Top 10 Indian Motorcycles (Best Of)

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Indian Motorcycles is an American motorbike brand that strives to combine elegance with engineering. Below, we will be discussing the top 10 Indian Motorcycle brands of this century.

Be it the graceful, chrome-colored glimmering in the sunlight, or the extreme speed levels, motorbikes are so much more than conveyance tools – they grab attention. There are a number of metrics that can be used to judge a motorbike, ranging from speed and comfort, to design and beauty.            

As we mentioned, Indian Motorcycles manufacture many different kinds of bikes, catering to a wide range of demands, needs, and requirements. This wide variety, while desirable, can also make it quite difficult for an average buyer to come to a decision. Hence, this guide, which is based on extensive research, will attempt to ease the decision-making process.

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Top 10 Indian Motorcycles         

1) 2019 Indian Scout FTR 1200 Custom:

Apart from people who have been residing under a rock and those who have been in sheer denial, pretty much everyone is aware about the Indian Motorcycle leap towards the very peak of Flat Track racing, which happened under the guidance of Polaris. As homage to this astounding success, as well as to bank on the current popularity and interest in the brand, Indian Motorcycles has come up with a street-legal product for its fans. This bike, as its name suggests, has been founded through the Scout.

2) 2018 Indian Chieftain Elite:

As we mentioned, the Polaris umbrella has enabled the Indian Motorcycles brand to improve tremendously – to the point where it can manufacture a top-shelf product. The 2018 Indian Chieftain Elite takes the brand’s bracket to a whole new level, offering numerous popular components along with an excellent paint job and the thunderous ‘Thunder Stroke’ engine. Billet bits and custom upholstery combine the electronic wizardry with an aesthetic appearance, making it one of the most special models to have ever come out of the Indian Motorcycles factory.

3) 2015 Indian Motorcycle Scout Sixty:

Leveraging the wave of success associated with the Scout, Indian Motorcycles added some of the earlier updates to its 2019 model that we discussed above. The Indian Motorcycle Scout Sixty's most notable feature is its neat lines, which makes it more appealing to the brand’s younger audiences. After over a decade of hiatus, the bike was relaunched in 2015, and brags a heritage that goes all the way back to the early 1920s. Larger than a Café Racer but not quite as large as a cruiser, the Scout Sixty can be classified anywhere between a bar-hopper and a mid-size. In terms of specs, the Scout Sixty contains many of the features present in the Scout, which is, by no means, a bad thing.

4) 2019 Indian Chieftain Classic:

The Indian Motorcycle brand finally added the facelift feature to the Chieftain Model, prior to the MY2019. The classic version of the Chieftain retains the aesthetic looks in the quest to preserve its retro-styling which played a key role in its initial rise to fame. Even though the bike might look a bit outdated (not necessarily in a bad way, though), you can rest assured that it comes equipped with the most modern safety and comfort features.

The machine’s front fender completely covers the front wheel, allowing the beautiful bonnet to shine in all its glory. The aesthetic features of the Classic are a throwback to the times when you were as likely to spot a Harley roaming the roads as you would be likely to see an Indian.

5) 2019 Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200:

To be able to take part in the Track Circuit, Indian Motorcycles needed to design and distribute a commercial FTR 750 version. The company, however, went a step ahead and decided to make a completely new addition to the family, with its FTR 1200. This version allows bikers to bag an important and historical piece, through Indian Motorcycle’s race-inspired machine.

Although you might not get the chance to enjoy a circuit-course, this bike will allow you to get as close to that feeling as possible. Along with the massive engine capacity, the FTR 1200 brags a welcoming package which makes it very attractive to the general biking public. With the FTR 1200, Indian Motorcycles has initiated a brand-new bike-manufacturing chapter.

6) 2017 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite:

The Roadmaster Elite was the leader of Indian Motorcycles’ tourer model, consisting of supreme gear finish and custom. This elite model delivers secure storage and unparalleled comfort, along with a comprehensive suite of electronics consisting of both safety and info-tainment features.

In addition, the bike’s gold leaves, laid with bare hands, add to its uniqueness and exclusivity. Like always, Indian Motorcycles manages to combine an antique design with some of the most modern and sophisticated modern features, showing a strong bias towards ease and comfort. The machine’s nostalgic 1940s look and contemporary features offer buyers the best of both worlds.

7) 2019 Indian FTR:

Polaris has allowed Indian Motorcycles to leverage the brand’s dominant presence in America’s recent track circuit, through the new FTR 1200 S. This S Series intends to capitalize on the firm foundation laid down by the base model of the FTR 1200, by including some racing enhancements and features that enable the upgraded version to move up to a different level of machines.

This different level comprises bikes with improved suspension parts, upgraded safety equipment, and better electronics for engine control. Every one of these features just adds to the bike’s all-new engine and intrinsic curb appeal. If you are a flat-racing enthusiast, or are looking for a peg-dragger, you might not find a better option than the Indian FTR 1200 S.

8) 2016 Indian Springfield:

Indian Motorcycles decided to upgrade the Springfield before the MY2019, throwing in a few aesthetic modifications that allowed the machine to distinguish itself from its past versions. The company, however, decided that that was not enough, which is why it also integrated a bit of electronic technology into its ride-enhancing features, thereby creating a combination of a modern machine and an antique design.

 Essentially, if you are someone who is into bike designs from the Second World War, you should consider going for the 2016 Indian Springfield. The bike’s design brags some historical peaks: for one, the machine’s front end makes use of the old-girder front which was used in some of the earliest motorcycles.

9) 2018 Indian Scout:

The year 2018 saw Indian Motorcycles enjoying a great deal of success on the tracks and, as a result, a great deal of attention to its collection – and the Indian Scout is the company’s way of making the most of that success and attention. Along with its standout looks, the Scout also offers some A-grade performance – and, in spite of that, the company has ensured that this model does not stick out like a sore thumb from its other made-in-US products.

The 1133 CC engine is responsible for the bike’s power. With the 2020 version of the Scout, Indian Motorcycles will be offering enhanced electronics along with a USB port, irrespective of the color that you opt for. Even though it does not strike a particular historical model, the Scout does adopt the historical spirit.

10) 2016 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster:

The Roadmaster bike can be considered the company’s luxury tourer. This bike contains the Thunderstroke Engine, which promises plenty of torque and some top-level performance. Features like 200W stereo, cruise control, ABS, keyless ignition, electronic monitoring for tire pressure, power windshield, remote locking for storage, tan leather, LED lights, and magnificent heated seats and grips, you can think of the Roadmaster as the very definition of a grand luxury tourer.  The key fob contains all the unlock functions. Having said that, if you are not a big fan of the key fob, you can always use a security code to start the bike.