90B16 and Rear Tire: 150/80 R16.

The Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is a high-end cruiser motorcycle that rides comfortably. To maximize performance, you’ll need the best tires.

The best tires for the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster are the:

  1. Michelin Commander II
  2. Pirelli Night Dragon
  3. Dunlop American Elite
  4. Bridgestone Exedra Max
  5. Continental ContiTour Tires
  6. Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra
  7. Bridgestone Battlax BT45
  8. Avon Spirit ST
  9. Heidenau K65
  10. Shinko 804 / 805 Big Block

The Speedmaster was built as a cruiser motorcycle, and many early releases provided a different amount of power than they do today. With these upgraded engine sizes, people can tackle rugged terrains faster. This is why we tested a bunch of tires and ranked them to help readers find the ideal tire for their needs.

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10 Best Tires For Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

With so many tire brands, sizes, and styles available, choosing the right ones for this motorcycle can be difficult. After many failed tire experiments, I’ve learned the hard way what a good tire can do for a bike like the Speedmaster.

The Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster offers enough power to handle all kinds of roads and environments – so you need tires that can keep up with its performance. We have tested various options to make things easier.

We will list the best front and rear tires too. Check out these ten tires below and see if they can provide enough durability, traction, and performance for your needs.

1. Michelin Commander II Tires

As a motorcycle enthusiast and road tripper, I always look for the best tires to fit my needs. I discovered Michelin Commander II tires, which immediately increased my bike’s performance and overall riding experience.

The Commander II tires provide excellent grip, comfort, and handling during long-range rides. They were reliable in dry and wet conditions, providing fantastic traction, stability, and road grip.

Confidence in my tire choice is essential when on the open road. The Michelin Commander II gives me the surety that nothing will go wrong. Their versatility has allowed me to explore different horizons easily when I take off from home.

As a bonus feature, this tire also provides great mileage without compromising its performance level- making it worth investing in for me. The Silica Rain Technology makes the tread so high-performing, making life easier in rainy and wet conditions.

These tires are strong performers and help enhance the ride's overall looks and appeal. The Amplified Density Technology is a new casing style that helps with durability and riding stability at higher speeds.

Benefits of the Michelin Commander II

  • Sharp maneuverability and cornering capabilities
  • Rigid and high-density tire construction for better durability
  • Solid water resistance and evacuation design
  • Long-lasting tread life

Drawbacks of the Michelin Commander II

  • I’ve heard numerous complaints about highway road noise

Where To Buy The Michelin Commander II

  • First, I’d recommend RevZilla as the place to buy this tire for as low as $143.96 per tire.
  • It’s also available at Cycle Gear for the same pricing. But I noticed fewer sizing options.
  • Amazon also has this tire in stock for Prime members looking for the fastest shipping time.

2. Pirelli Night Dragon Tires

I had the opportunity to test a set of Pirelli Night Dragon tires on my motorcycle, and it was an experience that completely changed my riding experience.

As an avid Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster rider, I've always been looking for ways to improve my riding skills and experiences, so when I heard about these tires, I couldn't wait to get them on my bike.

They are designed with advanced technology to increase performance and safety while riding in low-light conditions. They include a revolutionary tread pattern and innovative sidewall design, making them perfect for night motorcycle rides.

The tread gives more grip and traction on wet roads - which is incredibly important if you're riding at night - while still providing excellent dry handling thanks to the rubber compound used in their construction.

The tire design also incorporates 3D sipes and laser cuts into their unique zig-zag tread pattern, which produces even better road contact in all weather conditions. I noticed the difference immediately after I took off for my first ride with these new tires.

The precise control made me feel much more confident when cornering or taking turns at higher speeds, especially after dark when visibility is limited.

Benefits of the Pirelli Night Dragon

  • Much sleeker design for your bike than many standard tires
  • It holds a consistent road grip for better handling
  • Ideal option for cruiser bikes like the Speedmaster
  • Renewed front and rear tire profile
  • Noticeably better dry road grip
  • Improved acceleration

Drawbacks of the Pirelli Night Dragon

  • Premium pricing and much more expensive for the Speedmaster sizes

Where To Buy The Pirelli Night Dragon

  • RevZilla is the first place I would find this tire because of their free shipping and low price matching.
  • Cycle Gear is another superb retailer with this tire in stock. They also offer tire financing if needed.

