List of All Indian Motorcycles

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Indian Motorcycle is an American motorcycle manufacturer founded in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1901. It has established itself as a household name.

Throughout the twentieth century, Indian succeeded in cementing its place in motorcycle history via road racing, dirt racing, and high-speed efforts on the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats. Anyone would love to own a motorcycle out of their vast lineup, and with good reason.

Some of the most popular Indian motorcycles include Indian FTR, Chief Bobber Dark Horse, Scout, Springfield, Vintage, Challenger, Chieftain, Super Chief, Scout Bobber Twenty, and the Indian Roadmaster. Each of these models delivers exceptional performance and boasts fine build quality.

Over the years, Indian has produced several motorcycles. If you are interested in buying one of the many models produced by the company, you might actually be overwhelmed with the choices presented to you.

We've tested the most popular Indian motorcycles to determine their performance, durability, and maneuverability. Below, we have shared a comprehensive review of the bikes we have had the experience of riding. Other models produced by Indian motorcycles are also listed at the end.

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Indian FTR

The Indian FTR is one of the firm's most ambitious models to date, and it's the company's first entry into a new vehicle segment other than cruisers and touring machines. It's the culmination of years of development both on and off the racetrack, and it laid the foundation for a growing line of Indian motorcycles.

The FTR's power is derived from the company's effective evocation of Indian's dominant, scratch-built FTR 750 flat-track race motorcycle and how successfully it was transformed into a shredding liter-plus urban tracker. Its technical constraints and commitment to tracking are what make it so remarkable.

The FTR has been tamed for a more pleasant and utilitarian ride, but its racing pedigree is impossible to ignore. Originally, the whole FTR family was equipped with chunky dirt-track-inspired Dunlop DT3-R rubber on 19-inch front and 18-inch back wheels. The enormous hoops have been replaced with regular 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels and Metzeler Sportec street tires, allowing for more alternative tire options.

The FTR's enhanced all-asphalt ability is bolstered by a sharper and livelier chassis shape. The motorcycle's rake is reduced by a whole degree, to 25.3 degrees. In addition, the trail has been decreased from 5.1 inches to 3.9 inches.

The FTR's 60-degree 1203cc V-twin delivers consistent power. This results in a nice ride, particularly in congested areas.

The FTR also has better handling and less turn-in effort than the previous model, as well as a more sure-footed sensation at maximal lean. On high-speed parts of the roadway, its large 60-inch wheelbase provides confidence-inspiring stability. Brembo Monoblock calipers are carried over from the earlier models and provide excellent stopping power and touch.

Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse

The Chief announced Indian's comeback in 2015, and it recreates the traditional look and design of the company's motorcycles from the 1940s using new technologies and more sophisticated manufacturing. The Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse is a prominent element of the Chief collection, and it is loved by riders. The bike combines a convincingly original historical appearance with plenty of contemporary security and extra features.

The 116-cubic-inch Thunder stroke air and oil-cooled V-twin engine lie at the core of the Chief Bobber Dark Horse. The engine not only controls the motorcycle's aesthetic appeal, but it also commands the experience for the user with its booming symphony and smooth, nearly electric-bike-like torque of 120 lb-ft at only 2,900 rpm.

Twin non-adjustable telescopic forks up front and twin shocks in the rear make up the structure. The design of the motorcycle means that strong jolts further than the suspension's capacity go straight to the rider's spine, which isn't enjoyable. This is a motorcycle designed to look beautiful while putting in the miles on the highway, and it succeeds at both.

A solitary 300-millimeter rotor and four-piston caliper in the front and a 300-millimeter rotor and two-piston caliper in the rear perform braking duties. Although the fact that the front and rear brake pads seem to be the same size is unusual for a motorcycle, the braking system is suitable for the motorcycle's original purpose.

The mass of this type of motorcycle is also a famous trait. The Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse is wonderfully constructed and finished with high-quality components such as steel and aluminum; however, this results in a significant weight gain. Having a large, four-gallon fuel tank complicates things even more, but it's a necessary sacrifice due to a large twin's huge appetite.

