Best Tires For Yamaha V Star 250

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Finding the best tires for the Yamaha V Star 250 can be a bit hard as there are many options available for this popular touring motorcycle.

With the perfect tires, you'll be able to enjoy long rides on the V Star 250 without feeling tired. Not only that, but you'll confidently ride on wet roads knowing that you will not lose traction. This is why it is vital to install high-quality tires on your bike.

Some of the best tires for the Yamaha V Star 250 include the Dunlop D404, Bridgestone Battlax BT46, Michelin Commander III, Metzeler Cruisetec, Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra, Shinko SR734, Dunlop Trail Smart, Pirelli Angel GT II, Michelin Anakee Adventure and the Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV.

Buying the right set of tires will be difficult if you are unaware of the tire size suitable for Yamaha V Star 250. You also need to know all you can about the manufacturers that offer the right set of tires for the Yamaha V Star 250.

This is where we come in. We have tested several tires with Yamaha V Star 250 and analyzed their performance. Our results revealed ten tires that performed better than the others. They are listed below.

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Dunlop D404

The D404s are described by Dunlop as suiting normal motorcycles. These tires are designed for all-around use and are capable of handling everything from wet roads to dusty roads. The tread has a nice chunkiness to it, and Dunlop claims that the pattern improves wet grip and fluid evacuation.

Straight-line rigidity is improved by the off-set central groove. The pattern on the front tire is a constant zigzag all the way around. The rubber bends and frees up those sipes in the twists and corners, giving the tire an extra cutting edge.

The chassis is a bias-ply construction, which means the fiber belts, or plies, run at an inclination from side to side, resulting in a bias.

The fabric body plies that go among these wire bead bunches that hold the tire firmly linked to the wheel make up almost half of the tire, which is constructed of natural and synthetic rubber. According to Dunlop, this composition will provide exceptional mileage.

The rear tire also performs well in terms of the land-sea proportion, often known as the differential between chassis and tread. There's also a lot of tread on the back, and you'll see a little bit of siping in the blocks themselves.

Because most of the weight is carried in the back on cruiser race bikes, while the front of the motorcycle handles turning and braking, the back of the bike really does a lot more work on larger, heavier motorcycles.

This tire warms up quickly, performs well in the dry and wet, has excellent braking force, and comes in a variety of sizes that you can clearly modify and adjust if you want to roll the broad, white walls.

Overall, the tread compound of the Dunlop D404 Motorcycle Tire provides an outstanding combination of mileage and traction. Dunlop's front and rear tire patterns provide excellent water drainage and wet grip in wet conditions.

The bias-ply architecture was created to provide exceptional load-carrying capacity while still providing a smooth ride for ultimate comfort.

You can get the Dunlop D404 tires from Cycle Gear. The model is available at a price ranging from $63.96-$152.52.

Bridgestone Battlax BT46

Bridgestone Corporation is the nation's biggest tire and rubber corporation, with headquarters in Tokyo. It produces a diverse range of products, including commercial rubber and chemical, athletic goods, and tires for several purposes.

The Battlax BT46 will succeed the legendary Battlax BT45. The Battlax BT45 was the go-to tour tire since its launch 22 years ago. Bridgestone has now updated its layout with cutting-edge technologies. The Battlax BT46's front design has an inverse V shape to reduce operating forces on the tire, prevent irregular wear, and provide the rider an excellent input for greater handling.

A freshly modified silica sole compound has been added to the rear tire to boost efficiency, grip, and wearing. The BT45's wet handling has been improved without affecting its well-known dry handling ability or fatigue strength.

As a result, BT46 tires are suitable for various surfaces, including city riding, extended touring journeys, and driving on curving roads. In 2021, an extra 14 sizes were added to the Battlax BT46 tire portfolio, followed by some other eight sizes in 2022.

To address the operating forces on the tire, altering the geometric patterns to an inverted V-shape scheme based on the predecessor's accepted design qualities has a significant effect on minimizing uneven wear.

By raising the amount of silica in Silica Rich E innovation, efficiency in wet circumstances is enhanced. Bridgestone's RC Polymer manufacturing method is then used to treat this gripping compound further to improve silica dispersion within the rubberized coating. This increases tread flexibility, allowing for more contact with the ground in hot and cold weather.

The majority of the BT46 sized line-up will be in "UM Usage," which means the tubeless tire could be used on a tube-type wheel when used with a tube.

The friction coefficient and fuel economy are both improved as molecular friction is reduced. The BT46 is now offered in classic vintage sportbike tire sizes, attracting a new generation of riders. These measurements result in a higher "V" driver rating.

The Bridgestone Battlax BT 46 tires are available on Cycle Gear at a price ranging from $119.73-$256.27.

