List of All Honda Motorcycles

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Honda is a reputable brand and the company has produced millions of motorcycles over the years. Take a look at this list of all Honda motorcycles ever made.

Some of the most reliable models ever made by Honda include the CBR600RR, Gold Wing Tour DCT, Africa Twin, Fury, Rebel 300, Honda CB500X, Shadow Phantom, Honda Monkey, and the Super Cub 125. All of these rides demonstrate the brand’s superior quality, loyalty and commitment towards its customers.

Honda started out by making scooters and motorcycles, with the A-Type becoming the first vehicle to be released in 1947. In 1949, Honda launched the Dream D-Type, which was the company's first full-fledged motorcycle. It featured a 98cc engine and generated roughly 3 hp.

Since 1947, Honda has introduced several motorcycle models over the years. We have had the pleasure of riding hundreds of motorcycles made by the company. The models we found the best among all Honda rides are listed below. At the end, a list of all the other Honda motorcycles is provided for your convenience.

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1. Honda CBR600RR

Honda CBR600RR was a tad unimpressive when it debuted in 2003 in the intermediate super sport category, which was then fiercely competitive. Major engine and structural changes in 2007 gave it a significant performance increase, putting it on par with its competitors.

The CBR600RR is still a very competent midsize super sport motorcycle, despite its old-school exhaust and cable-operated throttle. It doesn't specialize in any one area, but it does everything well.

The motorcycle is fun to ride, has a lot of muscle, and it performs admirably on the highway. It boasts an in-line 599cc four-cylinder engine that produces 105 hp and gives superb performance.

The Honda CBR600RR comes standard with adjustable suspension, radial braking, and an electrically operated, speed-sensitive wheel damper. It's also a lightweight motorcycle that handles well on turns and reacts swiftly to throttle.

The engine was last updated in 2013, with a ram-air intake situated in the middle of the engine, a better ECU, and altered PGM-DSFI coding for increased midrange performance and enhanced throttle response at higher speeds. Honda improved the CBR600RR's already strong workability by upgrading the suspension to a 41mm Showa BPF twisted fork and revising the rear shock parameters.

Tokico calipers with four pistons and 310mm discs give sharp, precise stopping power with great sensation. The ABS variant comes with Honda's C-ABS, which instantly activates both the front and back brakes in emergency braking scenarios to improve control.

2. Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT

The Honda Gold Wing is almost inextricably linked to the concept of motorcycle traveling. It is one of the finest touring motorcycles on the planet, and it has a devoted following. The seven-speed transmission is divided into two halves, one with ratios 1, 3, 5, and 7, and the other with 2, 4, and 6. The next proportion is pre-selected because each gearbox has its unique clutch. When the gear shift occurs, it seems completely natural.

The transmission is also automatic. The ECU determines the ratio to use based on throttle position, speed control, and wheel pressure. There is no need for a clutch button or a foot changer because the clutches are activated automatically.

The left handlebar switchgear has a manual override, in which a thumb button moves down a ratio and a trigger pull switches up a cog. To change to your desired ratio, simply press or slide one of these switches, and the change takes place as soon as possible. There's no need to change riding settings or choose from a menu, although the option is available.

Tour, Sport, Eco, and Rain are the four riding modes available on the Gold Wing. By merely pulling a lever on the right side of the handlebar, these four settings can be easily switched through at any time, any place. The settings also alter the amount of stability control and anti-lock brake assistance.

The 2018 Gold Wing Tour received a lot of criticism for having less luggage capacity than prior models. Honda has resolved this issue for the year 2021. The upper trunk is 1.9 inches broader, 1.8 inches higher, and 1.3 inches longer than the lower trunk. It increases the storage capacity by 22%, from 50 to 61 liters. The trunk can now accommodate extra luggage. Additionally, the rear left saddlebag features a USB port for device charging.

3. Honda Africa Twin

The Honda Africa Twin was a huge hit when it initially debuted, and Honda is hoping to revitalize the vehicle in all the right directions now. The motorcycle was redesigned. It's more potent, lighter, and prepared for greater adventures.

The Africa Twin surprised everyone since it was not just a decently attractive motorcycle, but also capable and intelligent both off and on the street. Because of its 270-degree firing sequence, the parallel-twin engine is efficient and sounds good.