3. Dunlop American Elite Tires

My experience with Dunlop American Elite tires has been nothing short of incredible. I tested this tire, hoping to find something that would give me superior performance and long-lasting durability.

Since installation, these tires have surpassed my expectations in almost every way possible. These tires provide superior grip, which allows for precise cornering, and they can also handle heavy loads brilliantly, thanks to their robust construction.

But what truly stands out about this Dunlop tire is its admirable longevity compared to other brands within its price range. The impressive lifetime expectancy makes investing in something as reliable as this tire a no-brainer.

This tire is also available in various sizes and designs. For example, it can be found in Blackwall, Narrow White Stripe, and Wide Whitewall variations for different rider needs.

Ultimately, the best thing about this tire is the long-wearing compound and lateral grip compound. Combining these two gives you a tire with top-of-the-line traction, handling, durability, and performance.

Benefits of the Dunlop American Elite

  • Improved riding performance and tread life longevity
  • Excellent highway speed stability
  • Robust sidewall design for fewer tire punctures
  • Rides with amazing comfort due to the shock, vibration, and bump absorption

Drawbacks of the Dunlop American Elite

  • Only available in a few speed ratings
  • A heavy tire can add weight to the bike

Where To Buy The Dunlop American Elite

  • Prices start at $148.76 per tire at RevZilla, with free shipping included.
  • Cycle Gear also has this tire with similar pricing, but expect fewer sizing options.

4. Bridgestone Exedra Max Tires

Nothing matters more on the road than safety and performance. This is especially true while riding the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster. I trust Bridgestone Exedra Max tires to provide me the best in both.

They are reliable and durable, providing superior handling in dry or wet conditions regardless of the terrain. The Exedra Max tires offer excellent traction and cornering stability, making you feel secure even when going at high speeds or taking tight turns.

This tire also provides an incredibly smooth ride quality due to its specialized rubber compound construction that helps reduce vibrations while still providing outstanding grip levels.

Another great feature is their improved level of puncture resistance. It’s rare to deal with a flat tire or sidewall puncture when using this tire. Knowing that sudden road hazards won’t leave me stranded gives me peace of mind.

This tire is made with a unique rubber compound that also works best with cruiser bikes. The tread pattern enhances water evacuation and has a broader shape to reduce fatigue on long-distance drives.

Benefits of the Bridgestone Exedra Max

  • Long-lasting tread life
  • Sharp and short-distance braking
  • Precise cornering and turning
  • Excellent steering responsiveness
  • It holds up well in wet conditions

Drawbacks of the Bridgestone Exedra Max

  • Not the quietest or most comfortable tire for street use

Where To Buy The Bridgestone Exedra Max

  • RevZilla sells this tire with free shipping for only $114.00 per tire.
  • You can also find this tire on Amazon, but the prices are a little higher.

5. Continental ContiTour Tires

The Continental ContiTour Tire was one of the most impressive I’ve found for the Speedmaster. Between the riding comfort and wet traction, it’s reliable and increases confidence for riders.

Not only did they improve the mileage and traction on my bike significantly, but they also provided incredible grip and handling while navigating even sharp corners effortlessly.

The construction is also top-notch. This tire performed well during long-distance rides and off-road adventures without any issues. The precise linear grooves help improve cornering precision by decreasing sidewall flex when turning too.

The tires reduce noise levels while riding because they reduce road vibration and maintain a balanced acceleration-deceleration force. This tire also comes with Continental's free three-year roadside warranty.

There was one moment when I was using the tire when I felt a slip, but it was minor and did not impact the riding experience. The dry traction could be better compared to other tires mentioned on this list.

Benefits of the Continental ContiTour Tires

  • One of the most consistent tires I’ve found
  • Above average service life and tread life
  • Traction surpasses all expectations, especially in wet conditions
  • Single compound design
  • 6-9mm groove widths
  • Excellent load capacity

Drawbacks of the Continental ContiTour Tires

  • Heavier tire
  • Dry traction is not the best

Where To Buy The Continental ContiTour Tires

  • For only $125.97, you can purchase this tire directly from RevZilla today.
  • Cycle Gear also sells this tire and will ship it for free to your local store location for pickup.

6. Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Tires

The Metzeler ME888s are made with an innovative rubber compound that gives them excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. They last longer than other motorcycle tires due to their increased abrasion resistance compared to similar products.

These tires provide superior comfort for long rides, allowing me to ride for hours without worrying about fatigue or discomfort. The deeper tread design also helps with water evacuation and durability.

This has allowed me to take curves confidently at higher speeds while still feeling confident that the bike will remain stable and controlled on all road surfaces. There are also parabolic grooves to assist with wet traction.

I also appreciate how quiet they are while riding. Even at high speeds, there is hardly any noise from my tires compared to other riders’ tires I've ridden alongside. This allowed for a more enjoyable riding experience and improved riding comfort.

The high and low-speed stability is another notable benefit. The tire is highly consistent, and every ride feels the same, despite different terrains or changing speeds.

Benefits of the Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra

  • Superior traction and grip on road surfaces with deep treads
  • Robust construction for extra durability and strength
  • Narrow profile for increased agility when cornering
  • Long-lasting, puncture-resistant material composition

Drawbacks of the Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra

  • Somewhat noisy to ride on at higher speeds due to the aggressive tread pattern
  • The heavyweight design increases overall rolling resistance

Where To Buy The Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra

  • This tire is available in plenty of sizing options at RevZilla with free shipping.
  • This rear tire is sold on Amazon too.

7. Bridgestone Battlax BT45 Tires

The Bridgestone Battlax BT45 is a high-performance tire built to offer superior traction and control even in wet conditions. The performance bias play construction has added sidewall and carcass strength.

It utilizes a unique tread pattern that disperses water between the contact patch and the road surface, significantly improving wet weather grip and handling. The silica compound helps with wet and dry road grip.

The tread also features an innovative wrap-around design - this helps reduce wear on each side of the tire by dispersing any deformations caused by hard cornering or braking forces.

In addition to its improved performance characteristics, it also supplies reasonable mileage levels. Because of its longevity and tubeless design, this is an ideal tire for riders who want durability and quality at an affordable price point.

This tire can also provide excellent response time when cornering or pushing hard into turns. This means riders can be confident in their bike's ability to handle whatever roads throw at it.

One more thing to note about this tire is compatibility. It’s the perfect option for older cruisers and touring bikes because of the emphasis on creating optimal road comfort.

Benefits of the Bridgestone Battlax BT45

  • Excellent wet grip and control
  • Longer tread life than other tires in its class
  • Strong sidewalls for added stability and handling in corners
  • Exceptional cornering capability even at high speeds

Drawbacks of the Bridgestone Battlax BT45

  • Not suitable for off-road riding due to the lack of traction on softer surfaces

Where To Buy The Bridgestone Battlax BT45

  • This tire is sold at RevZilla for as low as $139.33 per tire.
  • Cycle Gear also has this tire available with free shipping, financing, and plenty of sizes.

8. Avon Spirit ST Tires

I recently got my hands on the Avon Spirit ST tires for my bike. With an emphasis on superior performance and handling, these tires boast a range of features for both performance and safety.

The tread pattern of the Spirit ST is designed to provide maximum grip in wet or dry conditions. Their unique combination of compounds means that even when you're hitting corners hard or accelerating quickly, you can trust your tires to perform reliably and safely.

The tire's construction also ensures reliable braking power in wet weather, a feature many riders consider essential for those surprise moments when sudden braking is needed in bad weather conditions.

The unique grooves around the sides ensure water is quickly dispersed from beneath the tire, improving handling control. Riders who have experienced long road trips also appreciate how quiet and smooth these tires are thanks to their reinforced sidewalls which make them highly resistant to bumps or vibrations.

Due to their special casing design, they can retain air pressure better than standard tires - meaning less worrying about pump outs while on your journey.

