Best Tires For Yamaha MT-125

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Finding the best tires for the Yamaha MT-125 can be a bit of a struggle because it is hard to figure out if a tire is right for a certain motorcycle.

Having a good pair of tires is essential for a motorcycle as they offer comfort, performance, and good traction. Motorcycle owners are constantly on the lookout for brands and tires that will complement their motorcycles as well as make their journeys worth remembering.

Some of the best tires for the Yamaha MT-125 include the Avon Roadrider MKII, Metzeler Sportec M7 RR, Dunlop Trailsmart, Pirelli Angel GT II, Michelin Commander III Bridgestone BT 46, Michelin Anakee Wild, Continental Road Attack 4, Avon AV53 Trailrider, and the Bridgestone Battlecruise H50.

The problem with buying tires is that the vast variety available in the market can confuse you. Looking at the physical characteristics of a tire can never be enough to make a wise decision, and this is why we've decided to help you out.

To help you find the right product, we've created a list of the best available tires for Yamaha MT-125. We've tested different varieties of tires and then selected the ones that performed the best.

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Avon Roadrider MKII

The first tire on our list comes from a reputable company called Avon. Avon has been in the tire business since 1904, and its latest product is the vintage-friendly Avon Roadrider MKII, controlled by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. The Roadrider MKII allows Avon to expand on the Roadrider's popularity. Their design team has done an outstanding job of improving upon the many excellent components of the Roadrider. Considering the massive bar, this was no small achievement.

The right rubber is important for any antique motorbike. The revolutionary Avon Roadrider MKII tire improves on the original by combining classic appearance with cutting-edge technology. The new Roadrider MKII emphasizes drying performance throughout acceleration, braking, and cornering, as per Avon. Durability is given less weight. This will appeal to classic sport motorbike riders who appreciate pushing the boundaries.

Avon built the Roadrider MKII from the ground up to get there, with stability as a top priority. The redesigned sidewall is meant to prevent ozone damage and keep the tires in fantastic shape for longer. Because many antique motorcycles are only used occasionally, this should help the tire last longer. The Roadrider MKII is available from Avon in various widths and wheel diameters. In addition, several of the sizes come in two speed classifications.

The tread pattern is significantly more chiseled than the previous tire's, but the front and rear tread patterns retain to match each other for an overall unified look, in keeping with typical British minimalism. Sports, sport-touring, and cruiser bikers will profit from a silica-rich composition and assertive shoulder shape for exceptional traction in wet and dry conditions once passed the Roadrider MK II's looks.

Improved handling in wet and dry conditions, decreased wear, and shorter brake distance are all advantages of the Avon Roadrider MKII. When contrasted to the Avon Roadrider, wet testing shows a significant reduction in braking distance. A traditional tread and sidewall look make the tire suited for motorcycles of all generations, in addition to the extended size range.

If you wish to purchase the Avon Roadrider MKII tire, check it out at Cycle Gear. The model is available at a price ranging from $138.13-$242.67.

Metzeler Sportec M7 RR

Metzeler has been a subsidiary of Pirelli Tire S.P.A. in Milan since 1986, and it is the only main producer of bike tires, which means no vehicle diversions and a complete emphasis on two-wheel rubber.

Metzeler's technicians looked to road racing for motivation when constructing the famous but maturing Sportec M5 Interact super sport street tire replacement. Not the kind that occurs on the smooth paving of racing arenas, but the manly road racing that happens on public roads around the globe. The Sportec M7 RR is designed for riders with a competitive riding position who travel in various circumstances, from the ordinary urban surroundings to a weekend visit on tight roads, and who seek grip in all climate and weather situations.

The M7 RR has a rayon rotary carcass encased in zero-degree steel-belted with Metzeler Interact innovation, which adjusts tension over the tire's breadth for progressive behavior across a diverse variety of lean angles and loads. The profile has been tweaked to provide a wider turning footprint and quicker turn-in. The improved 100% silica compound is intended to work across a broad range of temperatures, while the altered tire channels are said to increase drainage of water and reduce strain.

