List of All Ducati Motorcycles

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Ducati is among the most popular motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Here is a list of all Ducati motorcycles for you to browse through.

Some of the most famous models of Ducati motorcycles are the Ducati Diavel, Super Leggera V4, Scrambler 1100, Super Sport V4, 860 GT, Pantah, Streetfighter V4 S, Ducati Supermono, Ducati 899, Ducati 1198 and Multistrada 950.

Ducati did not establish itself by designing and manufacturing motorcycles. In 1926, an entrepreneur in Italy called Antonio Cavalieri Ducati founded an electrical company with his three sons. They created condensers, capacitors, and radio parts. In 1946, the company invented its first motorcycle called the Ducati 60.

Over the years, Ducati has produced several motorcycles. We have had the pleasure of riding some of the company's most popular motorcycles ever made. If you are interested in Ducati motorcycles, then take a look at this list of all Ducati motorcycles. The details of the models that we've tested are provided. In the end, we've also enclosed a list of other motorcycles made by Ducati, so you know which one to purchase.

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1. Ducati Diavel

This motorcycle promises to be among the Ducati company's most powerful but agile products. The Ducati Diavel blends the utilitarian design of a power cruiser with the outstanding performance of a half-naked motorcycle. The Diavel, which is driven by a 159 HP Testastretta DVT 1262 engine, has a strong character ideal for long drives.

The Ducati Diavel 1260 S for 2020 is a huge muscle cruiser with a sport motorcycle's character. It's a fantastic all-around vehicle that offers remarkable power and agility without sacrificing functionality. The engine produces 159 horsepower and 95 lb-ft of torque.

For a modest price, you may obtain a Diavel 1260 base classifier. If you upgrade to the S version, you can get access to the Ducati Quick Shift no-lift gear change, large Brembo brakes, Ohlin's variable suspension on both ends, lightweight cast machined rims, and LED lighting.

2. Ducati Super Leggera V4

The Superleggera V4 is a magnificent beast to drive, with 234 horsepower and 87.7 lb-ft of torque. It may be one of the most sought-after Ducati motorcycles since the company only produced 500 units. Given its status, expect nothing less than the best engineering expertise and cutting-edge technology from this motorcycle.

This motorcycle is designed with a single goal in mind: excellence. It is made using a vast number of unique materials and technology found only in top tier racing motorcycles. The Superleggera's workable power delivery and precise computerized rider aid interventions are even more impressive.

It's not a single component of the Superleggera's performance that renders it so superb, but rather a combination of confidence-inspiring calm and professional race bike-level feeling from the frame and Ohlins suspension. The incredibly low reported dry weight of 336 pounds makes for rapid and easy operation.

A pair of top-of-the-line Brembo calipers clamp to 330mm discs with outstanding stopping power, bringing the Superleggera to rest. On the Superleggera, Ducati used its super-precise Cornering ABS EVO system. A full-color TFT screen influenced by Ducati's GP 20 design uses a race-inspired functionality and provides access to riding mechanisms, power styles, cornering ABS EVO, and the Ducati Traction Control EVO 2 with its forecasting tactic and smooth intrusion.

3. Ducati SuperSport

The newest Ducati SuperSport is a blend of great looks and a comfortable sport-touring package. It has a 937cc Testrastretta engine that produces 110 horsepower and 69 lb-ft of torque and ABS, DTC, three cruise modes, and DQS as the original kit.

The 950S model of the SuperSport has Ohlins suspension on both front and rear axles. The game-changer for this motorcycle is flexibility: its sporty looks go great with the numerous modern features packed into the ride.

You can focus on getting the most out of Ducati's rather hefty but rock-solid reliable chassis, adjustable Marzocchi forks and Sachs back shock without having to worry about extra power. Regardless of how hard you push, far you lean, or rough the roads are, driving on this motorcycle is effortless. Although the model features a comfortable seat and plenty of legroom, larger riders will have to extend their legs far to reach their toes on the footpegs.

Both the basic and S variants are excellent for less advanced users, thanks to their effortless power, safe technology, flexible chassis, and ample ride height. There are a variety of authorized accessories available, along with a Sport Pack and switch levers that come with this model. The Urban Pack includes a tank bag, alarms, and rubber foot peg inlays, while the Touring Pack adds a bigger screen, handlebar grips, and panniers.

