How To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet

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If you want to stand out a bit and save some money during the process, you can learn how to customize a motorcycle helmet on your own for your next ride.

Buying a helmet but having minimal control over the look and design can be a downer for many motorcycle riders. Luckily, these products are built to be durable and they can withstand unique customizations and still function effectively.

Customizing a motorcycle helmet is a great way to make it more unique and it can be done with stickers, decals, paint, or custom skins. Painting your helmet is more complex but provides the most permanent finish while stickers, decals, and custom skins are easily changeable in the future.

A customized motorcycle helmet is an excellent way to showcase your personality while also staying safe. You can customize your helmet with any design or pattern that you want, so you can make sure that it matches the rest of your outfit or bike. This guide includes the best way to customize yours.

We have worked with many bike and motorcycle shops to learn more about the helmet customization process. We also researched the various laws that exist to only provide legal customization ideas below.

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How To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet

Customizing a motorcycle helmet is a great way to express your individuality. You can make your helmet as unique as you are by choosing different shapes, colors, and designs so that it suits your personality.

There are many ways to customize a motorcycle helmet. The most popular ways involve painting the helmet with a custom design or adding stickers. There are also more advanced customization techniques such as adding a decal or using custom skin on the outside of the helmet.

You may want to get a custom-made helmet if you ride in an event where many people might be wearing the same type of gear or if you want to show off your personality with an eye-catching design.

However, you need to remember the primary purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the rider's head from injury in the event of an accident. This means you should learn more about customizations and whether they are safe to do too.

Custom Paint

If you want to give your helmet a unique look, the best way to do it is by custom painting it. There are many different ways to customize a motorcycle helmet, and the options are endless to suit every style you can imagine.

However, if you don't have any experience with painting, it's recommended that you take your helmet to a professional who can help you get the desired results. Many bike shops will do the customizations for you for a small fee.

Before starting to paint your helmet, make sure you clean it thoroughly. This will ensure that the paint sticks properly and doesn't chip off over time. You should also check with your helmet manufacturer to ensure your helmet is safe to use paint on.

Decals & Stickers

Decals and stickers are a great way to customize your motorcycle helmet. This is considered the easiest customization method too because it is fast and you can find decals of any style or design, and they're easy to apply.

You can shop all types of decals and stickers to match your look too. They can be bought from nearly any brand in the world that sells any type of gear like this.

To apply a decal, start by cleaning the helmet and marking where you want the sticker. If you don’t wash and dry the helmet properly, it will not stick to the helmet surface and come off after a short period.

Helmet Skin

Motorcycle helmets are required by law in most states. However, you can also customize them to your taste.

A helmet skin will cover the entire helmet, but it is much larger than a decal or sticker. This means that the skin will help protect from chips and scratches on your paint job.

In addition, since the skin is bigger than a decal or sticker, it will be more difficult for others to remove without damaging the helmet. You can find many different designs and patterns online, so finding one that matches your style should not be difficult.

By using a skin, you can design features like vents or branding on the exterior of the helmet. This will make your helmet unique and help it to stand out from the rest.

How To Use Paint To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet

Paint can be used to customize a motorcycle helmet. and it is not a difficult process. It is considered one of the most popular ways to give your helmet a more personalized look and design.

Follow these steps below to avoid any issues while using paint to customize a motorcycle helmet.

1. Clean Your Helmet

Anytime you plan on making customizations to your helmet, you need to perform a proper cleaning. This is necessary to clean any excess dirt or debris to ensure the finish is smooth and permanent.

When you are cleaning the helmet, you can also remove any accessories including the visor or chin strap. These parts should not be painted because they could ruin them and cost you money that you don't want to spend.

2. Tape or Remove Inside Padding & Screws

Next, you should remove the padding and screws from your helmet before you paint it. If any paint gets on the padding, then there is a chance that you will not be able to wash it out and the stain will be permanent.

The screws are even more essential to remove because any paint on the threads means they will not tighten any more. This would require you to buy new hardware to properly tighten your helmet again.

3. Sand Down The Exterior Of The Helmet

After all critical areas have been covered or removed, you can start to sand down the exterior of the helmet. Because the surface has been cleaned, the sanding should be quick and you can use any type of sandpaper to accomplish this.

It is recommended to use 400 grit sandpaper because it will create the smoothest surface without causing any damage or decay to the helmet material.

4. Apply Paint To Helmet Surface

Once the surface has been properly prepared, you can apply the paint to the exterior surface of your motorcycle helmet. If you have less experience painting, it is important to go slow and take your time.

We would recommend having professionals handle the painting if you are not sure what to do. This will give you a better finish that you can be proud to wear.

