Best Tires For Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

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Key Takeaways

  • There are several different variations of the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer, depending on the make year, country of origin, and target market. It's worth noting that these are all based on the same bike engine and chassis and sport the same wheel size.
  • Different versions of MT-09 featured different OEM tires, the most notable of which were the Dunlop Sportmax D222, which wasn't a good fit in terms of performance.
  • Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 and Michelin Pilot Road 5 would be our top picks for this bike; your selection should be based on the factors unique to your bike and riding conditions.  

The tire market is flooded with numerous makes, but would your first choice be the best tires for Yamaha MT-09 Tracer? Here are our top picks.

The best tires for Yamaha MT-09 Tracer are as follows:

  • Metzeler M9 RR
  • Bridgestone S22
  • Dunlop Q3+ Sportmax
  • Michelin Pilot Road 5
  • Pirelli Diablo SUpoercorsa SP V3
  • Pirelli Scorpion Trail II
  • Dunlop Sportmax GPR300 (2020 MT-09 Tracer OEM)

To help you make an informed purchase decision about the best tires for Yamaha MT-09 Tracer, we discussed tires with tire specialists, as well as MT-09 tracer owners. We combined the knowledge of the former with the experience of the latter to present you with the best possible tires for your bike.

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Yamaha MT-09 Tracer History, Wheels, and Size

Yamaha introduced the MT-09, its 850cc triple-cylinder engine motorbike, in 2013, as an effort to challenge the Triumph Street Triple. However, the production hasn't started until 2014, when the bike finally hit the market — only 10lbs heavier than Street Triple, significantly lighter than the Z800, and more powerful than the R6.

The Yamaha MT-09 Tracer was "rebranded" into Tracer 900 and Tracer 900 GT, and it's built using the very same engine and chassis as the original MT-09. The GT version includes cruise control, an adjustable suspension, a fast shifter, a full-color TFT screen, and Yamaha hard luggage as standard equipment.

The first model was released in 2018; then, in 2020, it underwent revisions that included a longer swingarm (by a few inches), a larger screen, slimmer bars, and some other minor cosmetic adjustments. With features like an up-and-down quickshifter, semi-active suspension, a lightweight aluminum frame, a 6-axis IMU, and rider aids, the most recent model really shines.

As for the wheels and tires, the front and rear tires on Yamaha MT-09 Tracer, or Tracer 900 as it's now called, measure 120/70/17 and 180/55/17, respectively, which means that it shares tires (and frame) with the Yamaha XSR900. We used the aforementioned sizes as one of the metrics to select the tires presented on this list.

Best Tires For Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

As we like saying, tires are what connect you and your bike to the road. This means that they have to take your weight, combined with the weight and power output of your bike, and aid the machine in transporting you from point A to point B. Therefore, choose your tires carefully, pressurize them properly, and inspect them thoroughly and frequently. So, without further ado, here are the best tires for Yamaha MT-09 Tracer:

Metzeler M9 RR Tires

The tire set you choose is what actually connects your machine's clever engineering and all the power it can produce to the tarmac. Of course, the more sophisticated the bike, the more power it can produce; thus, you need to choose a set that's robust, adaptable, and grippy.

The excessive power that current tires must contend with even compelled rivals to collaborate in order to develop a responsive tire that offers excellent cornering grip in all weather situations and has a greater lifetime. Metzeler enlisted Pirelli's assistance to attain such outcomes, and the two companies jointly created a new compound and tire fabrication techniques that were incorporated into Metzeler M9 RR tire sets.

The M9 RR makes use of an entirely new design. Although it isn't particularly unusual among tire makers, Metzeler has never before used a dual rubber compound in one of their tire constructions. A harder central strip supports a softer compound utilized on the tires' outside edges, which not only improves traction during leans but also helps control the tire's temperature and increase the mileage it can provide.