4. Ducati Scrambler 1100

The Ducati Scrambler is an enjoyable, easy-going motorcycle that combines a retro look with advanced technology. Each Scrambler model has its own style, riding ergonomics, and features. The Scrambler 1100 model proves that as well.

The Ducati Scrambler 1100 is a larger version of the classic Scrambler, designed for riders who find the basic Scrambler too small. The 1079cc air-cooled L-Twin engine offers 86 horsepower and 65 lb-ft of torque. The Ducati Safety Pack also comes as standard on the Scrambler 1100.

Scrambler 1100 brings to the Scrambler range an alternative that is still a basic motorcycle but has an added electrical package that outperforms its younger counterparts and rivals. With four levels of stability control, three operating modes, and Bosch turning ABS, this motorcycle is distinctive in its category. It keeps the iconic style and dimensions of previous Scramblers but is larger, ideal for users who found the 800s too small.

With modifications like a slightly bigger gas tank and a larger, comfier seat, the Scrambler 1100 is meant to be a bigger motorcycle meant to larger riders and broaden the operational range. The gasoline tank is one of the several parts of the Scrambler 1100 made from aluminum accents. The heat shields on the dual mufflers and the creased panels on the tank's sidewalls are also made of the same material. Ducati executives are quite pleased to announce that the Scrambler 1100 only has five important plastic parts, the most important of which is the airbox.

5. Ducati Hypermotard 950 RVE

With the Hypermotard 950 RVE, you may remain competitive while ensuring a high degree of elegance. This amazing motorcycle offers the perfect combination of tools for all kinds of scenarios, with a torque rating of 71 lb-ft and a remarkable 114 hp output. This is one quick and strong ride to enjoy, influenced by the unique designs of urban paintings.

The Hypermotard 950 RVE is driven by a sprightly twin-cylinder 937cc Testastretta engine. Thanks to its tractable, predictable power delivery, the model is more than at ease on the streets or racing completely open on the track.

Aside from the up-and-down quick shifter, the Hyper 950 RVE has a solid electrical package that includes Bosch Cornering ABS, Ducati Traction Control EVO, and Ducati Wheelie Control EVO as the main features.

The Hypermotard series was revamped in 2019, keeping the brand's fierce attitude while reducing hard edges with upgrades to the engine, ergonomics, chassis, and electronics. These modifications have made these Supermoto-inspired machines more accessible for the average rider.

6. Ducati 860 GT

Between 1974 and 1975, Ducati produced the Ducati 860 GT. It included the engine and strained members frame of Fabio Taglioni's original 750 GT-L Twin with bevel cam motion and a larger capacity attained by employing two cylinders and pistons from a Ducati 450 single-cylinder engine.

Giorgio Giugiaro, a well-known automotive stylist, was responsible for the motorcycle's contentious geometric design and aesthetic features. He removed both the undulating tank design and the engine covers and replaced them with big steel side covers to produce an overall unified impression. Rather than adding the leaning over posture of the previous 750, he designed the straight seating position for urban riding.

In 1976, the 860 GT was rebranded as the 860GTS, with a less angled fuel tank, a seat without a ducktail, lower and slimmer handlebars, and a consistently lower drive ratio than the GT. By 1977, the rebranded 900 GTS had received additional visual and electrical upgrades. These motorcycles had engines that were mechanically comparable to the Darmah SS and SD motorcycles that succeeded them when the production ceased in 1979.

7. Ducati Pantah

With the creation of the Ducati 500 SL Pantah in 1979, Fabio Taglioni once more demonstrated his expertise. He had imagined using grooved rubber belts to power the camshafts in 1973, which was not at all common in the 1970s.

Belt-driven camshafts would be less expensive to manufacture and would result in much quieter engines. The Pantah engine's sophisticated design has demonstrated its value through time since Ducati today still utilizes the same basic principles.

The fundamental layout of the engine was based on the bevel drive twin, which had vertically divided crankcases at 90 degrees and a horizontal cylinder slanted at a 15-degree inclination. The design included a typical left-side gearshift and a starter motor situated beneath the horizontal cylinder.

Ducati's legendary desmodromic valve activation was used on the single overhead camshafts operated by a grooved rubber belt. The 500 SL's chassis was also a completely new design. It was the first time Ducati used a trellis chassis with two parallel tubes. This, too, established the bar for all future Ducati's.

8. Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

The Streetfighter V4 S is among the most comprehensive motorcycles, which is made much more astounding by its 1,103cc Desmosedici V4 engine that produces over 200 horsepower and 90 lb-ft of torque.

The Streetfighter boasts a snappy and computable power delivery at the first stroke of the throttle as it effortlessly transfers load rearward for total confidence at corner departures. It also has a chassis that can tackle a racetrack. An Ohlins NIX 30 fork and TTX 36 back shock, as well as Ohlins steering dampers and forged aluminum Marchesini rims, are included on the model.

Furthermore, each of the Streetfighter's three ride settings (Street, Sport, and Race) has its own set of semi-active Ohlins Smart EC 2.0 characteristics tailored to certain riding habits and circumstances.

The V4 is paired to a six-speed gearbox that is enjoyable to ride, particularly with the quick-shifter that comes standard on the motorcycle, and it enjoys a decent kick to change speeds. Gasoline capacity is usually an issue on sports motorcycles, but with a 4.23-gallon gas tank, this vehicle's fuel breaks aren't as often as they could be.

9. Ducati Monster 797

Ducati has created various Monster variants in the last 25 years, each signifying a step forward in style and engineering. With the Monster 797, the company focused on creating a smaller, more approachable motorcycle for those entry-level racers who were previously disregarded.

The Monster 797 follows the Monster manual's aesthetic guidelines to a degree. A modern steel fuel tank and round headlamps are classic Monster features. The chassis adheres to its origins with a single-piece structural steel design that spans from headstock to tail and conventional tubular hold rails for the rider.

The Monster 797 has the same 31.7-inch ride height as the Monster 821 but shorter footpegs and a broader handlebar, making riding more pleasant. The motorcycle weighs 425 pounds, which is remarkable enough. However, the 56.5-inch wheelbase also helps for a lighter, nimbler performance.

The 803cc engine of the motorcycle can deliver 75 horsepower at 8,250 rpm and 50.8 lb-ft of torque. A solitary 50mm throttle body with two injectors gives a precise and seamless power delivery that is not too daunting for beginners but plenty powerful enough to have fun or make the rare "roll-on" move.

10. Ducati MultiStrada 950

The Multistrada 950 is not your typical Ducati ride; it turns tours into a unique and gratifying experience. It is among Ducati's safest offerings, built durably while still preserving the brand's motorcycles' unique look. A solid power output of 113 hp and a torque figure of 71 lb-ft demonstrate that this motorcycle offers plenty of oomph for those looking for power and speed.

The MultiStrada 950's elegant appearance demonstrates that Italian motorcycles are among the best motorcycles in the industry. The model comes with a different hydraulic wet clutch for road control, which adds to its versatility. The revolutionary vehicle hold control technology, which aids in vehicle stabilization, further improves its safety.

The motorcycle comes with a suite of sensors, a clear info-packed monochromatic LCD dash screen taken from the 1200, and infinitely adjustable suspension at both sides, so don't think it's an inferior motorcycle simply because it's the lowest capacity Multistrada.

The 950's seat is distinctive in that it is 840mm tall, the shortest in the Multistrada family. At 449 pounds dry, the motorcycle's weight is reasonable and makes it easier to handle for new riders.

11. Ducati 1198

Ducati has a reputation for producing some of the most inventive sport motorcycles globally, and the 2010 Ducati 1198 is no exception. The 1198.4cc Testastretta L twin engine of the 2010 Ducati 1198 is one of the most efficient in the business.

The Desmodromic engine produces 170 horsepower at 9750 rpm and a whopping 97 lb-ft of torque at 8000 rpm. This incredible engine is said to be the smallest ever used with a Ducati-built two-wheeler. It is extremely powerful.

The Ducati 1198's fuel injection reaction is spot on due to the motorcycle's Marelli electronic fuel injection technology. The system has been increased by 13.3% over the previous model, and the new versions have a fuel-efficient and environmentally beneficial 2-1-2 exhaust system with catalytic converter and double lambda probes. The exhaust smooths out the engine's efficiency while satisfying emission standards.

The motorcycle has a dry clutch and a close-ratio six-speed gearbox. This gives riders a genuine sense of what it's like to drive a MotoGP motorcycle. Except for the basic 1198, Ducati has made its outstanding Ducati Traction Control technology a core feature on all the motorcycles. The DTC system enhances mid-corner speed and stability while also preventing the rear wheel from rolling out.

