Best Tires For Yamaha XSR700

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Installing the right set of tires on your bike will improve its performance. However, finding the best tires for the Yamaha XSR700 is no easy feat.

There are many varieties of tires out there, and not all of them will be a good option for your motorcycle. You'll need high-quality tires that have been tested properly to ensure that you don't lose traction at high speeds or the tires don't get worn out in a short time.

The best tires for the Yamaha XSR700 include the Michelin Pilot Road 4, Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact, Michelin Power 5, Roadsmart IV, Diablo Supercorsa SP V3, Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T31, Conti Sport Attack, Michelin Scorcher 31, Anakee Adventure, and the Bridgestone Battlax RS10.

When you equip your Yamaha XSR700 with good quality tires, you'll immediately notice a boost in performance, control, and comfort. If you don't know which tire to buy for your bike, we can help.

We have tested various tires with Yamaha XSR700 to determine which models perform the best. The ten tires that we found to be the best are listed below.

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Michelin Pilot Road 4

The first tire on our list is from a reputable tire maker, Michelin. Michelin is a French multinational tire manufacturer that was founded in 1889. The company has been providing exceptional tires for many years.

The Pilot Road 4, Michelin's newest sport-touring tire, addresses the main worries of the riders by providing a strong grip capability over a wide range of circumstances while also providing long and healthy life. Michelin's slogan, "Feel safer — whatever the weather," is based on claims of greater stability over a wide range of terrains, as well as unrivaled adhesion in both wet and dry situations.

Michelin also promises that the tires will operate well in a wide range of temperatures. The tires will work in climates ranging from below freezing to scorching hot!

Michelin has produced three versions of the Pilot Road 4, the Standard, the GT, and the Trail because sport-touring bikes come in such a wide range of weight and engine output. The Standard is for conventional sport-touring bases, the GT is for heavier and more muscular bikes, and the Trail is for adventure motorcycles. Despite being radial tires, Michelin's unique Dual Angle Technology is used in part of the GT version and some bias belts to boost the carcass stiffness for larger machines.

Michelin has developed this mix of belting construction to the point where the Pilot Road 4 GT rear tire is 15% stronger than the Michelin Pilot Road 3, although having one-ply less. They grip the typically slick surface tightly and give the rider more confidence. Michelin claims that the grip derives from a novel all-silica composition with SBR Technology.

The back has a strong compound center lined for excellent wear and medium composite shoulders for traction when leaning over. Likewise, the front tire is dual-compound with one level gentler compound rubber.

Both the front and rear tires have three distinct rubber formulations. Furthermore, the XST+ Technology is used in the Pilot Road 4, which originally emerged a few years ago. Michelin's XST X-Sipe technology's innovative sipes and incorporated chamfers clear water faster and provide more grip during braking and accelerating than ever before.

The Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires are available at Cycle Gear at a price of $163.16-$236.71, so make sure to check it out!

Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact

Another top-quality tire on our list is the Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact. It can be a great option for naked, powerful motorcycles like the Yamaha XSR700 and will certainly impress you with its performance.

Metzeler Roadtec has recently revolutionized itself by coming up with its latest innovation, the Roadtec Z8 Interact. It is considered one of the best and outperforming tires in the same category. This has been verified through multiple test runs and personal experiences of people.

Due to the versatile radial of Z8 Interact, the tire can help the motorcycle maintain its balance at sporty angles. The tire's carcass has a 2-ply making it better for heavy usage. It lasts longer than other tires and is mainly used in heavy bikes.

Moreover, unlike other tires, the Z8 Interact does not slip and can perform exceptionally well on wet surfaces. For increased security, people prefer to get tires that work well and do not slide under slippery conditions during rain.

For a 45mm tire, there is 70% silica content in the center of the tire, which provides higher mileage. Moreover, it also provides stability at higher speeds. For an 88mm tire, Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact has 100% silica. This compound increases the tire's grip on wet surfaces and reduces the chances of your motorcycle slipping or sliding under any condition. The 100% silica is not only on the side profile of the tires but also on the front tire.

