Best Tires For Triumph Bonneville T100

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The Triumph Bonneville T100 is a cult classic and should be shod appropriately. Which tires are best for your Bonnie T100? Retro treads or performance grooves?

The bike tire market is rich with new technologies promising unsurpassed traction and value. There’s much rubber to consider, and with the Bonneville T100’s four different tire sizes, making the right tire choice is tricky.

The best tires for 2002 to 2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 models include radial and bias-ply 100/90-19 and 100/90-18 front tires and 130/80-17 and 150/70-17 rear tires. Tire designs suitable for the T100 include tube and tubeless touring, sports, classic cruiser, dual-sport, and adventure tires.

Buying the best tires for your Bonnie is all about balancing your riding style with your budget. Wisely blending factors like tire design and application, performance, safety, durability, visual appeal, and price enable optimal tire selection. Versatility, comfort, and style are the Triumph Bonneville T100’s engineering signatures, so it’s only fitting that it's tires harmonize with its spirited performance and iconic profile.

As a research hound and former Bonneville rider, I’ve scoured the Triumph and bike tire showrooms, read motorcycle magazines, watched Bonneville videos, and scoped the Bonnie forums for insights into selecting the best tires for the T100. Bank on it - for the best traction for a modern classic, there’s a great tire out there for your Bonnie T100. Let’s find it!

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The Top Ten Tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100

The ten best tires for the Bonneville T100 from leading tire brands deliver performance, longevity, safety, versatility, comfort, and value. Each tire is suited to a particular motorcycling application and riding style, from spirited street classic to easy-riding backcountry adventurer.

Here are the ten best tires available for the Triumph Bonneville T100 covering the four rim sizes (2 x front and 2 x rear) from 2002 to 2022.

The list is in no particular order, citing the best tires for specific riding applications and rim sizes.

  1. Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp | Classic Street Sports
  2. Avon Road Rider Mk II/Cobra Chrome | Classic Street Sports
  3. Bridgestone Battlax BT46| Touring
  4. Pirelli Sport Demon/Night Dragon |Touring
  5. Pirelli Scorpion Trail II |Dual-Sport
  6. Continental TKC70 | Dual-Sport
  7. Shinko 804/805 Big Block | Adventure
  8. Dunlop Trailmax Mission | Adventure
  9. Shinko 712 |Budget Tire for 2017+ T100s
  10. Dunlop D404 | Budget Tire for 2016- T100s

Best Classic Street Sports Tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100

The best street sports tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100 deliver superior traction on asphalt in wet and dry conditions. Water-evacuating grooves over low shoulders and a larger contact patch on the rear tire, ideally a radial, ensure safe cornering at high speeds and shorter braking distances.

#1: Best Street Sport Tires for 2017-2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires are the stock rubber for the latest (2017 and later) iterations of the Bonneville T100.

Boasting a classic design in line with the ‘modern classic’ tag attached to the Bonnie T100, Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires offer a mix of tire fabrication technology, with a steel radial rear tire and a bias-ply front tire.

The 17-inch rear radial tire is wider than pre-2017 models by 20 millimeters with a 10% lower aspect ratio (shorter sidewall/lower profile), delivering improved traction, handling, heat displacement (tire cooling), and tire longevity compared with bias-ply rear tires.

A bias-ply 18-inch diameter front Phantom Sportscomp for the Bonneville T100 has a central sine wave tread pattern with grooved sipes on the tire shoulder for sporty cornering and excellent traction in wet and icy conditions.

The 100-millimeter wide bias-ply front tire has a 90% aspect ratio, creating a sturdy sidewall that softens the ride in off-pavement conditions.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 69H) = 716 lbs./130 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 65H) = 639 lbs./130 mph.

Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp 17” Rear Tire | 150/70-17 | $216,53

Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp 18” Front Tire | 100/90-18 | $134,44

Verdict: A classic tire with an evocative vintage aura sporting the best modern motorcycle tire technology - ideal for commuting, spirited sports riding, languid country rides, and on-pavement touring.

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#2: Best Street Sport Tires for 2002-2016 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

Avon is a premium British motorcycle tire manufacturer with a range of modern classic tires for Triumph motorcycles. The Avon Roadrider Mk II and the Avon Cobra Chrome are an ideal modern classic sports tire combination for the Bonneville T100.

The 17-inch diameter rear Roadrider Mk II has a bias-ply carcass with a 130-millimeter wide contact patch sporting deep, elegant grooves that look great but also deliver traction and agile handling through tight corners at speeds over 100 mph.

