Best Tires For Yamaha Star Venture

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The Star Venture is the top transcontinental tourer by Yamaha, which means it merits the finest tires. So, what are the best tires for Yamaha Star Venture?

With so many brands in the market, it can be hard to differentiate between the good and the bad and to determine which type of tire is the best for your bike and riding style.

Through our own experience, we have determined that Continental, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Avon, Shinko, Metzeler, Kenda, and Michelin produce some of the most cutting-edge and highest-quality tires in the market, suited to a luxury touring bike like Yamaha Star Venture.

In this guide, we have given reviews of the best tires for the Yamaha Star Venture that these brands produce. We will discuss their key features including the material, design, technology, and performance of these tires and will help you find out their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

This review includes the expert opinion of our team who has tried various motorcycles and motorcycle tires over the years. We have compiled their opinions to write this review to bring you the most accurate information.

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Best Tires for the Yamaha Star Venture

Although there are dozens of excellent tires suited for Yamaha Star Venture, for the sake of writing this article, we have chosen the select few, which, in our opinion, offer a lot of value to the rider.

Continental Conti Legend Tire

The Continental Conti Legend Tire is a legendary innovation by Continental as is the perfect classic tire for heavy touring bikes, cruisers, and Harley Davidson bikes.

The tires consist of a multi-grooved unique pattern featured with wide whitewalls that give it the iconic look of classic touring bikes. The carcass construction of the tires has been optimized for smooth handling and excellent steering response in all sorts of driving conditions, with a high degree of comfort.

Continental Conti Legend tires are equipped with a MileagePlus Technology that increases the mileage of the tires significantly while allowing exceptional handling. The multi-grooved pattern on the tire also enables optimal drainage for riding the tires in wet conditions without the risk of skidding. This ensures a longer life of the tire as well as consistent performance.

The tires are H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph. In addition, the Continental offers a three-year complimentary roadside assistance, including a flat tire change and towing up to 150 miles.


  • An asymmetrical tread pattern that ensures excellent stability, control, and comfort
  • Multi-groove patterns ensure good water evacuation to prevent hydroplaning
  • MileagePlus Technology
  • H-rate speed
  • Three years of roadside assistance, free of cost


  • Does not come with a mileage warranty
  • Expensive

Dunlop D404 Metric Cruiser Front Tire

Dunlop D404 front tires are engineered with an innovative tread compound that offers a lot of benefits when it comes to superior grip and mileage.

The tread patterns on the tire are designed to deliver water evacuation and an exceptional grip on water surfaces, which makes it a good choice for riding your Yamaha Star Venture in the rain. The tire has a bias-ply construction that offers excellent load carrying capabilities and optimal comfort.

Another unique thing about the Dunlop d404 is that it has an offset center groove that runs around the circumference of the tire and ensures straight-line stability. The tire comes with one-size property which allows it to fit with any compatible motorcycle rim.

Dunlop has been producing excellent quality tires for years and the D404 is one of the best of the best when it comes to motorcycle performance. The tire features a classic design and is one of the most preferred options for cruisers and tourers.

The tires are H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph.


  • The only tire with one-size-fits-all property
  • Decent and reliable road grip for tackling different types of surfaces
  • Stable and well-balanced tires
  • Good value


  • The tires may wear out faster, depending on the terrain you are riding

Kenda K657 Challenger Tire

Kenda K657 is one of the best all-season tires for Yamaha Star Venture on the market and can be ridden on a wide range of surfaces and terrain. Hence, the tires are a great option for people who live in places with temperamental weather patterns. It is also a wonderful tire for people who are planning to ride to new destinations, because of the tire’s unique tread patterns.

Kenda K657 has a tubeless construction that ensures good handling and comfort, no matter what kind of weather you are riding in. This tire is a good option for mid-sized motorcycles as well as lightweight sports tourers.

The tire is DOT-approved hence it can be driven on all American roads and highways. The tire is H-rated.