Benefits of the Avon Spirit ST

  • High tread wear for durability
  • Excellent handling in wet and dry conditions
  • Quiet ride with minimal vibration
  • Sold at an affordable price point for budget-conscious shoppers

Drawbacks of the Avon Spirit ST

  • Not suitable for off-road driving applications
  • Treadlife can be shorter than other tire options

Where To Buy The Avon Spirit ST

  • RevZilla is currently having a sale for these tires with low prices starting at $146.72 each.
  • You can also head over to Cycle Gear to find this tire widely available.

9. Heidenau K65 Tires

If you’re looking for a new street motorcycle tire, look at the Heidenau K65 tires. These tires are designed for maximum traction on wet and dry terrain, making them ideal for everyday street riding.

They also have excellent cornering stability and braking performance, which is something that all riders should consider when selecting their next set of tires. This tire features a three-zone tread pattern with aggressive sipes allowing for increased water evacuation from underneath the treads.

This helps to reduce potentially slippery surfaces and improves grip even more. The construction of these tires also ensures an extended tread life due to high abrasion resistance.

This tire also can provide exceptional value thanks to its affordable price tag compared to other comparable street motorcycle tires. It’s versatile and will offer excellent long-distance durability for cruiser bikes like the Speedmaster.

One cool thing I noticed with the tire was the interchangeable front and rear models. We tested the rear tire on the front and saw no dips in performance. This is rare, but it’s something to note if you plan to use these tires.

Benefits of the Heidenau K65

  • Excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces
  • Stable cornering performance
  • Enhanced handling capacity
  • High mileage tread life

Drawbacks of the Heidenau K65

  • Not recommended for off-road use
  • Braking and stopping distances could be improved

Where To Buy The Heidenau K65

  • This is a rarer tire, but it’s still available for purchase at RevZilla for $125.05 per tire.

10. Shinko 804 / 805 Big Block Tires

Do you love tackling a winding road or an open highway? Then the Shinko 804 / 805 Big Block Tires are the perfect choice for your Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster.

Designed with large tread blocks, multiple grooves, and continuous center ribs, these tires provide excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. The versatile block pattern handles well on paved roads, providing additional traction when off-roading.

These tires come equipped with durable rubber compounds that resist wear from long days on the road. So wherever your adventures take you, you can trust that your tires will keep up with you mile after mile.

Its deep center groove allows for steering stability at higher speeds, while its shoulder knobs give enough cornering ability to confidently handle tight turns on winding roads. The optimized contact patch creates more consistent contact to improve grip and lifespan.

This tire performs admirably even in wet terrain thanks to its straight longitudinal grooves, which effectively channel away water as they rotate over it. I also loved how well this tire brakes, even on wet surfaces.

Benefits of the Shinko 804 / 805 Big Block

  • Great traction in wet and dry conditions
  • Long-lasting compound for extended tire life
  • Reinforced sidewalls to reduce the risk of punctures
  • Offers increased stability at high speeds

Drawbacks of the Shinko 804 / 805 Big Block

  • Louder road noise at highway speeds
  • It could be too stiff for some riders

Where To Buy The Shinko 804 / 805 Big Block

  • RevZilla would be the first place to look to find this tire available for as low as $95.96 per tire.
  • Cycle Gear is another reliable retailer that always carries this tire in stock.

How To Find The Best Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Tires

It can be hard to decide which tire is right for your bike. With so many different types and brands on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed while trying to pick the perfect set of tires.

Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a checklist of things to consider when choosing a new Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster tire.

Tread Life

First, always consider the tread life of a tire. Expected life expectancy and longevity are critical for this cruiser bike because it’s the ideal choice for long distance driving.

Equipping it with a poor-performing or low-tread life tire would be costly. Typically, every tire brand provides an estimated tread life for a tire.


Comfort is often overlooked when looking at tires, but it is essential to ensure that long rides stay comfortable and enjoyable. Comfort has to do with ride quality.

It’s about absorbing bumps on the road, so vibrations aren’t transferred directly into the body while driving. It also affects steering response, stability, and safety on wet surfaces by helping reduce hydroplaning risk factors.