The dual-clutch transmission is smooth and precise, and performs well. The 2020 Honda Africa Twin has the same fundamental foundations as the 2019 model — superb suspension, excellent brakes, and a capable engine. The inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is a great step taken by Honda.

The motorcycle comes in four different variants, with the regular Africa Twin being better suited to off-roading and the Adventure Sports being best for touring thanks to a larger tank and electronic suspension that improves comfort.

Because this is a DCT type, the parking brake is located where the clutch lever would usually be. There isn't even a shifter, at least not one like you will find on an ordinary motorcycle. The greater displacement parallel twin is common in all four versions.

The Africa Twin received a 6 percent boost in power over the initial 998cc engine, thanks to an increase of 86cc to 1,084cc in total displacement. The ride comes with a six-speed manual gearbox and a six-speed dual-clutch mechanism. The latter can work as a full auto or a button-shift manual.

4. Honda Fury

The Honda Fury was released in 2009 and is still being produced today. It stands out from the crowd since it was Honda's debut chopper. The 1,312-cc air-cooled V-twin engine fits the style, and the down tubes, combined with the rake, make the Honda Fury look different from most of the other rides.

The model has 57.3 horsepower and 79 lb-ft of torque, which is adequate for a chopper, and a fuel efficiency of 45 mpg is also acceptable, making it a handsome commuter motorcycle.

The engine is large and strong enough, but not so large as to be terrifying. Some people dislike the Fury's radiator, although it helps the engine perform smoothly and quietly because the water covers some of the noise. The computer-controlled fuel-injection technology enhances the sophistication of a motorcycle which otherwise appears to be quite retro. Nevertheless, the motorcycle is attractive, and it comes at a reasonable price, making it a popular choice, particularly among choppers.

The Honda Fury is responsive, and the hardtail provides a comfortable riding, at least for a regular commute. Overall, the ride is a pretty good option for anyone looking for a daily commuter.

5. Honda Shadow Phantom

The Honda Shadow Phantom is a significantly badass version of the legendary Shadow chassis. It's a cruiser that's supposed to be simple to ride, inexpensive, and durable. Instead of using bright colors, the motorcycle uses black or matte options.

It appears to have a winning form and improved energy efficiency that not only makes it ideal for first-time users, but also keeps it unaltered year after year. The Shadow Phantom comes with a variety of options for riders who desire more space for people or cargo, and it's recognized for its matte black finish.

The 745cc fuel-injected liquid cooled V-twin engine is designed to perform efficiently, and the motorcycle is styled after a bobber. The tires are wide, and the wheels are wire-spoked, while the engine is reputed to work consistently and smoothly. The Shadow Phantom has single braking discs in both front and back. It also includes a five-speed gearbox for smooth gear changes, and the seat is slightly lower than that of typical motorcycles.

The 41mm front suspension cushions any shock from bumps, and the rear suspension is dual-shock and features five-position spring preload modification. It features a 64.6-inch wheelbase and a 3.7-gallon gasoline capacity. A fuel injection system is one of the motorcycle's innovative features, and it helps the motorcycle run smoothly across the rpm range.

6. Honda Rebel 300

More than any other motorcycle cruiser, the Honda Rebel boasts a beginner-friendly heritage. With its friendly, easy-to-handle attitude, this ride has been capturing the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts since 1985.

The 2021 model retains the classical tough for which the ride is recognized. Moreover, it comes with a reliable engine that won’t disappoint you in the long run and a reduced seat height that makes the Rebel 300 a decent option for short riders.

The Rebel's liquid-cooled 286cc engine produces 25.01 hp at 7,460 rpm. The motorcycle accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 7.85 seconds, displaying remarkable engine performance for its tiny displacement and allowing riders to develop their skills as they maneuver the unit at higher speeds.

The throttle is easy to control, and the Rebel 300’s throttle response is consistent and seamless, thanks to careful fuel tuning. The cable-actuated slip and assist clutch allows the clutch lever to be pulled with minimum effort. The six-speed gearbox shifts with precision and accomplishes its job without any problem.

7. Honda CB500X

The Honda CB500X was first introduced in 2013 to break into the more urban aspect of the adventure classification, filling a need that larger-displacement ADVs had left open. When you turn the throttle on the CB500X, the seamless gearbox and mild-mannered parallel-twin 471cc engine are the first things you'll observe.