Since Metzeler has become a part of Pirelli Group, it has great grip and mileage. This is because it now has access to multiple features such as carcass and treads material along with all the latest compounds needed for a tire to perform exceptionally well.

Metzeler technicians have been able to meet those needs of the customers that other companies failed to fulfill. They adopted the tread that was multi-compounded in their tires and differentiated tensions in the belts. This means it is now easy to exploit some of the characteristics present in the rubber compound.

Moreover, the higher tension in the belts, especially around the circumference, prevents the tire from flexing. This means that there will be less buildup of heat and, therefore, less wear and tear of the tires while traveling on a highway.

To get your hands on the Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact tire, check out Revzilla. The model is available at a price ranging from $49.31-$177.57.

Michelin Power 5

Michelin came up with Power 5 tires keeping in mind the street riding demands of the customers. To ensure that this tire was a success, Michelin decided to offer improved grip, which is unaffected by weather. This means that no matter what the weather is, Michelin Power 5 will provide grip performance and traction that is quite efficient.

Moreover, Michelin Power 5 is designed to last longer, thus making your purchase worth it. It can handle harsh braking without losing traction. The inner of the Power 5 is made up of silica, whereas the outer is made up of carbon black. This entire construction makes the center hard-wearing. Thus, flat spotting's effect is resultantly reduced. On the other hand, this combination of construction, especially at the outer edges, provides grip under different weather conditions, dry as well as wet.

ACT and ACT+ are the two components used in the making of Michelin Power 5. ACT is the Adaptive Casing Technology which ensures the rigidity of tires when the vehicle is leaning at different angles thus, preventing the rider from any accident and improving security.

The tire is quite flexible as it becomes flexible while riding the motorcycle in a straight line. On the other hand, it becomes rigid when you are riding the bike at different angles. This is possible due to the carcass present in the tire. The carcass has a single-ply with an angle of around 90 degrees.

The Michelin Power 5 is a tire that can be used on a bike to push hard on a sunny day or on a rainy day to provide stability and ensure the security of the rider. This stability is possible due to the 11% void ratio in the tire. This means that a major amount of rubber is in contact with the road's surface at one point.

If you want to purchase the Michelin Power 5 tires, they are available on Revzilla at a reasonable price, ranging from $160.99-$257.99. These tires can be an excellent option for a motorcycle like the Yamaha XSR700. They are on the higher end of the price spectrum, but their durability and performance make them worthwhile.

Dunlop Roadsmart IV

Dunlop Roadsmart IV is made up of a multi-tread compound. This means it has greater grip and mileage because of this construction, making it one of the best tires out there. Compared to Roadsmart III, Roadsmart IV has better performance as the front tire offers 23% more mileage and the rear provides 26% more mileage.

The tread pattern has new groove shapes that are thinner and placed strategically to prevent wear. Furthermore, this ensures superior performance of the tire, making it easy for the rider to ride the bike under rainy conditions, dry surface areas, or uneven roads.

Dunlop wanted to provide its customers with one of the best products to make their purchase worth the money and ensure that the tires last long while delivering excellent performance. To meet such needs of its customers, Dunlop tested the Roadsmart IV tires on tracks under controlled situations to ensure that they delivered what the company made them for.

The design of Roadsmart IV has made it 15% lighter, which means that it is easier to lean the bike at different angles for the riders. The lighter tire is also beneficial for the riders as it helps them stay sharper for longer periods without getting fatigued easily.

The Roadsmart IV provides stability at lean angles and is smooth while riding a bike in a straight line. In addition, the suspensions in the tire are of high quality, which improves the quality of the ride and reduces the impact of external disturbance on the bike, thus increasing the rider's security.

