Top 10 BMW Motorcycles (Best Of)

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If you could get your hands on a BMW bike, which would it be? You might find your choice by going through the most popular BMW motorcycles in the market.

BMW has a long list of motorcycle models, which cover different price points and features. The company has had a stellar past and is still enjoying dominance in the world of motorcycles. The company boasts of a diverse portfolio with machines of all dimensions and sizes available under the brand name. Since many models share the same mechanical features and dimensions, the brand has made choosing the top motorcycles even more difficult for users.

Our list of the top 10 BMW motorcycles includes The BMW R nineT, the BMW F800GS, The BMW GS650 XChallenge, The BMW HP2 Sport, The BMW K1600GTL, The BMW R100RS, The BMW K1, The BMW R90S, The BMW R1100S and The BMW R1200GS.

While many of the most popular BMW motorcycles are essentially the same in features and performances, the Bavarian factor has rolled out a few oddities, which create a basic distinction. Most of the motorcycles by BMW are advanced in features and come packed with some of the best aesthetics you will see in a motorcycle on the streets. Many of the top models found a spot on our list based on killer features and user reviews.

We have been reviewing motorcycles and autos for quite some time now, and have established ourselves as an authority in the niche. This particular list took plenty of research to compile, and we went through extensive efforts to make sure only the crème de la crème of BMW motorcycles was included here.

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1. The BMW F800GS

Let us kick things off with the obvious choice in The BMW F800GS. The motorcycle might appear a bit toned down on the features on paper, but the motorcycle comes with exceptional innovation, which makes it a wild child in the portfolio hosted by BMW.

The BMW F800GS does not come with a boxer twin motor, which you will see in many of the motorcycles launched and marketed by BMW. This particular motorcycle comes with a parallel twin motor, which is innovative and not run of the mill. The parallel twin motor perfectly matches and complements the aesthetics of this motorcycle.

There is a lot that users will like about the BMW F800GS. The motorcycle features 85 horsepower and provides 60 lb per ft of torque. The amazing specs under the hood allow the motorcycle to reach an amazing top speed of 130 mph. The adventure motorcycle does come with amazing features, which sparkle on both off-road and on-road adventures.

The BMW F800GS can take you through steep mountain treks and also help you through smooth city roads. The BMW F800GS is a superior choice for adventure freaks and can match the urge they have to ride the motorcycle through tough conditions.

The BMW F800GS is not as iconic as some of the other BMW models, which is why it doesn’t command the same respect as the R1200GS for instance. However, BMW has enjoyed sales on this model, as it has been one of the most popular BMW motorcycles for well over a decade now.

The BMW HP4 Race

The BMW HP4 Race left everyone shell shocked and blown away when the motorcycle was released in Shanghai. The motorcycle is constructed through the use of advanced mechanisms, which are still not that common in the market.

The entire motorcycle is heavy to control and weighs over 146 kilos in weight. However, despite the extra weight to it, the BMW HP4 Race is pretty light to handle.

The science behind the lightness escapes us as well, but there is some aerodynamic phenomenon at the backend, which makes for exceptional handling.

The motorcycle comes with an exemplary power to weight ratio of 1.474 horses for each kilo and can pick up the pace with ease. The BMW HP4 Race is not for mere mortals to ride or race. The vehicle comes at $78,000 and is beyond what mere mortals can afford or buy.

Also, BMW requires the engine to be changed once every 3,000 kilometers, which is beyond what most of us can afford. The motorcycle is one of BMW’s best in the market and gives a proper racing experience.

The BMW R nineT

The BMW R nineT is perhaps the most popular motorcycle to be launched by the engineers at BMW. The motorcycle comes with superior features and has been popular with users ever since it was launched back in 2014.

The motorcycle comes with a beautiful exterior, which is further complemented with power in the brakes and under the hood.

The BMW R nineT is a decent motorcycle alright, but what is it that makes the ride so exceptional and special? To start with, The BMW R nineT comes with a retro beauty look that comes with a mix of traditional and contemporary designs.

The motorcycle comes with a contemporary design but hits the sweet spot of nostalgia where most people like it. The air-cooled boxer engine has been a mainstay for BMW motorcycles and makes an entry in The BMW R nineT.

The engine produces 96.5 hp of power at 7,610 rpm and is rated at 1,170 cc. Additionally, the motorcycle features 74.3 lb per ft of torque when measured at 6,090 rpm.

Perhaps the best part about The BMW R nineT is its customizable canvas. The black exterior of the motorcycle can be customized to what you want. There are innumerable variations here, all adding different shapes and sizes to The BMW R nineT. This is definitely one of the most flexible shapes offered by BMW, and is available in multiple customized shapes.

The BMW HP2 Sport

The BMW HP2 Sport is a success story of its own. The motorcycle was launched at a time when the motorcycle industry was heavily dominated by a few heavyweights, and BMW was still relatively new in the circuit.

This is when BMW came out with the HP2 Sport and made its own history. The BMW HP2 Sport comes with a shaft driven model that comes with a bulky boxer engine.

None of the features highlighted above were new in the market, and there were other motorcycle manufacturers already offering these.

However, regardless of the monotony in features, the motorcycle went to create quite a buzz, based on the 1170cc engine on the vehicle and the good 128 hp performance with 80 lb per feet of torque.

While The BMW HP2 Sport only enjoyed a short run in the market, it opened the doors for a whole new line of BMW motorcycles. BMW had now stepped into the world of sports motorcycles and was here to stay for long.