The rubber in the Roadrider MkII has high silica content for improved durability and enhanced traction in wet and dry conditions. The deep, interrupted center grooves assist straight-line stability and prevent tramlining on worn paved surfaces.

The bias-ply Avon Cobra Chrome 19-inch front tire has a unique and eye-catching tread and sidewall design that give the Bonneville T100 a true-blue classic British motorcycle front-end finish.

Avon uses sportbike technology to make the Cobra Chrome as nimble as possible while retaining the characteristics of a vintage touring bike - durability, comfort, and load-carrying capacity.

The 90% aspect ratio sidewall provides structural integrity without being overbearing, while serpentine grooves on the contact patch and shoulders effectively displace water and deliver aggressive cornering agility.

An embossed snakeskin effect on the sidewall gives the Cobra Chrome, and indeed the T100 front end, an almost mythological aspect.

Both the Roadrider Mk II and the Cobra Chrome are embossed with the Union Jack, removing any doubt where the heart of the machine and its rubber reside.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 65V) = 639 lbs./149 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 65H) = 639 lbs./130 mph.

Avon Roadrider Mk II 17” Rear Tire | 130/80-17 | $197,67

Avon Cobra Chrome 19” Front Tire | 100/90-19 | $162,20

Verdict: A pedigreed blend of aesthetics and performance for riders who appreciate heritage and attention to detail. The Avon combo is ideal for commuting, sports riding, cruising, and on-pavement touring.

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Best Touring Tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100

The ideal touring tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100 incorporate features that enable extra load-carrying capacity, comfort, superior on and off-road traction, and all-weather capability. Durable bias-ply touring tires give the T100 a solid platform for long-distance road trips.

#3: Best Touring Tires for 2017-2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

Bridgestone Battlax BT46 sports touring tires boast the latest ‘silica-rich’ tire fabrication technology to produce a tire that sticks better in the wet and is flexible, allowing the treads to function optimally in warm and cold conditions.

A saw tooth center groove and angular shoulder sipes in the 17-inch Battlax BT46 rear tire displace water efficiently, while the advanced rubber and silica compound on the bias-ply carcass ensures superior traction in all weather conditions.

The 18-inch front Battlax BT46 sports a saw tooth center groove with hashed shoulder sipes, matching the rear tire’s water evacuation and traction properties.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 69H) = 716 lbs./130 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 56V) = 494 lbs./149 mph.

Bridgestone Battlax BT46 17” Rear Tire | 150/70-17 | $215,68

Bridgestone Battlax BT46 18” Front Tire | 100/90-18 | $158,48

Verdict: A great blend of technology and retro styling offers low rolling resistance for improved fuel consumption and vintage-chic appeal. The Battlax is a wolf in sheep’s clothing regarding long-distance durability and performance.

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#4: Best Touring Tires for 2002-2016 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

For older Bonneville T100s hitting the open road, an excellent rear/front touring combo is the Pirelli Sport Demon on the rear, paired with the Pirelli Night Dragon front tire. The combo blends the best long-distance properties of a cruiser tire with the handling characteristics of a sportbike.

The 17-inch diameter rear Pirelli Sport Demon tire has a unique bias-ply construction that renders radial-like performance – agility, enhanced traction, and all-weather riding safety.

Generous grooves with aggressive shoulder sipes evacuate water exceptionally well, ensuring optimal traction during hard-angle cornering.

The bias-ply construction is durable but light, offering good load-carrying capability and stability.

The Pirelli Night Dragon 19-inch front tire has a 10% larger contact patch than previous Night Dragon models, offering superb traction and cornering agility at speeds over 100 mph.

The bias-ply construction creates a durable tire that offers excellent rider comfort with enhanced dampening properties for rough road surfaces.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 65H) = 639 lbs./130 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 57H) = 507 lbs./130 mph.

Pirelli Sport Demon 17” Rear Tire | 130/80-17 | $163,08

Pirelli Night Dragon 19” Front Tire | 100/90-19 | $140,94

Verdict: The bias-ply combination of Pirelli Sport Demon and Night Dragon touring tires delivers a consistent look and touring performance profile for the Bonneville T100. The aggressive grooves, sipes, and optimized compound mix, render a tire set that softens the ride on long trips while delivering great cornering agility and all-weather capability.

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Best Dual-Sport Tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100

The best dual-sport tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100 harmonize advanced street tire characteristics with the enduro tire design for optimum all-terrain performance. Bias-ply and radial combinations with deep grooves, wide treads, and robust sidewalls prevent punctures in rocky conditions.