Michelin Commander III

Commander tire was introduced in 2012 to assist Michelin gain traction in the North American cruisers industry, where it previously had no presence. Michelin has already been developing on replacing the II for the past four years, and Commander III was finally unveiled in 2020.

The Commander IIIs feature a unique silica compound that improves grip in wet conditions. According to the manufacturer, the 100% silica tread compound features a deeper tread with a larger void ratio than the Commander II, which increases water dispersal. The tread patterns on Commander III appear to be deeper than those on the Commander II, yet they are the same thickness.

Michelin is responsible for the visual illusion created by the striations of III's tread. The new Commander sports a rounder tire profile that gives a larger contact area when turning than its predecessors.

Amplified Density Innovation (ADT) is used in the new tire. Michelin describes ADT as a tire casing that is more dense and solid, resulting in better feedback and performance. The back tire's aramid tread pegs resist rotational growth, save weight, and improve stability. The 90-tread ply from ADT is 25% denser than the traditional 71-tread ply.

Michelin representatives also touted the company's Premium Touch Technology. They refer to "touch" as styling. The sidewall features on the Commander III are trademarked. V-Twin riders, it seems, want a good-looking tire on their excellent bikes, which is why Commander III's overall look is so important.

The motorcycle tire is now accessible in Cruiser and Touring variants. The Cruiser's primary focus is wet-weather performance, while the Tourer's immediate priority is longevity.

When you compare the Touring and Cruiser tires with each other, you can see the differences. The Touring features a slightly wider middle between grooves for greater mileage, while the Cruiser has more forceful groove layouts in the treads to drain water for improved traction in the rain.

Michelin set out to create a tire that would survive longer than its competition without compromising grip when it released Commander II. With the brand-new Commander III for V-twin commuters and touring motorcycles, the business is pushing the standard once more, focusing on greater wet efficiency and new, enhanced aesthetics.

If you wish to purchase the Michelin Commander III tires, check out Revzilla. The tires are accessible at a price ranging from $155.33-$289.33.

Metzeler Cruisetec

Metzeler, a company recognized for high-performance sport tires, built its newest cruiser tire, the Cruisetec, with durability and speed in consideration. The Metzeler Cruisetec is designed for riders who prioritize handling and braking ability above tire wear.

The Cruisetec is Metzeler's top performer in the speed cruiser and heavy-touring sectors, sitting above the ME 888 Marathon Ultra, the company's all-around cruiser tire.

Metzeler stretched the center of the tire and narrowed the edges to give it a more significant footprint at mid-to-full tilt, whereas a typical V-twin tire has low-curvature outlines. They have an incredible degree of grip at all moments, and they sparkle even more when they're on their tips.

For new tires, compounds and tread designs are quite standard. According to Metzeler, the Cruisetecs' shoulder compositions are gentler on the dual-compound rear tire.

Stronger cords enable thicker rubber, all of which contribute to the fluidity they deliver. The general profile of the tire is more athletic, and the Cruisetecs deliver on that promise.

The Cruisetec provides a smooth ride on the highway. There is no swaying or roaming in the front, and it does not track tiny abnormalities.

The rear tire provides touring tire cushioning, which isn't quite as cushy as a classic cruiser tire, but it's still outstanding. The Cruisetec, according to Metzeler, combines the Racetec and Roadtec ranges of "tec" tires.

It's made to give you a better sense of cornering, braking, and steadiness. There is no sidewall pushing or stand-up on these tires when driving hard off tough curves. It is quite excellent, making the journey more pleasant rather than a battle against lousy geometry, as is so often the situation while riding a cruiser.

The Metzeler Cruisetec tires are available at Revzilla at a price ranging from $137.40-$275.09, so make sure to check it out!

Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra

Because it is built by Metzler, a manufacturer with a long history of handling and efficiency, many motorcyclists have grown to appreciate the Marathon Ultra ME888. Metzler's history dates back to when they first entered the cruiser market many years ago.

The carcass components and the form and tread design of the tires have all been altered. Metzler has modified the geometry of the tire to give it a 15 percent larger contact area, which will improve damping and handling.

This trait gives the tire an edge in how it receives the weight as it rolls down the road. You'll get more mileage because of this. Metzeler re-examined the tire's shape, construction, tread design, and composition, in other terms, everything, utilizing cutting-edge computerized development processes backed by long distances of trials.

The goal was to extend the service life while keeping control and damp and dry grip intact. In terms of the tire's composition, the introduction of silica to the new ME 888 rubber has resulted in a significant boost in handling and efficiency.

In this tire, silica saline does two things: it reduces rolling resistance and increases moist chemical grip.