Sidewall Design

The sidewall design plays an important role when it comes to handling characteristics. The construction dictates how much side-to-side movement there is between the tire and rim.

This helps maintain good traction during cornering maneuvers as well as aiding stability at higher speed brackets too. It also determines how durable the tire is and whether it will struggle with punctures often.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern determines how effectively water will be dispersed away from underneath each tire while riding in wet conditions. The number and depths of grooves vary hugely between models.

Some tires offer deeper grooves for improved resistance against aquaplaning. This helps with better water evacuation and overall wet road grip.

Riding Style

Before selecting a tire, we first need to evaluate how and where we plan on riding the bike. Whether it be back roads, highways, or muddy tracks, understanding what kind of terrain we will tackle.

This will help narrow down the choices when looking for a tire that will provide optimum performance in those conditions. For example, many touring and highway tires cannot handle off-road conditions.

What Is The Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Tire Size?

The Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster cruiser motorcycle has a slightly different tire size than most people are used to. The front and rear tires are of various sizes, and the ideal size for each are:

  • Front Tire: MT90B16
  • Rear Tire: 150/80 R16

We would avoid trying to use other tire sizes on this bike. It lacks versatility in this regard, so it can only cause damage or other issues with the bike.

One common mistake I’ve noticed is when riders try to size up or down, and the wheel gets warped. This results in long-term damage, and the repair is much more expensive than a simple tire change.

Keep an eye on tire pressures with this bike too. It displays decreased performance if the PSI levels get too low.

What Is The Stock Tire On A Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster?

The Speedmaster comes equipped with a stock tire. We don’t love the tire it comes with, but it’s certainly reliable enough to drive on. We have provided a full analysis of the Avon Cobra Chrome tire below.

Avon Cobra Chrome Tire

The Avon Cobra Chrome stock tire is definitely worth a look. This high-performance tire provides excellent grip, stability, and durability so you can take full advantage of the power of your machine.

It is made with advanced composite materials that provide superior handling capability. This makes it more comfortable to ride in all conditions and helps keep your motorcycle safe during cornering and maneuvering on varying road surfaces.

It has sports bike technology to improve handling with special construction. This new construction has improved the load capacity and increased the tire’s highway speed stability.

The contact patch is also 5% larger for more direct tread use. Other key features include the  'snakeskin-effect' sidewall and aggressive tread pattern. This is an expensive and high-performing tire.

The tread pattern offers better contact with the road when taking corners or curves at higher speeds. The patented rubber compound features anti-slip technology that prevents wheel spin even at extremely high speeds.

Benefits of the Avon Cobra Chrome

  • A high-performance tire with a superior grip
  • Excellent cornering ability for enhanced safety and control
  • Robust construction for stability and durability even at high speeds
  • Special tread design maximizes traction in wet conditions

Drawbacks of the Avon Cobra Chrome

  • Expensive compared to other tires

Where To Buy The Avon Cobra Chrome

  • Prices for this tire range between $159.86-$474.98 at RevZilla.

Is The Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Worth It?

I’ve always been intrigued by the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster. I love its classic British styling and its reputation for being a reliable motorcycle that can be taken on long-distance rides.

The Speedmaster packs quite the punch with its high-torque 1,200cc twin-cylinder engine producing 77 horsepower, making it great for short or long trips. This is an excellent choice for those looking for a classic-looking motorbike with solid performance capabilities.

Thanks to its modern ride-by-wire system, I can easily switch between different riding modes depending on my traction needs. This traction control feature is included with all newer models.

These great features make this bike worth considering if you want superior performance from your motorbike.

Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Alternatives

Despite ranking as one of the best cruiser motorcycles, the Bonneville Speedmaster is not the ideal choice for everybody. Other options, like the Bonneville Bobber, are nearly interchangeable and use the same tyres too.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber

This is another one of the Triumph Bonneville Modern Classics. This reliable parallel twin motor bike has low torque and comfortable riding capabilities.

We recommend trying it if you have found issues with the Speedmaster. It’s a solid alternative and provides enough performance to match or exceed your expectations.

It can be found for a reasonable price and uses the same wheels, rims, and all tire irons used on the Speedmaster will also work on the Bobber.