The tires provide great straight-line and turning stability, as well as a neutral driving character. In comparison to its Sportec M5 precursor, Metzeler states that the M7 has a 20% improvement in endurance. The front tire cover is made of 100% silica material, comparable to what is used in genuine supersport tires. The back comprises a specific silica combination that includes 70% silica on the midline and 100% silica on every shoulder.

The thing that sets it apart is an expanded layer of the 70% silica present in the midline placed beneath the shoulders. This transfers the heat from the center to the shoulders, boosting overall tire warm-up and reducing those feared cold tire crashes at the start of rides.

The Sportec M7 RR tires from Metzeler can easily be purchased from Revzilla at a price ranging from $112.99-$188.99.

Dunlop TrailSmart

Another top-quality tire on our list is the Dunlop TrailSmart. The company introduced this 80 percent street and 20 percent dirt ADV tire in 2016. These tires are built to provide optimal dry and wet traction while prioritizing tire life. The TrailSmart tires maintain themselves surefooted no matter what you throw at them, thanks to the distinctive crossing tread grooves, which Dunlop refers to as the XGT cross-groove design.

The pattern is said to provide exceptional dry grip while also quickly evaporating water in the rains and bolstering off-road grip. In addition, the grooves aid bump absorbance, resulting in a considerably comfortable ride and better sensation on uneven roads.

The TrailSmart provides exceptional grip and security on dry pavement. When accelerating hard out of bends, the back will never come away, and the front will stay like it's on rails. The Dunlop TrailSmart includes a new chemical with a greater silica content and a reworked tread design with wider pitch and grooves angles.

This implies for the user that the tread will wear more evenly, and water will be evacuated more efficiently, which is advertising talk for properly disposing of the rain. The stated benefit for wet traction derives from the crisscross design that Dunlop's opponents possess.

They're also appealing to the eye, which may be a major factor for some customers. Thanks to the symmetrical distribution, the tread has a strong feel to it. If you have an adventure motorcycle, even if it never crosses a grassy hill, we recommend giving these tires a try. The off-road ability is maybe the most unexpected, given that this is largely street rubber.

The Trail smart twins deliver loads of flexibility, even when under throttle or cautious braking, with tire pressure at on-pavement settings. The final product, which is intended for moderate to heavyweight adventure motorcycles, comes in various sizes, including 19-21-inch fronts and 17- 18-inch rear tires.

To get your hands on the Dunlop TrailSmart tires, all you must do is check them out on Cycle Gear. The model is priced ranging from $122.64-$192.88.

Pirelli Angel GT II

The Pirelli Angel GT II has a dual composition, which means the center is tougher for longer wear and the outsides are gentler for grip. The biggest distinction between the GT I and the GT II is a couple of channels that run all around the middle of the fresh GT IIs, which Pirelli claims improve wet efficiency, stability, and handling.

The Angel GT II tire has a pretty balanced character that won't feel jittery like an adventure sports tire and won't cause poor steering.

According to Pirelli, these tires are geared for Grand tourers, who are motorcyclists who frequently travel thousands of miles alone and with a rider and baggage, on sport riding and adventure motorcycles.

They also recommend Smart urban, who enjoy supersport, bare, and adventure-tourer motorcycles throughout the year, and those who get to enjoy supersport and adventure motorcycles on weekends. The GT II tires needed to be well-made with such a large target market.

The tires provide excellent side traction when the weather is hot, and you're cutting up some incredibly twisty terrain. Likewise, the frame and bars will hold steady even if the road becomes uneven and irregular while ripping down expressways. The tires provide excellent input and comfort in the front-end under harsh deceleration and trail braking.

A pair of Angel GT IIs is said to have a tire life span of 10,000 miles or more before requiring a tire change. The Angel GT IIs are available in the most common 17-inch sizes, so they'll suit most sportbikes and sport-tourers.