The tire channels convey the water weight to keep the tire from hydroplaning. Metzler has filled the tread channel spaces with a little extra strength, which is a clear distinction in the tread design. As a result, the reinforcement prevents the tire from flexing excessively.

The tire gets more mileage when it flexes less. The new 888's touch areas are 15% broader and 5% shorter than the previous ME 880 series for improved forces applied, and rubber compositions, tread shape, and structural enhancements give longer life.

The tire's polymer formula was improved for wear resistance, and a special resin was added to improve traction on wet surfaces. An enhanced mixing technique was implemented to prevent performance loss as the tire ages.

Metzler offers a wide range of sizes, including 20 in black and 12 in broad white. It's important to understand that a white wall tire isn't just a placard or a veneer applied to the side of the tire. It is unmistakably a part of the tire's composition.

As a result, a lot of research and testing goes into making a whitewall tire with the same handling characteristics as a black wall tire.

The Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra tires are available at Revzilla. The price ranges from $130.25-$464.34. These tires are a bit expensive, but the price is justified by their performance and other amazing capabilities.

Shinko 777

The SR777 by Shinko features a nice tread design that compliments the vintage appearance on most bikes and is offered with black or white walls. There's also a heavy-duty variant with a strengthened chassis. On wet roads, the wide diagonal channels not only look attractive but also help disperse rainwater.

The SR777 responds quickly to inputs while riding on mountain roads, with gradual lean-in and high stability all the ride into and out of corners.

They have a flat and grounded feel to them, and they do not even deflect when they encounter tar spots or other pavement imperfections. Grip and brake abilities are excellent and comparable to other tires in this class. However, on the motorway, the SR777s do necessitate considerable vigilance to maintain a consistent path.

If you're unfamiliar with the Shinko brand, it has been operating for 70 years and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. The tires are created in South Korea with Yokohama's motorcycle tire technology and molds. Shinko manufactures tires for many types of motorcycles. The Shinko 777 tires are unquestionably basic. The Aramid-belted tires are four-ply and only have a speed rating of H.

The tread is much more chiseled than before, yet the front and rear tire patterns still match a cohesive overall design, in line with traditional British elegance. A silica-rich substance and forceful shoulder design will benefit sports, sport-touring, and commuter motorcyclists for great grip in wet and dry situations.

What makes it unique is what's under the shoulders: an extended coating of the 70% silica found in the centerline is added below the shoulders. This distributes heat from the center to the shoulders, improving overall tire warm-up and lowering the risk of cold tire collisions at the beginning of rides.

The Shinko 777 cruiser tires are available at Revzilla, with a price ranging from $80.30-$244.03.

Dunlop Trail Smart

Dunlop released the Trail Smart ADV tire in 2016, which is 80 percent road and 20 percent dirt. These tires are designed to give excellent traction in both dry and rainy conditions while also maximizing tire life. Due to the characteristic crossing tread channels, which Dunlop designates as the XGT cross-groove technology, the Trail smarts stay firm no matter what you toss at them.

They're also visually pleasing, and that may be a significant factor for certain clients. Because of the uniform pattern, the tread has a masculine feel to it. With tire pressure at on-pavement levels, the Trail smart twins provide a degree of leeway, even while under power or cautious stopping.

The finished product, which is designed for medium to heavyweight adventure bikes, is available in several sizes, notably 19 to 21 inches front tires and 17- and 18-inch rear tires.

We suggest giving these tires a try if you have an adventurous bike, even if it never traverses a grassy meadow. Given that this is mostly street rubber, the off-road capability is perhaps the most surprising.

The pattern is believed to provide excellent dry traction even while swiftly draining water in rainy conditions and enhancing off-road adhesion. The grooves also help with bump absorption, giving in a much more pleasant ride and a better experience on uneven terrain.

On dry roads, the Trail Smart gives great grip and safety. When going uphill out of corners, the back never comes away, and the front stays on rails. A novel chemical with a higher silica concentration, as well as a redesigned tread design with broader pitch and grooves orientations, are among the best parts of the Dunlop Trail smarts.

This means that the tire will wear more uniformly, and water will be drained more properly, which is marketing speak for appropriately disposing of rainwater. The crossing design, which none of Dunlop's competitors have, is said to improve wet traction.

To get your hands on the Dunlop Trail Smart tires, all you must do is check them out on Cycle Gear. The model is priced, ranging from $122.64-$192.88.

Pirelli Angel GT II

Pirelli Angel GT II is not only designed for sports activities and riding at different angles but it is also made in a way that you can use it daily. This debunks the rumor that it is only used for a long-distance ride at a fast speed.

The Pirelli GT II is made up of a dual compound which means that the center area is hard thus, giving it increased longevity. On the other hand, the outside of the tire is a bit soft thus, providing a great grip over any type of surface.