The BMW S1000RR

The BMW HP2 Sport gave birth to the BMW S1000RR, which has absolute godlike features and is among the best by the brand. The BMW S1000RR was first launched in 2009 when it swept everyone away with features and design brilliance.

Before the launch of the BMW S1000RR, enthusiasts didn’t put BMW on the same list as Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Ducati or Suzuki. However, the BMW S1000RR changed that perspective recently and gave all of these brands a run for their money.

BMW pretty much picked a fight with the old pros and left quite a mark with the BMW S1000RR.

There is a complete overhaul of the BMW S1000RR in the lines and the new one is expected to be an even bigger beast than the current.

The BMW GS650 XChallenge

The BMW GS650 series is often left out when it comes to discussing the best motorcycles to be launched by the brand. However, we believe that the BMW GS650 XChallenge along with XMoto and XCountry made a great trio that could have had been more famous and popular than they were.

The BMW GS650 XChallenge only enjoyed three years within showrooms but did enough during that brief period to make a mention in this list. The XChallenge is a sport motorcycle, which comes with a dual-sport engine, which you can also see in the more popular F650.

The BMW GS650 XChallenge comes with a 652cc engine with a single-cylinder on it. The engine comes with 52 hp and can deliver 44 lb per foot of torque when run at 5,250 rpm. The engine is nicely positioned within a lightweight frame, which can improve the handling of the ride.

Lightweight handling can help in both on and off-road experiences, as users get to enjoy a stellar ride. The BMW GS650 XChallenge may not be the best motorcycle on this list, but it is one that we will definitely like having in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

The BMW K1600GTL

The BMW K1600GTL comes with 160 horsepower and a four-cylinder engine that boasts 1649 cc under the hood. The BMW K1600GTL is a top-of-the-range offering by BMW and comes with exceptional aesthetics and design.

While the BMW K1600GTL may not have gone past Honda’s Gold Wing as the best motorcycle in the touring niche, it has done a good job at competing for the coveted top spot and comes with an exceptional design and exterior. The BMW K1600GTL is internationally recognized and has won plenty of awards from journalists in the auto market.

The motorcycle has won the coveted Best Tourer Award from MCN, the Best Touring Motorcycle Award from Motorcyclist and the Best Sports Touring Motorcycle Award from Cycle Word.

The award from Cycle World is of great importance here, because the motorcycle is essentially a sports tourer, which can fit multiple purposes and comes with good elevation and design.

The BMW K1600GTL comes with the narrowest six cylinder engine in the market and is touted by many as a force to reckon in the industry. While the BMW K1600GTL isn’t the best to be produced by the company, it still ranks well for six-cylinder engines.

The BMW K1

The BMW K1 rolled into the market with mixed reviews surrounding it. The motorcycle was expensive and was very unlike what BMW created. The BMW K1 was designed for optimal comfort and featured a fiber fairing that managed aerodynamics and turned heads.

BMW realized the need for innovation in the BMW K1 and equipped it with a unique boxer. The motorcycle came with a 987cc engine, which consisted of four cylinders and came with liquid cool technology. BMW used the BMW K1 to prove that there was more to the company than what previously met the eye.

The BMW K1 offered an amazing aerodynamic experience and also gave the impression that BMW wasn’t just a car brand but also knew more about motorcycles than others reckon. The BMW K1 isn’t the most beautiful motorcycle, but it did get some generous reviews the world over and was a special one by BMW.

The BMW R100RS

The BMW R100RS is one of the finest designs to be introduced by BMW and is among the top 10 BMW motorcycles. We now know that motorcycles and aerodynamics are flip sides of the same page. Both factors contribute equally to a good ride and help ensure optimal performance.

BMW started playing with designs and wind tunnels back in the 1970s and came up with the BMW R100RS as their prized creation.

The BMW R100RS is the first motorcycle by BMW to have a full fairing. The motorcycle was mass-produced in factories and BMW started the trend for aerodynamic fairings, which have become common now.

BMW kept the BMW R100RS around for almost 20 years from 1977 to 1996 and heavily focused on improving it with key innovations. The motorcycle runs on a 980cc engine, which comes with a top speed of 110 MPH. The ride comfort was exceptional and the experience was unlike many had enjoyed ever before.

The BMW R1200GS

The BMW R1200GS is an amazing motorcycle by BMW, which is hogged pretty much all of the spotlights on the brand.

The motorcycle was first launched in 2004 and is still around, changing with times and picking pace. The BMW R1200GS has gained popularity over time and is one of the highest-rated motorcycles by BMW today.

The BMW R1200GS has topped the charts in the United Kingdom and Europe over a good part of the last couple of decades for its amazing design and the smooth-riding experience it offers on the road.

Knowing just how brilliant the motorcycle is and the features that it packs, the success is well deserved by all means. The BMW R1200GS could have had become even more popular if it wasn’t for the unfortunate recall.

Final Word

BMW is primarily known for its entrees in the four wheeler market, which is why their two-wheelers aren’t as mainstream and popular. However, motorcyclists and biking enthusiasts would all agree that BMW has manufactured some amazing motorcycles over time and is a manufacturer to reckon.

The BMW HP4 Race is our personal preference as the best BMW motorcycle in the market and comes with some top notch features. We hope you enjoyed this list of the top 10 BMW motorcycles and agreed with us on most parts.