12. Ducati 899

The Ducati 899 has a slightly gentler personality than the 1199 motorcycle that launched the Panigale range. This compact model, according to Ducati, is intended to supply an equal distribution between street and circuit use, making it a complete machine with a greater emphasis on ride-ability and enjoyment.

With a projected 148bhp, the 899 is still a strong super motorcycle by any measures, develops more power than the lesser 848 unit straight across the rpm band. It is better suited to the road due to its lower power and gentler ride.

The 899 is eager to yank from mid-revs, but it truly comes to life at 7000rpm. It speeds up quickly but never becomes difficult to ride. You can also make the motorcycle more user-friendly by altering the modes. In the wet mode, the power is reduced to 110bhp, and the distribution is softer. It also softens stability control, electronic throttle braking, and power steering to accommodate the desired use.

With the impending implementation of Euro4 noise and pollution regulations, the 899 was succeeded by the 959, which featured a redesigned engine and was distinguished by long exhausts rather than the 899's under seat exhausts. An increase in output offset the extra 15 pounds weight. Therefore performance remained similar.

13. Ducati Supermono

The Ducati Supermono, produced between 1993 and 1995, is a legendary motorcycle and not just for its rarity. It is one of Italians' most innovative and stunning motorcycles ever created. The engine is based on an 888 Corsa twin. However, it lacks an upright cylinder.

The Supermono features a second con-rod that connects to a lever that swivels on a fixed shaft in the crankcase to ensure optimal primary balancing. At 10,500 rpm, the motor produces roughly 78 horsepower. The Weber fuel injection system responds quickly and crisply to the twist grip.

The Supermono looks and performs like one of Ducati's original V-Twins. It has a customized trellis chassis, carbon-fiber body, and an avant-garde carbon-fiber subframe, all of which contributes to 269 pounds.

Other Ducati Motorcycles

The motorcycles listed above are some of the more popular models offered by Ducati. However, the company has produced several other rides over the years. These models are listed below:

  • Ducati 24 Horas
  • Ducati 50 Scrambler
  • Ducati 65 Sport
  • Ducati 60
  • Ducati 60 Sport
  • Ducati 65TL
  • Ducati 65T
  • Ducati 65TS
  • Ducati 98
  • Ducati 100 Scrambler
  • Ducati 125
  • Ducati 125 Scrambler
  • Ducati 239 Mark 3
  • Ducati 250 GT
  • Ducati 250 Mark 3
  • Ducati 250 Scrambler
  • Ducati 350 Mark 3
  • Ducati 350 Scrambler
  • Ducati 400SS
  • Ducati 450 Mark 3
  • Ducati 450 Scrambler
  • Ducati 450 R/T
  • Ducati 750 GT
  • Ducati 749
  • Ducati 748
  • Ducati 800SS
  • Ducati 848
  • Ducati 851
  • Ducati 860 GT
  • Ducati 888
  • Ducati 999
  • Ducati 998
  • Ducati 996
  • Ducati 959
  • Ducati 916
  • Ducati 1199
  • Ducati 1299
  • Ducati 1098
  • Ducati Aurea
  • Ducati Apollo
  • Ducati Bronco
  • Ducati Cucciolo
  • Ducati Deluxe
  • Ducati Desmosedici
  • Ducati Desmosedici RR
  • Ducati Diana
  • Ducati Diana Mark 3
  • Ducati Panigale V2
  • Ducati ST series
  • Ducati Mach 1
  • Ducati Hypermotard
  • Ducati MH900e
  • Ducati Monster
  • Ducati Monster 696
  • Ducati Monza
  • Ducati 160 Monza Junior
  • Ducati Multistrada
  • Ducati Multistrada 1200
  • Ducati Panigale
  • Ducati Panigale V4
  • Ducati PaulSmart 1000 LE
  • Ducati Paso
  • Ducati Panta
  • Ducati Road 250
  • Ducati Road 350
  • Ducati Scrambler
  • Ducati Scrambler (2015)
  • Ducati Sebring
  • Ducati singles
  • Ducati SportClassic
  • Ducati Sport1000
  • Ducati Strada
  • Ducati Streetfighter