The Chief Bobber Dark Horse's average weight is 694 pounds, which can make it difficult for inexperienced riders to handle the bike.

Indian Scout

The Indian Scout is the company's interpretation of what its legendary 1928 motorcycle might have developed into if the manufacturer hadn’t given up.   The V-twin 1133cc engine in the 2021 Indian Scout is known for its snappy performance, particularly in the mid-to-high rpm range.

The engine has liquid conditioning, which keeps the interior cool and allows for smooth acceleration, particularly in the lower gears. A gunk-free and low-maintenance belting final drive returns energy to the 16-inch wheel through a six-speed transmission.

For a medium cruiser, the 561-pound Indian Scout has light steering. It boasts a tight chassis that isn't overly rigid and has pleasant steering characteristics around downtown. Furthermore, the model features a front and rear autonomous hydraulic braking system with stainless steel brake lines. ABS is optional on colored Scouts and is an optional feature on the Thunder Black variant.

The Indian Scout is a slender model. It's a simple motorcycle to operate, especially for smaller people. The leather-wrapped one-piece saddle offers passenger amenities and a swept-back handlebar curve that makes miles fly by with pleasure when using forward-mount foot pedals. The latest Indian Scout is a mid range cruiser built for riders looking for a classic cruiser with more contemporary speed.

The Indian Scout weighs 561 pounds and offers light handling for a mid-size bike. The chassis of the bike feels taut, but not too much, and it is easy to maneuver around town. Limited rear suspension will limit comfort on longer rides, especially over bumpy terrains. Upon original purchase, you'll get a two-year unlimited mileage warranty. The Protection Plan can be used for extended coverage.

Overall, the Scout is a fine Indian motorcycle for anyone who wants a mid-size cruiser that is easy to ride. It looks good, but some of the hardware appears rough from the edges.

Indian Springfield

The Indian Springfield combines traditional beauty with cutting-edge technology. This model fulfills hopes for those looking for a flexible modern classic cruiser capable of long interstate sessions or uncomplicated weekend adventures. The Indian Springfield first came on the scene in 2016, and due to its popularity, its design has continued through into the 2020 model year.

This Indian motorcycle is made for the long term, with a strong Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin engine that delivers 119 lb-ft at 3,000RPM, world-class technology, and luxury touring equipment. The bike weighs 758 lbs on an empty tank, and the seat height is 26 inches. The top speed of the Springfield is 115 mph, which should be enough for touring riders.

The headlamp nacelle and whisker bar, as well as the chrome beer-can fork skirts, greatly boost the stems, and the latter accommodates a set of passing lamps as well as the frontal turn signals to complete the forward lighting.

Like early American touring motorcycles, the Springfield has a big, quick-release windscreen that provides equivalent protection to a complete fairing but with far better visibility ahead and down. On the 5-gallon gas tank is a chrome control panel with an on/off switch, around gas gauge, and a huge analog speedometer gauge.

A slew of indication lights is mounted on the speedometer's face, and a tiny LED screen handles the other metrics and serves as a user interface for the Ride Modes functionality. Three riding modes and back cylinder deactivation are included as usual. You can choose Sport, Standard, and Tour mode. Each model comes with an individual e-throttle and offers a distinct personality to the bike. Sport is crispiest and provides sharper throttle response while Tour feels softer, and the Standard is a mix between the two.

Additional options, like authentic leather seats, remote locking saddlebags, and movable passenger floorboards, enhance the premium feel of the Indian Springfield. Standard features include anti-lock brakes, power steering, keyless entry, and tire pressure tracking.

Indian Vintage

If you're looking for a classic style, the Indian Vintage might be the motorcycle for you. It is one of the most successful models produced by the company. The vehicle is adorned with an antique finish that highlights its long history. To complete the picture, old-school-style, tan leather and plenty of chrome channels are combined with a bespoke bent.

Its magnificent chrome wire wheels with traditional whitewall tires combine with famous chromed Indian script tank badging to create a statement that will appeal to everyone who appreciates great craftsmanship. The Vintage derives its power from the tried-and-true Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin.