If you want to purchase the Pirelli Angel GT II tires, you can check them out at Revzilla. The model is available at a price ranging from $160.43-$243.48.

Michelin Commander III

Michelin sought to create the Commander II tire in 2012 to outlast its competition without compromising grip. With the refreshed Commander III for V-twin commuters and touring motorcycles, the company is pushing the standard once more, focusing on greater wet efficiency and new, enhanced aesthetics.

The Michelin Commander II was made with Silica Rain Innovation, which incorporates silica into the tire composition, while the Commander III is made entirely of silica. Silica, a sand-based composition that Michelin pioneered to introduce into passenger vehicle tires, is utilized because of its propensity to improve traction in wet situations.

Silica remains flexible in cooler asphalt conditions, such as when it pours. This elasticity allows for a bigger contact patch, which aids grip in wet circumstances. The Commander III tires are available in two styles: Touring and cruiser, both of which include the same technological breakthroughs. However, the compositions and tread designs differ to account for the variation in average weight among the two themes.

The profile has been slightly rounded, resulting in a more solid and less-stressed contact area and a better transfer from standing to lean. This, combined with a slightly thicker groove than the Commander II that assists channel rainwater more efficiently, naturally improves cornering grip.

The only distinction in handling between the tires is that the Cruiser tire's broader rounded shape feels more grounded in corners than the Touring tire, which straightens out a little more towards the top. Even though both the Cruiser and Touring tires are made of 100 % silica, Michelin promotes the Cruiser tire as being built for better traction in the wet, even under hard braking.

Michelin claimed that the tires stopped faster than the competition in wet circumstances. This weather-forward marketing makes perfect sense because cruiser riders are subjected to rain daily—especially weekend thunderstorms that can radically affect traction.

The Michelin Commander III tires are available at Cycle Gear at a price ranging from $155.33-$295.33.

Bridgestone BT 46

The Battlax BT46 succeeds the legendary Battlax BT45, which has been the go-to racing tire since its launch 22 years ago. Bridgestone has now updated its design with cutting-edge technologies. The front design on the Battlax BT46 is reversed V-shaped, decreasing operating forces on the tire, lowering irregular degradation, and providing the rider with excellent responses for superior control.

A freshly modified silica single composition has been added to the back wheel to improve performance, grip, and durability. The BT45's wet ability has been improved without affecting the predecessor's well-known dry handling ability or wear resistance.

To address the operating forces on the tire, altering the pattern design to a V-shape pattern has a direct effect on minimizing uneven wear. The majority of the BT46 sized line-up would be in "UM Application," which means that the tubeless tire could be used on a tube-type wheel when used with tubes.

Using a top-notch modern single silica composition on the back wheel gives the essential wet improved performance to give the BT46 exceptional all-round capabilities, on top of the very excellent feel and dry-handling efficiency.

By raising the amount of silica in Silica Rich EX innovation, efficiency in wet circumstances is improved. Bridgestone's RC Polymer manufacturing method is then used to process this gripping compound further to improve silica dispersion inside the rubber compound. This increases tread suppleness, allowing for more contact with the ground in hot and cold weather.

Rolling resistance and fuel efficiency are both improved as molecular friction is reduced. The BT46 is now offered in classic vintage supersport bike tire sizes, attracting a new generation of riders. These measurements lead to a higher "V" driver rating.

To get your hands on the BT46 tires, you can check out Cycle Gear. The model is available at a reasonable price ranging from $119.73-$256.27.

Michelin Anakee Wild

Michelin developed the Anakee Wild with information gained from conquering Dakar rallies with its Desert Race tire, and it reflects. At first appearance, these tires appear to be serious. The tread design is uneven and bent to enhance grip in wet situations and release dirt or pebbles.

The tread is also broader at the base, with bridges connecting the outside blocks to support wearing and turning stability. The Anakee Wild really emerges off the beaten path. There's plenty of traction when the rear brakes are applied at a fast speed, and it's gradual and predictable. Using this tire, gravel, compacted dirt, and stones are all treated with care.