The Dunlop Roadsmart 4 tires can be obtained through Revzilla. The prices range from $157.54-$230.84. They are a pretty good option for your motorcycle, so if you like its features, don't hesitate to place an order right now.

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3

Pirelli has made some remarkable tires over the years, and its Supercorsa SP line-up is among the most popular ones.

The Supercorsa SP V3, in its third iteration, uses Pirelli's most high-performing racing replica technology certified for road use. The redesigned SPs were designed from the ground up with a savage disposition capable of full-throttle track days while also possessing traits adaptable enough to provide regular commute pleasure irrespective of road temperature.

The current Pirelli SP was designed in collaboration with Ducati to perform in harmony with the several advanced electronic user aids present on high-end race bikes. The new SPs have a tread pattern, shape, and construction, almost like Pirelli's full-race super sport options. The rear tire is a bi-compound made from a mixture of pure-racing compounds.

The Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 is the ultimate high-performance tire for your high-performance motorbike. The revised profile is 9mm broader and has a 16mm larger overall diameter than the previous iteration. Much of the bigger size is employed in the tread region, which allows for lean degrees never seen before and a wider footprint due to the increased cord.

All of this enhances mobility and ensures a larger contact area, resulting in better grip, steadiness, and direction precision, not just when leaning into a curve but also when approaching and exiting it. The front is a mono-compound with exact widths achieved using a fully electronic technique. The tires heat up quickly and are significantly improved over the SP V2s.

The performance of these road-going tires appears to be on par with many of the best and most complete racer tires from just very a few decades ago, thanks to the tire's new multi-radius characteristics and greater contact patch, new substances, as well as the new 4 percent full void ratio and angular flash geometrical water-grooves.

The front profile has been improved, and it is now 2mm broader than the previous model. It has been carefully balanced to act in tandem with the rear tire, ensuring superb handling and exceptional bend stability. The benefits are the same as on the back wheel, with the extra benefit of reduced stress being applied to the compound due to the broader contact area.

The revolutionary Diablo Supercorsa SP's case is primarily obtained from the Diablo Superbike slick offering. The rear tire features a completely radial skeleton, while the front tire is similarly radial and with a carcass plies inclination that is ideal for road use.

Thanks to the Enhanced Patch Technique, it was feasible to put a very soft material on the shoulder. It was possible to achieve even quicker warm-up and greater grip under all circumstances while maintaining accuracy and consistency by employing new monomers for the compounds in the Diablo Supercorsa SP.

If you wish to get your hands on the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 tire, you can check out Cycle Gear. The tire is available at a price ranging from $201.99-$325.99.

Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T31

Bridgestone has been fighting off stiff competition from Pirelli, Dunlop, and Michelin in the sport-touring market. It claims that the T31 has good sense and input, better wet grip, improved handling in all circumstances, and superior resistance to abrasion when contrasted to the T30 Evo.

More holes on the shoulder for enhanced water draining and fewer grooves in the center for greater stability are part of a new tire design. The contacting patch is up to 7% larger dependent on lean degree, allowing the T31s to create greater camber force, and the friction coefficient on water conditions has increased by 3%.

The T31 now comes in a staggering 22 sizes, including five GT sizes designed exclusively for high-power motorcycles. Bridgestone's T31 is now perched atop the sport-touring heap, while the T30 Evo has been demoted to second place. The T31 line is Bridgestone's most touring-oriented tire, so if you want more speed with less focus on wet-weather capability, this is the tire for you. The engineers at Bridgestone were primarily concerned with increasing rider trust.

Bridgestone further claims that all the enhancements made to the newer A31 came at no cost to mileage. These tires use a futuristic patented technology known as the Ultimate Eye, which is characterized as a scientific dyno for tires. It simulates different loads and surface textures while measuring strains and contact qualities simultaneously.

Mono-spiral belt technology is used on the T31, which eliminates seams and crossing belts by wrapping a single pair of steel cords lengthwise all around the perimeter of the tire. The mono-spiral structure produces a lighter tire with better shock absorbers and less heat conduction than the traditional cross-belt design.

