How To Lock Helmet To Motorcycle

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Key Takeaways

  • Your helmet is at risk, criminals will try and get it if they really want it.
  • Invest and don't buy cheap, money well spent on a good lock will ensure that your helmet is safe.
  • If you can, try and park your bike in the area of your eyesight, remember, nothing is foolproof.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a built-in lock, there is really no need to go out and get a new one.
  • If using a cable lock, you can almost secure your helmet to any part of the bike, including the seat.

Having your motorcycle helmet stolen can be a nightmare and is a serious problem. Finding a way to properly secure your helmet to your bike is key.

The best way to lock your helmet to your bike would be to have a factory-installed locking mechanism, but if you don’t have one, there are other cost-effective options such as chain locks and U-locks.

Let’s unpack the safest ways to lock your helmet to your motorcycle.

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Places To Secure Your Helmet To Your Motorcycle

  • Passenger Pegs
  • Handlebars
  • On the seat
  • To the mirror

Passenger Pegs

Passenger pegs are a favorite amongst bikers and are one of the easiest ways to secure your helmet to your bike.

Often it doesn't even require the driver to get off the bike to put the helmet on.

This form of locking isn’t the safest as often the helmet is out of eyesight and all a criminal would have to do is bend down and steal it, but that being said, if you are remaining close to your bike and can keep an eye on it, then a passenger peg lock is perfect for you.


Having your helmet on your handlebars is probably the easiest way to keep your helmet in eyesight if you aren't going too far away from your bike.

The handlebars also provide an extra layer of safety as it is easy to wrap a cable lock tightly around and between them to secure your bike

On The Seat

Also, a super convenient place to lock your helmet, for ease of safety most bikers choose this place as a locking option.

On The Mirror

The mirror is safe but not the safest. If a criminal really wanted, all they would have to do is take the mirror off and there goes your helmet.

Ways To Secure Your Helmet To Your Motorcycle

  • Motorcycle chain lock
  • Cable lock
  • Padlock
  • U-lock
  • Built-in motorcycle helmet lock

Motorcycle chain lock

Chain locks come in various lengths and are an ideal option for securing your helmet to your bike. They are usually made from heavy-duty steel and come in varying lengths.


  • They are almost impossible for the average criminal to break


  • Chain locks are heavy and take up space, you may also struggle to get it to go through the helmet and smaller bike parts.

Cable Lock

Cable locks are mostly used for bicycles but come in very handy when trying to secure your helmet to your motorcycle, they can easily strap around the bike and secure your helmet using a padlock or combination lock. Cable locks can also easily strap your bike to a tree or pole for extra security.


  • Cable locks are a great deterrent and will keep your helmet securely locked to your bike.


  • If a thief is really determined to get your helmet, a pair of bolt cutters will cut through the cable.


Padlocks aren't known for being able to lock your helmet to your bike but they do get the job done.

There are many kinds of padlocks on the market, many of them are designed to only open after a certain number of turns and have great built-in security features.

All you need to do is slide the lock into your helmet and then secure it to a place on your bike where it will be secure.


  • Padlocks are relatively cheap and work well to secure your helmet to your bike. Try going for a slightly more expensive lock so as to be sure of the safety of your helmet.


  • If you buy too weak a padlock, it can easily be broken off.


U-locks are the most popular and most used locks amongst motorcyclists and even people with traditional bicycles.

U-locks come in either one-bar or two-bar lock forms and easily slip into your helmet and onto your bike to secure your helmet.

The double bar U-lock is more expensive but it is well worth the price as it adds a double layer of protection to the safety of your helmet.


  • A double bar lock will provide you with excellent protection from pesky thieves who want to steal your helmet.


  • A single bar is less effective, try and get a double bar. It may be cheaper to buy a single bar but a double bar is better.

Built-in motorcycle helmet lock

Most modern bikes come with an inbuilt helmet lock. A built-in bike lock is a cylindrical locking mechanism that is mounted to the bike with one-way tamper-proof screws.

Over or under-seat mounting is possible depending on the bike. Your helmet strap would then connect the lock ring to the lock.


  • If you are lucky to have a bike that comes with this lock, then you are all sorted.


  • You can only mount and lock one helmet, you may need to find a second form of locking if you have a second helmet.


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