Because of the slipper assist feature, the clutch pull is mild, and modulation is simple, making it ideal for you to ride the motorcycle in stop-and-go traffic. While the gear changes are seamless, downshifting from first to second often causes neutral to catch.

The CB500X has 42.45 horsepower at 8,130 rpm and generates 29.25 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm, which is more than enough for an adventure motorcycle designed to be pleasant and practical. Another good thing about this ride is that it offers excellent fuel efficiency. With a rating of 54.6 mpg, you can get around 251 miles per tank.

The telescopic fork and single shock are mushy on the tarmac and don't provide a rooted sense in switchbacks. The hefty block Dunlop tires wrapped around 19- and 17-inch cast aluminum rims offer a mix of regular and dirt road performance.

The tires hold the asphalt nicely and provide excellent traction on roads. Seat height is 32.7 inches, but the seat's slightly boxy width between the legs makes it feel a little higher. With a weight of 431 pounds, slow-speed maneuvering is simple.

Not only does the frame and massive chunky-block tires hint to the CB500X’s ADV classification intent, but the slight ADV-like beak extends from under an LED headlight to further the ADV storyline. LED blinkers also have that sleek, sophisticated look that’s common on new Honda motorcycles. Additions such as a light bar, hand shields, and pannier packs are open to create this motorcycle more suitable for longer travels.

8. Honda Super Cub 125

Honda introduced the Super Cub as a four-stroke 50cc motorcycle in 1958, when the firm was only 10 years old and the industry was controlled by two-stroke competitors.

It is the motorcycle that laid the groundwork for Honda's future, with more than 100 million units produced worldwide.

Fans of the Cub will be glad to learn that the four-speed transmission and centrifugal clutch that effectively make the motorcycle semi-automatic have been retained. Conventional forks have substituted the original's trailing link forks, which provided the unusual 'lifting' feeling while braking, and they are vastly better, absorbing big and tiny bumps effectively.

The 17-inch wheels give it an edge over many motorcycles, which have smaller tires and are more susceptible to bumps, resulting in steering difficulty.

The new Super Cub 125 is far superior than the older iterations in practically every way imaginable, which should come as no surprise, given the old motorcycle's antiquity. The current Super Cub retains the conventional appearance of its ancestor, but is distinguished by the inclusion of a pillion seat and pegs. The passenger pegs are fastened directly to the swing-arm to give the pillions a smooth riding experience, even over obstacles. The seat is mounted on a steel frame bracket.

The alterations are much more dramatic beneath the surface, with an engine that is basically a new design. It consists of a cylinder head mated to a reworked version of the Japanese-market C110's underside. The bore and stroke are identical to the Grom, measuring 50mm x 63.1mm.

The Super Cub 125 boasts a 125cc fuel-injected engine with four-speed semi-automatic transmission. The weight of the ride is 238 pounds, which makes handling a breeze. The size of the ride is quite small so it is a good option for beginners. The Super Cub 125 combines simplicity, economy, practicality, and reliability to offer an excellent riding experience. It’s also equipped with modern features, such as fuel injection, electric starting, and front-wheel ABS.

9. Honda Monkey

There are several retro-style motorcycles on the market, but very few have the same history as the Honda Monkey. At its most basic, the Monkey is a 125cc commuting and city motorcycle, but it does far more than that.

When it relates to biking, the per mile ratio will be the same. You don't need to describe the Monkey; it has a universal appeal that extends beyond two-wheelers to everybody who sees it. It’s not the least expensive 125cc motorcycle on the market, and it's certainly not the most useful when compared to certain scooters with plenty of storage.

The Monkey is still is a very enticing ride for bouncing through the urban jungle, with 189 mpg total fuel economy and a tank endurance of more than 200 miles. The seat height is 30.5 inches, which means that riders with medium height will find it easier to ride this motorcycle.

The electric start makes starting the air-cooled 125cc engine simple. The digital dash screen blinks like an eyelid when you activate the starter key, adding to the Monkey's quirky demeanor. The engine settles into a pleasant thrum, and the four-speed transmission connects seamlessly for the first time.

10. Honda VFR800X

The second-generated VFR800X Crossrunner was introduced in 2015. The previous iteration struggled to make an impression as it didn’t offer much appeal for an adventure-sport ride. However, the new model is an excellent ride. You’ll certainly be amazed by its light and secure handling, superior craftsmanship, and engaging V4 engine.