With false cooling fins on the covers, exhaust-header piping, and twin pushrod tubes, the manufacturer went to considerable efforts to recreate the appearance of the older flathead mills. The fuel-air ratio for both the cylinders is controlled via closed-loop fuel injection and a singular throttle mechanism, which is controlled by the ECM, which also includes cruise control and a triad of Ride Modes.

Rear-Cylinder Deactivation is also included as standard equipment. A gear-type main drive sends power to the six-speed gearbox, and the top speed is expected to be around 115 mph. The Thunder Stroke 111 produces 119 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm and 92 horsepower at the upper end, so this vehicle performs admirably despite its weight. Furthermore, this motorcycle's heritage-inspired instrument panel gives you the classic aesthetic you desire while still providing you with all the information needed.

Indian Challenger

Retro style is great, but if you're after something a little more sophisticated from your vehicle, the Indian Challenger could be the answer. The Indian Challenger rapidly became the must-have speed cruiser when it was revealed for the 2020 model year.

The Challenger maintains its position thanks to the liquid-cooled 60-degree Power Plus 108 V-twin engine, tactic braking and suspension elements, and general well-tuned travel. The bike is recognized for its smooth-running power in practical uses, with negligible heat transfer to the motorcyclist. The motorcycle is noted for establishing a performance equilibrium, most particularly in its fine-tuned balance, which is aided by the reversed 43mm fork and gas-charged Fox shock.

The Indian Challenger comes to a rapid stop thanks to a set of radially mounted Brembo four-piston calipers gripping to 320mm discs up front and a solitary two-piston caliper latching to a 298mm disc out rear, both with excellent feedback for high precision.

All Challengers come equipped with ABS, but the Challenger Limited and Challenger Dark Horse add cornering ABS as part of the Smart Lean Technology package. The Indian Challenger's seating position is well balanced, with basic characteristics that make it suitable for people of different sizes and shapes. The digitally adjustable windscreen is also a plus, as is rear-cylinder deactivation, which helps reduce inconvenient heat generation at stoplights.

Furthermore, the 2021 Indian Challenger comes with quite an extensive electronics kit for a speed cruiser. Switchable ride modes, stability control, ABS rear-cylinder deactivation, remote ignition, cruise control, a variable power windscreen, USB charging outlets, and LED lighting are all included in each version.

Indian Chieftain

The Indian Chieftain should be on top of your wishlist if you prefer premium luxuries like increased wind shielding, a multimedia setup, and a powerful music system.

This motorcycle embodies the all-American V-twin tourer attitude while also incorporating modern-day enhancements. The base model and top-spec variants are driven by Indian's renowned Thunder Stroke 114 and Thunder Stroke 116 power plants for a genuine V-twin feel. The Thunderstroke 114 engine powers the Indian Chieftain's base model. The bigger Thunderstroke 116 engine, which formerly produced 81.1 horsepower at 4,300 rpm and 117.2 lb-ft of torque at 2,700 rpm, is used in the higher-spec iterations.

The Indian Chieftain is equipped with a 46mm telescopic fork and a single rear spring with air adjustability, and the standard model's stated wet weight is 823 lbs. A set of radially mounted four-piston calipers attaching to 300mm discs up front and a solitary two-piston caliper and 300mm disc at the rear bring the motorcycle to a standstill.

As with other Indian motorcycles, ABS is commonly available. The Indian Chieftain's seat height is said to be 25.6 inches. The electronically powered windscreen may be adjusted on the fly using the handlebar-mounted button.

The Chieftain's entertainment and settings are controlled by Indian's 7-inch Ride Command screen, which is a lovely addition to an American V-twin. ABS, power steering, rear-cylinder shutdown, a 100-watt sound system with Bluetooth technology, a variable power windscreen, and a 12V charger cord are standard on all versions.

Indian Super Chief

The Indian 2022 Super Chief is among three original traditional heavyweight cruiser classes. The motorcycles have a traditional, clean appearance and are available in three different styles: Traditional naked, bobber type, and touring suitable model.