  • All-season option for cruisers and tourers
  • Tubeless construction ensures excellent handling and comfort
  • Good durability
  • DOT-approved
  • H-rating


  • The tread life is a bit of a letdown, depending on how and where you ride the bike
  • Not a great option for high load-carrying bikes
  • Tires produce a buzzing noise on some terrains

Pirelli Night Dragon

Pirelli Night Dragon is one of the top-rated cruiser tires that is designed for custom bike tires that require high-performing tires for straight and incline stability.

The tires have a great grip and although the mileage is slightly less than other competitors, it is still not bad. People who love to ride harder like the stick and handling. This means the tires have excellent traction and grip on the road and prevent skidding on the road. It also consists of GT reinforced spec to accommodate heavier touring bikes.

The Pirelli Night Dragon is a very fun tire that offers excellent reliability and good tire life. The tires are particularly optimized for V-twin engines which deliver higher power and torque. They are also equipped with EPT technology to maximize the area of contact, which gives you great stability, even at higher speed and lightning-fast acceleration.

The tire has various ratings, including an H-rating of up to 130 mph; a V-rating or a speed of up to 149 mph; or a W-rating or a speed of up to 168 mph.


  • Ensure straight-line and incline stability
  • Excellent stick and handling
  • GT reinforced spec to accommodate heavier bikes
  • EPT technology got great stability and maximum comfort
  • Multiple speed ratings


  • Mileage is not that great but that is to be expected

Bridgestone Battlecruise H50

The Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 is a tire that has been designed to work with the powerful V-twin engine. The tire offers a very smooth handling and a comfortable ride, right off the bat. As expected of Bridgestone, the Battlecruise H50 is a very sticky tire with exceptional grip and traction. If you prefer to ride your bike in all conditions, you will find that the tires perform very well on wet roads as well, thanks to their specially designed rain grooves that can evacuate water easily.

The innovative compound and carcass also ensure high mileage for long-distance rides. The tires also have a very long tread life, as much as 2.7 times that of Exedra Max. Because of its exceptional handling capabilities, it can withstand a lot of load and can allow bikes carrying a load of 650 lbs to turn smoothly and both slow and high speeds, reducing the fall-in when cornering.

In addition, the tires are designed to reduce the vibrations transmitted from powerful engines, ensuring a comfortable ride that prevents rider fatigue, even when you are touring at a longer distance.

The tires have a speed rating of H, which is up to 130 mph or a speed rating of V, which is up to 149 mph. In addition, Bridgestone also claims that the Battlecruise H50 has 40% better treadwear than the competition.


  • Smooth handling and exceptional ride comfort
  • 40% longer tread life than the competition
  • Speed ratings from H to V
  • Vibration-reducing ability
  • Excellent grip and traction


  • Expensive but that is to be expected in a tire of this quality

Michelin Commander II                

Michelin Commander II is a radial tire that is specifically designed for cruisers.

The Commander II is equipped with an amplified density technology which is excellent since it creates a highly dense and rigid casing for the tire. It also boasts a radically different tire tread pattern which delivers increased feedback, exceptional maneuverability, and excellent handling.

The tires also use square wire beads that can improve the rigidity of the structure. In addition, the Aramid fibers are used to increase the strength and stability of the tires while reducing weight. It also features the state-of-the-art Silica Rain technology that adds silica into the tire compound to ensure even tire wear.

The tires feature a longitudinal tread pattern that is designed to offer excellent water repellant properties for superior grip on wet roads. Coupled with a high-end side wall finish and the tires offer a neat experience.

The Commander II has an unmatched tread life that can cover up to 25,000 miles. It has set a new standard when it comes to durability, maneuverability, and stability, without compromising grip in wet weather conditions.


  • Longitudinal tread evacuates water more quickly
  • Excellent handling and maneuverability
  • Designed for all-season use and long-distance ride
  • Square bead wires improve installation and rigidity
  • Aramid fiber increases stability and decreases weight


  • You may receive an older dot number

Bridgestone Exedra Touring G704

Bridgestone engineered the Exedra Touring G704 to combat noise production at very high speeds.