The VTEC-equipped 782cc engine powers the Honda VFR800X. VTEC is not actually variable valve timing. While timing stays fixed, the system changes from two valves per cylinder at lower revs to four valves at higher revs. This provides the ride a unique powerband, making the ride more engaging.

It is easy to get distracted by flashing lights and buttons these days. The Honda VFR800X reminds us that solid engineering is more important than these bells and whistles. The motorcycle is reliable with extruded aluminum frame spars, classy hand levers, perfectly fitted bodywork and high-quality switchgear. The VFR800 is a fine example of why Honda is renowned for quality.

List of Other Honda Motorcycles

The models listed above are some of the rides we have tested and found extremely reliable. Other Honda motorcycles that have been introduced over the years include:

  • Beat (FC50)         
  • Super Cub C100, CA100, C102, C50, Sports C110, C111. C110D, C114         
  • CB50         
  • Dio         
  • Elite E (SB50)         
  • Elsinore (MR50)
  • Express (NC50)
  • Hunter Cub (CT50)         
  • MB5, MB50         
  • Melody NB50, ND50, NP50, NS50         
  • Metropolitan Jazz (CHF 50)         
  • Metropolitan II (CHF50P)         
  • Motra (CT50)         
  • MT5, MT50         
  • NCZ50 also known as Motocompo         
  • Spree (NQ50)        
  • Mini Trail (Z50A)         
  • Mini Trail (Z50M)         
  • Mini Trail (Z50R)         
  • Mini Trail (Z50J)
  • Moped (P50, P25)         
  • Moped (PA50/Hobbit/Camino)
  • Moped (PF50/Amigo)        
  • Moped (PC50, PS50)         
  • Moped (SFX50)
  • Moped (SH50)
  • Moped (X8RS)
  • SGX50 (Sky)         
  • SS50         
  • Trail 50 (C100H, C100T, CA100T)
  • Pop 100
  • Pop 110i         
  • XR50R
  • ZB50         
  • Vision/Spacy
  • Sparta
  • Zoomer/Ruckus (NPS50)         
  • AC15         
  • Super Cub C105, CD105, Honda C115 Sports         
  • Trail 55 (C105H, C105T, CA105T)
  • Super Cub C65, S65         
  • C70 Passport, CD70         
  • Motosport (SL70)         
  • Motosport (XL70)         
  • ST70, CT70 Trail 70         
  • Scrambler (CL70)         
  • XL80         
  • Aero 80 (NH80)
  • XR80         
  • CR85R Expert
  • Super Cub C90 (12 volt)
  • Super Cub CM90, Honda Trail 90 C200         
  • Trail 90 (CT200)
  • Super Cub CM91, C90 (6 volt), CD90         
  • Trail 90 (CT90)        
  • S90 CS90, Sport 90, Super 90         
  • Super Cub C100EX         
  • Astrea Prima (C100EX)
  • Astrea Grand, Astrea Impressa, Dream 100, Astrea Legenda (C100EX)         
  • Astrea Supra 100 Series (C100EX)         
  • SupraFit, FitX, Wave 100(NF100)         
  • Revo 100 (NF100)         
  • D-Type/Dream
  • CB100 (K0,K1,K2,K3,K4,K5,CB100N)         
  • Bravo        
  • Scrambler (CL100)         
  • H100S Super         
  • Bali also known as SJ 100         
  • Dio/Lead         
  • Trail 110 (CT110)         
  • GL-100 ASIA         
  • Tena         
  • Activa        
  • Blade 110R, WaveDash 110R, CZ-i (NF11A)         
  • Aviator
  • Revo 110 series, Wave 110 Series (NF110)         
  • CB Twister, CB110         
  • Dream Yuga/Dream Neo/CD 110 Dream
  • iCON / BeAT 110 AT Series         
  • Livo         
  • Navi         
  • S110 Benly         
  • Scoopy AT         
  • Spacy AT         
  • Super Cub 110
  • Honda Vario AT / CLICK AT         
  • Honda Vario TECHNO AT         