The touring-friendly Super Chief features 16-inch tires, a swept-back handlebar, and front foot controls, as well as multi-position floorboards. The motorcycle offers three power levels, rear cylinder deactivation, LED illumination, power steering, and remote ignition. The Super Chief's handy quick-release removable windscreen looks way better than it performs.

The bike comes with a tiny Thunder Stroke 111 engine that produces 108 lb-ft of power, selectable ABS, and a mixed analog and digital gauge. The 2022 Chief's stated wet weight is 670 lbs., down from over 800 pounds. With its more upright sitting, sweeping handlebars, and floorboards, the Super Chief is highly adaptable to any rider. The seating is well padded and pleasant, although it does tend to encircle you. Lengthy comfort is greatly enhanced by the ability to vary foot position on the boards.

The redesigned frame provides the Indian Super Chief 2022 with a terrific road feel. A removable portion of tubing is used to accommodate the engine tightly into the frame. The Pirelli Night Dragon tires are designed to get plenty of opportunity for metal polishing. As anticipated, with only three inches of suspension system travel, bigger hits are noticed.

Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

For motorcyclists who want to stand out, Indian Motorcycle's Scout Bobber Twenty is a reduced, meaner-looking middleweight cruiser. A 1,133cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine powers the motorcycle, and it's known for its punchy acceleration, particularly in the mid-to-high rpm range.

Power is returned to the 16-inch wheel through a tidy and low-maintenance belt drive from a slick-shifting six-speed transmission. The Indian Scout Bobber Twenty is much nimbler than its 571 lbs. curb weight suggests. It boasts a snappy chassis that makes riding it a breeze.

However, the limited rear suspension travel, which was designed to resemble old-school bobber motorcycles, affects everyday comfort significantly. Furthermore, the Scout Bobber Twenty has a 62-inch wheelbase, and although having a lower stance than the ordinary model, it has a higher seat height.

The rider's seat is smaller and has a floating form with beige leather that looks great. The material, though, is slick when paired with denim pants. There is no space for passengers. With forward-mount foot pedals, a taller, fists-in-the-air handlebar bending allows for a more forceful riding attitude.

ABS is a huge help to the motorcycle. A USB charging connector is located next to the round-face meter, and as an aftermarket option, an LED headlamp is also available. What's even better is that when you buy an Indian Motorcycle, you get a two-year, unlimited-mileage guarantee. For an additional fee, the Indian Motorcycle Protection Plan offers increased warranty coverage.

Indian Roadmaster

The Indian Roadmaster is a traditionally fashioned luxurious touring motorcycle with most of the cross-country two-up conveniences you could desire, such as GPS, heated grips, and a quality audio system, all driven by a strong grunty V-twin. It is among the top touring models made by Indian Motorcycle.

The Thunderstroke 116 engine, which is air-cooled and produces 126 lb-ft of torque at a remarkably low 2,900 rpm, powers all of the Roadmasters. You get excellent braking qualities in one bundle with the Roadmaster's dual-disc front and single-disc back wheel arrangements with ABS. All Roadmaster versions should easily accommodate the great majority of riders thanks to their short handlebar, broad seat, and big floorboards.

Wind protection is also simply adjusted thanks to the changeable windscreen. On cooler trips, heated grips and seats should make the long hours go by much more pleasantly. Indian's Ride Command navigation system, which features a 7-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay compatibility, turn-by-turn guidance, wireless connectivity, vehicle details, and integrated traffic and weather forecasts, is standard on the Roadmaster motorcycle.

A 200-watt sound system with frontal and trunk loudspeakers is also available. The Roadmaster prides itself on craftsmanship, with features like two-up quilted seating, chrome trimming, LED lighting, and high-quality paint available even on the baseline model.

Other Indian Motorcycles

Some of the other Indian motorcycles that are less popular among the community of motorcycles are listed below. If you are interested in buying any of these Indian bikes, you should learn more about them before making the final decision.

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