Moreover, these tires also have a pair of channels in the middle of the tire, which provides more advantages to the rider. These channels provide more stability and greater grip while riding the bike. They also perform better on roads that are wet, preventing the rider from slipping.

Furthermore, Pirelli Angel GT II provides neutral handling. This means that no matter at what angle you turn your bike, you will not feel the danger of your ride getting disbalanced. This is because it feels planted and stable at every angle. This also makes it comfortable for the rider to lean at any angle they want.

Pirelli touts "variable cord end numbers, a multi-radius pattern, and a notable center radius," but what all of us look for in a tire is a well-balanced profile that won't feel twitchy like an adventure sports tire but also won't create bad steering, which the Angel GT II achieves.

As per Pirelli, the Angel GT IIs are designed for Grand tourers, who drive sport and action motorcycles and routinely travel long distances alone or with a passenger and luggage.

These tires provide one of the best wet performances amongst other tires. They make sure that you are comfortable while riding on a wet road under rainy conditions because of their shape. The grip and stability through the shape give the rider the confidence to not worry about riding the bike under wet conditions.

The tires on a set of Angel GT IIs are expected to last 10,000 miles or more before needing to be replaced. Most sport motorcycles and sport roadsters will fit the Angel GT IIs because they come in the most popular 17-inch diameters.

This shows that this tire is supposed to last for a long time; thus making it worth the money you spend on it. It is a multi-purpose tire as you can not only use it for sporting activities but also for normal use.

Revzilla is a great place to purchase the Pirelli Angel GT II tires at a price spanning from $160.43-$243.48.

Michelin Anakee Adventure

The Michelin Anakee Adventure tire gives riders an option to enjoy off-roading like never before without worrying about their safety. It is also a great option for touring motorcycles like the Yamaha V Star 250.

There are four separate compounds used to make this tire. These include tread patterns and silica compound, 2CT front, and 2CT+ rear, which is a two-compound technology. The softest of these four compounds is used on the front tire towards its side to get a proper grip. The hardest compound is used in the rear tire towards the center.

Michelin launched their new Michelin Anakee Adventure near Death Valley, where they held a riding along with camping event over the weekend. The Michelin Anakee Adventure provides stability even though you are riding at high speed. It is also very smooth when it comes to transitions from leaning at a certain angle to riding the bike in a straight line.

The most important feature of the Anakee Adventure is that it is not noisy, unlike other tires in this category. This tire's tread pattern is made so that you can easily ride the bike on dry land. Moreover, the grooves of Anakee Adventure tires open sideways so that dirt and water can be shed easily.

The Anakee Adventure was tested over roads with land sliding, wet surfaces, sand, and rockslides. This tire outperformed itself in these conditions, and there were no problems faced by the rider. This tire's momentum and throttle control make it easy for the rider to descend or climb the bike over any surface.

Even if you get stuck in a muddy area, the tire is designed in a way that you can quickly get out of it. It is made for people who need to ride in rough areas and look for a tire that performs well in dry and wet areas.

The Michelin Anakee Adventure tires can be purchased through Revzilla at a reasonable price ranging from $158.99-$234.99.

Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV

Pirelli came up with the Diablo series about 20 years ago. It was made to replace the previous Dragon series. Diablo is believed to be a more updated version of Dragon as it keeps in mind all the technology that was missing in Dragon.

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV has a zero-degree belt that increases the stability of the tire. When stability increases, a rider is easily able to ride the bike at different angles without worrying about the bike toppling over. It also ensures better brake performance and high speed.

It is a more specialized tire – in that there is a specific characteristic for each tire. The size of the tire, front, and rear of the tire are all specialized and according to the needs of the customers.

These tires are quite responsive to the steering and are neutral no matter the track's condition. It performs especially well on wet tracks and has a danger of a rider slipping at high speeds.

It also has a rayon cord which gives the tire rigidity. There is more space in the tire for the rubber compound, which improves the precision with which a rider is riding the bike using the Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires.

This tire's new tread and pattern design make it easy to channel water while riding in rainy seasons and under wet conditions. The new compounds, such as the full silica in this tire, prevent the tire from wearing out quickly. Moreover, it also increases its wet performance.

Owing to the tire's new multi-radius features, larger contact update, and the new 4 percent full relative density and directional flash geometrical water-grooves, the effectiveness of these road-going tires seems to be on an equal level with several best and most important racer DOTs from just a few generations earlier.

The compound used in the tire is harder at the center to provide stability and softer towards the ends to provide improved grip. These tires come in multiple sizes; thus, they can fit the different requirements of the type of bike you have.

If you want to purchase the Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tire, you can check it out on Revzilla. The model is accessible at a price ranging from $142.38-$241.36.