#5: Best Dual-Sport Tires for 2017-2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tires offer the necessary versatility and sophistication to equip the Bonneville T100 with reliable and capable touring rubber. Deep grooves and sturdy sidewalls deliver exceptional handling and traction in diverse riding conditions.

In the Scorpion Trail II, Pirelli has combined the performance characteristics of a dual-sport/enduro tire with a high-speed touring tire to create a sleek, multipurpose tire capable of handling diverse road and weather conditions.

  • The rear Scorpion Trail II has a radial design, while the front uses bias-ply technology.

The groove pattern on the 17-inch rear Scorpion Trail II covers a healthy 150-millimeter contact patch, supported by a 70% sidewall, delivering impressive traction, water evacuation, comfort, and load-carrying capacity.

The center compound on the rear and front derivatives of the Scorpion Trail II is harder and wider than most competitor brands, ensuring enhanced traction, improved cornering ability, and a longer lifespan.

The 18-inch front Scorpion Trail II shares the refined sidewall construction of the rear tire, striking a balance between flexibility for cornering confidence and rigidity for long-haul riding under load. The deep grooves on the front tire evacuate water rapidly, making deep water crossings and riding in heavy rain possible.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 69V) = 716 lbs./149 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 65V) = 494 lbs./149 mph.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 17” Rear Tire | 150/70-17 | $215,93

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 18” Front Tire | 100/90-18 | $127,08

Verdict: The hybrid radial/bias combination of the Pirelli Scorpion Trail II offers long-distance peace of mind. The tires can function perfectly under load and keep cool, while overall performance in diverse conditions is enhanced through innovative fusing of touring and enduro tire characteristics.

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#6: Best Dual-Sport Tires for 2002-2016 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

Continental TKC70 dual-sport tires are ideal for Bonneville T100 owners who enjoy off-road action. Equipped with healthy treads that evacuate mud from the tire, the TKC70 front and rear tires add a definite utilitarian charm to the Bonnie T100.

The 17-inch TKC70 rear tire has a steel radial design for enhanced traction and improved tire cooling at highway speeds.

The bias-ply 19-inch front Continental TKC70 tire has wide transverse grooves defining chunky self-cleaning treads with a distinct off-road look.

The rubber compound in Continental TKC70 dual-sport tires offers extended mileage and comfortable cruising qualities – soft and quiet.

The amalgamation of bias-ply and steel belt technologies results in a premium dual-sport tire that delivers a comfortable 80% on-road/20% off-road package.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 65T) = 639 lbs./118 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 57T) = 507 lbs./118 mph.

Continental TKC70 17” Rear Tire | 130/80-17 | $194,34

Continental TKC70 19” Front tire | 100/90-19 | $124,44

Verdict: The Continental TKC70 is a sensible dual-sport tire with solid R&D, ideal for backcountry adventures and exploring new territories on gravel roads. Add longevity and fuel-saving into the equation, and you’re looking at excellent tire value for a dual-sport configuration.

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Best Adventure Tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100

The best adventure tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100 will offer maximum traction in all weather conditions and be capable of carrying heavy loads in on-road and off-road conditions. Strong sidewalls are necessary to prevent punctures and self-cleaning treads are required to evacuate mud.

#7: Best 40/60 Adventure Tires for 2002-2016 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

If you’re planning a rugged adventure with your pre-2017 Bonnie T100 with plenty of off-road riding, look no further than the Shinko 804/805 Big Block adventure tire.

The Shinko Big block 17-inch rear and 19-inch front tires give the Bonneville T100 a definitive Amazonian aspect, with the closest thing to knobblies you’ll find on a DOT-approved off-road tire.

The Shinko Big Block tires are designed for 40% on-road and 60% off-road riding. The chunky tread pattern ensures mud is rapidly evacuated, while a flexible rubber compound provides a comfortable and safe ride on asphalt and dirt roads.

Robust bias-ply construction on front and rear Shinko Big Block tires affords excellent stability under load. Adventurers can load that T100 soft luggage with confidence.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 65T) = 639 lbs./118 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 57S) = 507 lbs./112 mph.