  • XRM         
  • CB125        
  • XL125        
  • MT125R         
  • Benly (C92/CA92, CB92)         
  • CB125E
  • CD125TC Benly
  • CB125TD Super dream
  • GL-125
  • GL-Max 125 (CB125JX)
  • GL-Max NeoTech 1250 (GL-125)         
  • Super Sport (CG125)         
  • CLR125 "CityFly"         
  • CM125
  • Nova Dash RS        
  • Kirana (NF125 KPH)         
  • Karisma (NF125 KPH)         
  • Supra X 125 (NF125 KPH)         
  • New Supra X 125 Fi (NF125 KYZ)         
  • Blade 125 Fi(NF125 KYZ)         
  • Nova Sonic RS125         
  • Elsinore (CR125M)         
  • Juno M80         
  • Honda LS125R        
  • Honda NS125         
  • NSR125 (JC20, JC21)         
  • Scrambler (CL125)         
  • Varadero (XL125V)         
  • Aero & Lead (NH125)         
  • CBR125
  • CR93         
  • Atlas Honda CG125         
  • Dylan 125         
  • Innova (ANF125)         
  • Pantheon FES125         
  • PCX125
  • RC143
  • Rebel        
  • Shadow         125
  • Vario 125 / Click 125 / AirBlade 125         
  • Grom        
  • Shine         
  • SP 125
  • Trail 125 ABS         
  • Super Sport (CB125)         
  • Super Sport (SS125)         
  • GL-PRO (GL-145)         
  • GL-PRO Black Engine (GL-145 Black)         
  • Honda Dream E-Type         
  • Honda Dream 3E
  • CRF150L         
  • CRF150R         
  • CRF150R Expert         
  • CRF150F         
  • Unicorn         
  • Unicorn Dazzler
  • Trigger/CB150        
  • CB150R (K15)         
  • Verza/CB150 Verza (GL150)         
  • New Mega Pro (GL150)
  • CBR150R         
  • CBR150R K45         
  • Winner 150 / Supra 150 GTR / RS150R
  • Pantheon (FES150)         
  • NSR150RR/SP (NS150)
  • FSX150 (NS150)
  • SH150, SH150i        
  • Benly (C95/CA95)         
  • TMX155         
  • GL PRO NeoTech 1600 (GL-160)
  • Mega Pro 1600 (GL-160)         
  • Honda Dream 2E         
  • Hornet CBR         
  • Juno M85         
  • CD175 174
  • Super Sport (CB175)         
  • XL175        
  • Honda Dream 6E         
  • Juno K
  • RoadMaster/Twinstar (CD200)
  • Reflex (TLR200)
  • Tiger 2000 (GL-200)         
  • Phantom (TA200)         
  • CB200        
  • CL200        
  • Fatcat (TR200)
  • Honda Dream 4E         
  • Juno KA/KB         
  • CD250U         
  • CM250C, CM250T         
  • Nighthawk (CB250)         
  • Rebel (CMX250C, CMX250CD)        
  • CR250R
  • Elsinore (CR250M)         
  • Integra (VT250F)         
  • Big Ruckus (PS250)         
  • Dream (CB250)
  • Hornet (CB250F)         
  • CB250 G5         
  • Super Dream (CB250N)
  • CBR250
  • CBX250RS         
  • CRF250L         
  • MVX250F (MC09)         
  • NSR250R (MC16, MC18, MC21, MC28)        
  • Reflex (NSS250)         
  • NX250/AX-1         
  • Spada (VT250L, MC20)
  • XR250R
  • XR350R
  • CBF250
  • CBR250R (MC41)
  • Metropolitan/Jazz/Scoopy/Crea Scoopy
  • Metropolitan II
  • Joker
  • Elite
  • Motocompo
  • Dream (C70)         
  • Dream (C71, C72)         
  • Hawk (CB72)         
  • CJ250T
  • Helix (CN250)
  • Sport (CB250)        
  • CB250RS         
  • CRF250L         
  • VTR250 (Interceptor and MC33)         
  • XL250        
  • CB300R
  • CRF300
  • XRE300
  • Dream (C76, C77)         
  • Scrambler (CL77)         
  • Super Hawk (CB77)         
  • CB350 Super Sport         
  • Four (CB350F)        
  • Sport (CB350)        
  • XL350R
  • Scrambler (CL360)         