When it comes to performance, the Exedra Touring G704 has exceptional performance that can rival the best tire models in the industry. The tire offers great footing control capabilities and hence can handle very high speed and can cover several miles without any noticeable wear and tear to it.

The Exedra is one of the best tires for cruisers that are designed to deliver flawless performance in all weathers. The tires are of a tubeless variety and hence offer a more improved ride than most other options in the market. Hence, they come at a great price and offer a lot of value.

The Bridgestone Exedra Touring G704 has an H-rating of 130 mph.


  • Can handle a wide range of road conditions and riding surfaces
  • Excellent noise reduction even at high speed
  • A heavy-duty and durable tire that can easily handle the weight of a cruiser
  • Offers high value for the price

Shinko SR777 Tires

The Shinko SR777 tires are engineered to deliver amazing traction and comfort. The tires are designed for cruisers and come in a wide range of sizes.

The Shinko 777 is made of a cutting-edge rubber compound that offers excellent traction and comfort. The tires have a very high load capacity and can cover long distances with ease. Plus, they are compatible with different wheel sizes and cruisers with V-twin engines.

The tires have a unidirectional tread pattern that offers excellent wet and dry road grip. They also have a tubeless 4- or 6-ply construction.

The tires have a tread design that are designed to improve the traction of the bike, whether the road is dry or wet. They offer excellent gripping which helps a lot with handling, particularly when you are riding on various kinds of road surfaces. Therefore, the Shinko 777 tires are perfect for riders who are always on the road.

The Shinko 777 tires are DOT-approved and hence are legal on all American highways and roads. The tires are also made in a heavy-duty version that features a reinforced carcass. However, we have received some complaints that these tires may not be the best tires when it comes to balancing.

The tires have an H-rating which means you can safely use them at a speed of up to 130 mph.


  • Excellent handling
  • Offers wonderful water displacement to reduce skidding
  • Offers excellent grip and traction
  • Delivers a comfortable ride
  • Quite affordable
  • H-rating


  • Not the easiest tire to balance
  • Tread life may not be very high, depending on your usage

Kenda Kruz K673 Motorcycle Rear Tire

Kenda Kruz K673 is a great tire for heavier bikes. The tires are made of a heavy-duty rubber compound that offers excellent all-weather traction and higher mileage.

The tires have a tubeless bias-belted 3x2 design that offers good handling and a high load capacity. The unique construction is responsible for reducing dynamic deformation, which is caused by centrifugal forces. The unique tire profile also means that it offers exceptional performance when cornering.

The front and rear of the tires have a tread pattern with deep and wide grooves that deliver exceptional traction in wet weather. This means it is a great tire if you like cruising during the rain.

The tires are available in a wide range of sizes and have an H-rated for speed up to 130 mph. The Kenda Kruz K673 is also DOT-approved which means they are permitted to be ridden on American roads.


  • The tires are made with a rugged and durable rubber compound that offers a high loading capacity.
  • Exceptional cornering performance due to tire profile
  • Deep grooves offer exceptional wet condition traction
  • DOT-approved
  • H-rated or speed of up to 130 mph
  • Available in various sizes


  • The design may be too large for lighter bikes
  • Some users have complained that they have received a deformed model

Avon AV71 & AV72 Cobra

If you are looking for a tire that offers good performance as well as good looks, then Avon AV71 and AV72 Cobra are \excellent choices. The tire manufacturers are currently making a wide range of these tires that will be compatible with all sorts of bikes including cruisers, choppers, and even Harley-Davidson.

As such, these tires come in a wide range of sizes as well.

The Avon AV71 and AV72 Cobra are tires that deliver a good dry weather grip, a decent wet weather grip, and a nice mileage. It has a deep tread depth that ensures better mileage. The grooves are also tapered to make a larger contact patch.