Shinko 804/805 Big Block 17” Rear Tire | 130/80-17 | $130,53

Shinko 804/805 Big Block 19” Front Tire | 100/90-19 | $106,79

Verdict: The Shinko 804/805 Big Block adventure tire fills a niche in the pre-2017 Triumph Bonneville market – a genuine off-road tire with a 19-inch front knobbly and 17-inch rear paddle that can handle the rough stuff. For the wild at heart, the Shinko Big Block tires will set your fully laden T100 up for the adventure of a lifetime.

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#8: Best 50/50 Adventure Tires for 2002-2016 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

If your Bonnie T100 enjoys dirt trails as much as it does pavement riding, Dunlop Trailmax Mission tires will serve your adventurous instincts well.

The Trailmax Mission tires for 17-inch rear and 19-inch front Bonnie T100 rims have a sophisticated deep tread pattern that delivers excellent traction on asphalt and dirt roads.

Deep shoulder sipes and self-cleaning treads rid the rubber of mud and water extremely effectively, keeping traction at optimum levels.

The bias-ply construction on both front and rear Trailmax Mission tires presents a rugged platform for heavy loads with dampening prowess typical of premium bias-ply adventure tires.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 65T) = 639 lbs./118 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 57T) = 507 lbs./118 mph.

Dunlop Trailmax Mission 17” Rear Tire | 130/80-17 | $171,95

Dunlop Trailmax Mission 19” Front Tire | 100/90-19 | $106,79

Verdict: Dunlop Trailmax Mission tires are engineered for balanced adventure riding, inspiring confidence and delivering payload capacity for on-road and off-road long-distance travel. The tread design on these durable tires is distinctive and effective, making sure your Bonnie T100 handles the journey with grace and reliability.

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Best Budget Tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100

The best budget tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100 will offer performance and durability at under $120 each. When buying from trusted suppliers with proven manufacturing technologies and premium tire brands, achieving optimal value from a budget tire is possible.

#9: Best Budget Tires for 2017-2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

The Shinko 712 17-inch rear and 18-inch front tires for the Triumph Bonneville T100 offer excellent value from a reputable Japanese manufacturer.

the Shinko 712 tires are constructed using a four-layer nylon bias-ply carcass, designed to last beyond 7 000 miles while delivering optimum traction in wet weather.

The rugged sidewalls boost durability while dampening rough road surfaces, making the Shinko 712 an excellent choice for commuting and touring on the T100.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 69H) = 716 lbs./130 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 56H) = 494 lbs./130 mph.

Shinko 712 17” Rear Tire | 150/70-17 | $100,66

Shinko 712 18” Front Tire | 100/90-18 | $77,04

Verdict: Shinko 712 tires are dependable and cost-effective. The tread design and rubber compound offer good performance in wet and dry conditions and the sturdy sidewalls enable a loaded Bonnie T100 to travel long distances safely. All told, a solid touring tire for a great price.

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#10: Best Budget Tires for 2002-2016 Triumph Bonneville T100 Models

Dunlop D404 street tires offer an affordable Bonneville T100 tire solution from a legendary manufacturer.

Bias-ply construction using high-quality fabrics and rubber delivers excellent longevity and traction.

Precision grooves expel water rapidly from the wide contact patches on front and rear tires, ensuring traction and stability on slippery surfaces.

The bias-ply construction boosts tire durability and shock absorption on bumpy roads.

Load/Speed Rating (Rear 68H) = 694 lbs./130 mph.

Load/Speed Rating (Front 57H) = 507 lbs./130 mph.

Dunlop D404 17” Rear Tire | 130/80-17 | $92,52

Dunlop D404 19” Front Tire | 100/90-19 | $72,49

Verdict: For Bonneville T100 riders who appreciate an easy rider approach to cruising, the Dunlop D404 has the necessary credentials to ensure the ride is comfortable, safe, and equipped for a spot of sports riding. The strong sidewalls can handle a heavy load for a hearty bout of touring too.

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Does the Triumph Bonneville T100 Need Inner Tubes?

Triumph Bonneville T100 models from 2002 to 2022 have spoked rear and front wheels and require the fitment of inner tubes. Regardless of whether the tire is tube or tubeless, all tires fitted to the Triumph Bonneville T100 should be supported by an inner tube.

Motorcycle inner tubes are highly flexible and are able to fit rims and tires of different sizes (diameters and widths).

The Triumph Bonneville T100 uses a standard TR-4 center valve stem inner tube, ideally one made from natural rubber, which offers more elasticity and greater puncture protection than synthetic tubes.

Heavy-duty tubes can be fitted to the Triumph Bonneville T100 for added robustness during adventure riding and touring.