The M9 RRs, according to Metzeler, now provides 10% longer tire life than their predecessor, the M7 RR, which was, by all accounts, a dependable tire set. The durability and performance of these were mostly evaluated on 1000cc displacements, where the 10% boost in durability was clearly audible. Given that the Yamaha MT-09 is somewhat lighter, with its 900ccm, it's reasonable to anticipate that the 10% increase can result in hundreds of additional miles.

In all honesty, these perform beyond all expectations in terms of operation and offer excellent grip and stability, especially at more extreme angles. The larger footprint will keep your bike planted during your ride, and the boost in stability compared to the previous iteration is quite noticeable both on the road and on tracks.

This also applies to the tire's performance in wet conditions, where the set warms up quickly due to the pattern's increased allowance for tread movement and improved water drainage provided by the tread grooves. After all is said and done, the M9 RR's overall performance will satisfy anyone seeking a tire that falls somewhere between sports touring and track rides. You can get this wonderful set online at Revzilla.


  • Dual compound for increased performance
  • Good grip
  • Long-lasting


  • Avoid painted sections of the road — you'll crash

Bridgestone S22

In line with contemporary hyper sport motorcycles, the primary focus with Bridgestone S22 is to produce a faster, lighter, and overall better tire, complemented with enhanced wet and dry grip performance. Modern performance bikes have a ton more power, torque, and electronic assistance available, which puts greater strain and force on the tires than ever before, especially on tracks.

High-end sports bikes, naked bikes with massive amounts of horsepower, and mid-capacity sports machines will all appreciate having a new pair of S22 hoops. When put through testing, the S22's shoulder, which has more tread and grooves than the S21 does, enhanced the tire's wet performance with an approx. 5% faster lap time, as measured on a BMW S1000RR.

The tire's centerline uses a tougher compound for maximum durability, while softer compounds are used on either side of the tire, where they are primed for grip while the bike is leaning. This is typical of many sports performance tires designed for road use.

Due to its relative width and the power, it must handle when the throttle is pushed at lean angles, the rear tire has three compounds split over five bands rather than two compounds over three bands found in the front tires. The central band of the rear tire uses 25% more silica, which is the material that actually increases the contact with the riding surface and promotes water dispersion.

Performance-wise, the Bridgestone S22 is a very versatile street-legal set that offers exceptional track performance for non-professional riders. It has identical wear to that of its predecessor while offering substantially more performance on both dry and wet surfaces. If you're interested in equipping these on your M9-09 Tracer, you can find them at RevZilla.


  • Exceptional grip
  • 5-band triple compound rear
  • Great for track and street


  • Not as durable as advertised

Dunlop Q3+ Sportmax

On top of its affordable price tag, the innovative Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ tire set has plenty to offer in terms of refinements and enhancements over its predecessor — the acclaimed Q3. This makes the Q3+ model one of the best-in-class when it comes to price-performance ratio, as it provides excellent performance that won't burn a hole through your pocket. What's the point of buying great tires if you can't fill up the tank afterward?

The "Plus" version of the tire set, which is the only hypersport rubber made in the US, inherited the best confidence-inspiring characteristics of Q3 while also incorporating a number of new technologies and acronyms that enhance its performance. New technology and a new centerline compound significantly improve the rear MT Multitread tire, increasing both mileage and cornering performance.

The Q3+ preserves Dunlop's exclusive CFT — Carbon Fiber Technology — sidewall reinforcement that was created especially for the previous edition of the tire and features a tread pattern that is extremely similar to the Q3 — so it's quite steep and aggressive. There are some obvious contrasts in this situation, though.

The long-lasting center of the rear tire now uses a special resin with silica added instead of a carbon-black substance, which improves the tire's wear characteristics. The carbon black-based shoulder compounds haven't changed with Q3+, but Dunlop's modified the tread tension, resulting in an even wider footprint at lean angles, which is crucial for cornering.

Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) technology is a new feature of the Q3rear +'s tire, giving drivers more freedom to change their course mid-corner while still providing amazingly linear, predictable steering. As a result, you will have greater room for error and won't need to "calculate" every turn angle during riding sessions.

A noteworthy detail is that, in comparison to the Q3 iteration, Dunlop essentially made no changes to the front tire. According to the manufacturer, the front tire was originally where it needed to be in terms of performance. Customers may get Dunlop Q3+ Sportmax at RevZilla and CycleGear.


  • Awesome performance
  • Reasonable Price
  • Exceptional cornering stability


  • Not great on dirt and gravel

Michelin Pilot Road 5

The Michelin Pilot Road 5 is among the best tires for Yamaha MZ-09, as it's capable of withstanding a variety of terrains and weather conditions without endangering your safety. Michelin has updated its whole brand portfolio while also releasing a number of new bike wheels and tires. One of the most recent models, the Pilot Road 5, promises an increased lifetime and performance over its predecessor.

The newest sport-touring tire from Michelin is designed to be more resilient and perform better in wet conditions. According to Michelin, the Road 5 tires are equally at home, tearing up your favorite bends as they are commuting to work. Additionally, their GT designation means that they're harder and stronger, making them better suited for heavier sporting race bikes.

The first thing you'll notice is the sheer quantity of grooves — referred to as sipes by Michelin — on the tires. There are microscopic, tiny grooves in addition to the larger, more typical ones, and their purpose is to aid water dispersion and improve performance in rainy riding conditions.

Like its sport-touring cousin, the Pilot Road 5 includes Michelin's patented XST incorporated into its tread. The tire also has Michelin's "XST+" function, which entails slightly beveling the tip of the sipe to reduce the amount of tread deterioration that occurs when braking hard on dry pavement.

The grip is adequate but not exceptional, which makes these tires great for regular riding and aggressive mountain biking. However, if you're looking to really break through all the limits, we would suggest a different model. Don't get us wrong, these Pilot 5 are fantastic on the track, and they perform admirably.

You should be able to keep up at modest speeds and lower RPMs, but lean degrees and grip amounts are where these tarnish their reputation because they slide at excessive angles. They lose grip as they warm up, especially while exiting turns. Nonetheless, this shouldn't discourage you from riding if you happen to have a pair on your regular bike, and as long as you are aware of their limitations, they'll serve you well.

With that said, they can truly withstand a hammering in terms of abuse, and you can expect to squeeze at least 5,000 miles out of these. Depending on your riding style and conditions, that number may very well double. Anyone interested in buying these fantastic tires can do so at RevZilla.


  • Great mileage
  • All-weather tire


  • Could benefit from more grip

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3

The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 is an absolute road-eating monster, and we mean that in the best possible way. However, before we get into what makes this aggressive behemoth so awesome, we'd like to make clear that the Supercorsa is actually intended for track use, even if it is completely legal for use on the street. Now that it has been said let's discuss performance.

The Supercorsa SP V3 is probably Pirelli's and quite possibly the world's most technologically advanced tire ever created — at least for the time being. This tire set's core, made with wholly new compounds and outfitted with cutting-edge technologies, is the direct product of decades of tire development that's capable of providing an unrivaled grip in all riding circumstances.

To increase the amount of surface area between the bike and the road, which directly affects the rubber's grip, the tires themselves have extremely little tread. Additional siping improves thermal management, which helps the rubber heat up quickly and gives more traction in wet and warm riding conditions, offering more confidence the longer they make contact with the asphalt.

The same rubber is really made up of several different compounds; the front tire is made of dual-compound rubber, while the rear tire is made of triple-compound rubber. Both versions include a centerline that offers exceptional durability, flanked by sides that are extremely gripping and give your bike the impression of riding on rails, regardless of whether you're cornering or going in a straight line.