5. Allow Time For The Paint To Dry

After the painting is complete, give your helmet plenty of time to dry. The last thing you need to happen is handling it too soon after painting and leaving any marks or smudging on your final paint design.

What Type Of Paint Is Best?

The two best paint types you can comfortably use on a motorcycle helmet are spray paint and acrylic paint. They are cheap and there are plenty of different colors available in both so you shouldn’t have any issues finding what you need.

How To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet With Decals & Stickers

Customizing a motorcycle helmet with decals and stickers has been a popular trend amongst bikers. With so many different designs and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to know what is best for you.

The following information will show you how to customize your helmet with decals and stickers in the most efficient way possible.

1. Decide Where You Want To Put Your Decals & Stickers

Decals and stickers are a great way to express your personality and make your helmet uniquely yours. However, you need to decide where you want to place them before you can get started.

It is best to put the stickers on the outer part of your helmet so that they are not in the way. This will allow them to show when people are looking at you from the front or behind.

2. Wash Your Helmet & Allow It To Dry

Always wash your helmet thoroughly before doing any type of customization to the exterior. With stickers, any dirt or debris could cause air bubbles. Once it is clean, let it dry off for a few minutes while you layout your decals and stickers.

3. Start Apply Stickers & Decals

When you start to apply them to the helmet, we recommend starting at the edges and working your way in. This ensures you will not overlap anything or run out of space and it gives you the chance to fill up the entire helmet.

4. Eliminate Any Air Bubbles & Deformities

Once everything has been applied to the helmet, you should look for any air bubbles or deformities on the helmet. Lightly pressure down over these areas to flatten the stickers. This will give you a cleaner look too.

Benefits Of Customizing Your Motorcycle Helmet

Customizing your motorcycle helmet is a great way to make it uniquely yours. You can pick your favorite color, a custom design, or just some new decals for the front. And there are plenty of benefits to consider that we have mentioned below.

Extra Protection

A motorcycle helmet is an important, even necessary, accessory for any biker. To make sure that your helmet is the best it can be, you should customize it to increase your overall protection while on the road.

For example, you can choose the paint type and colors based on where you live. This means if you experience harsh sunlight often, you can use a color that protects against the sun and UV rays.

Another example includes adding a more durable visor to protect against bugs while riding. This is a common issue motorcycle riders face, and customizing your helmet is the best way to avoid it.

Enhanced Aesthetic Look

Customizing your motorcycle helmet is a great way to improve the look of your helmet. You can make it stand out with a custom design or add some flair with a custom paint job to match your riding style.

It also is a popular way to revive an older helmet that may be outdated. You can apply new paint and some decals and suddenly the look of your old helmet could pass as a brand new product.


The cost of customization will vary depending on what you would like to do and where you go for it. For example, some people prefer going through their local motorcycle shop to have someone with experience do the customization.

Others may prefer going online and ordering customized stickers that they can apply themselves. Both options are perfectly fine, but if you are customizing your helmet on your own you can save money and avoid spending more on an expensive helmet.

Is It Safe To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet?

The motorcycle helmet is a very important part of the rider’s safety. It is designed to protect the head from injury in the event of a crash. However, it can also be customized to suit individual styles.

Customizing a motorcycle helmet can be a fun way to show your personality, but it's important to remember that you still need to protect your head. Overgrazing the shell can reduce the helmet's safety, so it's best to stick to simple modifications like adding stickers or painting the shell.

You should make a note that painting or customizing your helmet could cause it to wear down faster. The paint could deteriorate the materials of your helmet, depending on the type of helmet you are using.

However, using bright colors to customize your helmet could increase your visibility while on the road. This provides better safety while riding from other drivers, especially at night in the dark or during difficult weather.

Is It Legal To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet?

Customizing a motorcycle helmet is not illegal and is encouraged in the community, but the exact rules could vary based on where you are located. For example, the United States enforces standards with the production of these helmets through the Department Of Transportation.

This is why you will see many helmets come with stickers on the inside or outside indicating they are safe and DOT certified. Painting over this could become a potential problem if you were ever in an accident.

However, the law does not state that you cannot paint or make personal customizations to your helmet. Before doing so, you should check your local laws to ensure you are following the rules in your region.

Other Ways To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet

If you don’t think customizing a helmet on your own would go well, you can try using an online retailer to do everything for you. Helmade allows you to choose your helmet style, color, color pattern, and accessories right in their order portal.

This will eliminate any concerns about applying paint or stickers on your own. However, you should expect to pay a bit more to have this done. These are considered premium motorcycle helmets too, made with excellent materials and quality.

Whatever you decide is best, be aware of how many options exist when it comes to customizing a motorcycle helmet.