  • Sport (CB360, CB360T)
  • CL400        
  • NS400R
  • CB400A Hawk Hondamatic         
  • CB400N         
  • Hawk (CB400T, CB400T II)         
  • CM400
  • VRX400 Roadster         
  • CB-1 (CB400F, NC27)         
  • RVF400R (NC35)         
  • VF400F (NC13)
  • VFR400 (NC30)
  • CBR400RR (NC23, NC29)         
  • CBX400
  • NT400 (BROS)        
  • Four (CB400F)        
  • Scrambler (CL450)         
  • Sport/Hellcat (CB450)
  • Nighthawk (CB450SC)        
  • CB450DX (CB450N/PC14)         
  • Hondamatic (CM450A)
  • Rebel (CMX450)         
  • CRF450R         
  • CB500F, CB500R, CB500X         
  • CR480        
  • Ascot (VT500, VT500FT)
  • Shadow VT500
  • (VT500E)         
  • CX500        
  • Four (CB500)         
  • Ascot (FT500)         
  • Tourist Trophy (GB500)
  • XBR500
  • Sport (CB500 twin)         
  • CBF500
  • NSR500
  • Interceptor (VF500F)         
  • Magna V30 (VF500C)         
  • Silver Wing (GL500)         
  • Turbo (CX500)
  • XBR500
  • Four (CB550F)        
  • Nighthawk (CB550SC)        
  • Four (CBX550F/FII)         
  • 599         
  • CB600F
  • CBF600N         
  • CBF600S         
  • Hurricane (CBR600F)         
  • Honda CBR600F2         
  • Honda CBR600F3         
  • CBR600F4i         
  • CBR600RR         
  • Shadow (VT600C VLX)        
  • Transalp (XL600V)         
  • XR600R (offroad)         
  • XR650R
  • Four (CB650)         
  • Bros/HawkGT (RC31)         
  • NTV/Revere (NTV650)
  • Deauville (NT650V)         
  • CBX650
  • Nighthawk (CB650SC)        
  • Silver Wing (GL650)         
  • Transalp (XL650V)         
  • Turbo (CX650T) 650
  • Africa Twin (RD03)         
  • XR650L
  • Dominator (NX650)         
  • Honda CTX700N         
  • Honda DN-01         
  • Nighthawk (CB700SC)        
  • Deauville (NT700V)         
  • Transalp (XL700V)         
  • Integra (RC62)
  • Four (CB750)         
  • Hondamatic (CB750A)        
  • NC750X         
  • CR93
  • MT125R
  • NSR500V
  • NR500
  • NSR500
  • RC213V
  • RC212V
  • RC211V
  • RCV1000R
  • RS125R
  • RS250R
  • RS125
  • VFR750R (RC30)         
  • Africa Twin (RD07)         
  • CBX750
  • Interceptor (VF750F, VFR750)
  • Magna (VF750C V45)         
  • Magna Deluxe (VF750CD)         
  • Sabre (VF750S) 750
  • Nighthawk (CB750, CB750SC)         
  • RVF750 (RC45)
  • NR         
  • XLV750R         
  • Crossrunner (VFR800X)
  • Interceptor (VFR800FI)
  • RC212V
  • Pacific Coast (PC800)         
  • CBR900RR including CBR954RR
  • Custom (CB900C)         
  • Super Sport (CB900F) a
  • RC211V
  • Gold Wing (GL1000)         
  • CB1000
  • CB1000R         
  • CBF1000         
  • CBR1000RR         
  • Custom (CB1000C)         
  • CBX1000         
  • Hurricane (CBR1000F)        
  • RC51 (RVT1000R)         
  • Honda VTR1000f (a.k.a. Super Hawk a.k.a. Firestorm)         
  • Super Sport (CBX)         
  • VTR1000R (RVT1000) SP1 & SP2 RC51         
  • XL1000V Varadero         
  • Gold Wing (GL1100)         
  • CBR1100XX
  • Magna (VF1100C V65)
  • Sabre (VF1100S V65)         
  • Pan-European (ST1100)
  • Super Sport (CB1100F)
  • Racing Modified CB1100F (CB1100R)         
  • X11 (CB1100SF)
  • CB1100 (CB1100A)         
  • Gold Wing (GL1200)         
  • VFR1200F         
  • Crosstourer (VFR1200X)         
  • CB1300 1300
  • Pan-European (ST1300)
  • Gold Wing (GL1500)         
  • Valkyrie (GL1500C/F6C)
  • Gold Wing (GL1800)