These Michelins should not startle you on the road if you watch your pace closely. Even in the wet, there is enough cornering traction. The bridging outer blocks perform as designed on different terrains to keep the steering feel constant. They produce sound, as do other knobbies, but it is not really annoying. Since it first debuted in 2016, numerous new sizes have been added to the front tire, which is accessible in 19 inches and 21 inches, and the back wheel is accessible in 17 -18 inches.

These tires have a wonderful look to them, and the sidewalls are malleable enough to be installed by hand with ease. The rear swings about a lot when you're heavy on the accelerator in sand and rocks. On the other hand, the front tire compensates for the back tire's absence of off-road structural support. Once out on the road, Michelin's classification as a 50/50 tire stands to reason. It handles tricky tarmac far better than comparable full DOT knobbies. Hard braking is great on all terrains, and slipping the back Anakee Wild to and from the curves is a lot of fun.

Based on your setup, the sensors on most relatively new ADV motorcycles will keep the system slides consistent, so the reality that the rear wheel breaks away frequently in the dirt only means you'll have even more fun driving it.

Overall, the Michelin Anakee Wild could be the ideal all-around tire. You can ride it vigorously both on and off the street, and considering that this tire must last most motorcyclists five to six thousand miles, it surely is worth a shot!

If you want to purchase the Michelin Anakee Wild tire, you can check it at Revzilla. The tires are available at a price ranging from $122.99-$234.99.

Continental Road Attack 4

The Road Attack 4 by Continental united two worlds: An entirely new tire design that easily outperforms its rivals in the standard sport-touring measures of economy, comfort, balance, and wet traction. However, it also provides new degrees of pure athletic ability, critical for today's high-performance motorcycles. Continental refers to this tire as a Hyper-Touring tire because of its exceptional performance.

The Conti Road Attack 4 features an all-new composition, a revised tread pattern, and a slick patch on the top tread shoulder for turning at high lean angles. In addition, the front tire is built to deliver better input and improved agility, with a decreased inclination to make a stand during heavy cornering. It also incorporates Continental's Traction Skin innovation, which has a quick break-in time.

The Grip Limit Feedback feature in the revolutionary Conti Road Attack 4 provides early input in high-lean angles. In addition, the uppermost tread shoulder's slippery area allows for optimal grip and accuracy. This model excels in every aspect with exceptional traction in all situations and even greater dry traction that surpasses pure sport tires.

An all-new compound and modified tread pattern substantially increase wet weather handling. This high-tech tire was created for today's strong sports riders while also improving the performance of vintage cyclocross bikes. The new tire was built to manage bikes with more than 200 horsepower while also complementing the technological aids on those motorbikes.

The greater grip on the Road Attack 4 is due to the first application of a new silica rubber compound with no durability loss. Unlike many competitors, the same composition is used throughout the tread. Continental's temperature-controlled curing method makes this feasible, and the tire's great handling and feeling are attributed to this constant transition.

As the tire reaches its traction limits, the innovative carcass architecture and specific tread composition work with each other to deliver great feedback and sensation. The outcome is a greater sense of the road's various grip levels, improving safety and comfort at high lean degrees.

They're much more striking in mixed weather and pouring rain. Wet grip isn't generally associated with light-steering tires; however, the Angel GT IIs are so comforting on wet roads that you'll have a hard time believing it the first time you use these tires. All of this added all-weather traction and comfort comes from novel profiles, materials, and structures, as well as countless hours of road and track experience.

The Continental Road Attack 4 tires are exclusively available at Revzilla, with a price ranging from $233.23-$340.30, so make sure to have a look!

Avon AV53 Trailrider

The job of an adventure-touring tire is the most difficult. Unlike a dedicated sport or cruise tire, an adventure tire must provide a virtually unachievable mix of dry and wet pavement grip, off-road adhesion, and stability, along with good braking skills as well. The Trailrider, which succeeds the previous Avon Distanzia version, is a 90/10 touring tire that claims to function well in the adventure touring classification.

