Most Popular Dual Sport Motorcycles

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Dual sport motorcycles have grown in popularity. Now, more choices are available than ever before. Here are the most popular dual-sport motorcycles.

The unique attribute of these bikes is that although they are primarily made for off-roading, they are street-legal, meaning you can ride on them anywhere. Some of the most popular dual-sport motorcycles include the KTM Super Adventure 1290, Honda C4F450L, the Yamaha XT250, and the Suzuki DR650S.

Selecting a ride that can manage both the road and the hill might be difficult, particularly if you have high expectations for your regular commuter's comfort and durability. However, the right dual-sport motorcycle will be able to meet your expectations.

Finding a good model can be difficult as there are many different dual-sport motorcycles available in the market. To make the search easier for you, we've compiled a list of the most popular sport motorcycles. As motorcycle enthusiasts, we understand the features and capabilities of dual sport motorcycles that make them popular among consumers. This allows us to feature some of the best dual sport motorcycles available today.

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KTM Super Adventure 1290 R

KTM is known to produce durable and reliable dual sport motorcycles, and the KTM 1290 R is one of the company's greatest dual sport rides. It's versatile and long-lasting. The KTM Super Adventure 1290 R is designed to offer flexibility without any restriction.

When it was first produced, the 1290 R was a huge motorcycle that was a pleasure to ride yet unsettlingly tall. However, for 2021, KTM has addressed this with a revised subframe that has decreased the height from 35.0 inches to 34.6 inches while also making it slimmer. It should be fun for all riders, whether they are just starting out or have been riding for years.

KTM has fulfilled the Euro 5 requirements without sacrificing any of the 160hp V-torque. This ride now has even more powerful digital rider aids controlled by a modern 7-inch TFT dash and switchgear. The exterior is all-new, with a three-part fuel tank design to transport the fluid weight downward. It is identical to the 790 and subsequent 890 Adventure. When it comes to upgrades, there's a redesigned quick-access airbox to make on-trail filter maintenance easier and new LED light bulbs.

The R variant is based on the same chassis as the S, but it is designed for off-road use. Traditional mechanically tunable suspension with higher travel has taken the place of semi-active WP suspension, providing for additional rider height.

The front wheels are 21 inches in diameter, up from 19 inches on the S. The slope and trail are more loosened now because of the improvements in wheel diameter and suspension. The windscreen is narrower and shorter, allowing you to gaze over it when going off-road, and there are new colors and patterns as well.

Honda CRF450L

Honda CRF450L is among the best-rounded motorcycles on the market. The motorcycle is powered by a Euro 4-compliant 449cc Unicam powertrain with liquid conditioning and fuel injection. This street-legal motorcycle's powerful construction, enhanced suspension, and great aesthetics make it a popular choice amongst riders. It's also quite light, weighing only 286 lbs.

The Honda CRF450RL is a civilized off-road dual-sport motorcycle for 2021. Whether you're on a gravel road or a quick single track, the Unicam thumper provides a quick power delivery that is completely enjoyable. The engine pulls well from roughly 3,000 to 10,000 rpm, with the sweet spot being somewhere in the center.

There's a lot of overrev, which can help you avoid shifting when it's not in your best interest. Furthermore, the powerband is as smooth as it gets for a dual-sport motorcycle, and Honda included enough throttle response to allow for quick acceleration.

An electric starting system assures trouble-free launching. The electric starter also powers the clutch end of the crankshaft to offer greater lubrication to the gears.

With a wide six-speed mechanism that can manage anything from slow-speed maneuvers to highway speed driving, this motorcycle truly allows you the freedom to wander. This variant sets the bar for all others, with its famed CRF compact twin-spar aluminum chassis, superior long-travel suspension, custom handguards, and all the modern conveniences you'd expect on a road-legal dirt motorcycle. When you combine all these elements, you get the power to drive over practically anything while still having the versatility to travel anywhere.

BMW R 1200 GS

BMW introduced its first dual sports motorcycle in the form of the R 1200 GS. Although this motorcycle was introduced several years ago, it still remains popular, and the newest model is just as great as previous iterations, if not better.

Huge, tough dual-purpose motorcycles are deeply embedded in the GS DNA, as the boxer-twin-driven GS has been there in varying forms since 1980. It's been a long journey that has culminated in a motorcycle that, while distinctive to drive, appeals to a wide range of riders, from schedulers to commuters to traveling enthusiasts and fire-road enthusiasts.

While the Para lever and Tele lever suspensions are exclusive to BMW, they give surefooted driving and instill confidence on wet pavement and poor conditions. The motorcycle's off-road capabilities are excellent as the suspension helps maintain balance on perilous trails.

The R 1200 GS is powered by a dependable and reliable liquid-cooled, four-stroke DOHC turbocharged engine with 125 HP at 7,750 rpm. With a displacement of 1170 cc and a maximum force of 92 lb.-ft., this machine is equipped with a balancer shaft, wet-sump oil, and a balancer rod.

Another excellent and intriguing reason why motorcycle enthusiasts love the BMW R 1200 GS is the Ride Modes. The Rain and Road modes are the most common, with the Rain option making the bike flow smoothly and the Road choice being more immediate, adjusting the speed and traction control to the type of road you are riding on.

There is also a new Dynamic ESA version, which provides increased ride stability, efficiency, comfort, and protection. It can change the outcome of the tires and assist in the damping system modification with various sensors positioned on both the front and back wheels.