The tires do not have a center groove, which reduces the negative effects on handling when riding on steel gratings. The rounder profile also increases turn-in for bikes.

However, where it really shines is in the esthetic category.

There are a few things about the way the tire is styled that will capture the attention of people who ride on cruisers. One of the things that create a big impression is the stylized cobra design that is running through these tracks. Hence, the tread pattern is extremely modern and looks very cool.

The beautiful style also extends to the tire’s sidewall. These tires feature a white wall which adds to the aesthetic factor. If you want black wall tires, the style is treated a bit differently. These tires feature a snakeskin pattern and give a more muted look to the sidewall of the tire as well as add a bit more texture to it. Hence, the black wall version has a different look.

One benefit that is particularly helpful is that these tires are also manufactured for customs so you can easily find super-wide tires.


  • A very modern and cool looking tire
  • Offers good dry weather and wet weather grip
  • Absence of a central line improves handling when riding over steel gratings
  • Also designed for customs so are available in a wide range of sizes


  • Some people find it too modern looking
  • There are tires that offer better grip on various terrains

Metzeler Cruisetec

The Metzeler Cruisetec is a well-rated tire that can last for a long time and warms up quickly and well.

The tire is known for enhancing a rider’s bike handling abilities. This is due to the combination of the Metzeler’s legendary sport-touring inspired profile and a muscular and strong carcass. Now that large and heavy-duty motorcycles are being transformed into high-performance bikes, the Metzeler Cruisetec offers strong structural support aspects as well as performance-focused solutions.

The tires deliver a quick response in all riding conditions, whether dry or wet. They deliver dynamic handling, thanks to a dual-compound rear that offers exceptional forward and lateral grip without sacrificing any of the mileage. The dual-compound consists of a high level of silica compound which can warm up the tire faster and make it super-grippy when conditions are not great.

In addition, the tires feature a brush-style tread pattern that increases mechanical grip, keeping your bike stuck to the road. The all-new compound in the tire along with innovative structure maximizes the contact patch for better grip and stability when cornering.

The tires are also etched with extended grooves within the tread pattern that ensures better control when taking corners or when evacuating water. Hence, the Metzeler Cruisetec is ideal for riders who are looking for an optimum balance between good performance and versatility.

 The tires come with varying speed ratings, including an H-rating or a speed of 130 mph; a V-rating or a speed of 149 mph or a W-rating for speeds of up to 168 mph.


  • A very high-quality performance-oriented tire
  • Warms up very quickly
  • Improved learning control and excellent water evacuation to prevent skidding
  • A good balance between versatility and performance
  • A brush-like pattern ensures excellent grip on the road
  • Tires come with various speed ratings including an H-rating, V-rating, and W-rating

Factors to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Tire for Yamaha Star Venture

Although the motorcycle tires listed above are excellent options, you will need to determine your tire needs and determine which tire is best suited for you. Here are some of the most important factors you need to consider:

Motorcycle Tire Load Rating

Your tires come with a series of codes and numbers stamped on them which can help you determine the load rating and other specs of your tire. The load index of the tire is depicted as a double-digit number which can be anywhere between 20 and 120.

A tire that has a load index of 120 can only withstand a weight of 44 pounds. A tire with a load index of 80 can accommodate a load of 176 pounds, while a tire with a load rating of 120 can accommodate 264 lbs.

By considering this factor, you can determine how much weight you can put on your tires without compromising your safety. If you do not consider this factor, it can lead to premature tread wear and even tire failure which can be very dangerous.

Motorcycle Tire Speed Rating

Another very important factor in determining ride safety is the tire speed rating. Different tires have different speed ratings which are depicted by alphabetic letters. Typically, motorcycle tires have a speed rating from J to ZR.