Bridgestone claims a 3% higher coefficient of friction on wet roads, which translates to a 3% quicker lap time on their damp handling course. Bridgestone hasn't compromised lifespan to reach these new heights. In reality, the revolutionary T31's wear life is comparable to the T30.

If you want to purchase the Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T31 tire, check out Cycle Gear. The model is available at a price ranging from $137.57-$204.57.

Continental Sport Attack 2

Continental is on a mission to reclaim its status as a premium tire manufacturer, and the latest Sport Attack 2 is at the forefront of that effort. The Continental Sport Attack 2 is a three-year-old model with an innovative shape and hybrid rubber composition that the German firm believes is important to a wide spectrum of road capability.

The Sport Attack earned the title of being the second most affordable tire in this category. Continental has taken all they've acquired from the initial Road Attack and coupled it with what they've discovered from their Race and Sport Attack tires, along with some technological advancements, to create the Sport Attack 2. Continental claims that the Sport Attack 2 establishes a new tire category called hypersport touring.

This newest hypersport tire features a new variety of Conti's Black Chili composition, new tread patterns, and a tweaked carcass structure to provide a versatile street and track tire. The Sport Attack 2 employs Conti's tried-and-true traction skin innovation to generate a gritty, lubricant-free tire contact.

The Sport Attack 2 tires have more silica in the tread composition than the previous iteration for better wet-weather handling, and on the wet track, the tires give sufficient corning traction to lap the circuit quickly. On many motorcycles, straight-line traction is available to withstand the wide-open speed and rear-lifting braking. The Sport Attack 2 appears to run well, thanks to a dual-compound construction that blends straight-line longevity with a turning grip.

The tire will feel a little slow on both circuits, but especially on the streets, and it will take some more effort to get the motorcycle pointed in the right way. Nevertheless, the tire is expressive once bent over, which aids you in extorting the high amount of traction.

And there's no arguing that they perform admirably in all conditions: dry, wet, warm, cold, racing track, and twisting roads. The Sport Attack s could be right for you if you're looking for a single set of tires that can withstand every athletic situation.

Continental has developed a new approach known as "Traction Skin," which is a raw-tread interface created by a new mold coating process that removes the use of tire-releasing chemicals. This micro-roughness, according to Continental, is a novel tactile treading surface that optimizes mechanical contact to the road. Essentially, the tire's area is coated with thousands of microscopic bumps rather than ordinary tires' typical slick black appearance.

The Continental Sport Attack 2 tires are available at Revzilla at a price ranging from $168.07-$246.63.

Michelin Scorcher 31

Michelin's Amplified Density Innovation provides the Scorcher 31 with a stronger chassis and helps them easily handle shocks and bumps with little lateral deviation. They always keep a stable lean position in corners up to and beyond floorboard contact with the ground, especially when intense riding on mountainside roads.

The Scorcher 11 will keep you comfy and handle highway rain troughs with just a little movement if you're riding two-up. Momentary patches in the road, also recognized as tar snakes, can cause a slight squirm, but nothing alarming, and your motorcycle will maintain its firm ground when trying to dodge large holes in the road.

To manufacture this high-quality tire, Michelin engineers used aramid fiber, a highly functional and robust material well-known in the aviation sector. This material is extremely light and durable, allowing optimal response and stability even at incredible speeds.

Michelin's rubber experts collaborated with Harley-Davidson designers to create the Scorcher 31 tires, approved as OEM replacement tires for various Harley-Davidson motorcycles. All the rubber compounds are brand new, and they combine durability, traction, and tread life in one package.

One of the most notable aspects you'll notice is the fully new tread design style. It's not all about outward appearances. It contains a significant amount of rain technology, which employs longitudinal grooves to improve traction, maneuverability, and security in wet conditions.