The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 is an absolute delight for canyon carvers and track day aficionados that enjoy the mix of cornering grip and unmatched performance. The tire is W-rated, allowing it to reach a sustained top speed of about 170mph. Both RevZilla and CycleGear currently offer the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 model.


  • Excellent drip in all conditions
  • W-rating


  • Not as durable

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tires

Though they are marketed as some of the best tires for ADV bikes as dual sports tires, the Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tires are fantastic for anyone who uses their bike for daily communing and pavement riding. The second edition of Pirelli's Scorpion Trail tire blends the tire's high mileage capabilities with the original's pavement friendliness. As a result, the Scorpion Trail II is actually a dual sports tire for those that rarely venture off the road.

This makes it work quite well on Yamaha MT-09 if you're not too aggressive of a rider. The footprint is 6% shorter and 10% broader than the previous model, which helps to reduce wear and ensures higher mileage without sacrificing grip. In fact, Pirelli claims that the Trail II has a 50% increase in mileage over its predecessor.

The compound itself, however, is surprisingly soft and not at all harsh, which has many advantages for riding on roads. To be more precise, the new compound heats up quite rapidly and improves the tire's traction on the ground. They provide a smooth ride and a lot of confidence in bends and when braking, especially on wet roads. In fact, they're actually very grippy and fairly comfy on asphalt.

Their enhanced grip allows you to increase leaning angles while cornering, and a generally broader contact patch ensures increased longevity without compromising grip. While they perform admirably on asphalt, their design is actually oriented towards the pavement, meaning that the handling they offer significantly worsens when you contact badly maintained roads and hard-packed gravel.

This is due to very shallow and very narrow pattern depth and width, which are quite effective for contacting asphalt, but very ineffective when it comes to shifting gravel for any kind of off-road riding. Not to mention wet grass or mud, which could be particularly challenging for the majority of mid- and heavy-weight bikes at high PSI.

Nevertheless, as was already indicated, they have a strong road bias and are suitable for hard compacts, which makes them perfect for any kind of sports bike. Pirelli Scorpion Trail II is available on sale at RevZilla.


  • Great if you commute on your MT-09
  • Fantastic grip
  • Consistent performance


  • They're ADV tires

Dunlop Sportmax GPR300

There are two reasons why Dunlop Sportmax GPR300 made this list; they're stock tires for 2020 MT-09 — and the engineers who designed the bike knew what tires to use — and they're actually quite accessible price-wise. For the GPR300, Dunlop combined the DNA of its tried-and-true hypersport and athletic tires to create an entry-level sports tire for a bike that doesn't want to compromise.

At a competitive price, Dunlop's patented Jointless Band design, radial structure, modern rubber compounds, creative belt design, and exceptional water-siping groove pattern are all integrated into the GPR300. The aforementioned compound also has great thermal management, and winter temperatures actually won't affect how quickly these tires heat up or how well they perform.

Because of their profile shape, which guarantees a constant contact patch, aggressive cornering won't reduce grip, eliminating slippage during hard braking and acceleration. Thanks to this, and their hypersport DNA, the GPR300 are among the most responsive tires on our list, and they handle precisely, quickly, and quite predictably.

They don't wiggle and twist at high speeds, have a quick and consistent turn-in, and have outstanding line hold. The single-compound structure of the GPR-300 is preferred by most riders since it is simpler and more reliable. The tires are generally well-made and have rather deep treads. Despite being softer than the rubber compounds used in hypersport tires, the rubber compositions on these seem stiffer.

Dunlop really did its homework and created something genuinely special with the GPR-300 — a tire set that really punches above its weight class. Only a small number of sports tires can match the GPR300's price without offering the same features, longevity, and sporting legacy. So, if you're looking for a sports tire that won't break the bank, regardless of whether you're a commuter or a track enthusiast, Dunlop GPR300 is your go-to. This fantastic set is currently available at Revzilla.


  • Affordable
  • Good compound mix
  • Expect more than 4,000


  • Not for heavier bikes