Yamaha XT250

The Yamaha XT250 features a liquid-cooled SOHC engine with a 9.5:1 ratio, a five-speed gearbox, and a rapid throttle response that ensures smooth power delivery. The gasoline-injected engine offers a fuel economy of 76 mpg.  

The XT250 is a small dual-sport motorcycle with just a little more focus on two-up riding than you'd expect from an off-road bike. Even at slower speeds, the XT250 performs quite well, and with a turning angle of 51 degrees, it's no surprise that it has excellent maneuverability. It's also light, weighing only 291 lbs.

On this motorcycle, fuel injection is a tremendous plus. The ride warms up quickly, and the throttle response is significantly more precise and dependable. The XT250's five-speed transmission complements the XT's throttle response, and you'll quickly reach top speeds on the highway, which is to be expected for a motorcycle of this grade.

The XT250 reaches a generous top speed of 60 mph, which might not be enough for highway riding. Thus, we can't recommend this ride to anyone who is looking for speed because it doesn't offer much in this area. When it comes to the suspension on the XT, Yamaha has kept it a bit soft, but it doesn't affect the off-road capabilities of the XT250.

The suspension is excellent for a wide range of weights for casual frolics in the hills, and there is some scope for customizing via the shock springs preload and by rebounding damping controls. If you wish to go on a ride with a friend on the back seat, the frame-mounted rider foot pegs will come in handy.  


With the practicality and enjoyment that it gives, this bike has produced a wonderful name for itself. In 2009, the manufacturers decided to improve the model and give it a more appealing appearance. Now that the bike has an improved brake system, a smoother motor, a comfier seat, and a new outer look, ideas have become facts, and the true vision of a dual sports bike has come to reality.

The Kawasaki KLX250 is a pleasant motorcycle that is both a decent around-town traveler and a willing participant in serious terrain excursions. The short-stroke DOHC is accessible in all circumstances, thanks to fuel injectors and a six-speed gearbox.

The Kawasaki KLX250 is the company's largest capacity dual sport motorcycle and is regarded as an excellent entry-level model. With its 2.0-gallon gasoline cylinder charged up, the motorcycle weighs 304 pounds.

Massive displacements or proportions do not impress customers looking for the ultimate dual sports tourer. All they want is a compact bike with plenty of power, which the KLX250 provides admirably. The KLX 250 vehicle's 249cc DOHC engine is liquid-cooled and provides smooth, precise power as well as easy startup and steady performance. As soon as you throttle, you will get a sharp response. Crisp acceleration and plenty of torque can get you through even the most difficult terrains.

Thanks to the variable Uni-Trak suspension system, the motorcycle can accommodate all types of riders. The KLX250 series, when combined with a variable long-travel telescoping USD front fork, provides a superior performance even in the most difficult off-road conditions. It proves to be an excellent dual-purpose partner, as it is easy to handle and exciting to ride.

The 2020 Kawasaki KLX250 is equipped with Dunlop D605 tires and performs admirably over the twisty paved streets that separate trails. Both ends have disc brakes, resulting in reliable deceleration that is ideal for dual-sport use.

Overall, KLX 250 motorcycles are among the most efficient mid-size dual-purpose bikes, with a low curb weight and enough ride height. With full-size wheels and tires, you can securely tackle off-road terrain while simultaneously cruising down the road.

Suzuki DR650S

The DR650S is the biggest of Suzuki's three twin sport motorcycles on the marketplace right now in terms of capacity.  Its 644cc SOHC four-stroke engine is encased in a double-cradle steel chassis and is supplied by a Mikuni carburetor which is 40mm in diameter. It's a simple adventure motorcycle that will get you off the beaten path and into the forest with a little more zeal than a true adventure motorcycle.

With a 644cc liquid-cooled engine and five-speed transmission, the DR650S is a fun and powerful motorcycle. It is equipped for the rugged terrain with large 21- and 17-inch tires and a 10.2-inch swing, while a wide seat, metal foot pegs, and grip handles allow for two-up riding.

So, whether you're driving about town or on hilly paths, the DR650S delivers astounding power. The seat height begins at 34.8 inches, but you can decrease it by 2 inches with the additional low seat attachment. This is useful for short riders who prefer a lower seat height. Both the front and rear suspensions can also be adjusted in height.

As far as street-legal 650s are concerned, the DR is remarkably light at 366 lbs. The motorcycle looks fantastic on any terrain thanks to its Solid Black chassis with striking red and silver markings. Whatever traveling excursion you have planned, the newly redesigned Suzuki DR650S will always be ready to accompany you and won't disappoint on any terrain.

The robust steel frame is made up of expertly welded casting and tubular elements, with high-quality materials and brake parts for trouble-free commuting. In practically all circumstances, the fuel injection technology on the motorcycle creates a smooth throttle response and offers a quick start.

What's more impressive is that the 245mm front and 203mm hind disc brakes work together to provide excellent braking performance on both surfaced and unpaved conditions. The front suspension has 8.9 inches of movement to absorb the bumps, while the bottom triple clamp is made of aluminum to keep the load low. Finally, the handlebar's greatest turning position is 51 degrees. The XT250 boasts a super-tight turning circle for great maneuverability, thanks to its small 53.5-inch wheelbase.