In the rear tire, aramid fiber plies are employed to reduce weight and decrease centrifugal distortion, leading to increased tire stability and lifespan. New tire formulations were developed to improve grip in the rains while also prolonging tire life. SRT technology, a silicon rain approach that injects additional substances into the pores, improves performance much more. Furthermore, aromatic fibers woven into the rubber flanges allow for enhanced thickness without increasing bulk to this tire. Therefore, your structure will be more resilient and less likely to warp.

It offers a variety of benefits, rather than just one or two superior tire characteristics found in other bike tire types. These tires are true road huggers that produce very little street noise regardless of speed. Lastly, they provide excellent value for your money by being reasonably priced.

If you want to get your hands on the Michelin Scorcher 31 tires, you can check out Cycle Gear. The model is available at a price ranging from $153.67-$289.67.

Michelin Anakee Adventure

The Anakee Adventure tire is the newest addition to the Anakee line-up, designed for riders who typically ride on asphalt but enjoy off-road experiences on occasion. This tire, which is intended for 80% on-road and 20% off-road use, should please the majority of riders.

The Anakee Adventure has a redesigned profile, tread design, silica components, and a front and back Two Compound Technology 2CT and 2CT+. A set of tires contains four different compounds, with the best ones on the edges of the front tire for traction and the toughest in the center of the rear tire for maximum wear life.

The tread trend on the Anakee Adventure is designed to look like a dry lakebed, with notches that progressively access the sides to release water and mud. Michelin incorporated many outstanding features in this tire, rather than focusing on one aspect and neglecting others. This is the first Michelin trail tire to feature the 2CT and 2CT+ innovations. This method allows for a harder composition on the front tire's top while providing for a softer composition on the sides.

The center's harder composition tapers to the sides during the extrusion and molding process, making the 2CT+ unique in the back. The softer material is then applied to the sidewalls using the same molding procedure. This may sound complex, but it provides greater wet- and dry-weather traction, driving performance, ride quality, and steadiness, particularly at higher speeds.

The curved hard compound reinforces the soft outer for confidence-inspiring leaning angles at high speed without the squirminess of a softer tire. The tread design is also tuned from the tire's top to the edge to aid on- and off-road handling, as well as fluid drainage in wet circumstances.

These tires have no discernible resonance, which is a frequent problem with tires with a more assertive tread pattern. Steering characteristics are great, with an excellent feel at lean and no unease or anxiousness in the rear tire while exiting corners under acceleration.

If you wish to purchase the Michelin Anakee Adventure tires, you can check them out at Cycle Gear. The model is available at a price ranging from $158.99-$234.99.

Bridgestone Battlax RS10

Bridgestone took over from Michelin as the tire supplier for the MotoGP Championship in 2009. The Bridgestone RS10 incorporates technology developed during Bridgestone's position as the championship's exclusive tire provider. Radial tires flex more than bias-ply tires, resulting in a larger contact area, which is one of the primary reasons riders prefer them.

More rubber on the tire means more traction and better life, and Bridgestone promises to deliver on both fronts. Bridgestone's "GP Belt" retracts against the center folding to give you the big flat oval you need for proper riding.

The RS10s are much more performance-oriented than Bridgestone claims. These tires are stiffer than the S20 Evos and made to be race-ready. As a result, the tire has an excellent edge grip on a smooth road and can withstand full power at maximum lean. The front tire performs admirably, and you'll be willing to put your trust in it and flip the bike into turns.

The Bridgestone RS10 is a MotoGP-inspired tire made for high-performance motorcycles on both the street and the track. It soon became the manufacturer-supplied tire of preference for numerous hyper sport variants after its launch in 2015. Even though it is four years old, it is still available from Bridgestone. The RS10 comes in various configurations, including double and single compounds.

If you want to purchase the Bridgestone Battlax RS10 tires for your bike, you can check it out at Cycle Gear. The model is available at a price ranging from $113.12-$238.39.