A tire with a J rating can go no more than 62 mph safely.  There are a lot of tires with an H-rating, which can go up to a hefty speed of 130 mph. Other good speed ratings are V-ratings with a speed of up to 140 mph; a W-rating with a speed of up to 168 mph; a Y-rating with a speed of up to 186 mph; and a Z/ZR (V, W, W-ratings) rating with a speed of 149+mph.

Bias Ply vs Radials

Bias-ply tires are traditional tires that can withstand a lot of load; that is why it is best suited for heavy cruisers and tourers. Bias-ply tires are designed with multiple layers of cords of nylon, rayon, or polyester fibers that run across the tires in alternating layers. This results in stiff sidewalls which can tolerate a lot of weight.

However, bias-ply tires can easily get hot as well and are less flexible and nimble than radial tires.

On the other hand, radial tires have layers that run radially across the tires and are typically made of steel. These alternating belts are layered on top of each other on the tread area of the tires.

Because of this design, the tires dissipate heat quickly. They also have thinner and more flexible sidewalls, offering more nimbleness to the tire and delivering better rider feedback.

Tire Sizes

It is important that you choose the tire size that best fits your bike. Going narrower or wider than your bike is not recommended unless you want to spend some money upgrading your wheel so that it may accept the width of your tire.

Trying to squeeze on a 6inch wide tire on a rim that was made to accommodate only a 5-inch tire will pinch the sidewall out and result in a bulge of the side tread. This will make the tire fall fast into corners and will have less than the ideal amount of contact patch in the corner, which is not good for rider safety.

On the other hand, if you fit a narrow tire into a wide rim, it will have the opposite effect. Placing a 6-inch tire on a 7-inch wide rim will flatten the profile of the tires. This will expose your rim to damage and the tire will need to withstand a huge amount of force when it is leaning into corners. It will also come very slowly out of a corner.

Hence, it is very important that you put only the correct size of your tires on your bike. If you have upgraded your wheels, be sure that you choose the correct size for the aftermarket wheels and not what your owner’s manual used to recommend.

Tube vs Tubeless Tires

One of the most common questions we hear from beginner riders is whether they should invest in a tube or tubeless tires. If your bike has spokes, you will most probably need a tube. If your bike has cast wheels, billet aluminum wheels, or forged wheels, you will be using a tubeless tire since the inside of the wheel is smooth and does not have a place where air can escape from.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

Typically, though, most rims are equipped with spokes that protrude into the inside of the rim and hence can cause the joints to leak air. This is the reason why inner tubes are used. These tubes keep the air inside the tube from leaking out; however, they can fail over time as well, resulting in a flat tire.

The good thing is that you can fit any tubeless tire on a rim that is designed to accommodate a tube-type tire as long as you add a tube into the tire when mounting the tubeless tire.


A not-inconsiderable factor in the selection of a motorcycle tire is its style. Some people prefer modern tires that would look cool on their tourers and cruisers. However, there are a lot of purists out there who prioritize ruggedness and high performance over style.

However, you don’t want to sacrifice performance for aesthetics. As such, when choosing tires, you need to thoroughly check out what benefits the tire offers you in terms of stability, cornering, grip, and performance as well as aesthetics.

What Motorcycle Tires Should You Buy For Your Yamaha Star Venture?

Figuring out which tire to put on your bike can be a very difficult decision for a biker, particularly when you need to consider so many factors. Although you may assume that all tires do the same thing, each different tire model has an impact on your motorcycle’s handling, stability, cornering, and response on the road. Hence, choosing a compatible tire for your Yamaha Star Venture is essential.

Whatever decision you make, it should be based on your personal preference, your riding terrain, and the frequency of using the bike. In addition, your budget will also play a big role in your final decision, so it is best to do your homework before you go to one of the bike tire manufacturers above. This way, you won’t just find a tire that fits your bike, but one that fits your budget as well.

Once you have bought your tires, it is important that you take good care of them so that they last a long time. Check them regularly for any damage or wear and if they need repairing and replacing, do not delay for your own safety and riding comfort.