You can buy budget-friendly tubes for the Bonneville T100 19-inch tire, 18-inch tire, and 17-inch tire.

  • Always carry a spare front tire inner tube. You can use it on the rear tire, too, if necessary.

As mentioned earlier in this article, tubeless tires are used on the Triumph Bonneville T100 but must always include an inner tube.

What are the Air Pressure Ratings for Triumph Bonneville T100 Tires?

The recommended tire pressure ratings for Triumph Bonneville T100 models from 2002 to 2022 are 33psi front/38psi rear for carburetor models from 2002-2008, 33psi front/41psi rear for fuel injected models from 2008 to 2016, and 32psi front/36psi rear on 2017 to 2022 models.

Maintaining correct tire pressure will help prolong tire life and ensure optimal handling and overall performance.

  • Tire pressure can be increased by 2psi front and rear when the bike is heavily loaded.
  • Tire pressure can be lowered by 2psi when ambient temperatures exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tire pressure can be reduced by 4psi when riding in deep sand.

You can keep your Bonnie T100 tires in top shape by regularly checking their pressure with a tire pressure gauge.

Having the ability to adjust the tire pressure on your Bonneville T100 while you’re travelling will make your trip more independent of service stations. A 12-volt mini compressor that packs a psi punch is just the ticket to tire pressure freedom.

In the event of a puncture on your Triumph Bonneville T100, you’re either going to have to call roadside assist, fix the puncture, or replace the tube.

Assuming you don’t have a roadside assist plan, you should always tour with a tire repair kit.

Equip your touring set-up with a pair of quality tire levers and a puncture repair kit.

Are Radial Tires Better than Bias-Ply Tires on a Bonneville T100?

Radial tires are better than bias-ply tires when it comes to cornering at speed on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Radial tires have greater heat dissipating power than bias-ply tires, which enhances performance and helps prolong tire life. Bias-ply tires are better for off-road riding.

Bias-ply tires are sturdier than radial tires because the fabric (nylon, rayon, and polyester) layers which crisscross diagonally to form the bias-ply carcass extend at the same thickness all the way from bead to bead.

A radial tire has steel wires stretching at right angles to the beads across the top of the tire to the sidewalls. The radial wires do not extend down to the tire beads. A fabric and rubber radial tire sidewall is thinner and more flexible than a bias-ply sidewall, which is why radial motorcycle tires corner better than bias-ply equivalents.

Choosing the best set of tires for your Triumph Bonneville T100 will depend on your riding style and the environments you ride in, aka the riding application.

If you’re inclined to favor the street racer lifestyle on your Bonnie T100, get a premium rear radial tire and a nimble bias-ply front tire.

For light touring and casual riding, you can’t go wrong with a rear radial tire and a bias-ply up front. For touring with a passenger or luggage, go bias-ply front and rear.

If getting into the great outdoors on your fully-packed for moto camping Bonnie T100 is your thing, a set of high-quality bias-ply dual-sport or adventure tires will make your day.

Standard Tire Sizes for the Triumph Bonneville T100

Tire sizes for the Triumph Bonneville T100 changed in 2017. Models from 2002-2016 have a 130/80-17 rear and a 100/90-19 front tire, while 2017 to 2022 T100 models have a 150/70-17 rear and a 100/90-18 front tire. A wider rear rim on 2017-2022 T100s allows for the fitment of low-profile radial tires.

The larger front tire on the pre-2017 T100 models gives the Bonnie a degree of light off-road capability, a characteristic of the bike well-served by tire manufacturers offering dual-sport and adventure tires for 19-inch rims.

The 18”-front/17”-rear configuration on the later Bonneville T100 derivatives lends itself to radial rear tire options and sportier street riding, carving through canyons and leaning through tight corners at the track on a ‘classic bike’ day.

The 150/70 aspect ratio on 17-inch rear tires for the post-2016 T100s enables a larger rubber contact patch than tires on the earlier models’ 130/80 rear rim. Fitting a rear radial tire will give the Bonnie T100 an accentuated street sport feel.

The pre-2017 T100 models have a rim configuration more akin to a classic multipurpose bike, built for commuting, touring, and ripping down dirt tracks.

  • The Triumph Bonneville T100 has spoked wheels, and while tubeless tires are on our list alongside tube tires, you must fit tubeless tires with an inner tube on a Bonneville T100.

Tire manufacturers have proactively worked with Triumph to produce tires covering a broad spectrum of motorcycling applications and riding styles associated with the Bonneville T100.