Trailriders have the greatest balanced stability and handling characteristics of any adventure-touring tire. The Trailrider's name suggests that it is capable on the dirt. However, it is a road tire identical to the Metzeler Tourance. Avon claims that a vibrant silica component, a high-tech chassis, and 3D sipes distinguish the tire. In the touring category, the 3D sipes are distinguished as being exceptionally forward-minded. The interconnecting three-dimensional features buried within the sipes, as per Avon, increase the stability and traction, reduce flex, and enable the tire to warm up rapidly.

As per Avon testing, the revolutionary Trailrider tire has an average lifespan of 6,000 to 9,000 miles, which is more than adequate given the scale of the large ADV bikes and the varied situations they're put through.

If you ride through sand, muck, or grassy hills frequently, you might explore a dirt-specific tire. However, if you're searching for street-oriented rubber to carry your huge ADV, the innovative Avon Trailrider is a smart alternative.

The Trailrider is available in 18 various configurations, six front, and twelve rear, to match a wide range of models. Overall, the chassis of the tire is designed to provide better grip and control. Avon's scientists have developed a new super-rich silica ingredient that uses cutting-edge compounding technologies to optimize wet grip while maintaining mileage. In addition, steep sipes of a novel design in the computer-generated tire pattern help quickly push out the water. This tire, according to Avon, was created in England with the British climate in mind.

If you want to get your hands on the Avon AV53 Trailrider tires, you can check out Revzilla. The model is available at a price ranging from $110.88-$209.70.

Bridgestone Battlecruise H50

If you are looking for a durable and reliable tire for your Yamaha MT-125, then consider going with the Battlecruise from H50.

Bridgestone is now appealing to the cruiser-style motorcycle industry, which accounts for most motorbikes on U.S. roads. The Battlecruise H50 is a V-twin cruiser tire built exclusively for the U.S. market, and if this is anything like their previous motorcycle tires, it should be a hit. The idea is simple: Create a tire that has remarkable handling and stabilization and good dry and rainy weather characteristics while also increasing mileage significantly.

The Battlecruise H50, according to Bridgestone, requires 40% less directional input on the handlebars than its major competition. Any motorcycle, including a cruiser, can be disturbed by the wrong tire; therefore, the challenge is to design a balanced tire to function well on any type and brand of cruiser. The American V-twin cruiser industry is new territory for Bridgestone, so getting it right was critical.

One of the most evident differences after back-to-back riding with the Bridgestone H50 is a significantly smoother and more enjoyable ride. Bridgestone is credited with achieving the ideal balance of horizontal rigidity, resulting in maximum durability without sacrificing shock absorption. In addition, the fineness is substantially increased over bridge extensions, rain channels on the roadside, and some smaller sandy or dirt excursions.

Bridgestone has been working on the Battlecruise H50 for the past five years. A lot of that research and development was done with their trademarked Ultimate Eye technology. The U-EYE is indoor equipment that collects data on everything from contact behavior at varying speeds and situations to maximum weights and slips inclinations for serious examination. This enables for ideal shape and tread composition depending on the specifications of an American cruiser tire.

The information acquired through the U-EYE procedure is tremendously helpful in understanding how to effectively combine compounds, tread pattern, manufacturing, and tire profile for the greatest overall result.

When you're on some problematic pavement, the Battlecruise H50 barely counts the intensity of the hazards in your route while maintaining your motorcycle in line and steady in an otherwise uncertain circumstance, which is a quality that is typically absent with most cruiser tires.

They estimated that a decrease of 40% less effort over the nearest rival could be accomplished after stringent testing in a regulated track environment. Bridgestone achieved this by enlarging the front tire's contacting patch, resulting in a more consistent contact stress distribution. As a result, the tire's deviation is reduced, allowing the profile to maintain a steady attitude during the turning operation.

To purchase the Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 tire, you can check out Cycle Gear. The model is available at a price ranging from $132.34-$232.34.